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Seasonal/Late Autumn 2017

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Fall Casual


Eve of the Final Battle



New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Asakaze Play ヤダ最近寒すぎ〜下手したらかぜしちゃう。司令官、部屋にこたつ出してよう、こたつ。私、運ぶの手伝って上げるから。 Oh no, it's gotten really cold lately~ I'll catch a cold if I'm not careful. Let's set up the kotatsu in your room, Commander. I'll help you take it out.
Matsukaze Play 姉貴、何やってんだ?こたつ?へぇ、そんなに履いてたら太っちあうぜ。あ、意外といいなこれ。うぁ、侮れない。 What're you up to, Aneki? A kotatsu? Heh, you'll get fat if you spend too much time under there. Ah, it's surprisingly nice. Whoa, can't underestimate this.
Hatakaze Play 少しずつ季節は冬が近づいてきますね。寒い。あ、平気です。すみません、司令。恐れ入ります。温かいです。 Winter is getting closer and closer. It's cold. Ah, I'm fine. I'm sorry, Commander. I'll be imposing myself on you. It's warm.
Oboro Play 寒いですね。もうすぐ冬。キスカのあたりはもう雪かも。多分。 It's cold, huh. It's almost winter. It's already snowing around Kiska. Probably.
Akebono Play ほうぅ、寒くなってきた。漣、あんたちょっと詰めなさいよう!あたしも起こった入るから! Brrr, it's gotten cold. Move over, Sazanami! I want to get in too!
Sazanami Play あぁ、また寒い季節が来てしまえましたが・・・しかし!おこたぬくぬく〜この芭蕉は譲れねい! Aaah, the cold season has come yet again... But! The kotatsu is super comfy~ I won't give this spot up!
Ushio Play 少し肌寒くになってきました。提督、おかぜなど惹かないように、気をつけてください。 It's gotten a bit colder. Please be careful not to catch a cold, Admiral.
Shiratsuyu Play ウェ、なんか寒くなってきたよね。半袖でちょっときついようね。ハックシュ! Urgh, it's gotten pretty cold now. Short sleeves are bad now huh. *achoo*!
Shigure Play 提督、いい雨だね。 What a pleasant rain, Admiral.
Play ぼくは・・・ん、なんでもない。 I'm... No, it's nothing.
Play そうだね、進むしかない。止まない雨はない・・・僕も・・・提督、ありがとう。ん、そうだね。わかった。 That's right, I need to keep moving forwards. There's always a ray of light... I'm... Thank you, Admiral. Hm, I see. Alright then.
Murasame Play ハイハイ!提督、ちょっと寒そうね。村雨が、ちょっといいマフラあんで上げましょうか? Hey hey! You look a bit cold, Admiral. Shall I get you a nice muffler?
Yamakaze Play 寒くなってきた。おこた出そう。 It's gotten a bit colder. Let's get out the kotatsu.
Ooshio Play 少し寒くなってきましたが、大潮はいつもアゲアゲです!司令官、秋も冬も、大潮と元気いっぱいでまいりましょう!おおぅ!! Even though it's gotten a bit colder I'm still always in high spirits! Whether it be autumn or winter, come be full of life like me, Commander! Whooo!!
Arashio Play あら、すこぉし肌寒くになってきたはねぇ。こんな日の夜は、お鍋はいいようねぇ。雪風ちゃんの読んでおうかしら。 Oh, it's gotten quite chilly~ Hot pots are great on a night like this. I wonder if I should go get Yukikaze-chan.
Asagumo Play うん、そうっか。今年もこの季節はやってきたのか。夜でもう大丈夫。私は、大丈夫。 Yeah, I see. So this season has come again this year. I'm fine with the night. I'm just fine.
Yamagumo Play この季節がまたやってきたんのね。深夜は少しざわざわします。ふぅ〜 So this season has come again huh. The late night is a bit noisy. Whew~
Kasumi Play 少し寒きなってきたはね。かぜとか惹かないでようね。艦隊や、私が困るんだから。もう、ほら、あたたくして。はい。 It's gotten a bit colder. Don't you go catching a cold. The fleet, and I, will be troubled. Jeez, just go get warmed up. Yes.
Arare Play 寒くなってきた。もうすぐ、冬、です。うん。 It's gotten colder. It's almost winter. Yup.
Amatsukaze Play クシャ!少し寒くなってきたはね。あなた、風邪なんか惹かないでよう、うつるから。あたし?あたしはだいじょう・・・クシャ! *achoo*! It's gotten a bit colder. Don't spend so much time in the wind or you'll get infected. Me? I'm fi... *achoo*!
Isokaze Play 来年こそは、サンマもしっかり焼けるよう。鍛錬を積んでおこう。戦闘は誰にもおくれおとるつもりはないが・・・食堂の技術も、大切だ。 I'll make sure to grill the saury properly next year. I'll go train a lot. I don't intend to lose to anyone in battle but... Cooking skills are important too.
Arashi Play ヘクッチュゥ!ウァ・・・いきなり寒きなってきた花・・・司令、風移しただろう。ヘクッチュゥ! *achoo*! Whoa... It's suddenly gotten colder... I've caught a cold, Commander. *achoo*!
