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Seasonal/Saury 2019

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New CG


Returning CG

Returning CG
2015 CG
Fishing and Cooking
2016 CG
Fishing and Cooking
2017 CG
Fishing and Cooking
Big Sight Naval Review
Mitsukoshi 2017
2018 CG
Fishing and Cooking



New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shiratsuyu Play 提督、今年は鰯で行くの?いいじゃん!あたし、鰯大好きなんだ!お寿司でを断然光り物。安くて、一番美味しい! Admiral, we're going after sardines this year? That's great! I really love sardines! It's the best as sushi with skin-on slices. It's cheap and it's the most delicious thing!
Yuudachi Play ガルル? Rawr? Kai Ni Secretary 1. Halloween line.
Play ガルル…ぽい? Rawr... poi? Kai Ni Secretary 1. Halloween line.
Play ガルルっぽい? Rawr-poi? Secretary 3. Halloween line.
Play ガルルゥー…ぽい? Rawrrr...poi? Kai Ni Secretary 3. Halloween line.
Play 夕立、出撃っぽい!ガルル! I'm sortieing-poi! RAWR! Joining the Fleet. Halloween line.
Play 駆逐艦夕立、出撃、ガルル! Destroyer Yuudachi, sortieing, RAWR! Kai Ni Joining the Fleet. Halloween line.
Play ガル…? Ra...? Equipment 3. Halloween line.
Play ガル?ガルル。 Ra? Rawr. Kai Ni Equipment 3. Halloween line.
Play おまたせガルル! Thanks for waiting, rawr! Starting a Sortie. Halloween line.
Play おまたせガルルー! Thanks for waiting, rawrrr! Kai Ni Starting a Sortie. Halloween line.
Play ガルル!さあ、素敵なパーティするっぽい! Rawr! Now, let's have a wonderful party-poi! Starting a Battle. Halloween line.
Play ガルル〜。さあ、素敵なパーティするっぽい! Rawr~ Now, let's have a wonderful party-poi! Kai Ni Starting a Battle. Halloween line.
Play まず、どれから襲おうかな。選り取り見取り、ガルル! Now who should I take down first. There's so many to choose from, rawr! Attack. Halloween line.
Play まず、どれから襲おうかな。選り取り見取り、ガルル! Now who should I take down first. There's so many to choose from, rawr! Kai Ni Attack. Halloween line.
Play ガルル? Rawr? Night Battle Attack. Halloween line.
Play ガル、ガルル!…ぽい? Ra-rawr! ...Poi? Kai Ni Night Battle Attack. Halloween line.
Minegumo Play 秋刀魚の美味しい季節ですね。旬の秋刀魚は…はむ…ん!本当美味しいですね。提督さんも、はい、どうぞ。 It's the season of delicious saury. Fresh saury is... *nom*... Mmm! It's really delicious. Admiral, have some too.
Nowaki Play 秋刀魚漁場の保護は厳しい戦いだ。四駆の全力で行こう。大丈夫。みんなとなら、できる! Guarding the saury fisheries will be a difficult battle. DesDiv4 will head out at full force. We'll be fine. With everyone here, we can do it!
Fujinami Play 呉?楽しかったよ、もち!あとね、美味しかった。食べ過ぎちゃった。ちょっとダイエットしなきゃ。 Kure? It was lots of fun! Also, there were lots of delicious things too. I think I ate too much. I probably need to go on a bit of a diet. Secretary 2
Akizuki Play 秋月、秋刀魚漁場の保護と秋刀魚漁支援、全力で事を当たります。そうです、やらせませ! I'll do my best to protect the saury fisheries and support the saury fishing. That's right, leave it to me!
Grecale Play Libeかわいいじゃん!いいな…あたしもやっちゃおかな… Libe you look cute! That's nice... I wonder if I should wear one too... Halloween line.
