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Ship Locking

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A group of ships locked to the AL missions of the Summer 2014 Event.


A group of ships locked to the MI missions of the Summer 2014 Event.

Ship Locking is a mechanic that forces Admirals to use a wider variety of ship girls. It was introduced during the Summer 2014 Event. It is meant to simulate the feel of a mutliple-front operation where ship girls dispatched to one operation area are unavailable to be dispatched to others.

  • Any untagged ship girls dispatched to an operation area will be tagged with the appropriate lock.
    • This will apply immediately after the start sortie button is pressed.
    • Ship girls dispatched on Support Expeditions will not be tagged.
  • Ship girls will not be able to sortie to a map that does not match thier tag for the duration of the event.
    • This applies to both fleets in a Combined Fleet.
    • Ship locking does not apply to Easy and Casual difficulties.
    • Ship locking may not apply to Medium difficulty. Please refer to the current event page for more up to date information on this.
  • Some maps may still prevent tagged ship girls from being dispatched despite not having a related locking tag.
  • Ship lock tags apply individually. You may sortie untagged duplicates.
  • Ship locks do not prevent a ship girl from being dispatched to exercises, expeditions or normal sortie maps.
    • Tagged ship girls were unable to be dispatched on event support expeditions during the Summer 2014 Event. This restriction has not been implemented since that event.
  • The number of tags and their associated restrictions can vary from event to event. Please referr to the current event page for up to date details.


  • It is highly recommended that you wait until ship locking information for the event has been figured out before committing. This can save you from locking important ship girls to the wrong maps.
  • Having dupes of good ship girls can give you more leeway with planning ship locks. Please refer to the help page for advice on which girls to dupe.

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