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Category:Akizuki Class

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The Akizuki-class destroyer (秋月型駆逐艦) were one of the primary classes of new destroyers of IJN after 1942, called them Type-B Destroyer from their plan name. They were designed to fight larger ships, aircraft and submarines.

These ships were designed primarily as antiaircraft escorts for the carrier force. As originally conceived, they would not even have carried torpedoes, but a later desire to add an offensive capability saw the inclusion in the design of a quadruple 24" torpedo mount amidships.

The main features distinguishing this class from other Japanese destroyers were their size and innovative armament. Some 50 feet longer and 700 tons heavier than the preceding Kagerou-class and Yuugumo-class, the Akizuki-class were able to carry a fourth main-battery turret without suffering any top-weight problems as a result. These turrets were large, fully-enclosed and power-operated, and each mounted twin 3.9" high-velocity guns. Though designed as AA weapons, their high rate of fire and range of 20,000 yards made them at least the equal of their American 5" counterparts. From 1943 on each destroyer was also equipped with fifteen to fifty-one 25 mm. machine guns, the number increasing as the war progressed, and a full array of Types 21 and 22 radars.

Twelve of them were actually built, most of them serving in the 41st and 61st Destroyer Divisions. Six survived the war, but four of those were completed too late to see action outside of Japanese home waters.

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