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Remodel (Menu)

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Remodel (改装) is a main menu function that can be found on the home screen. This menu allows you to adjust your ship girl's equipment and improve her stats. You can also remodel your ship girls from this menu after they have reached certain level thresholds.

Modernization and equipment are very important in allowing your ship girls to perform at their best.

Menu Functions

Basic Modernization Menu Options

The following functions appear in the Remodel menu:

  • Equipment Slots - Allows you to equip or swap a ship girl's equipment.
  • Remove Equipment - Allows you to remove one equipment.
  • Remove All Equipment - Removes all equipment from a ship girl.
  • Modernization Improvement - Allows you to improve the stats of a ship girl by using other ship girls as fodder. Please see Modernization for more details.
  • Remodel - Allows you to remodel a ship girl once she has reached a certain level threshold. Please see remodeling for more details.
  • Stats - Displays all the stats of the ship girl. Please see Stats for more details.
  • Reinforcement Expansion - This is a hidden feature located on the bottom right section of the ship girl card. It allows you to unlock an extra equipment slot on any girl above level 30. Please see Reinforcement Expansion for more details.
  • Marriage - This allows you to marry any ship girl who reached level 99. See Marriage for more details

Managing Equipment

It can be useful to bring down the equipment categories to find the desired equipment faster

Clicking on any of the equipment slots will bring up a list of all the equipment you possess that the ship girl can equip.

  • The equipment list only shows a list of currently unequipped equipment by default.
    • To view equipped equipment, click on the blue "Equipped on Other Ship Girls" (他艦娘装備中) button in the top right.
    • To switch back to unequipped equipment, click on the yellow "Equipment Stock" (ストック装備) button in the top right.
    • The equipped equipment list will display the name, level and status of the ship girl the equipment is on.
    • You cannot transfer equipment off ship girls currently on expedition but can transfer equipment off ship girls being repaired.

The equipment list can be filtered using a drop down located at the top. The options are:

Equipping Ship Girls

To equip equipment on a ship girl, simply click on any of the equipment slots and select the equipment that you wish to equip. This will bring up a menu showing the before and after stat bonuses of the change. Click the Change (変更) button to confirm your selection.

Swapping Equipment

To swap equipment, you can pick new equipment from the list to replace what is currently equipped. You can also shift equippment around on a ship girl by clicking and dragging. This is useful for arranging planes on aviation ships. Do note that equipment will always fill slots from top to bottom. You cannot leave any empty slots between equipment.


To unequip, you just click the little "x" icons beside each equipment slot to unequip individual equipment or the "x" on the bottom left of the equipment slots to unequip all. You can also click and drag equipment away from the slots to unquip it.

Equipment Locking

To lock your equipment, mouse over the empty space to the right of the equipment list. A padlock icon will appear. Click the icon to lock equipment.

Locking equipment will:

  • Prevent the equipment from being accidentally scrapped.
  • Prevent ship girls equipped with locked equipment from being scrapped or used for modernization.
  • Prevent equipment from being upgraded to new equipment or being used for upgrade fodder via Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
  • Prevent equipment from being used for quests.

Remember to unlock equipment that you wish to upgrade or use for quests.


Modernisation Menu

Clicking on the Modernization (近代化改修) button will bring up the modernization menu. For more details on how modernization works, please see Modernization.

  • Click the Select (選択) button in the empty modernization slot to bring up a list of non-locked ship girls sorted by level.
  • Select a ship girl to be placed in a modernization slot.
  • Stats that will be improved will turn blue and show you the potential maximum improvement.
    • HP, ASW and Luck will just display a blue up arrow.
  • Once you have made your selection, click either button in the bottom right to begin.
    • The Begin Modernisation!! (近代化改修開始!!) button to modernize. This method will destroy any equipped equipment on girls used as modernization material.
    • The Begin Modernisation! (After Removing Equipment) (近代化改修開始!(装備解除後)) button will remove equipment from the girls used as modernization material before performing the modernization.
    • The button will be greyed out if the ship girl cannot be modernized any further.
  • To return to the Remodel menu, click the Cancel (キャンセル) button.


Clicking on the "Remodeling" (改造) button will bring up the remodel menu. Please see Remodeling for details on how it works.

  • The button will be greyed out until the ship girl has reached the required level.
  • A menu will appear showing you the resouce costs needed for the remodel.
  • To confirm the remodel, click the Begin Remodel!! (改装開始!!) button.
    • The button will be greyed out if you do not have the required resources.
    • The exact quantity of some resources will not be displayed. Please review the individual ship girl pages for the exact costs.
  • To return to the Remodel menu, click the Cancel (キャンセル) button.

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