Yuugumo Play フェ、そうね。少し肩の荷が下りたような。この季節は、そんな不思議な気持ちになります。なに提督?そう、やさしのね。 Whew, yes. I feel like a weight was taken off my shoulders. The season gives me that kind of feeling. What is it, Admiral? Oh, you're very kind.
Fujinami Play 何、司令、読んだ?藤浪これからちょっとおでかけだけど。 What is it, Commander? Did you call me? I'm just about to go out in a bit.
Play お出かけの時はおしゃれ、もち!でも少し寒くなってきたから、上着もきたくる・・・かな。 I'm definitely well dressed when I go out! But since it's getting colder, I guess... I'll need to wear a coat.
Play あぁ、もう、っとに。藤浪、秋は忙しいから!あ、鳥海さん?はい、藤浪を履いてきます、持ち。きっと、きっとです。 Aah, jeez, really. I'm really busy during autumn! Ah, Choukai-san? Yes, I'll definitely return. I'm 100% sure I will.
Eve of Final Battle
Yayoi Play 卯月。あの、この季節は、気をつけて。あの、怒こってなんかないけど。うん、気をつけてね。 Uzuki. Ummm, be careful during this season. Ummm, I'm not angry. Yeah, be careful, alright?
Uzuki Play 弥生?何を心配そうな顔してるぴょん?なんか怒こってるぴょん!?大丈夫ぴょん!卯月は不沈艦ぴょん。沈まないぴょん! Yayoi? Why are you frowning-pyon? Are you angry about something-pyon!? It's fine-pyon! I'm unsinkable-pyon. I won't sink-pyon!
Akebono Play ふん、泣いても、笑っても、決戦ってわけか。あたしも本気で行くから!クソ提督、行くよ! Hmph, so the final battle is inevitable, huh? I've gotta get serious, too! Let's go, you shitty Admiral!
Hatsuharu Play なんじゃその、妾もう貴様を信頼している・・・じゃ。ん、まぁ、そういうことじゃ! Well, I mean, I trust you.... Yeah, well, that's all!
Shigure Play この季節は・・・うぅん、提督、いい雨だね。 This season is... No, it's a nice rain, Admiral. Secretary 1
Play 満潮・・・そうか、よかったね。一緒に準備を使用。うん。 Michishio... I see, that's good. Let's get ready together. Yeah. Secretary 2
Play 扶桑、山城、気をつけて。大部隊だけど、油断は全然できないだ。ぼくも・・・ぼくも全力で守るから。 Fusou, Yamashiro, be careful. Don't let your guard down even though this is a large force. I'll... I'll protect you with all my strength. Secretary 3
Murasame Play 時雨ちゃん、どうしたの?なるほど。でも、きっと平気。私達の、佐世保の時雨なら、村雨は信じてます。 What's wrong, Shigure? I see. But, it'll be fine. I believe in our Shigure of Sasebo. Secretary 3
Yuudachi Play みんな戦いの準備をしてるっぽい?夜戦の準備っぽい? You're all getting ready for battle-poi? Night battle preparations-poi?
Shiranui Play いよいよ決戦。十八駆も全力でこと当たります。いえ、お構いなく。 It's almost time for the decisive battle. DesDiv18 will strike with all our might. No, don't mind me.
Hatsuzuki Play いや、あの戦いは最後あんまり覚えていないんだ。ただ、やれることを全力であった・・・そんな気持である、この胸の奥に。 Well, I don't remember much about the last moments of that battle. I'm just left with this feeling of... doing whatever it takes, deep in my heart.
Surigao Strait / Operation Shou-1
Shigure Play 提督、みんな、うん、行こう。 Admiral, everyone, yeah, let’s go. Secretary 1
Play あの海峡は・・・うん、なんでもない、行こう。もちろん、僕も・・・行く。 That strait is... No, it’s nothing, let’s go. Of course, I’ll be... coming too. Secretary 2
Play 了解、満潮、みんな、油断しないで行こう。空襲が止んだら海峡までは警戒陣形で接近しよ。 Roger, Michishio, everyone, let's approach with caution. Once the air raid is over, we'll approach the strait in Vanguard Formation. Secretary 3
Play ありがと、準備は大事だね。 Thank you, preparations are important. Equipment 2
Play いよいよ僕たちの出番だね。扶桑、山城、みんな、行こう。必ず全員で戻るために。 It's our turn soon. Fusou, Yamashiro, everyone, let's go. I'll definitely bring everyone home. Joining a Fleet
Play とうしてもらう。 I got this. Attack
Michishio Play 今はやって上げるは、しかも全力で。第二十駆逐隊、出撃します! I'm ready to do this, and at full power too. 20th Destroyer Division, sortie! Joining a Fleet
Fujinami Play なに司令、呼んだ?藤波、何気には、もの凄く真剣に色々準備して忙しいんだけど。 What, did you call me, Commander? I've suddenly been caught up in doing all sorts of serious preparations. Secretary 1
Play あぁ、もう。今回は藤波、まじで忙しいんだから。もち! Aaah, jeez. I'm really busy right now. I am! Secretary 2
Play そうだよ、出撃準備だよ。捷一号作戦の準備。えぇ?福?だから今は準備中なんだって。もち! That's right, I'm getting ready to sortie. Getting ready for Operation Shou-1. Eh? Good luck? I said I wasn't done getting ready yet. For real! Secretary 3

