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Ship List (Image)

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No. 1-10

Ship Card Nagato.pngShip Card Mutsu.pngShip Card Ise.pngShip Card Hyuuga.pngShip Card Yukikaze.png
Ship Card Akagi.pngShip Card Kaga.pngShip Card Souryuu.pngShip Card Hiryuu.pngShip Card Shimakaze.png

No. 11-20

Ship Card Fubuki.pngShip Card Shirayuki.pngShip Card Hatsuyuki.pngShip Card Miyuki.pngShip Card Murakumo.png
Ship Card Isonami.pngShip Card Ayanami.pngShip Card Shikinami.pngShip Card Ooi.pngShip Card Kitakami.png

No. 21-30

Ship Card Kongou.pngShip Card Hiei.pngShip Card Haruna.pngShip Card Kirishima.pngShip Card Houshou.png
Ship Card Fusou.pngShip Card Yamashiro.pngShip Card Tenryuu.pngShip Card Tatsuta.pngShip Card Ryuujou.png

No. 31-40

Ship Card Mutsuki.pngShip Card Kisaragi.pngShip Card Satsuki.pngShip Card Fumizuki.pngShip Card Nagatsuki.png
Ship Card Kikuzuki.pngShip Card Mikazuki.pngShip Card Mochizuki.pngShip Card Kuma.pngShip Card Tama.png

No. 41-50

Ship Card Kiso.pngShip Card Nagara.pngShip Card Isuzu.pngShip Card Natori.pngShip Card Yura.png
Ship Card Sendai.pngShip Card Jintsuu.pngShip Card Naka.pngShip Card Chitose.pngShip Card Chiyoda.png

No. 51-60

Ship Card Mogami.pngShip Card Furutaka.pngShip Card Kako.pngShip Card Aoba.pngShip Card Myoukou.png
Ship Card Nachi.pngShip Card Ashigara.pngShip Card Haguro.pngShip Card Takao.pngShip Card Atago.png

No. 61-70

Ship Card Maya.pngShip Card Choukai.pngShip Card Tone.pngShip Card Chikuma.pngShip Card Hiyou.png
Ship Card Junyou.pngShip Card Oboro.pngShip Card Akebono.pngShip Card Sazanami.pngShip Card Ushio.png

No. 71-80

Ship Card Akatsuki.pngShip Card Hibiki.pngShip Card Ikazuchi.pngShip Card Inazuma.pngShip Card Hatsuharu.png
Ship Card Nenohi.pngShip Card Wakaba.pngShip Card Hatsushimo.pngShip Card Shiratsuyu.pngShip Card Shigure.png

No. 81-90

Ship Card Murasame.pngShip Card Yuudachi.pngShip Card Samidare.pngShip Card Suzukaze.pngShip Card Asashio.png
Ship Card Ooshio.pngShip Card Michishio.pngShip Card Arashio.pngShip Card Arare.pngShip Card Kasumi.png

No. 91-100

Ship Card Kagerou.pngShip Card Shiranui.pngShip Card Kuroshio.pngShip Card Shouhou.pngShip Card Chitose Kai.png
Ship Card Chiyoda Kai.pngShip Card Ooi Kai.pngShip Card Kitakami Kai.pngShip Card Chitose A.pngShip Card Chiyoda A.png

No. 101-110

Ship Card Mogami Kai.pngShip Card Ise Kai.pngShip Card Hyuuga Kai.pngShip Card Chitose Carrier.pngShip Card Chiyoda Carrier.png
Ship Card Shoukaku.pngShip Card Zuikaku.pngShip Card Zuikaku Kai.pngShip Card Kinu.pngShip Card Abukuma.png

No. 111-120

Ship Card Yuubari.pngShip Card Zuihou.pngShip Card Zuihou Kai.pngShip Card Ooi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kitakami Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Mikuma.pngShip Card Mikuma Kai.pngShip Card Hatsukaze.pngShip Card Maikaze.pngShip Card Kinugasa.png

