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Air Reconnaissance

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Air Reconnaissance is a mechanic seen on 6-3 that enables a chance at increased resources from specific nodes with the use of Seaplanes.

An example of recon nodes on map 6-3


On Nodes G and H, Seaplanes will be flown towards the "green X" (the recon route is shown on the map as green arrows).

  • Successful reconnaissance will reward additional resources upon getting a B+ rank on the boss.
    • Neither G or H have combat.
    • Animation will be shown for the Air Reconnaissance; if both Large Flying Boat Large Flying BoatsType 2 Large Flying Boat
      PBY-5A Catalina
      and other Seaplane Seaplanes (SPR and SPB) are brought, Flying Boat animation takes priority.
    • Success rate of the air reconnaissance depends on the LoS and Seaplanes count.
    • All reconnaissance rewards are forfeit if the fleet fails to win at the boss node J.

The formula for Air Reconnaissance is:

Air Reconnaissance Success Formula
[math]\displaystyle{ R = \sum_{\text{SPR ; SPB} } \text{LoS} \times \sqrt{\sqrt{\text{Plane}_\text{Count} } } + \sum_{\text{Flying Boats} } \text{LoS} \times \sqrt{\text{Plane}_\text{Count} } }[/math]
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{LoS} }[/math] is the base LoS Line of Sight of the plane without fit bonuses.
  • [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Plane}_\text{Count} }[/math] is the remaining amount of planes in a slot.
  • The minimum "[math]\displaystyle{ R }[/math]" to achieve success is 12 for G and 16 for H.
  • For Great Success, the requirement is
[math]\displaystyle{ R_\text{GS} = R \times (1.6 + rand(0 ; 0.6)) }[/math]
  • This means that the minimum and maximum requirement for Great Success for H is 25.6 and 35.2.
Air recon success shown after boss node win

To sum up, the more LoS and Seaplanes used, the better, with Flying Boats counting for more than other seaplanes.

Rewards for Nodes G and H
Normal Success Great Success
Item Chance to Obtain Item Chance to Obtain
1 Development material 35% 4 Development material 5%
80Ammunition 5% 3 Development material 10%
60Ammunition 10% 2 Development material 25%
50Ammunition 15% 200Ammunition 5%
50Bauxite 5% 150Ammunition 10%
40Bauxite 10% 100Ammunition 15%
30Bauxite 20% 150Bauxite 5%
100 Bauxite 10%
80 Bauxite 15%

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