Play Libeかわいいじゃん!いいな…あたしもやっちゃおかな……ほぉ……どうだ!?ドン! Libe you look cute! That's nice... I wonder if I should wear one too... Hmmm... How's this!? Ta-dah! Halloween line. Added after 2019/10/31 live update.
Janus Play サンマoperation。話には聞いていたわ。是非参加しないと。そう、装備が大事なのね。どれどれ…あぁ、私向いてるかもしれない。 The saury operation. I've heard all about it. Please let me take part too. I see, so equipment is important. Let's see now... Ah, this might suit me pretty well.
Fletcher Play 密かに待ってしました、この時を。サンマフェス!私のこのnetがお役に立ちますね。えぇ、装備が違う? I was secretly waiting for this moment. The Saury Festival! Now my net can be put to good use. Eh, it's not the right equipment?

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Ushio Play 秋は焼き芋がおいしいですよね。提督、後でお庭で枯れ葉を集めて、お芋焼きませんか? Baked sweet potatoes in autumn are delicious. Admiral, shall we collect dead leaves in the back yard later to go bake some sweet potatoes?
Murasame Play ふんふん~秋は秋で嫌いじゃないのよね~春雨とかどうしてるかな? Funfun~ It's autumn and I don't dislike it;~ What's going on, Harusame?
Isokaze Play 司令、すまない。忘れてくれ。 Sorry, Commander. Please forget that.
2016 Lines
Kamikaze Play これが噂の、秋刀魚漁支援…艦隊…。えっと、私もまず装備から、かな…? 光り物は必須よね、たぶん… あとは… There's been a rumor that the support for the Saury fishing will be...this fleet. Umm, what equipment should I get first, I wonder...? Something bright will be required, and then... after that....
Harukaze Play 秋刀魚漁を支援されるというのですね。了解致しました。わたくしも、出漁致します。 You said that we'll be supporting the saury fishing didn't you? Roger that sir. I'll be heading out for fishing too.
Mutsuki Play 如月ちゃん、秋刀魚漁だよ秋刀魚漁! 睦月型も頑張って参加するにゃし! いざ出発にゃ、おー! Kisaragi-chan, it's time for Sanma fishing, Sanma fishing! The Mutsuki class will do their best to take part as well! Let's get going, Oh!
Kisaragi Play 秋刀魚漁のお手伝い? 如月にできるかしら……。睦月ちゃん、張り切ってるのね。うふふっ、可愛いわ。 Help out with Saury fishing? I wonder if Kisaragi can go too... Mutsuki-chan is so revved up isn't she? Ufufu, it's so cute.
Yayoi Play 秋刀魚は、好き……です。秋刀魚祭り、弥生、良いと……思い、ます。 Saury....I like them. The Saury Festival, Yayoi, thinks it's a good thing.
Uzuki Play 秋刀魚~! 秋刀魚は任せておくぴょん! うーちゃんの奥義、ダブル探照灯で挑むぴょん! 意味? 意味は特にないぴょん。ファッションぴょ~ん♪ Saury~! Leave the saury to me pyon! It's Ucchan's secret double searchlight challenge pyon! What does that mean? There's no particular meaning pyon. It's just a fashion choice pyon!
Satsuki Play 司令官、秋刀魚祭りだね。 分かった、ボクも力を貸すよ。……お祭りは、楽しいねっ! Commander, it's the Saury Festival isn't it. I kno, I'll help out too! This festival is pretty fun you know!
Minazuki Play はぅ~、これが噂に聞く、鎮守府秋刀魚祭り? どんだけの艦隊が、秋刀魚漁に出てるっていうんだろう。なんか凄すぎ……。うひひ。 Ha~ Listen to this rumor, the Naval Base Saury Festival? What's up with this fleet, didn't they just go out Saury fishing. This is bad...Uhihi
Fumizuki Play 秋刀魚漁だよ~。あたし文月も、漁の支援に出るから~。しれーかん、任せて任せて~♪ Saury fishing~. I, Fumizuki will help out with the fishing as well. Comman-der, leave it to me, leave it to me.