No. 121-130

Ship Card Chitose Carrier Kai Ni.pngShip Card Chiyoda Carrier Kai Ni.pngShip Card I-19.pngShip Card Suzuya.pngShip Card Kumano.png
Ship Card I-168.pngShip Card I-58.pngShip Card I-8.pngShip Card Suzuya Kai.pngShip Card Kumano Kai.png

No. 131-140

Ship Card Yamato.pngShip Card Akigumo.pngShip Card Yuugumo.pngShip Card Makigumo.pngShip Card Naganami.png
Ship Card Yamato Kai.pngShip Card Agano.pngShip Card Noshiro.pngShip Card Yahagi.pngShip Card Sakawa.png

No. 141-150

Ship Card Isuzu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kinugasa Kai Ni.pngShip Card Musashi.pngShip Card Yuudachi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Shigure Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Kiso Kai Ni.pngShip Card Verniy.pngShip Card Musashi Kai.pngShip Card Kongou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Hiei Kai Ni.png

No. 151-160

Ship Card Haruna Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kirishima Kai Ni.pngShip Card Taihou.pngShip Card Katori.pngShip Card I-401.png
Ship Card Taihou Kai.pngShip Card Ryuujou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Sendai Kai Ni.pngShip Card Jintsuu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Naka Kai Ni.png

No. 161-170

Ship Card Akitsu Maru.pngShip Card Kamoi.pngShip Card Maruyu.pngShip Card Yayoi.pngShip Card Uzuki.png
Ship Card Akitsu Maru Kai.pngShip Card Isokaze.pngShip Card Urakaze.pngShip Card Tanikaze.pngShip Card Hamakaze.png

No. 171-180

Ship Card Bismarck.pngShip Card Bismarck Kai.pngShip Card Bismarck Zwei.pngShip Card Z1.pngShip Card Z3.png
Ship Card Prinz Eugen.pngShip Card Prinz Eugen Kai.pngShip Card Bismarck Drei.pngShip Card Z1 Zwei.pngShip Card Z3 Zwei.png

No. 181-190

Ship Card Amatsukaze.pngShip Card Akashi.pngShip Card Ooyodo.pngShip Card Taigei.pngShip Card Ryuuhou.png
Ship Card Tokitsukaze.pngShip Card Akashi Kai.pngShip Card Tone Kai Ni.pngShip Card Chikuma Kai Ni.pngShip Card Ryuuhou Kai.png

No. 191-200

Ship Card Myoukou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Nachi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Ashigara Kai Ni.pngShip Card Haguro Kai Ni.pngShip Card Ayanami Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Hiryuu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Souryuu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Arare Kai Ni.pngShip Card Ooshio Kai Ni.pngShip Card Abukuma Kai Ni.png

No. 201-210

Ship Card Unryuu.pngShip Card Amagi.pngShip Card Katsuragi.pngShip Card Hatsuharu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Harusame.png
Ship Card Unryuu Kai.pngShip Card Ushio Kai Ni.pngShip Card Junyou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Hayashimo.pngShip Card Kiyoshimo.png

No. 211-220

Ship Card Fusou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Yamashiro Kai Ni.pngShip Card Asagumo.pngShip Card Yamagumo.pngShip Card Nowaki.png
Ship Card Furutaka Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kako Kai Ni.pngShip Card Satsuki Kai Ni.pngShip Card Hatsushimo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Murakumo Kai Ni.png

No. 221-230

Ship Card Akizuki.pngShip Card Teruzuki.pngShip Card Hatsuzuki.pngShip Card Takanami.pngShip Card Asashimo.png
Ship Card Fubuki Kai Ni.pngShip Card Choukai Kai Ni.pngShip Card Maya Kai Ni.pngShip Card Amagi Kai.pngShip Card Katsuragi Kai.png

