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Friend Fleet

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Friend Fleet, Friendly Fleets, or just FF, is an Event-only mechanic that was implemented during the Winter 2018 Event. They are NPC fleets that generally appear to attack the boss during Night Battle before the fleet engages. Because the exact FF details vary from event to event, please refer to the current event page for more information. To activate the Friendly Fleet Menu during the event, there is the Friend Fleet Button Grey.png (Friendly Fleets) button in the Home Port screen.

NPC Friendly Fleet mechanic, as seen in map E-7 of the Winter 2018 Event, when the International Fleet makes their entrance into battle.
In the current implementation

They are only available on specific nodes, and may be implemented at any time from event startup to several days after the event start, or even never be added.

  • They are typically implemented as the event progresses to give players a higher chance to beat a map.
  • They typically appear on Boss Nodes at Night.
  • In some longer events, two batches of FF may be added, the second being stronger and/or going deeper than the first.
  • During Summer 2021, some FFs appeared for the first time:
    • On nodes other than Boss ones.
    • On day battle, before the main battle.

They will engage the entire enemy fleet.

  • This means they will fight both fleets of an enemy combined fleet.
  • Theys cannot kill all enemy ships (at least one will survive).
    • They can kill the enemy Boss, only if another enemy ship stays alive.
  • Their targeting is modified, avoiding the boss way more (see here).

The determination of which fleet of an enemy combined fleet the escort fleet will engage in night battle is calculated after the FF attack.

Which FF appears is random, but odds can be manipulated.

  • By having a member of an FF in the sortied fleet, all FFs that she is a member of will not appear. This is referred to as "blocking" a Friendly Fleet.
  • Some fleets are "unblockable", and may appear even if sorting a member that is present in it.
  • In most cases, it is possible to block all available FF, with none showing as a result.

The stats, level, remodel, luck, equipment, and damage state in which the FF ships appear are completely arbitrary.

Only NPC fleets are available.

  • The devs have mentioned that player fleets may be added at some point.

Using Friendly Fleets

FF Toggle.png
  1. Click on the Friendly Fleet (友軍艦隊) button on the Home Port screen.
    • The button will be greyed out if FFs have not been implemented yet for that event.
  2. In the menu that pops up, changing the toggle to Request "Friendly Fleet" (「友軍艦隊」要請) will activate FFs in maps that have them.
    • Take note that you cannot pick and choose which maps where the FF appears. You'll need to deactivate FFs by toggling it to Support Unnecessary (支援不要).
  3. The Request Strong Friendly Fleets (強力友軍支援要請) toggle will activate "Strong" FFs.
    • These fleets are tagged as "Strong" in the event pages.
    • They cost 6 Instant Constructions Instant construction Material when they appear.
      • The Instant construction Material will not be consumed if a "Weak" or no FF appears.

Past Friendly Fleet List

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