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Ship Card Nevada.png
Ship Card Nevada Damaged.png
Ship Banner Nevada.png
Ship Banner Nevada Damaged.png
Nevada (ネヴァダ) Nevada
Nevada Class Battleship

HP HP7482FP Firepower72→92
ARM Armor72→92TORPTorpedo0
EVA Evasion20→47AA Anti-Air20→78
PLA Aircraft2ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare0
SPD SpeedSlowLOS Line of Sight8→36
RGE RangeLongLUK Luck33→103
014inch/45 Twin Gun Mount
014inch/45 Triple Gun Mount
ModernizationFirepower 4 Torpedo 0 Anti-Air 1 Armor 4
Build Time4:40 (Unbuildable)Remodel Req
ConsumptionFuel 85 Ammo 120DismantleFuel 9 Ammo 18 Steel 37 Bauxite 3
IllustratorHoshi AkariSeiyuuIwahashi Yuka
Ship Card Nevada Kai.png
Ship Card Nevada Kai Damaged.png
Ship Banner Nevada Kai.png
Ship Banner Nevada Kai Damaged.png
Nevada (ネヴァダかい) Nevada Kai
Nevada Class Battleship

HP HP8995FP Firepower77→97
ARM Armor78→95TORPTorpedo0
EVA Evasion27→58AA Anti-Air33→90
PLA Aircraft4ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare0
SPD SpeedSlowLOS Line of Sight13→50
RGE RangeLongLUK Luck40→112
014inch/45 Twin Gun Mount
114inch/45 Triple Gun Mount
ModernizationFirepower 5 Torpedo 0 Anti-Air 3 Armor 4
Remodel Level40Remodel ReqAmmo 1500 Steel 2300
ConsumptionFuel 90 Ammo 150DismantleFuel 16 Ammo 30 Steel 46 Bauxite 4
IllustratorHoshi AkariSeiyuuIwahashi Yuka
Ship Card Nevada Kai Mod.2.png
Ship Card Nevada Kai Mod.2 Damaged.png
Ship Banner Nevada Kai Mod.2.png
Ship Banner Nevada Kai Mod.2 Damaged.png
Nevada改 Mod.2 (ネヴァダかい モッドツー) Nevada Kai Mod.2
Nevada Class Battleship

HP HP9096FP Firepower82→103
ARM Armor80→96TORPTorpedo0
EVA Evasion27→67AA Anti-Air50→96
PLA Aircraft6ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare0
SPD SpeedSlowLOS Line of Sight15→52
RGE RangeLongLUK Luck45→118
114inch/45 Twin Gun Mount ★+3
114inch/45 Triple Gun Mount ★+3
ModernizationFirepower 5 Torpedo 0 Anti-Air 3 Armor 4
Remodel Level60Remodel ReqAmmo 1700 Steel 2500
ConsumptionFuel 90 Ammo 150DismantleFuel 18 Ammo 30 Steel 47 Bauxite 5
IllustratorHoshi AkariSeiyuuIwahashi Yuka

Gameplay Notes

Battleships (BB) notably utilize Large Caliber Main Gun Large Caliber Main Guns, Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon Seaplane Recons, and Armor-Piercing Shell AP Shells, having heavy firepower Firepower and armor Armor, but lacking torpedo & ASW stats. They:

Special Mechanics

  • None

Stats Exceptions


Equipability Exceptions

BB Default equipment compatibility
✔️ Can Equip ❌ Cannot Equip
Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon Fighter Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber JetFighterBomber2.png Reconnaissance Aircraft Large Reconnaissance AircraftSp Seaplane BomberBomber Seaplane Fighter Large Flying Boat Rotorcraft Liaison Aircraft Aviation Personnel TransportationMaterial.png
Medium Caliber Main Gun Large Caliber Main Gun Secondary Gun Large Secondary High-Angle GunSp_Sec Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Large SONARLarge Small RADARSmall Large RADARLarge Very Large RADARSp Small Caliber Main Gun Very Large Caliber Main GunSp Torpedoes Submarine TorpedoesSub Midget SubmarineMinisub Depth Charges Small SONARSmall Submarine Equipment
Anti-Aircraft Shell Armor-Piercing Shell Engine Improvement Large ArmorLarge FlareIcon.png Searchlight Large SearchlightLarge Lookout Command Facility Emergency Repair Personnel Ration Medium ArmorMedium Drum Canister Landing Craft Amphibious Vehicle Landing Forces Anti-Ground Rocket Facility.png Smoke Generator Supplies
RE: Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Anti-Aircraft Shell Large ArmorLarge Emergency Repair Personnel Ration Equipment Card Improved Kanhon Type Turbine.png
Equipability notes: Night Fighter=Fighter ; Night Torpedo Bomber=Torpedo Bomber ; JetFighterBomber1.png=JetFighterBomber2.png ; Night Reconnaissance Seaplane =Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon ; Night Seaplane Bomber =Seaplane BomberBomber ; Small Caliber Main High-Angle GunSmall=Small Caliber Main Gun ; Medium Main High-Angle GunMedium=Medium Caliber Main Gun ; Secondary High-Angle GunSec=Secondary Gun ; Barrage Balloon=Smoke Generator
  • Default BB equipment compatibility