No. 231-240

Ship Card U-511.pngShip Card Graf Zeppelin.pngShip Card Saratoga.pngShip Card Mutsuki Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kisaragi Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Ro-500.pngShip Card Akatsuki Kai Ni.pngShip Card Saratoga Kai.pngShip Card Warspite.pngShip Card Iowa.png

No. 241-250

Ship Card Littorio.pngShip Card Roma.pngShip Card Libeccio.pngShip Card Aquila.pngShip Card Akitsushima.png
Ship Card Italia.pngShip Card Roma Kai.pngShip Card Zara.pngShip Card Pola.pngShip Card Akitsushima Kai.png

No. 251-260

Ship Card Mizuho.pngShip Card Okinami.pngShip Card Kazagumo.pngShip Card Arashi.pngShip Card Hagikaze.png
Ship Card Oyashio.pngShip Card Yamakaze.pngShip Card Umikaze.pngShip Card Kawakaze.pngShip Card Hayasui.png

No. 261-270

Ship Card Shoukaku Kai Ni.pngShip Card Zuikaku Kai Ni.pngShip Card Asashio Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kasumi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kashima.png
Ship Card Shoukaku Kai Ni A.pngShip Card Zuikaku Kai Ni A.pngShip Card Asashio Kai Ni D.pngShip Card Kawakaze Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kasumi Kai Ni B.png

No. 271-280

Ship Card Kamikaze.pngShip Card Asakaze.pngShip Card Harukaze.pngShip Card Matsukaze.pngShip Card Hatakaze.png
Ship Card Kamikaze Kai.pngShip Card Tenryuu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Tatsuta Kai Ni.pngShip Card Amagiri.pngShip Card Sagiri.png

No. 281-290

Ship Card Minazuki.pngBlank.pngShip Card I-26.pngShip Card Hamanami.pngShip Card Fujinami.png
Ship Card Uranami.pngShip Card Kinu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Yura Kai Ni.pngShip Card Michishio Kai Ni.pngShip Card Arashio Kai Ni.png

No. 291-300

Ship Card Commandant Teste.pngShip Card Richelieu.pngShip Card I-400.pngShip Card I-13.pngShip Card I-14.png
Ship Card Zara Due.pngShip Card Shiratsuyu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Murasame Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kamoi Kai.pngShip Card Kamoi Kai Bo.png

No. 301-310

Ship Card Mogami Kai Ni.pngBlank.pngShip Card Suzuya Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kumano Kai Ni.pngBlank.png
Ship Card Mogami Kai Ni Toku.pngBlank.pngShip Card Suzuya Carrier Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kumano Carrier Kai Ni.pngBlank.png

No. 311-320

Ship Card Gangut.pngShip Card Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya.pngShip Card Tashkent.pngShip Card Sheffield.pngShip Card Ark Royal.png
Ship Card Gangut Dva.pngShip Card Shimushu.pngShip Card Kunashiri.pngShip Card Jervis.pngShip Card Janus.png

No. 321-330

Ship Card Kasuga Maru.pngBlank.pngBlank.pngShip Card Shinyou.pngShip Card Luigi Torelli.png
Ship Card Taiyou.pngShip Card Kishinami.pngShip Card Hayanami.pngShip Card UIT-25.pngShip Card I-504.png

No. 331-340

Ship Card Taiyou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Suzutsuki.pngBlank.pngShip Card Etorofu.pngShip Card Matsuwa.png
Ship Card Shinyou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Suzutsuki Kai.pngBlank.pngShip Card Sado.pngShip Card Tsushima.png

No. 341-350

Ship Card Nagato Kai Ni.pngShip Card Yuugumo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Naganami Kai Ni.pngShip Card Gambier Bay.pngShip Card Saratoga Mk.II.png
Ship Card Musashi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Tama Kai Ni.pngShip Card Fumizuki Kai Ni.pngShip Card Intrepid.pngShip Card Saratoga Mk.II Mod.2.png

