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Present Box

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Item Card Present Box.png

Present boxes can be opened to gain some resources or consumables.



A carefully wrapped gift box that can only be found during special occasions. The desired contents can be selected upon opening the box.

How to Obtain

Present boxes are rewarded on the completion of 1-6 (7 clears each month), as well as in several quests:





The present box can be opened through the Inventory. This opens 3 choices of colored boxes, containing one of the following:

  • Unless really needing resources, it is recommended to choose the Material Box as Improvement material screws are harder to obtain. Item Icon Food Supply Ship Irako.png Irako can be used to boost ship morale in emergencies, but are not often needed.
Present Box
Red Box Green Box Grey Box
Resource Sweets Material
550 Fuel & 550 Ammunition 1 Item Icon Food Supply Ship Irako.png 3 Development material & 1 Improvement material

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