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In the Midst of Withdrawing

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Players who beat an event map from the Spring of 2013 event would no longer have access to said map once it was beaten. In the example above, this player beat Spring 2013 Event Map 2 which is now greyed out and no longer has access.

In the Midst of Withdrawing is an Event Only Mechanic that was introduced during the Spring 2013 Event. This mechanic has not been used since and is likely to never recur.


In the Midst of Withdrawing was a mechanic that would let players participate in event maps in any order, and battle against the boss fleets on the maps. Once the boss fleet had been successfully defeated, the map in which that fleet resided in would then be greyed and locked out for the remainder of the event. Players could not return to the said event map, with the exception of the 4th and final map of the event from the Spring of 2013.


This event mechanic likely never returned because the dev team were experimenting with event maps at the time. The event in question was more of an early testing ground for the future events to come. Following the first event, they found a better conclusion to how to construct an event map. Since this event, a major trend behind event maps has been constructing them to be used as farming grounds for collecting rare ships. As such, it is unlikely we will ever see a return of this mechanic.