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Military Record

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Military Record (戦績表示) is a main menu function where you can view information about your base and the server rankings.

Menu Functions

Fleet Headquarters Information

Overview & Translation

The 'Fleet Headquarters Information (艦隊司令部情報) tab can be found on the left hand side of the Military Record menu. It displays basic information about your base.

  • Name - Displays your name.
  • Rank - Displays your current rank. Please see Admiral Ranks for details.
  • HQ Level - Displays your current HQ level. Current cap is 120.
  • HQ Experience - Displays your accumulated HQ experience. The current cap is 300,000,000.
  • Admiral Message - Allows you to edit your Admiral Message. This is displayed by your name in the Ranking page. You can edit it by typing into the text box then clicking the Edit (編集) button. This only works while playing on the DMM site or the app.
  • Sortie Stats - Displays your total sorties, losses and win rate.
  • Expedition Stats Displays your total expeditions, successes and success rate.
  • Exercise Stats - Displays your total exercies, losses and win rate.
  • Medals - Displays the number of First Class Medals you have earned. Special medals will be displayed if you completed the Fall 2017 Event and the Winter 2018 Event.
  • Fleets - Displays how many fleets you have unlocked.
  • Construction Slots - Displays how many construction slots you have unlocked.
  • Dock Slots - Displays how many dock slots you have unlocked.
  • Ship Girls - Displays the number of ship girls you possess.
  • Equipment - Displays the current number of equipment you possess.
  • Furniture - Displays the current number of furniture you possess.
  • Server - Displays your server name. Please see Servers for a list.
  • Maximum Fleets - Displays the maximum number of fleets possible.
  • Maximum Ship Girls - Displays the maximum number of ship girls you can have.
  • Possible Maximum Ship Girls - Displays how many more slot expansions you can purchase. Counts in multiples of 10.
  • Maximum Equipment - Displays the maximum amount of equipment you can have.
  • Active Quests - Displays how many active quests you can have at once.
  • Soft Cap - Displays your current soft cap for primary resources. Please see Resources for details.
  • Improvement Materials - Displays your current count of Improvement Materials.
  • BGM - Displays the current BGM being played on the main menu.


A look at the 501st to 510th ranking positions

The Ranking (ランキング) tab can be found on the left hand side of the Military Record menu. It displays ranking information for the whole server.

  • My Rank - Takes you to your place in the rankings.
  • Top 1 - Displays 1st to 10th place on your server.
  • Top 500 - Displays the top 501st to 510th rankers on your server.
  • Rank - The Admiral's numerical rank.
  • Name - The Admiral's name.
  • Rank Title - The Admiral's title.
  • Message - The Admiral's message.
  • Medals - The Admiral's current count of hard mode medals.
  • Rank Points - The Admiral's current rank points.

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