Fit Bonuses

[edit]Nevada Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Accuracy Evasion Note
Medium Caliber Main Gun6inch Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount Mk.166inch Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount Mk.16
OR Medium Caliber Main Gun6inch Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount Mk.16 mod.26inch Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount Mk.16 mod.2
(★0-1) +1
(★2-6) +2
(★7-MAX) +3
High-Angle Gun5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment)5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment)
OR High-Angle GunGFCS Mk.37 + 5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment)GFCS Mk.37 + 5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment)
+1 +1
Large Caliber Main Gun16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.616inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 (★0-5) +1
(★6-MAX) +2
Large Caliber Main Gun16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 mod.216inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 mod.2 (★0-5) +1
(★6-9) +2
(★MAX) +2 +1
Large Caliber Main Gun16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 + GFCS16inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.6 + GFCS (★0-2) +1
(★3-5) +2
(★6-9) +2 +1
(★MAX) +2 +1 +1
Large Caliber Main Gun14inch/45 Twin Gun Mount14inch/45 Twin Gun Mount
OR Large Caliber Main Gun14inch/45 Triple Gun Mount14inch/45 Triple Gun Mount
(★0-2) +3 +2 +2
(★3-5) +4 +2 +2
(★6-8) +4 +1 +2 +2
(★9-MAX) +4 +1 +3 +2
+ SK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar OR GFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 OR SG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) OR SG Radar (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) +1 +2 +1 One-time
Large Caliber Main Gun14inch/45 Triple Gun Mount14inch/45 Triple Gun Mount + 14inch/45 Twin Gun Mount14inch/45 Twin Gun Mount +2 +2 +2 One-time
High-Angle Gun5inch Single High-angle Gun Mount Battery5inch Single High-angle Gun Mount Battery +1 +1 +1
High-Angle Gun5inch Twin Gun Mount (Secondary Armament) Concentrated Deployment5inch Twin Gun Mount (Secondary Armament) Concentrated Deployment +1 +3 +3
+ SK RadarSK Radar OR SK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar +2 +2 One-time
+ SK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar OR GFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 OR SG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) OR SG Radar (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) +1 +1 +2 +1 One-time
SeaplaneOS2UOS2U (1st equipped) (★0-2) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★3-4) +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★5-7) +1 +2 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8-9) +1 +3 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +2 +3 +1 One-time
SeaplaneSOC SeagullSOC Seagull (1st equipped) (★0-4) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★5-MAX) +1 +1 One-time
SeaplaneSO3C Seamew KaiSO3C Seamew Kai (1st equipped) (★0-4) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★5-MAX) +1 +1 +1 One-time
RADARGFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 +1 +1 +1
RADARSG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) +2 +4 +3
RADARSG Radar (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) +3 +4 +4
(1st equipped) +3 One-time
RADARSK RadarSK Radar (1st equipped) +1 +1 +3 One-time
RADARSK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar (1st equipped) +2 +2 +2 +3 One-time
Ship-Type Bonuses
RADARPassive Radiolocator (E27) + Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model)Passive Radiolocator (E27) + Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model) (1st equipped) (★7) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★9) +1 +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +1 +2 +1 One-time
+ ★4+ Type 13 Air Radar Kai (Late Model)Type 13 Air Radar Kai (Late Model) +1 +4 +1 +3 One-time
Anti-Aircraft ShellType 3 Shell Kai 2Type 3 Shell Kai 2 (1st equipped) (★2-3) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★4-6) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★7) +1 +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +1 +2 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★9-MAX) +2 +2 +1 One-time
Anti-Aircraft Gun2cm Flakvierling 382cm Flakvierling 38 (★4-6) +1 +1
(★7-9) +1 +2 +1
(★MAX) +1 +3 +2
(★4-MAX) + Air Radar +1 One-time
Anti-Aircraft Gun3.7cm FlaK M423.7cm FlaK M42 (★6-7) +1 +1
(★8-9) +1 +1 +1
(★MAX) +1 +1 +1 +2
(★6-MAX) + Air Radar +2 One-time
SONARType 0 Passive SonarType 0 Passive Sonar (1st equipped) (★3-4) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★5-6) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★7) +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +2 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★9) +2 +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +3 +1 +2 One-time
Hidden Fit Bonuses
  • Has some hidden fit bonuses when equipped with certain equipment. Please see Hidden Fit Bonuses for more details.