Nagatsuki Play 秋刀魚か……悪くない、手伝おう。蒲焼も良いが、やはり塩焼きだろう。楽しみだ。 Saury huh, not bad, I'll help out. Kabayaki is pretty good, Shioyaki is good too. This is fun.
Kikuzuki Play よし、秋刀魚漁か。任せておけ。民の生業を助けること、この菊月、嫌いではない。 Alirght, Saury fishing, huh? Leave it to me. Kikuzuki doesn't mind helping out the people who do this for a living.
Mikazuki Play 秋刀魚漁支援、ですか。 了解です、この三日月にお任せください。頑張ります! Saury Fishing Support, you say? Roger, please leave it to Mikazuki. I'll do my best.
Mochizuki Play あ~、秋刀魚漁? めんどいってそういうの。あたしゃ、出来たもんを食いたいのよぉ。 Ah, Saury fishing? That sounds like a real pain... I really just want to to eat them when we're done.
Uranami Play 艦隊で秋刀魚漁支援ですか?了…了解です!第十九駆逐隊、出撃準備に入ります! The fleet will be providing support for Saury fishing? Ro..Roger that! The 19th Destroyer Division will prepare to sortie!
Ayanami Play 特型駆逐艦綾波、秋刀魚漁支援、出撃準備完了です!司令官、いつでもお明示くださいね! Special Type Destroyer Ayanami, ready to sortie in support of Saury Fishing! Commander, please call on me anytime!
Shikinami Play 司令官、秋刀魚集めてるんだって?ほぇ~、秋刀魚好きだったんだ。へ?違う?あくまで支援任務?そうなんだ。なぁんだ…せっかく敷波が秋刀魚焼いてあげようと思ったのに… Commander, we'll be gathering saury? Oh~ I like Saury. Eh? It's not that? It's just a support mission. Is that so. Well if it's not too much trouble Shikinami though she would like to fry some of them on a stick.
Akatsuki Play 秋刀魚を集めるんでしょ? 任せておいて! 第六駆逐隊の力、見てなさい! We're gathering Saury right? Leave it to me! Please bear witness to the Sixth Destroyer Division's power!
Hibiki Play 秋刀魚漁支援任務、了解。響、出る。Ура!! Saury fishing support mission, Roger! Hibiki, heading out. Hurrah!!
Ikazuchi Play この雷様が、頑張って大漁旗作ったんだから! あ、電にも手伝ってもらったわ。 Ikazuchi-sama worked hard and made this Big Catch Flag! Ah, Inazuma helped out too, ya know.
Inazuma Play 電も大漁旗作り、お手伝いしたのです! 頑張ったので、飾ってくれるとうれしいのです! Inazuma helped out in making the Big Catch Flag nano desu. I did my best so I'm happy with the way the decorations came out nano desu!
Murasame Play この秋も、ちょっといい村雨のF作業、見てみたい? うんうん、任せておいて。頑張ります♪ This autumn would you like to see how good Murasame is at fishing too? Yup Yup, leave it to me! I'll do my best!
Shigure Play 秋刀魚漁の季節だね、提督。僕も頑張るよ。 It's the season for Saury fishing Admiral. I'll do my best too.
Play 提督、秋刀魚漁は、今年は大変そうだ。僕も本気でいくよ。 Admiral, saury fishing looks difficult this year. I'll go and do it seriously.
Play そうだね、次の漁場は北の方がいいかもしれない。ポイントを変えてみよう。 That's right, I think the next good fishing spot should be in the north. Let's change our fishing point.
Ooshio Play 大潮、秋刀魚大好きです!秋刀魚漁支援任務も、アゲアゲで参ります! Ooshio loves Saury! I'm all fired up for the Saury Fishing Support job!