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Libeccio Play リベのこれ、どぉ?似合ってるかなぁ…そぉ?やった!エヒヒ How's this? Does it suit me... Really? Alright! Ehehe~
2016 Lines
Akatsuki Play 秋は少し、夜中にお手洗い行くのが苦手……。こ、この季節だけよ!ぷんすかっ! During autumn, it's a bit difficult to go to the toilet in the middle of the night... On... only during this season! Harrumph~!

Destroyer Escorts

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Etorofu Play 寒くなって来ました。おこた、出しておきますね。 It’s getting colder. I'll get the kotatsu out alright?
Matsuwa Play 少し寒くなって来ました。択捉ちゃん、あぁ、こたつ出すの?私も手伝います。うわあ・・・おも・・・ It’s gotten a bit colder. A-are you taking out the kotatsu, Etorofu-chan? I’ll help too. Whoa... It's heavy...

Light Cruisers

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Yura Play 提督さん、今年の秋もうそろそろ終わりですね。寒くなってきます。風邪を引かないように、夜は暖くしてくださいね。 Autumn is almost over this year, Admiral-san. It's going to get colder. Please keep yourself warm at night so you don't catch a cold.
Agano Play ふぅ〜、寒い〜!この季節、阿賀野苦手。こたつとかで待機したい。能代は元気だな・・・お姉ちゃんは待機します。 Brrr, it's cold~! I'm not good with this season. I just want to stand by in a kotatsu. Noshiro is looking well... I'm just going to stand by.
Noshiro Play 阿賀野姉、こたつでゴロゴロしてたらだめだから!太っちゃうから!ほら、立って立って、演習でを行ってきたら。 Don't laze around under the kotatsu, Agano-nee! You'll get fat! Come on, get up and let's go for exercises.
Sakawa Play 酒勾全然寒くない。舞鶴はもうちょっと寒くかったかな。ぴゃ! I'm not cold at all. Maizuru was kind of colder than this. Pya!
Eve of Final Battle
Tama Play いよいよ決戦の時にゃ。艦隊は猫の手も借りたいはず。多摩も頑張るしかないにゃ。あぁ、もちろん猫じゃないにゃ。 It's almost time for the final battle-nya. The fleet is really busy. I have to work hard too-nya. Ah, but I'm definitely not a cat-nya. "猫の手も借りたい" is a phrase meaning "so busy that you'd even use a cat's help".
Abukuma Play よぉし〜!決戦の時です。一水戦旗艦の経験と自負は伊達じゃないです!旗艦戦闘!みんな、ついてきて! Alriiiight~! It's time for the final battle. My experience and pride as flagship of DesRon1 isn't just for show! Flagship starting battle! Follow me, everyone!

