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Blueprints are required for remodeling certain ship girls. Aside from a limited time quest and events, the only way to obtain blueprints is to spend 4 Medals. Please refer to the Medals page for information on how to obtain them.

Due to the time gated nature of blueprints, it is important to prioritse which remodel to get. Please see the help page for suggestions on who to prioritise.

Where to Use

Ship Girl Remodels

Certain remodels can require more than just a Blueprint or more than one. Please refer to the Remodel page or individual ship girl pages for more details.

Ship Type Name
Battleship (F/BB) Kongou Kai Ni C[1] · Nagato Kai Ni · Mutsu Kai Ni · Musashi Kai Ni[2] · Bismarck Zwei · Bismarck Drei · Italia · Roma Kai
Aviation Battleship (BBV) Fusou Kai Ni · Yamashiro Kai Ni · Ise Kai Ni[1] · Hyuuga Kai Ni[1]
Heavy Cruiser (CA) Choukai Kai Ni · Zara Due
Aviation Cruiser (CAV) Suzuya Kai Ni · Suzuya Carrier Kai Ni · Kumano Kai Ni · Kumano Carrier Kai Ni · Tone Kai Ni · Chikuma Kai Ni
Carrier (CV/B) Akagi Kai Ni[1] · Shoukaku Kai Ni · Zuikaku Kai Ni · Unryuu Kai · Amagi Kai · Katsuragi Kai · Saratoga Mk.II
Light Carrier (CVL) Ryuuhou · Taiyou Kai Ni · Shinyou Kai Ni
Light Cruiser (CL) Tama Kai Ni · Yura Kai Ni · Kinu Kai Ni · Abukuma Kai Ni
Destroyer (DD) Ooshio Kai Ni · Arashio Kai Ni · Arare Kai Ni · Kagerou Kai Ni · Shiranui Kai Ni · Kuroshio Kai Ni · Yuugumo Kai Ni · Makigumo Kai Ni · Kazagumo Kai Ni · Naganami Kai Ni · Asashimo Kai Ni
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Requires 2 blueprints.
  2. Requires 3 blueprints.

See Also

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