Important Information

Drop Locations

ShipRarityTypeNo.World 1World 2World 3World 7World 4World 5World 6Remarks
NevadaVery RareBB524Unbuildable

Voice Lines


Event Japanese/English
Nice to meet you! I'm the name ship of the Nevada-class battleships, Nevada. So you're the Admiral, huh? Hmm, well, you'll do! Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you! あたしがNevada級戦艦name ship, Nevada。君が提督か?ふーん。まあいいか!よろしく。
Hi! I've gone through my first remodel, how is it? The main guns have been improved, and my masts have been modernized. I'm a whole new Nevada, a remodeled standard-type battleship[1]! Let's see if you can make good use of me!
Hi! 第一次改装を終えたあたし、どう? 主砲も改良、マストも近代化した新しいNevada、改装標準型戦艦。使いこなしてみてよ。
Hi! It's me, after a huge remodeling and modernization. Come on, take a good luck. "Old," you say? Don't joke around. I can absolutely still serve on the main battle line, depending on the operation!
Hi! 大改装を施して近代化したあたし。ほーら、ちゃんと見てよ。古いですって?冗談じゃないわ。運用によってはちゃんと第一級の戦力なんだから!
I'm the name ship of the Nevada-class battleships, Nevada. I was born as the standard for main line battleships, the "standard-type battleship", and became a template for many other battleships. I took critical damage during the attack on Pearl Harbor by Nagumo's Mobile Force, but I was restored without lasting issues, further modernized, and sent back onto the battle line. Not just the Normandy landing operation, but once again in the Pacific Ocean!
Nevada級戦艦name ship, Nevada. 主力戦艦のスタンダード、標準型戦艦として誕生し、数々の主力艦の雛型になったんだから。 真珠湾で南雲機動部隊の大空襲にあって大破したけど、見事に復旧、改修を重ね、戦列に再び参加したわ。 ノルマンディ上陸作戦、そして再び、太平洋にも!
Secretary 1
Hmm? What's up?
ん? What's up?
Secretary 1
What's up? Do you need my help?
What's up? あたしが手伝おうか?
Secretary 2
Don't underestimate the States' standard-type battleships!
Secretary 2
Of course I can, I'm a standard-type battleship! Just you watch!
Secretary 3
That's right, the standard before the era of naval aviation - that's me! Our powerful main batteries, all or nothing armor, and uniform speed for fleet operations! I was truly the best form for main line battleships!
Secretary 3
Well, with all that said, I still need to modernize. Times are changing. I can't afford to fall behind! I'll be in active service for a while yet!
Good parts of Nevada? O-Oh, the state, not me? Well uh, I was actually born in Massachusetts[2]... Oh right, there's one that goes without saying these days, Vegas, right? Plus, you know, that military facility nobody's allowed to enter... No, no, not that one[3]. You know, Area 51! Eh? How do I know about it? Everyone knows about it, whaddya mean!
Nevadaのいいとこ? あ、あたしのことじゃなく? そうね、あたし、本当はMassachusetts生まれなんだけどね。あ、あれじゃない?今はなんて言っても、ベガッでしょ!あとは、あれだ、あの立ち入り禁止の、軍事施設、ううん、違うよ。あれだよ、Area 51! え?なんで知ってんのって? なの常識でしょ、あに言ってんのさ!
Secretary Married
What's wrong? You look down. For times like these, hmm... how about we live it up in Las Vegas? After this operation, we can take a vacation there together. Wanna go? Seriously.
どうした?元気がないね。そういう時は、そうね、ラスベガスでパーッとやるっていうのはどう? 今度の作戦終わったら、一緒に休みをとって。行っちゃう?マジで。
Did you call me? What is it, what's with all the formality? Don't tell me you're going to propose! ... Eh? Wait, you are? You're kidding, right? Really? No joke, you're serious? Oh, well, yes. Yeah, I will, I will!
あたしを呼んだかい? 何だい、改まって。まさか、プロポーズでもしてくれるってのかい? え? そのまさか? 嘘だろ、おい! Really? マジのマジってのかい? Oh well, いいよ。ああ、ありだよ、あり!
Looking At Scores
Information, right? Hm... OK. Yes, yes, easy now.
情報ね? うん。OK. はいはい、慌てないの。
Joining A Fleet
Pacific Fleet, USS Nevada, sortieing! Let's go!
Pacific Fleet, USS Nevada, 出撃する! 行くぞ!
Equipment 1
Equipment 2
I see.
Equipment 2
Will this suit me? Really?
あたしに合うかな? Really?
Equipment 2
OK! Nice! Now we can beat them!
OK! いいね! これなら奴らをやっつけられる!
Equipment 3[4]
Looks good, let's go!
Docking Minor
This? Just a scratch.
Docking Major
Tch, how could I... I'm having a bath! My bad!
チッ、あたしとしたことが… have a bath! 悪いね!
A new ship, huh… I won't lose to her!
新しい船か… 負けてらんない!
Returning From Sortie
Fleet returning to port! Don't forget maintenance and resupply!
Starting A Sortie
Standard-type battleship, USS Nevada, weighing anchor! Follow me!
標準型主力戦艦、USS Nevada, 抜錨する! Weigh anchor! 続け!
Starting A Sortie
Nevada-class battleship, Navy Ship USS Nevada, will be punished! Way Anchor, continue!
Nevada級戦艦name ship, USS Nevada, 抜錨する! Weigh anchor! 続け!
Starting A Sortie
Remodeled Nevada, weighing anchor! Sweep out the enemy before us!
改装Nevada, 抜錨する! Weigh anchor! 敵を一掃する!
Battle Start
Nevada: enemy in sight! Open fire!
Nevada: enemy in sight! Open fire!
I'll finish you! Fire!
仕留めるぞ! Fire!
Secondary Attack
Don't look down on me!
Secondary Attack
Don't underestimate me!
Secondary Attack
Looking down on me now is asking to die!
Night Battle
Maintain speed? Don't make me laugh! Full speed ahead! Pursuit and destroy them!
定速だって? 冗談じゃない!最大戦速!追撃して、敵を殲滅する!
Night Battle
Night battle! Excellent, prepare the radar! Let's go! Destroy them!
Night battle! 上等だ、レーダーを使う!やるぞ!殲滅する!
Battle star? Okay, I accept. See, Admiral, told you. It's all about how you use me. I'm still very capable!
Battle star? オーケー、もらっとくよ。なぁ、提督?言ったろ?要は使い方なんだって。あたしだって、まだまだやれるさ。
Minor Damage 1
Minor Damage 2
You're kidding me!
Minor Damage 2
This much... is no problem!
この程度… No problem!
Major Damage
Oh hell! You think this is enough to sink me? Don't make me laugh!
Oh hell! この程度であたしは沈むもんかよ!なめるな!
Major Damage
Oh hell! My new bulge isn't just for show! You'll pay for underestimating me! I'm not sinking!
Oh hell! 新しいバルジは伊達じゃない! 舐めやがって、沈むかよ!
I'm... sinking... after surviving Pearl Harbor, I'm... haha... Too bad... seriously...
あたしが…沈むのか…Pearl Harborも乗り越えた、このあたしが…ははっ…too bad... マジか…
  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard-type_battleship
  2. Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts. Closed 1986.
  3. Possibly Area 88, an old manga Tanaka is a fan of.
  4. This line is shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development.


