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Inventory (アイテム) is a main menu function that displays all the items you have earned.

Menu Functions

  • Owned Items (保有アイテム) - All items that you own. Items must be in this inventory before they can be used.
  • Purchased Items (購入済みアイテム) - Items that have just been purchased from the cash stop appear here. They need to be moved over to Owned Items before they can be used.
  • Expanded Inventory (拡張アイテム) - Extra inventory space implemented to fit newly introduced items.
  • Use Item (使用する) - Available from some items, allows you to use the item.

Inventory Contents

Expanded inventory.png
Standard Inventory
Row Item Name
1 Marriage Papers Medals Improvement Materials Irako Present Boxs Valentine's Chocolates Hard Mode Medals New Aircraft Blueprint
2 Furniture Box (Small) Furniture Box (Medium) Furniture Box (Large) Mamiya Blueprints Furniture Fairies Headquarters Presonnel Reinforcement Expansion
3 Instant Repairs Instant Constructions Development Materials Dock Key Repair Team Repair Goddess Hishimochi Saury
4 Skilled Pilot Prototype Flight Deck Catapult Ne-Type Jet Engine Canned Saury Battle Rations Maritime Resupply Construction Team -
Expanded Inventory
Row Item Name
1 - - Action Reports
2 New Model Gun Development Materials New Model Aviation Development Materials New Model Rocket Development Materials
3 Battle Ration (Special Onigiri) Emergency Repair Materials -
4 - - -

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