Play 秋刀魚の季節!大潮アゲアゲで参ります!改装された大潮のこの力、秋刀魚漁でもアゲアゲで活躍です!はい! It's the season for Saury. Ooshi is all fired up! With the remodeled Ooshio's power, the saury fishing is sure to be a fired up success! Yup! Kai Ni
Michishio Play 秋刀魚? はぁ? 何バカ言ってんの? ぇえ、私? 嘘でしょ!? やぁっ、やだ、引っ張んないでよ! Saury? Huh? What stupid thing are you on about? Eh, Me? You're kidding right!? Nooo, No, I don't want to lure them out!
Arashio Play 秋刀魚漁ですかぁ~? 荒潮、魚臭くなる任務はあんまり……。でも、仕方ないわぁ。助けて、あ・げ・る♪ Saury fishing you say~? Arashio, doesn't really want this mission to make her stink like a fish. Well I guess it can't be helped. I'll help-out-too
Arare Play 秋刀魚、 霰も好きです。特に塩焼きといいと思います。 Arare likes saury too. I think it's especially good when you make Shioyaki with it.
Kasumi Play 秋刀魚漁ですって!?行くなら行く!はっきりしなさいな!…私も行くから!探照灯も…よし。これで大丈夫ね! Saury fishing!? I'll go, I'll go! To put it bluntly, because I can! Searchlight too...alright. Now it's fine!
Play 秋刀魚漁!? ……仕方ない、私がつきあってあげるわ。もう見てらんないったら! ……大丈夫! 私が出るからには大漁よ! Saury!? It can't be helped, I'll come along too. Jeez, quit staring! It's fine! If I go we'll get a big catch! Kai Ni
Oyashio Play さ、秋刀魚漁、ですか!?了解です!第十五駆逐隊、秋刀魚漁支援に出撃します!黒潮さん、灯りを持って。参りましょう! Ah, Saury fishing you said? Roger! The 15th Destroyer Division will sortie in support of Saury Fishing! Kuroshio-san, light the way. Let's go!
Amatsukaze Play 秋刀魚漁?しっかたないわね。あたしがサポートしてあげるわ。探照灯と探信儀よね?フン。ばっちりよ。 Saury fishing? I guess it can't be helped. I'll help out too then. Searchlights and sonar right? Hmm. It' perfect.
Isokaze Play ヴヘェ…いや、秋刀魚はな、こうやって、丁寧に焼きあげて…。おかしい…おかしいぞ…浦風から聞いていたのと、なにか…違う… *cough* …Well, if I grilled the saury carefully like this… Strange… very strange… Urakaze told me to do it like this but something… is wrong…
Arashi Play なんか…みんな探照灯と三式、磨いてんな。どうしたんだ?何が始まるんだ? What's this? Everyone has three searchlights, it's so shiny. What's this for? What are you about to do?
Akigumo Play 秋刀魚漁支援艦隊かぁー。勇壮なような、全然そうでないような……。あれは夕張さんかぁ、すごいなぁー! ある種気合のガン積みだなぁー♪ ラフ切っとこ。 Saury fishing support fleet huh. How heroic of us...that's not the case at all... Ah, that's Yuubar-san. Awesome! The way she yells as she loads her gun- Rough cut.
Yuugumo Play うふふ…漁師さんたちの支援ね、任せて。そういうのは得意なの。さあ、秋雲さん。絵ばっかり描いてないで、お仕事よ。 Ufufu...leave the support of the fisherman to me. That sort of thing is my specialty. Come on, Akigumo-san. Don't just draw pictures, do you job too.
Makigumo Play 夕雲姉さん、漁師さんの援護とサポートですか?お任せください!この巻雲の得意とするところです!頑張ります!えい、えい、おー! Yuugumo-san, we're supporting and assisting the fisherman? Leave it to me! That's Makigumo's specialty! I'll do my best! Hey, Hey, Ho!
