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Supply (Menu)

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This page provides information about the menu. Please see Supply (Mechanic) for details on resupplying ship girls.


Supply (補給) is a main menu option where you can resupply your ship girls with fuel Fuel and ammunition Ammunition. It is also used to replace lost planes at the cost of bauxite Bauxite.

Menu Functions

Supply menu screen and all its features

The following functions appear in the Supply menu:

  • Resupply All - There are two buttons with this feature in the menu.
    • Checkbox at the top left beside the fleet icons.
    • Resupply Fleet (艦隊全補給) button.
  • Individual Selection - Allows you to select individual ship girls to resupply.
  • Ammo and Fuel Bar - Displays the remaining fuel and ammo displayed in 10% increments.
  • Ammo and Fuel Display- Displays the total fuel and ammo cost to resupply your selected ship girls.
  • Resupply Fuel - Resupplies the selected ship girls with fuel.
  • Resupply Ammo - Resupplies the selected ship girls with ammo.
  • Resupply Both - Resupplies the selected ship girls with fuel and ammo.
  • Replenish Planes - Replenishes lost planes on the selected ship girls.


Ship Girls

Resupply Fleet To resupply the entire fleet, simply click one of the two "resupply all" buttons as described above. They will automatically resupply fuel, ammo and replenish any lost planes.

Resupply Individual

For more control over resupply, such as when completing quest E4, you may want to resupply individual ship girls.

  1. Click on the check box to the left of the ship girl banner to select her.
  2. Choose whether to resupply fuel (Fuel), ammo (Ammunition) or both (まとめて補給).


Planes are usually automatically replenished when a ship girl is resupplied. However, there are some cases where a ship girl has full supplies while her planes are depleted. To replenish only planes, click the Replenish Planes (艦載機補充) button.

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