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Superfortress Air-Raid Sequence

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On E-5 of the Winter 2022 Event, a special interception mechanic was added, including the only "Quick Time Event" (QTE) in the game so far.

Superfortress Air-Raid Sequence

The location of the first bomber indicates the timing of when to press the button

A special air-raid performed by Abyssal's Superfortress (Kai) on certain maps.

Unlike previous mechanics in the game, this mechanic is a "Quick Time Event" (QTE), and requires monitoring and timing of releasing the LBASs to successfully intercept the enemy air-raid by pressing a button at the right time.

  • This means that the player is required to pay attention while the fleet is on the map screen.
  • This air raid will occur at random at any given point during sorties on relevant maps and may even sometimes not happen at all.

Those raids are "night attacks", so when it happens, the screen turns darker and searchlights animation is played before enemy bombers appear.

  • 1 to 3 abyssal bombers will fly toward the land base point, and a button will appear on screen:
  • When this button is pressed during the QTE, the exact moment it is clicked on directly affects the amount of defending land bases that can participate in air-raid combat.
    • No LBAS will be able to appear if this button is not pressed at all, no matter how many land bases are set to Air Defense.
    • Pressing the button before 2.5 seconds or after 3 seconds after it appears will result in fewer (1~2) land bases appearing to provide defense.
    • Pressing between 2.5 s and 3 s will result in maximal 3 land bases appearing to provide defense, depending on how many defense bases are set.
    • While there is no visual indicator given, the best result may be achieved when the first bomber reaches the area marked on the picture to the right.
  • Superfortress Air-Raid Sequences consist of waves of abyssal bombers appearing with:
    • 1 wave in Casual and Easy,
    • 2 waves in Medium,
    • 3 waves in Hard.
    • When multiple waves occur (Medium/Hard), plane losses of abyssal bombers will be reset for every wave, but losses of player's LBAS will NOT be reset.
    • Therefore, map unlocks requiring air superiority can be fulfilled with the result of any wave, mostly the 1st wave, that can differ from the result of the final wave which is actually displayed in-game.
  • The LBAS group needs to be armed in "Air Defense" mode with planes that can provide "high altitude interceptions" or are armed with "diagonal upward guns" to be more effective against those bombers. Interception fighter power bonus formula is: [1]

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Bonus}_\text{Multiplier} = \biggl ( \text{A}_\text{Multiplier} + \text{B}_\text{Multiplier} + \text{C}_\text{Multiplier} \biggl ) \times \text{D}_\text{Multiplier} + \text{D}_\text{Flat} }[/math]

Group Planes [2] Effects (Hard) [3]
planes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Equipment Card Raiden.png
Equipment Card Reppuu Kai.png
Reppuu Kai
Equipment Card Type 3 Fighter Hien (244th Air Combat Group).png
Type 3 Fighter Hien (244th Air Combat Group)
Equipment Card Type 2 Two-seat Fighter Toryuu.png
Type 2 Two-seat Fighter Toryuu
Multiplier 0 0.07 0.14 0.21 0.28 0.35 0.42
B [4]
Equipment Card Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 301st Fighter Squadron.png
Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 301st Fighter Squadron
Equipment Card Fw 190 D-9.png
Fw 190 D-9
Multiplier 0 0.11 0.14 ? ? ? ?
Equipment Card Reppuu Kai (352 Air Group Skilled).png
Reppuu Kai (352 Air Group/Skilled)
Equipment Card Type 2 Two-seat Fighter Toryuu Model C.png
Type 2 Two-seat Fighter Toryuu Model C
Equipment Card Ki-96.png
Multiplier 0 0.177 0.287 0.397 ? ? ?
Equipment Card Me 163B.png
Me 163B
Equipment Card Prototype Shuusui.png
Prototype Shuusui
Equipment Card Shuusui.png
Multiplier 0.5 0.95 1.0? 1.0 1.0 ? ?
Flat 0.3 0.55 0.85 1.0 1.07 1.11 ?
  1. Source: https://twitter.com/yukicacoon/status/1507242405841432576
  2. Dispite also having "diagonal upward guns", the Reppuu Kai (Prototype Carrier-based Model)Reppuu Kai (Prototype Carrier-based Model) do not have any bonus here.
  3. On lower difficulties, different multipliers may be applied, being proportionally easier.
  4. Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 701st Fighter SquadronShiden Kai (343 Air Group) 701st Fighter Squadron & Shiden Kai (343 Air Group) 407th Fighter SquadronShiden Kai (343 Air Group) 407th Fighter Squadron untested yet.

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