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Yahagi Play 少し寒くなって来たわね。鍛錬にはちょうどいいわね。十戦隊集合、演習に出ます。 It's gotten colder. Perfect for training. 10th Squadron assemble, we're heading out for exercises. Christmas Eve 2015 Line

Heavy Cruisers

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Atago Play 少しだけ寒くなってきたはね。提督、ホットミルクつくってあげましょうか?うふ〜。は〜い〜 It's gotten a bit colder huh. Shall I make you some hot milk, Admiral? Ufu~ He~re~
Mikuma Play すっかり寒くなりました。スカートだと少し足がすうすうして。あぁ、最上、マフ?ありがとう。一緒に使う。 It’s gotten pretty cold out. My legs feel so breezy in this skirt. Ah, a muffler, Mogami? Thank you. Let's share it.
Pola Play えや、寒くなってきた。こんな時は飲んで体を暖めないと。那智さん、それは? Whoa, it's gotten colder. Now's the time to drink and warm myself up. What's that, Nachi-san?
Eve of Final Battle
Nachi Play よし!いよいよこの那智型・・・って、違う。妙高型の真の力見る時が来たな。やるぞ! Alright! It's finally time for me to show you the Nachi-class'... No, wait, the Myoukou-class' true power. Let's do this!
Ashigara Play この飢えた狼っと言われた、足柄、大事な戦いの予感を感じるは!全力出撃、よい! As someone known as the "Hungry Wolf", I feel that this will be an important battle! Let's sortie with all our might!
Mogami Play 決戦か。また突入だね。いよ、突破しよ! The final battle huh. We're heading to war again. Fine then, let's smash them!


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Yamato Play 武蔵?どうしたの?寒いの?機関部の調子でを悪いの?そう、ならいいけれど。何かあったら、お姉さんを相談してね? Musashi? What's wrong? Are you cold? Is there something wrong with your engine room? I see, that's fine then. Let me know if anything happens alright?
Warspite Play 寒くなって来ると古傷は痛むわね。Fritz Xあれだけは反則と思うわ。そのこと思うと・・・いた・・・いたたたた・・・大丈夫。 My old wounds start to ache when it gets cold. I think the Fritz X was just foul play. Whenever I think of it... Ow... owowowow... I'm fine.
Gangut Play ふん・・・やっとこの騒がしい艦隊を静かになって来たな。それは、なんだ?なに・・・こたつ? Hmph... So this noisy fleet has finally gotten quiet. What's that? What... a kotatsu?
Richelieu Play さ、寒くなって来たわね。そ、その四角い装備はなに?コ、コタツ?楽しいそうね!少し試してあげてもいいはよ。 I-it's gotten cold. Wh-what's that square-shaped equipment? A-a kotatsu? That looks interesting! I'm willing to give it a try.
Eve of Final Battle
Fusou Play 山城、いよいよ決戦よ。私たち扶桑型姉妹の大舞台が来たのよ。頑張りましょうね。 It's time for the decisive battle, Yamashiro. It's time for us Fusou-class sisters to step onto the grand stage. Let's do our best. Secretary 1
Play 時雨、大丈夫よ。私たち第三部隊七隻、一緒にスリガオ海峡抜けましょう!今度こそ。 It's fine, Shigure. The 7 of us in the 3rd Section will pass through Surigao Strait together! For sure this time. Secretary 3
Yamashiro Play 扶桑型の活躍する時は、どうどう来たよね。姉さま、山城頑張ります。ふふふふふ。。。 The time for the Fusou-class to show their worth is finally here. I'll do my best, nee-sama. Fufufufu.... Secretary 1
Play 姉様?ん、満潮?あぁ、そうね、小さいのは任せたわ。えぇ?うふん。生意気ね。姉様を守って。 Nee-sama? Hmm, Michishio? Ah, yeah, I'm leaving the little ones to you. Eh? Ufun. Cheeky. Protect nee-sama. Secretary 3
Surigao Strait / Operation Shou-1
Fusou Play 了解。二戦隊は、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、旗艦戦力として、夜のスリガオ海峡を抜け、レイテを突入を目指します。 Roger. As the flagship of BatDiv 2, the main strength of the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, I'll break through Surigao Strait and into Leyte. Secretary 3. The "3rd Section" (第三部隊) refers to the fleet under Vice-Admiral Nishimura, which formed the vanguard of what is known as the Southern Force by Japanese historians.
Play スリガオ海峡を抜けて、レイテに突入します!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、出撃! We'll break through Surigao Strait and charge into Leyte! 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, sortie! Joining a Fleet
Play 二戦隊突破します!って! BatDiv 2 will break through! Fire! Night Battle Attack
Play はあぁ!や、山城、突破するのよ。 Aaaaah! Y-you have to break through, Yamashiro. Minor Damage 1
Yamashiro Play 姉様、了解しました。二戦隊、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊として、スリガオを越え、レイテを突入します。行きます。 Roger, nee-sama. BatDiv 2, under the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, will break through Surigao into Leyte. Let's go. Secretary 3
Play 姉さま、了解です。第二戦隊、旗艦山城、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊・・・ふふふ・・・ふふふふ・・・抜錨です! Roger, nee-sama. Yamashiro, flagship of BatDiv 2, of the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section... Fufufu... fufufufu... Setting sail! Joining a Fleet
Play 時雨、行ける?頼りにしてるから。私達、第三部隊、西村艦隊を出撃よ! Ready to go, Shigure? I'm counting on you. We, the 3rd Section, the Nishimura Fleet, are sortieing! Starting a Sortie
Play じゃまだ、どけー! Get out of my way! Night Battle Attack
Play 姉様!ち・・・進・・・進んだから! Nee-sama! Tch... I'll... I'll keep moving forwards! Minor Damage 1

