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Home Port

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The Home Port is the main menu. From this screen, you can access any of the other menus in game.

Menu Functions

Where to find the functions in the Home Port
  • Composition - Access the Composition menu where you can adjust your fleets.
  • Supply - Access the Supply menu where you can resupply your ship girls.
  • Remodel - Access the Remodel menu where you can upgrade your ship girls.
  • Docking - Access the Docking menu where you can repair your ship girls.
  • Arsenal - Access the Arsenal menu where you can construct or scrap ship girls and equipment.
  • Improvement Arsenal - Access Akashi's Improvement Arsenal. Please refer to the page for how to access.
  • Sortie - Access Sortie, Exercises and Expedition menus.
  • Military Record - Access the Military Record menu where you can view your current information and access the server ranks.
  • Friend Fleet - Access the Friend Fleet menu. Only available during events when enabled by the developers.
  • Library - Access the Library menu where you can view all the ship girls and equipment you have obtained. It will also include ship girls and equipment that have been lost.
  • Items - Access the Inventory menu where you can view all secondary and special resources you have along with other items.
  • Furniture - Access the Furniture menu where you can manage the look of your home port.
  • Quests - Access the Quests menu where you can accept and turn in quests.
  • Item Shop - Access the Shop menu where you can purchase res.
  • Home Port - Hides the UI when at the Home Port screen, otherwise returns you to the Home Port screen.
  • Shift Secretary - Allows you to adjust the position of the secretary ship from the right side to centre of the screen.
  • Records - Brings up an expedition and exercise activity log.
  • Settings - Access the #Settings menu.
  • Admiral Name - Displays your account name.
  • Clock - Displays the current date and time according to your PC time. It is important that this is synced with server time or you will encounter errors.


The different Interface Types available. Click below to apply your selection

Sound Settings

  • BGM - Allows you to adjust the volume of the background music.
  • Sound Effects - Allows you to adjust the volume of UI and combat sounds.
  • Voice - Allows you to adjust the volume of all spoken lines.
  • Idle - Toggles the Idle line of the secretary ship on and off.
  • Mission - Toggles Ooyodo's line when opening the Quests menu on and off.

UI Settings

This is only available on the browser version.

  • Type 1 UI - The default UI.
  • Type 1 Kai UI - Same theme as Type 1 but with the "No. of Fleets" display replaced with a count of improvement materials.
  • Type 2 UI - Displays the same information as Type 1 Kai but has a "shipyard" theme.
  • Type 3 UI - Displays the same information as Type 1 Kai but has a "notebook" theme.
  • Type 3 Kai UI - Same as Type 3 but the menus along the top are in English.

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