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Seasonal/Present Box 2014

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How to Obtain


Present box can be obtained instead of the usual ship drop. Instead of the usual ship drop notification, a different one will appear "Box found & retrieved":

Present box.png

This will notify you that you've received a Christmas gift "Present box obtained":

Stolen from the little hands of Hoppo-chan...you monster

Known Drop conditions:

  • Boss Nodes (with some exceptions)
  • S-rank victory higher chance
  • A-rank victory still some chances
  • Can be drop even with Max ship

Obtainable in the following maps

Unless specified, all drops are from the boss node.


The present box can be open through the item screen:

Present Box located on 1st row, 2nd column from the right.

You can choose 1 box, which contains one of the following: 

  • [Red Box] ===> [Resource] (Fuel✕ 550 and Ammunition ✕ 550)
  • [Green Box] => [Sweets] (Irako ✕ 1)
  • [Grey Box] ==> [Material] (Item Icon Development Material.png ✕ 3 and Item Icon Improvement Material.png ✕ 1)


  • Via December 12th, 2014 Update
  • Unless you really need resources, it is recommended to choose the Material Box as those are more efficient and harder to obtain. Irako can be used to boost your ships to sparkle but you can do that manually.
  • There seems to be no limitation on how many present boxes you can store.
  • The present boxes are rare drops, so don't feel bad if you don't get one.
  • As of the April 10th, 2014 Update, you can get one Present Box every month by clearing 1-6.
  • Reward for completing one-time sortie quest B37.