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Musashi Play 提督よ、寒くなってきたな?もっと近くに来ていいんだぞ。ん?あはは!冗談だ。 It's gotten colder right, Admiral? It's fine to stick closer to me you know. Hmmm? Ahaha! I'm just joking.

Light Carriers

New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Ryuuhou Play 少し寒きなって来ましたね。かぜを引かないようにしないと。提督も暖かくしてくださいね。 It’s getting a bit colder. I hope that I don’t catch a cold, Please make sure you stay warm too, Admiral.


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Kaga Play 寒くなった来たわね。え?私が暖かい?何を言うな?何を・・・ It’s getting colder huh. Eh? I’m warm? What are you talking about? What….
Ark Royal Play この季節は気をつけないと、特に潜水艦には要注意だ。まぁ、取り越し苦労なら良いだが・・・ん?右舷に潜望鏡!回避!・・・ん?・・・ん?波の見間違いか?ふぇ〜 You need to be careful during this season, especially being careful about submarines. Well, being paranoid is fine but... Hmm? Periscope to starboard! Evasive manoeuvres! ...Hmm? ...Hmmm? That was a wave? *Sigh*


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
I-168 Play ちょっと寒くなってきたわ。海の上だと、この格好は少しきついかな。潜っちゃへば平気だけど。 It's getting a bit colder. Kinda rough being dressed like this while on the surface. I'm fine when I'm sumberged though.
I-19 Play 大分寒くなって来たの。いく?いくは風邪なんか引かないの!提督は?あれ、熱あるの?え?違う? It’s gotten pretty cold. Me? I don't catch things like colds! How about you, Admiral? Oh, do you have a fever? Eh? You don't? A common Japanese saying is that idiots don't catch colds.
I-58 Play さすがに水着一枚、寒くなった来たでち。提督指定の防寒具を要求するでち。 It really is too cold for just a swimsuit. I'm going to requisition some of the Admiral's cold weather gear.
Luigi Torelli Play ぶるぶる、ちょっと寒いね。宇和すのこたつどこ?早くはいた見たいよ。どこ? Brrr, it’s a little cold. Where’s this kotatsu I’ve heard about? I want to get inside it quickly. Where is it?
Eve of Final Battle
I-26 Play あぁ、西村艦隊のみんなだ!やほぉ!ねぇねぇねぇ、どこ行くの?え?えぇ?ほんとに?ん、来年にしない? Ah, it's the Nishimura Fleet! Yoohoo! Hey hey hey, where are you going? Eh? Eeeeh? Seriously? Mmm, why not put it off till next year?


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Late Autumn
Kashima Play 提督さん、寒くなってきましたね。熱いコーヒ入れますね。待ててください。 It's gotten colder huh, Admiral. I'll make some hot coffee ok? Please wait.
Kamoi Play 提督、どうしました?寒いですか?了解です。体、暖めましょう。いいお茶が入ったんです! What is it, Admiral? Are you cold? Understood. I'll warm you up. I'll bring you some good tea!
Eve of Final Battle
Commandant Teste Play 最上さん、作戦前の水上機の整備ですか?Oui、私もお手伝いさせてください。いい機体ですね。 Are you doing pre-operation maintenance on the seaplanes, Mogami-san? Yes, please let me help too. They're good planes.