Time Japanese/English
Ah, right, I'm on watch today. No problem! You can leave it to me! I, Nevada, make a good secretary! Maybe?
ああ、そうっか。今日はあたしが当番なんだ。No problem! すっかり任せておいて! このNevadaの秘書艦、ありだよ? Maybe?
1 o'clock now! Nice, I always wanted to say it like that! I'm part of the main battle line after all, a main battle line ship! Now then, what should we start with? Eugh... paperwork first?
1 o'clock now! いいねー、やりたかったんだ! 主力艦だからね、主力艦! さ、何からやろっか? いっ、まず書類事務?
2 o'clock now. Hmmm... I was never good at this kind of thing, you know, documents and procedures and stuff. I know, what if we had Helana take care of these? She'd be good at it, I'm sure!
2 o'clock now. うーん、あたしさ、こういうの苦手なんだ。書類とか、手続きとかさ。そうだ、こういうのはHelenaとかにやってもらうと良くない? あいつ得意だよ、きっと!
3 o'clock now... I'm getting kinda sleepy… No, no-no, I'm good! Admiral, could you make some coffee? I should be able to... manage... with that... hah...
3 o'clock now... なんか眠くなってきた…いや、いやいや、大丈夫! 提督、コーヒー入れてくんない? それがあれば…あたしは…まだ…んー、はー
Four... o'clock now? Hmmm... What, Admiral... hey, that tickles... Hmm...
Four... o'clock now? ん…はぁ…ニャー。なんなよ、提督…くすぐったいよ…はー
Haaah... hmm... Eh? Ah! Did I fall asleep?? Seriously!? For real!? W-What time is it!? Eh!? Shoot! It's 5 o'clock now! It's morning already!
はぁ…はぁ…んー え? はっ! え、あたし、寝てた!? マジで!? え、がっつり!? じ、時間は!? え、げげぇ! 5 o'clock now! 朝じゃん!
Ah, Admiral, sorry for leaving you the paperwork. I'll do it properly tomorrow. Yeah, then I'll do that. 6 o'clock now! Good morning! Fleet, all hands, attention!
あー、提督、書類事務、ごめん、やってくれて。明日はちゃんとやるから。うん、じゃあ、あれやるわ。 6 o'clock now! Good morning! 艦隊、総員、おこーし!
7 o'clock now! Admiral, do you mind if we have the same breakfast? Crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs, thick toast, and hot coffee! Some things never need to change! It's delicious! Here, dig in!
7 o'clock now! 提督、朝飯は私と同じでいいだろう? カリカリのbacon、ふんわりscrambled eggに、厚切りトーストと、熱いcoffee! いつの時代も変わらないさ! うまいぜ、ほらよ! 召し上がれ!
8 o'clock now. Ah, you're saying that burnt bacon is bad for your health? Well, don't sweat the small stuff. This has always been the standard. Eh? You'll make it for me next time? Now that I'm looking forward to. A Japanese morning, huh?
8 o'clock now. あーん?焦げたベーコンは体に悪いんじゃないかって? ま、細けいことはいいんだよ。ずっとこれがスタンダードなんだから。え?今度提督が作ってくれんのか? そりゃ楽しみだな。日本のモーニングってやつ?
9 o'clock now! Alright, about time to head out to sea! Admiral, let's go!
9 o'clock now! さあ、そろそろ海に出るか! 提督、行こう!
10 o'clock now! Mmm, the sea is so bright! The fleet is gathering, nice! This really boosts my mood! Feels good!
10 o'clock now! んー、海が眩しいねー! 艦隊が集結しつつある! いいな! 気分が上がってくる! Feel good!
11... Oh, Colorado, You look good! Great, seeing our main battle line formed up makes me feel like we can do anything! Don't you think so too, Admiral? Hey, what's with that face? Why?
11... あ、おっ、Colorado、元気そうだな。いいぞ、我が主力戦艦軍の戦列を見ると、何でもできそうな気分になる。提督もそうだろ? あ、なんだその顔は。Why?