No. 351-360

Ship Card Hiburi.pngShip Card Daitou.pngShip Card Ise Kai Ni.pngShip Card Hyuuga Kai Ni.pngShip Card Zuihou Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Urakaze D Kai.pngShip Card Isokaze B Kai.pngShip Card Hamakaze B Kai.pngShip Card Tanikaze D Kai.pngShip Card Zuihou Kai Ni B.png

No. 361-370

Ship Card Samuel B. Roberts.pngShip Card Johnston.pngShip Card Makigumo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kazagumo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Fukae.png
Ship Card Kagerou Kai Ni.pngShip Card Shiranui Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kuroshio Kai Ni.pngShip Card Okinami Kai Ni.pngShip Card Hirato.png

No. 371-380

Ship Card Nelson.pngBlank.pngShip Card Mutsu Kai Ni.pngShip Card Gotland.pngShip Card Maestrale.png
Ship Card Nelson Kai.pngBlank.pngShip Card Asashimo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Gotland Kai.pngShip Card Maestrale Kai.png

No. 381-390

Ship Card Nisshin.pngBlank.pngShip Card Minegumo.pngShip Card Hachijou.pngShip Card Ishigaki.png
Ship Card Nisshin A.pngShip Card Umikaze Kai Ni.pngBlank.pngShip Card Duca degli Abruzzi.pngShip Card Giuseppe Garibaldi.png

No. 391-400

Ship Card Kongou Kai Ni C.pngShip Card Hiei Kai Ni C.pngBlank.pngBlank.pngShip Card Houston.png
Ship Card Fletcher.pngShip Card Atlanta.pngShip Card Honolulu.pngShip Card De Ruyter.pngShip Card Houston Kai.png

No. 401-410

Ship Card Colorado.pngBlank.pngBlank.pngShip Card Akagi Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kaga Kai Ni.png
Ship Card Colorado Kai.pngBlank.pngShip Card Souya (AGS).pngShip Card Akagi Kai Ni E.pngShip Card Kaga Kai Ni E.png

No. 411-420

Ship Card Mikura.pngBlank.pngShip Card Perth.pngShip Card Grecale.pngBlank.png
Ship Card Mikura Kai.pngBlank.pngShip Card Perth Kai.pngShip Card Grecale Kai.pngBlank.png

No. 421-430

Ship Card Shinshuu Maru.pngShip Card Yuubari Kai Ni.pngShip Card Yuubari Kai Ni Toku.pngShip Card Yuubari Kai Ni D.pngShip Card Akishimo.png
Ship Card Shinshuu Maru Kai.pngShip Card Shikinami Kai Ni.pngShip Card Fletcher Kai Mod.2.pngShip Card Fletcher Mk.II.pngShip Card Gotland Andra.png

No. 431-440


No. 441-450

Blank.pngShip Card Take.pngBlank.pngShip Card Momo.pngShip Card Souya (AGL).png
Ship Card Kaga Kai Ni Go.pngBlank.pngShip Card Akigumo Kai Ni.pngShip Card Takanami Kai Ni.pngShip Card Souya (AGB).png

No. 451-460

Ship Card Dan Yang.pngShip Card Kuma Kai Ni.pngShip Card Scirocco.pngShip Card Washington.pngShip Card Northampton.png
Ship Card Yukikaze Kai Ni.pngShip Card Kuma Kai Ni D.pngBlank.pngShip Card Washington Kai.pngShip Card Northampton Kai.png

No. 461-470

Blank.pngShip Card Noshiro Kai Ni.pngShip Card Yahagi Kai Ni.pngBlank.pngShip Card Akebono Kai Ni.png
Blank.pngBlank.pngShip Card Yahagi Kai Ni B.pngBlank.pngBlank.png

No. 471-480

Ship Card Makinami.pngBlank.pngBlank.pngBlank.pngShip Card Suzunami.png

No. 481-490

Blank.pngShip Card I-203.pngShip Card Ryuuhou Kai Ni E.pngBlank.pngBlank.png
Blank.pngShip Card I-203 Kai.pngShip Card Ryuuhou Kai Ni.pngBlank.pngBlank.png