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Hishimochi is a special item that comes along around March of each year. Over the years in KanColle, Hishimochi has gone through a series of different ways it could be obtained and collected over the years and would undergo changes as time went on.

Originally started back in March 2015, this was a collectable item that could be collected and left in reserve for later use.

However around in 2020, this item became an important item for exchanging for more important items and due to these changes, it was turned into a limited time item was only available during the duration of the Hinamatsuri Event periods.

As such, this page will mainly be used as a archive to explain the events that unfolded that involved Hishimochi.

2015 Hishimochi

This event was where Hishimochi was first introduced, it originally appeared as a drop that could be earned by going through sorties. You could collect and stock up for quests to earn some prizes and then conserve them for future use. It was possible to exchange them for various items, resources or foods.

2016 Hishimochi

When Satsuki received her Kai Ni remodel, she came with a permanent quest that gave players and opportunity to earn a Hishimochi from there.

However, following the Hinamatsuri 2020 Mini-Event and its completion, the quest was changed and now no longer gives out Hishimochi but instead a Present Box.

2017 Hishimochi

Hishimochi appeared in one limited time quest where you could complete to earn one from there.

2020 Hishimochi

Hishimochi underwent a drastic change with the release of the Hinamatsuri 2020 Mini-Event as it would now become a limited time item used for collect items.

The following below lists the overall things that have changed with the way Hishimochi was used:

  • While it could still be used to collect resource from, it was encouraged to conserve them so you can exchange them for better items handed out in quest.
  • The Event also handed out Hishimochi upon clearing, the amount varied based on the difficulty you cleared upon.
  • Hishimochi would now begin to expire following the completion of the event and thus needed to be spent before hand
  • All Permanent quests that had Hishimochi offered as a prize would be altered after the event (See 2016 Hishimochi for more details)

2021 Hishimochi

Hishimochi resurfaced as a item you could collected from a series of quest to once again be exchanged to earn rare and valuable goods and thus was prioritized for completing quests.

For more details see 2021 Hishimochi Quest Event

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