It is noon! Lunch time. Yep, that's right, I always have this! A thick steak power lunch! Now, Admiral, eat up! Don't be shy!
It is noon! Lunch timeだ。 あーそうさ、あたしの昼はこれで決まり! 分厚いステーキのpower lunch! さ、提督も食いなよ! 遠慮なく!
1 o'clock now. What's with that face, Admiral? Upset stomach? Ah well, you didn't eat much at lunch, did you? Look at them, those Nagumo Task Force girls. They came by without an invite and they're gobbling up everything. How big are their bellies, seriously?
1 o'clock now. なんだよ、提督、その顔は! 胃もたれ? しょうがないな、昼、あんまり食わなかったろ? 見ろよ、あいつら、南雲Task Forceの連中、呼んでもいないのにやってきて食いまくってるぜ。 連中、どんな胃袋だよ、マジで。
2 o'clo - Oh, Nagato! You look well! Oh, and this little one must be Sakawa! I'm glad you two are both doing well! I hope we can be in an active fleet together[1]! Yeah, we should!
2 o'clo - おー、長門! 元気そうだな! おっ、ちびっこいの、酒匂もか! お互い壮健で何よりだ! 現役で艦隊を組むのが楽しみだ! あぁ、行こう!
3 o'clock now. Hm? My sister Oklahoma? Yeah, they got her good. Hm... It was tough for her. Well, she might wake up someday[2]. Yeah, maybe.
3 o'clock now. ん?妹のOklahoma? そうだな、あいつ結構やられてたからね。んー、大変だったんだ。まっ、そのうち目を覚ますだろう。うん、maybe.
4 o'clock. Oh! So that's the Japanese fleet's Yamato! She certainly is a great one! I see, nice.
4 o'clock. おっ、あれがJapanese fleetの大和か?確かにこいつはgreatだ。なるほどなぁ、うん。
5 o'clock now. Admiral, look! It's the sunset! Beautiful... "Ki-re-i", you'd call it? I learned that one.
5 o'clock now. 提督、見ろよ。Sunsetだ。Beautiful.「綺麗」って言うんだろ?教えてもらった。
6 o'clock now. Alright, leave dinner tonight to me. I'll make you the best steak! It's okay, just wait!
6 o'clock now. さっ、今夜のディナーはあたしに任せて。最高のステーキ、食べさせてあげる。いいから、待ってて!
7 o'clock now. Thanks for waiting! Basque-style chateaubriand! Fancy, isn't it? Thought we should have something special tonight! Come on, try it! It's the best!
7 o'clock now. お待たせ!Basque-style chateaubriand! 贅沢でしょ?今夜は特別!さ、食べてみて!最高だから!
8 o'clock now. See? It was the best, wasn't it? I don't make this for everyone, you know. It's not a plain chateaubriand. Hmm? How to make it? That's a super secret!
8 o'clock now. ねえ、最高だったでしょ? あたし特別な人にしか出さないんだから。単なるシャトーブリアンじゃないよ。ん?作り方?それは超内緒だね!
9 o'clock now. Now then, after dinner you gotta have cocktails, not beer. I'll be making the Nevada[3], of course. Where's the shaker? Ah, there it is.
9 o'clock now. さっ、食後はbeerじゃなくて、cocktailにしよっか。もち、ネバダだよね。シェイカーどこだっけ? あ、あったあった!
10 o'clock now. Aren't cocktails great? Hey, maybe we could open a bar after we retire? It might be fun! Hehe.
10 o'clock now. カクテルもいいよねー。ね、退役したら二人でバーとかやっちゃう? いいかもよ。えひひ。
11 o'clock now. Another long day. But it was fun! We should rest up a bit now for tomorrow. Good night, Admiral.
11 o'clock now. 今日も疲れたねー。でも楽しかった!さあ、明日に備えて、少しだけ休もう。Good night, 提督。
  1. They last saw each other during Operation Crossroads.
  2. Oklahoma was salvaged after Pearl Harbor like many of the battleships, but was too damaged to return to duty
  3. A cocktail with some variation of rum, grapefruit juice, and lime juice.




