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Combat/Battle Opening

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Battle Opening Breakdown

Battle Opening is one of the daytime combat intermediary phases, taking place immediately before the First shelling starts. In this phase, allied and enemy fleets launch attacks with the intent to disable or remove enemy targets before the combat proper starts. This grants either fleet substantial advantages by possibly disabling key ships on the opposing side.

Battle Opening has the following structure:

  • Opening ASW Shelling (OASW)
  • Opening Torpedo Salvo

In case neither fleets meet the requirements, the sub-phase will be skipped.

Opening ASW Shelling (OASW)

Commonly referred to as OASW (opening ASW). All eligible ships will perform a regular ASW Shelling attack, following range order in the same fashion as the First Shelling Phase. As these opening attacks happen before the Opening Torpedo Salvo, they may disable or even sink enemy submarines before they have a chance to attack.

OASW has the following trigger conditions:

  • The ship must be able to perform ASW shelling.
  • Meet their specific ASW stat threshold and requirements:
OASW Ship ASW Stat Required[1] Equipment Required[2][3]
Any Destroyer/Light Cruiser/Torpedo Cruiser/Fleet Oiler/Training Cruiser

Yamato Kai NiYamato Kai Ni[4]

100+ ASW SONAR 1 Sonar Equipped
Any Coastal Defense Ship 60+ ASW SONAR 1 Sonar Equipped
75+ ASW Total of 4+ ASW from equipment
Ship Banner Isuzu Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Tatsuta Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Yuubari Kai Ni D.pngKai Ni D
Ship Banner Jervis Kai.png
Ship Banner Janus Kai.png
Ship Banner Fletcher.png
Ship Banner Johnston.png
Ship Banner Samuel B. Roberts Kai.png
Can OASW innately N/A
Any Light Aircraft Carrier 50+ ASW SONAR + Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Sonar + Any with 7+ ASW
Any Escort Carriers (CVE) 65+ ASW Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Any with 7+ ASW
100+ ASW SONAR + Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Sonar + Any with 1+ ASW
Ship Banner Taiyou Kai.png
Ship Banner Unyou Kai.png
Ship Banner Shinyou Kai.png
Ship Banner Kaga Kai Ni Go.pngKai Ni Go
N/A Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber Liaison Aircraft Rotorcraft
Any with 1+ ASW
Ship Banner Hyuuga Kai Ni.png N/A RotorcraftRotorcraft2 AutogyrosKa Type Observation Autogyro
O Type Observation Autogyro Kai
O Type Observation Autogyro Kai Ni

Rotorcraft1 HelicopterS-51J
S-51J Kai
Ship Banner Shinshuu Maru Kai.png
Ship Banner Fusou Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Yamashiro Kai Ni.png
Ship Banner Yamato Kai Ni Juu.pngKai Ni Juu
100+ ASW SONAR + Seaplane BomberBomber Rotorcraft
Sonar + Seaplane Bomber or Rotorcraft
  1. The Required ASW Stat does include visible equipment bonuses, but does not include improvement bonuses.
  2. Visible equipment bonuses or improvement bonuses do not count as equipment ASW (e.g. a +6 ASW equipment with +1 ASW bonus does not count as a +7 equipment but just as a +6 one).
  3. Regardless of their ASW stat, FighterNight Fighter Fighters or Reconnaissance Aircraft Recon Aircrafts cannot trigger any OASW.
  4. Only if Yamato has been ASW moded at some point.

See the list of Anti-submarine Weaponry and ASW Aircrafts to better see what can help achieve OASW on a given ship.


Abyssal ships do not follow these rules. The following may perform OASW unconditionally:

Other abyssals cannot perform OASW.

Opening Torpedo Salvo

Commonly referred to as oTorp (opening torpedo). Eligible ships will fire an Opening Torpedo attack. This attack behaves similarly to the Closing Torpedo attack, with the difference that it will be launched regardless of the ship's damage state.

Opening Torpedo salvo has the following trigger conditions:

This phase follows the same rules as Closing Torpedo Salvo, with some exceptions:

  • Ships at Moderate or Heavy damage can still fire torpedoes.
  • If only submarines are left in the opposing fleet, torpedoes will randomly target them, never dealing damage, and always being displayed as "miss".

After the Opening Torpedo Salvo, the Day Battle Shelling starts (if there are any remaining ships on either side left).

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