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Game Updates/2015/January 23rd

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January 9th, 2015 January 23rd, 2015 February 6th, 2015

  1. Remodel
    • Nachi Kai Ni at level 65
      • Costs Ammunition900 and Steel800 to remodel
      • No blueprint required
      • New voices
    • Hatsushimo Kai Ni at level 70
      • Costs Ammunition230 and Steel220 to remodel
      • No blueprint required
      • New voices
  2. Quests
    • Composition Quests
      • A49「第二二駆逐隊」を編成せよ![Compose the "22nd Destroyer Division"!]
    • Sortie Quests
      • B38 出撃任務「那智戦隊」抜錨せよ![Weigh Anchor, "Nachi Squadron"!]
        • Form a fleet consisting of Nachi as flagship, Hatsushimo, Kasumi, Ushio, Akebono and a wildcard, sortie to 2-2 and achieve an S-Rank at the boss node
        • Needs B37 and Bm1 completion
      • B39「第二二駆逐隊」出撃せよ![Deploy the "22nd Destroyer Division!]
        • Sortie to 1-4 with a fleet consisting of Satsuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, another destroyer and two wildcards, and achieve an S-Rank at the boss node
        • Needs A49 completion
  3. Furniture
    • New Furniture
      • 鎮守府カウンターバー Anchorage Counter Bar
      • 日本酒&ウィスキー棚 Sake and Whiskey Shelf
      • 洋酒&ワイン棚 Liquor and Wine Shelf
      • チョコレートキッチン Chocolate Kitchen
      • チョコレートの壁紙 Chocolate Wallpaper
      • お菓子作りの壁紙 Candy-making Wallpaper
    • Returning Furniture
      • 青カーテンの窓 Window with Blue Curtain
    • BGM changers
      • 節分「豆まき」セット Setsubun "Bean maki" set
      • 大人の節分セット Adult's Setsubun Set
    • 「250万の感謝」"Thanks for 2.5 Million Players!" hanging scroll has been added, and can be obtained free of charge
  4. BGM
    • New BGM 「節分の鎮守府」"Setsubun at the anchorage"
      • Can be played if Setsubun furniture is placed
  5. Voice and Other
    • Limited-time Setsubun-themed voices
    • New voices for Nachi Kai Ni, including homeport, battle, etc.
    • New voices for Hatsushimo Kai and Kai Ni, including homeport, marriage, etc.
    • Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
      • Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell and Type 1 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell can be upgraded
      • Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell can be remodeled into Type 1 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell after reaching max upgrade
    • The maximum ship slots has been increased from 220 to 230
    • The maximum equipment slots has been increased to 1020
    • Display system modification update
      • The background of the AP Shells picture was fixed
      • Makeover of the owned furniture list, with a feed function? added

Twitter Patch Notes

QOEe5xNw.png RBMcfy0k.png MVkZBy0A.png

From MadMarchHare's Translations

  • 01▼ Nachi gets her Kai Ni! Need a high level, and no blueprint is needed.
  • 02▼ The KaiNi Nachi now has new port voice, new battle voice and other new voices.
  • 03▼ Some furniture update, Part 1. 3 new furnitures: Chin-chufu Counter Bar; Japanese liquor(Osake) and whiskey shelf; Western liquor and Wine shelf
  • 04▼ Furniture part 2: Chocolate kitchen(New); Chocolate's wall paper(New!); The wallpaper made of candy(New!); The green-coloured window(Revisited)
  • 05▼ Furniture Part 3. Some of the festival furniture got improved: Bean maki set and Adult Festival set. They now have BGMs.
  • 06▼ New BGM got implemented. It can be heard by using the festival furniture. It is called [The chinchufu in a festival mood]
  • 07▼ Hatsushimo now has Kaini! Neew a high level, and no blueprint is needed.
  • 08▼ Hatsushimo Kai now has new supply voice, idle voice and port voice after wedding. And her Kai Ni now has new port voice, new battle voice and other new voices.
  • 09▼ New equipments can now be modded in Akashi's factory. You need help from certain Kanmusu, and then you can mod Type 91AP and Type 1 AP
  • 10▼ New missions! 3 new missions of 3 types got implemented this time.

Sortie: Nachi Fleet and other 2 missions, one of them is to make a squad, and other is a sortie missions. There IS prerequisite to those missions.

  • 11▼ Some bug fixes:
    • The background of AP shell type equipments are now fixed
    • Now the furniture changing page has a function to turn to certain pages(not sure here)
    • Improved the resistance to DDoS attacks.
  • 12▼ The maximum kanmusu you can have is now 230, and the equipment amount has been raised to 1020 as well.
  • 13▼ New furniture! The scroll of 2.5M players.

To thank the support from all Teitoku for playing and the user number has gone over 2.5M, there's a new furniture for everyone! (You have to go to the furniture shop to get it)

  • 14▼ Some new festival voices get implemented as well. Although there's not a lot of voice, and it lasts until next maintenance...and next time there will be special voices for Valentine's Day