Naganami Play 秋刀魚漁ってマジ!?え!?艦隊で支援に出んの?マジで!?いやあ仕方ない、仕方ないなぁ!あたしはやるときはやるぜぇ?高波!探照灯ありったけ持ってこい! Saury fishing, seriously!? Eh!? The fleet is heading out in support? Seriously!? Naw, it can't be helped, can't be helped! It's the time for us to do it so I guess I gotta? Takanami! Go get us the perfect searchlight!
Asashimo Play あたい、秋刀魚は嫌いじゃないんだよね~。「本気」と書いて「マジ」と読む。「本気」でとるぜ~!やる! I don't particularly dislike Saury you know. You can write is as "Honki" but read it as "Maji". Let's take it seriously! Let's do it! Honki and Maji both mean serious
Hatsuzuki Play 北洋漁業? いや、秋刀魚漁の支援……か。成程、この季節ならではだな。よし、僕も一肌脱ごう。探照灯、だな? Northern fisheries? Ah no, support for the Saury fishing...huh? I see, it's that season now isn't it. Alright, I'll pitch in too. I'll need a Searchlight, riht?
2017 Lines
Asakaze Play は、例のあれか?秋刀魚漁ってやつ...私はどっちかというと船団護衛何だけ...まあいいか、やってみましょう!任せなさい! *sigh* Is this what you mean? When you said "saury fishing"...If you ask me, I'd prefer to just do fleet escorts... Oh well, I'll give it a shot! Leave it to me!
Matsukaze Play 来たか?鎮守府さんま祭、何気に待ってたぜ!そうさ、この近海は得意なんだ。水先案内人は僕に任せておけって。 It's here? I was really waiting for the Naval Base Saury Festival! That's right, these costal waters are special. Leave the piloting to me. She means being a maritime pilot.
Hatakaze Play さんま...あの秋刀魚ですか?あ、はい!分かりました!私も、微力ながらお手伝い致します。まずは...そう、光る物ですね? Saury... you mean that kind of saury?Ah, yes! I understand! I may be of little use but I'll help out too. First... I see, we need lights?
Amagiri Play 来たか、このときがよ!鎮守府さんま祭、待っていたぜ!光りもんだよな、大事なのは...半分反則だが、爆雷ってのもありか...よ~し! So the time has come huh! I was waiting for the Naval Base Saury Festival! Aside from lights, the most important thing is... it's a bit unfair but, you need to have depth charges... Alright~!
Sagiri Play さんま...聞いています!全艦隊をあげた、鎮守府さんま祭...ですね。あ、天霧さん、張り切りすぎじゃん!もう! Saury... I'm listening! It's a saury festival... for the whole fleet... right. Y-you're getting overexcited, Amagiri-san! Jeez!
Oboro Play 第七駆逐隊、秋刀魚漁支援に抜錨します。大漁、間違い無しです。多分... The 7th Destroyer Division will be setting sail to support the saury fishing. We won't screw up the big catch. Probably...
Akebono Play あたしは基本一本釣りよ。え?秋刀魚漁?秋刀魚だってこの竿で...え?効率?効率が何よ! I know the basics of pole fishing. Eh? Saury fishing? I can fish for saury with this rod... Eh? Efficiency? What sort of efficiency!
Sazanami Play 秋刀魚の季節(・∀・)キタコレ!!さぁ、漣たちも張り切って漁に出発ですぞ!光り物たくさん、持って持って~ The saury season is here (・∀・)! Now, the others and I will eagerly set off to go fishing! We'll take lots and lots of lights~
Ushio Play 秋刀魚漁の支援行動ですね?はい、潮、頑張ります!漁場を守るのも私達の大切なお仕事です。 Mobilising for saury fishing support? Yes, I'll do my best! Protecting the fishing grounds is an important job for us too.
Yamakaze Play 二十四駆~秋刀魚漁支援任務~発信~!いけぇぇぇぇぇ~何? DesDiv24 heading out on a saury fishing support mission~! Let's gooooooooo~ What?
Hatsukaze Play なに?秋刀魚漁?それで、私達駆逐艦の仕事なの?まあいいわ、手伝ってあげる。 What? Saury fishing? Is that a job for us destroyers? Fine then, I'll help out.