Her abyssal form is assumed to be the Standard Type Battleship Princess.

General Information
  • She is named after the state of Nevada.
  • She was launched on the 11th of July 1914.
  • Sunk as a target 31st of July 1948
  • Wreck located on the 11th of May 2020 by RV Pacific Constructor. She lies upside down in 4 700 m (15 400 ft) of water.
Update History
  • She was added on the 26th of August 2023 as Summer 2023 Event E6 Reward.
  • She had all her conversions on release.
  • Survived World War II.
  • Survived both atomic bombs of Operation Crossroads.
  • The small goat in a life ring is a reference to her real-life mascot, of which there is a photograph from 1919.
  • Base form is based on her pre-war design including the Cage Mast and paint scheme.
  • Kai form is based on her remodel prior to the start of WW2. This is based on her look and design when she was present in Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December 1941. Notice the measure 5 camouflage is also based on this period and the Tripod Mast.
  • Kai Mod.2 form is based on her upgrades when she was repaired after her damage from Pearl Harbor. Notice the new dazzle camouflage scheme and her new secondary 5 in twin mounts. This is her loadout and scheme from 1942 to D-Day and back to the Pacific.
  • According to naval historian, deep sea explorer (and Kancolle fan) Parks Stephenson, Nevada's deck for her Kai (Pearl Harbor) form should have been blue. This is a common error in depictions of Nevada including those of some scale models as there are few records about her camouflage scheme and they are hard to find without proper research.
  • Nevada's damaged CG is based on her damage report from Pearl Harbor (i.e. her bow's forward deck section).
  • As of the Kancolle Maizuru 2023 Expedition, Nevada became part of the KanColle Japan Airlines squadron alongside "carriers" such as Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Hornet, Zuihou, and Gotland. It became a community joke during the event that "it was Pearl Harbor again", with Nevada the only battleship surrounded by carriers.

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