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Headquarters Personnel

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Item Card Headquarters Personnel.png


Headquarters Personnel is a rare item that increases the number of quests active at the same time by 1. It is currently possible to obtain 3 thru quests, increasing the active quest limit to 8.

How to Obtain


One-Time Quests

ID Prereq. Quest Name (Original)
Quest Name (Translated)
Description Rewards Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Other
B134 D29 艦隊司令部の強化 【実施段階】
Fleet Headquarters Improvements [Implementation Phase]
Fleet Headquarters Improvements: Form a fleet that includes Ooyodo as flagship and either Akashi or a seaplane tender, then repeatedly send it to the Eastern Orel Bay, the Alfonsinoes, the Western Jam Island Sea in order to engage and destroy the enemy fleets!
  • Organize a fleet with Ooyodo as flagship along with 1 AV or Akashi and 4XX in your first fleet and score an S rank at 2-3, 3-3, and 4-1 twice.
1200 1200 1200 0 Headquarters Personnel x1
Choose the following Reward:
Coin Box (Large) x8
Reinforcement Expansion x1
Medal x1
One time only.

B159 【艦隊司令部強化】艦隊旗艦、出撃せよ!
[Fleet Headquarters Reinforcement] Fleet Flagship, Sortie!
Organize a fleet consisting of either Ooyodo or Tan Yang as the flagship and at least 3 or more destroyers or coastal defense ships within the fleet. Then sortie into the Oil Refinery Area, Nansei Island Defense Line, the seas near the Nansei Islands and Bashi Island multiple times. Defend the seas!
  • Have Ooyodo or Tan Yang as the flagship and up to 3 DD/DE in total and 2 XX and score an S rank at the boss nodes of 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, and 2-2 twice.
0 1200 0 0 Headquarters Personnel x1
Choose between the Reward
Repair Goddess x1
New Model Armament Material x1
Maritime Resupply x2
Tan Yang only, Yukikaze Kai Ni will not work for this quest
One time only.

D18 C6 観艦式を敢行せよ!
Carry Out Naval Review!
Carry out an actual naval review with a highly experienced fleet. Carry out "Naval Review" and succeed!
  • Completion Condition: Succeed at Expedition 8.
    • Despite the fact the quest description says "a highly experienced fleet", you only need to meet the requirement for Expedition 8 to complete this quest.
300 300 300 0 Improvement material x1

Headquarters Personnel x1

One time only.

Using Headquarters Personnel

  1. Open the Inventory (アイテム).
  2. Select the Headquarter Personnel item. Item Icon Headquarters Personnel.png
  3. Click the Use Item (使用する) button in the right panel to use.