Maikaze Play えひっ!秋刀魚漁だって、踊りながら行けるよ!それ、ワンツー...舞台照明はお願いね。 Ehe~! I can go saury fishing while dancing! Here I go, one two... Light the stage lights please.
Shimakaze Play サンマ焼くの遅い!早く!早くやおいて The saury cooks so slow! Hurry up! Come on and hurry up!
2018 Lines
Oboro Play 曙ちゃん、何?あぁ、大丈夫、焼きを任せて。焼きに集中、焼きに。 What is it, Akebono? Ah, don't worry, leave this to me. You just concentrate on grilling. Secretary 2
Akebono Play はい、秋刀魚の塩焼き上がったよ! Yes, I have some salt-grilled saury! Secretary 2
Play あぁー、忙しい、忙しい!潮、そっち大丈夫? Aaaah, I'm so busy! Is everything alright over there, Ushio? Secretary 3
Sazanami Play 秋刀魚の季節キタコレ!!どんなも張り切ってるね。 The season of saury is here!! Everyone is working hard.
Ushio Play あぁ、曙ちゃん、了解です。すぐに。 Ah, roger that, Akebono. I'll get to it right away. Secretary 2
Play あぁ、はい、リーダー、大丈夫です。あ、あぁー!セ、セーフみたい。 Yes, leader, I'm fine. A-aaah! L-looks like I'm alright. Secretary 3
Hatsuharu Play 妾に…漁師の手伝いをせよというのか?ふむ…あぁ、よし、任せる良い。妾の手腕篤と見よう! You want me... to lend a hand to the fishermen? Hmmm... Ah, alright, leave it to me. Just pay attention to how good my skills are!
Nenohi Play 今日はなんの日?秋刀魚の日…えぇ、じゃなかった…秋刀魚の季節だよ。秋刀魚漁支援、子日も頑張る。 What day is it today? It's saury day... Eh, no wait... It's the saury season. I'll work hard at supporting the saury fishing too.
Wakaba Play 秋刀魚か…悪くない。我が二十一駆も漁の支援に…了解した。駆逐艦、若葉、全力で任務に当たろう。 Saury... It's not bad. Our DesDiv21 will support the fishing... Roger that. I'll put my all into completing the mission.
Hatsushimo Play 提督、秋刀魚漁支援ですか?了解しました!……二十一駆、秋刀魚漁支援に、抜錨します!準備、かかる! Saury fishing support, Admiral? Roger that! ......DesDiv21 will set sail to support the saury fishing! Get ready!
Shiratsuyu Play そうっか、もう秋刀魚の季節ですね。いいよ、やっちゃうか! I see, it's already saury season. Oh well, let's do this! Secretary 2
Shigure Play もちろん、僕も出るよ。毎年だから、少し要領は分かってきた。任せて。 Of course I'll head out too. I've been doing this every year so I kinda get how it goes. Leave it to me. Secretary 2
Murasame Play はいはい!私も、由良さんみたいに先生っぽいこと、やってみようかな。どうかな? Yes yes! I want to try acting like a teacher like Yura does. What do you think?
Yuudachi Play 村雨、先生やりたいっぽい?夕立もやってみたいぽい!えぇ、向いてないぽい? You want to act like a teacher, Murasame? I want to too-poi! Eh, it doesn't suit me-poi?
Kagerou Play 秋刀魚漁?いいわよ、やってあげる。不知火、あんたも出るのよ。準備はいい?はぁー、魚雷はいらないは。明かりをできる持って、ほら! Saury fishing? Alright, I'll do it. You're coming too, Shiranui. Are you ready? Huuuh, you don't need torpedoes. You just need to bright lights, like this!
Shiranui Play 秋刀魚ですか?もちろん、この不知火に抜かりはありません。準備は万端です。いつ出ますか? Saury? Of course I haven't slacked. My preparations are all complete. When are we leaving?
