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Air Reconnaissance

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Air Reconnaissance is a mechanic seen on 6-3 that enables a chance at increased resources from specific nodes with the use of Seaplanes.

An example of recon nodes on map 6-3
Air recon success shown after boss node win


On Nodes G and H, Seaplanes will be flown towards the "green X" (the recon route is shown on the map as green arrows).

  • Successful reconnaissance will reward additional resources upon getting a B+ rank on the boss.
    • Neither G or H have combat.
    • Animation will be shown for the Air Reconnaissance; if both Large Flying Boat Large Flying BoatsType 2 Large Flying Boat
      PBY-5A Catalina
      and other Seaplane Seaplanes (SPR and SPB) are brought, Flying Boat animation takes priority.
    • Success rate of the air reconnaissance depends on the LoS and Seaplanes count.
    • All reconnaissance rewards are forfeit if the boss node is not reached or losed.

The formula for Air Reconnaissance is [math]\displaystyle{ R = \sum_{\text{SPR ; SPB}} \text{LoS} \times \sqrt{\sqrt{\text{Plane}_\text{Count}}} + \sum_{\text{Flying Boats}} \text{LoS} \times \sqrt{\text{Plane}_\text{Count}} }[/math]

To sum up, the more LoS and Seaplanes used, the better, with Flying Boats counting for more than other seaplanes.

  • The minimum "[math]\displaystyle{ R }[/math]" to achieve success is 12 for G and 16 for H.
  • For Great Success, the requirement is [math]\displaystyle{ R_\text{GS} = R \times (1.6 + rand(0 ; 0.6)) }[/math].
    • This means that the minimum and maximum requirement for Great Success for H is 25.6 and 35.2.
Rewards for Nodes G and H
Normal Success Great Success
Item Chance to Obtain Item Chance to Obtain
1 Development material 35% 4 Development material 5%
80Ammunition 5% 3 Development material 10%
60Ammunition 10% 2 Development material 25%
50Ammunition 15% 200Ammunition 5%
50Bauxite 5% 150Ammunition 10%
40Bauxite 10% 100Ammunition 15%
30Bauxite 20% 150Bauxite 5%
100 Bauxite 10%
80 Bauxite 15%

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