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Prototype Flight Deck Catapult

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Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.png


Prototype Flight Deck Catapults (ProtoPult) are items that are used to remodel certain ship girls. They can be obtained through quests or events.

Currently there are not enough ProtoPults available through quests to obtain all remodels that require them. Please refer to the help page for advice on who to prioritise.

How to Obtain


One-Time Quests

ID Prereq. Quest Name (Original)
Quest Name (Translated)
Description Rewards Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Other
B117 最精鋭甲型駆逐艦、圖入!敵中突破!!
Elite Type-A Destroyers, Charging Through Enemy Territory!
Send a full fleet with either Kuroshio Kai 2, Shiranui Kai 2 or Kagerou Kai 2 as flagship and two other Lv.75+ Type-A Destroyers to the Western Curry Sea, the Northern Kis Island, The Southern Sav Island multiple times and have it successfully complete each operation!
  • Organize a fleet with Kagerou Kai Ni, Shiranui Kai Ni or Kuroshio Kai Ni as flagship and 2 more Kagerou-class / Yuugumo-class DDs that are Level 75+ and 3 XX and successfully score 2 S Rank victories at the boss nodes of 3-2, 4-2, and 5-3.
0 1000 0 500 Choose Between One of the Following Rewards:
Furniture Fairy x1
New Type Artillery Armament Materials x1
Action Report
Choose Between One of the Following Rewards:
Medal x2
Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1
12.7cm Twin Mount Type-D Kai 2 x1
One time only.

F21 D19 試作艤装の準備
Preparation of Prototype Equipment
Scrap 7 pieces of equipment at the arsenal to prepare the prototype catapult.
  • Completion Condition: Scrap 7 pieces of Equipment.
0 0 100 0 Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1 One time only.

F23 A59
New aviation equipment prototype test
Scrap 9 pieces of equipment at the Factory in order to make additional Prototype Flight Deck Catapult.
  • Completion Condition: Scrap 9 pieces of Equipment.
  • 9 pieces of equipments, not 9 times, so scrapping 9 pieces equipments at the same time is OK.
0 0 100 50 Prototype Flight Deck Catapult One time only.

F85 F84 新型航空艤装の研究
Research of Aviation Rigging
Carry out the research to develop improving the capability of your aviation equipment by developing a new rigging. Proceed to scrap 4 Zuiun, 4 Suisei, and 2 Ryuusei planes. Then prepare 8,500 steel, 4,000 bauxite, and 60 development materials.
  • All mentioned resources and materials will be consumed upon completion
0 0 0 0 Choose the following Reward:
Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1
New Type Aviation Armament Materials x3
8,500 steel, 4,000 bauxite, and 60 development materials will be consumed upon completion of quest
One time only.


Some Events will reward ProtoPults. Due to uncertainty in whether an event will award ProtoPults, please check the current event page for more up to date details.


Ship Girl Remodels

Some remodels may require more than just ProtoPults. Please refer to the Remodel page or individual ship girl pages for more details.

Ship Type Name
Aviation Battleship (BBV) Ise Kai Ni · Hyuuga Kai Ni
Carrier (CV/B) Akagi Kai Ni · Shoukaku Kai Ni · Zuikaku Kai Ni · Saratoga Mk.II
Light Carrier (CVL) Ryuuhou · Taiyou Kai Ni · Shinyou Kai Ni

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