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Seasonal/New Year 2015

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Via December 26th, 2014 Update & January 1st, 2015 Update



Light Cruiser

Repair Ship




Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Fubuki あけましておめでとうございます、司令官!今年ももーっともーっとがんばりますね! Happy New Year, Admiral! I'll work even harder this year!
Hatsuyuki あけおめ・・・ことよろ・・・。初雪へのお年玉は・・・?えっ・・・ないの・・・ Happy New Year... regards... Where is my new years money...? Eh? ...There is none...
Murakumo 謹賀新年ねっ、ほんっと仕方ない、今年もあんたに付き合ってあげるわ・・・ったく・・・ Happy New Year, right? It can't be helped, I'll go along with you this year too... Sheesh...
Oboro 提督、あけましておめでとうございます。本年も朧をどうぞよろしくお願いします Admiral, Happy New Year! Please look after me this year too.
Akebono クソ提督!あけおめことよろ!なによっ、新年ぐらいシャキっとしてよ! Shitty Admiral! Happy New Years and regards! What? At least do it right this year!
Sazanami 新年ktkr!!・・・あー、今年も一年歳を取ってしまいましたがー・・・ The new year is here!! ...Ah, but we'll grow a year older this year...
Ushio Play 提督、新年あけましておめでとう・・・ございます!・・・あっ・・・あの・・・、ごめんなさいっ! Admiral, Happy New... Year! ...U-um... Sorry!
Hatsuharu 初春じゃ!めでたいのう。本年もこの初春をわらわと祝おうぞ! It's Hatsuharu! How auspicious. Let us celebrate this year together!
Nenohi 新年!あけおめ!ことよろ!なのっ!本年も、ねのひをどうぞよろしくだよ?ねっ? New year! Happy new year! Regards for this year! Yes! Please take care of me this year too. Ok?
Wakaba Play 新年か、この瞬間を待っていた。提督、今年もよろしく頼む!・・・ああ、大丈夫だ! It's the new year huh. I've been waiting for this moment. Admiral, I will be counting on you again this year. Yes, I'll be fine!
Hatsushimo 謹賀新年、あけましておめでとうございます。初霜、今年もがんばります!はいっ! It's a new year. Happy New Year! Hatsushimo will do her best this year! Yes!
Shiratsuyu あけましておめでとう!いっちばーん沢山入ったお年玉をちょうだい!提督! Happy New Year! Give me the most New Years money! Admiral!
Murasame 提督、謹賀新年です。今年も村雨の…ちょっといいとこ、みせてあげる! Admiral, Happy New Year! I'll show you a few of Murasame's good points this year too!
Shigure Play あけましておめでとう提督。今年もボクを・・・僕たちをよろしくね! Happy New Year, Admiral. This year, please take care of m-..please take care of us again.
Yuudachi Play お正月っぽいー!夕立も晴れ着を着るっぽい!これで戦闘は・・・出来るっぽい! Looks like its the new year! Looks like Yuudachi will be wearing her best clothes! Looks like...I can battle in these clothes!
Urakaze Play 提督、謹賀新年じゃけぇ。今年もよろしゅうね! Admiral, it's the new year. I'll be counting on you this year too!
Tanikaze Play あっ↑けましてぇ↓、おめっとさーん!ていとくぅ!今年は景気良くなるさっ!う゛ん゛!だいじょうぶぅ~ Happy New Year, Admiral! Our condition is only going to get better this year! It'll be fine!
Hamakaze Play 提督、新年あけましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくどうぞ・・・です Admiral, Happy New Year. I will be counting on you again this year.
Akizuki Play あけましておめでとうございます。司令!本年も、どうぞよろしくお願い致します! Happy New Year. Commander, please treat me well this year too!
Asagumo Play 謹賀新年!司令、あけましておめでとう。・・・今年も付き合ってあげるわよ。安心しなさい! It's the new year! Commander, Happy New Year! I'll accompany you this year too. Don't worry!
Nowaki Play 謹賀新年、司令!昨年は大変お世話になりました。今年も、よろしくどうぞ・・・です! Happy New Year, Commander. You took great care of me last year. I will be in your care again this year.
Yamagumo Play 司令さーん、あけましてぇ、おめでとうございまーす!・・・山雲、今年も、よろしくでーす! Commander-san~, Happy~ New Year~! ...Yamagumo will be in your care this year too~!