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Resources encompass everything you need to run your base. They can be categorised into:

Primary resources, development material and instant repair counts can be viewed on the home screen. Improvement material counts can also be viewed on the home screen depending on the UI selection. Please see Home Port for more details.

The count of other resources can be viewed at the inventory menu. Please see Inventory for more details.

You will require ample amount of primary and secondary resources for day-to-day operations. Special resources are required for remodeling ship girls and upgrading equipment. Note that some secondary resources are required for the two functions as well.

Obtaining Resources

Natural Regeneration

Natural regeneration only affects primary resources.

  • It only occurs when you fall below the soft cap.
  • It continues to accumulate when you are not logged in.
    • It will also continue to accumulate during server maintenances.
  • Regeneration ticks every 3 minutes.

Please see the table below for calculated accumulated regeneration:

Time Fuel / Ammunition / Steel Bauxite
3 Minutes +3 +1
1 Hour +60 +20
1 Day +1,440 +480
1 Week +10,080 +3,360
22 Days +31,680 +10,560
30 Days +43,200 +14,400


Expeditions can be used to gain both primary and secondary resources. Please see Expeditions for more details.

  • It is the best and fastest way to gain resources quickly.
  • Having all four fleets unlocked is necessary to maximising expedition returns.
  • Expeditions will allow you to exceed the soft resource cap.


Quests give both primary and secondary resources as rewards. They are also your main source of most special resources. Please see Quests for more details.

  • For quests to be a net gain, you need to carefully consider the fleet composition. Using ships that are too expensive to run, can mean a loss.
    • Sometimes it is best to sacrifice primary resource gain in order to gain secondary resources.


Sorties can provide primary resources, instant repairs, instant construction and development materials by collecting them from resource nodes. Blueprints and improvement matierals can be indirectly gained by clearing extra operations to earn medals and present boxes. Please see Sortie Farming and Blueprints for more details.

Cash Shop

You can purchase primary and secondary resources from the cash shop. Please see Shop for more details.

  • It is inadvisable to purchase anything but fuel or bauxite as these are the only two that come in value packages.
  • Improvement materials can be considered for purchase because of their usefulness and rarity.
    • Other special resources are abundant in game and inadvisable to purchase.

Scrapping Ship Girls/Equipment

Scrapping ship girls or equipment will provide you with fuel, ammunition, steel and bauxite. Scrapping ship girls is one of the best methods to earn steel, especially with large ships. Please see individual ship girl and equipment pages for their scrap value.

Sinking Ship Girls

Sunk ship girls have their unused fuel and ammo added to the stockpile. This method provides more fuel and ammo than scrapping but no steel or bauxite. Please see indiviudal ship girl pages for how much resources they will give on sinking. Note that you will not get the full amount of their "consumption" figures, only the remaining amount.

Resource Caps

Soft Cap

[math]\text{Cap}_\text{soft} = \left(\text{HQ Level} +3 \right) \times 250[/math]

  • The soft cap only applies to primary resources (Fuel / Ammunition / Steel / Bauxite).
  • The current soft cap is displayed in your Information menu.
  • The soft cap only limits natural regeneration.
    • It can be exceeded using other resource gain methods.
Soft Cap by HQ Level
HQ Level Soft Resource Cap
1 1,000
5 2,000
10 3,250
15 4,500
20 5,750
25 7,000
30 8,250
35 9,500
40 10,750
45 12,000
50 13,250
60 15,750
70 18,250
80 20,750
90 23,250
100 25,750
110 28,250
120 30,750

Hard Cap

The hard cap was implemented on March 28, 2014. It is the absolute maximum that you are allowed to stockpile resources.

  • Primary resources: 300,000
  • Secondary resources: 3,000
    • Furniture coins: 200,000
  • Special resources: unknown but speculated to be 3,000.


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