Kuroshio Play 黒潮っちゅう、うちの名前的には…ここは頑張りどころやね。十五駆、秋刀魚漁支援、出撃や!やったるで。 I'm named after the Kuroshio Current... So I'll have to work hard here. DesDiv15, sortieing to support saury fishing! Let's do this.
Tokitsukaze Play 司令ー、司令、司令!探照灯満載した!あとは何を積めばいいの??爆雷でいいの?ねぇー? Commander~, Commander, Commander! I've equipped the searchlights! What should I equip next? Can I equip depth charges? Can I~?
Urakaze Play 秋刀魚やろ?お任せとき。塩焼き?お刺身?えぇ、料理じゃなくて、取るの?えへぇ、それも、お任せとき。 You want saury? Leave it to me. Would you like it salt-grilled? Or as sashimi? Eh, you meant fishing for it and not cooking? Ehe, you can leave that to me too.
Hamakaze Play 秋刀魚ですか?いいでしょう。食べる方でも、取る方でも…あぁ、取る方ですか?了解。 用意をしてきます。 Saury? That's fine. I can eat it or fish for it... Ah, you want me to fish? Roger. I'll go get ready.
Tanikaze Play なんだって?秋刀魚だって?粋だねー。よし、この谷風さんに任せておけー!腕まくりを全力全開だぜ! What did you say? Saury? That's what I'm talking about. Alright, just leave it all to me! I'm going to roll up my sleeves and put my all into this!
Kazagumo Play 夕雲姉さん、巻雲姉さん、了解です。風雲、鎮守府秋刀魚祭り、参加準備に努めます! Yuugumo, Makigumo; roger that. I'll do my best to prepare to participate in the Naval Base Saury Festival!
Fujinami Play はまっち、秋刀魚祭りだよ。藤波も、もち参加。一緒に行くよね? It's the Saury Festival, Hamacchi. I'll definitely be joining in too. You'll come with me right?
Hamanami Play ふ、ふちゃん...ん、それをちが…超大きじゃなくて…はうぅ… F-fuuchan... Ngh, that's not it... That's not too much... Haaa...
Okinami Play 岸ちゃん、朝ちゃん、準備はいいですか?三十一駆、秋刀魚祭り、参加いたします!抜錨! Kishi, Asa, are you ready? DesDiv31 will be joining the Saury Festival! Set sail! Secretary 2
Kishinami Play これが鎮守府秋刀魚祭り?朝ちゃん気合入ってる。りょ、了解、私もがんばります!秋刀魚、好きです! So this is the Naval Base Saury Festival? Asa is really getting into this. Ro-roger, I'll do my best too! I like saury!
Jervis Play Sanma Operationでしょう?任せておいて。この優秀なソナーがあれば…えぇ、それだけじゃだめ?難しいわね。Darling、教えて。 It's a Sanma Operation right? Leave it to me. With this excellent Sonar, I'll... Eh, that's not enough? This is hard. Teach me, Darling.
Tashkent Play 秋刀魚?なんだいそれは?あぁ、北の海で漁をするのかい?Понятона Saury? What's that? Ah, you're going fishing in the northern seas? I understand.
Samuel B. Roberts Play 秋刀魚?秋刀魚祭り!うん、私も頑張る!取るぞ!武器はHedgehogでいい?…えぇ、それはだめ?そ、そうなの? Saury? A Saury Festival! Yup, I'll work hard too! Off I go! Can I use a Hedgehog? ...Eh, I can't? Re-really?
Maestrale Play んー、秋刀魚?手伝い?いいけど…探照灯?わかった、積んでみるけど…これでいい?ほんとに? Hmmm, saury? You want me to help? That's fine but... A searchlight? I get it, I'll equip it... Like this? Really?

Destroyer Escorts

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ishigaki Play 秋刀魚漁支援ですか?仕方ありません。北方の海、水先案内は石垣にお任せください。頑張ります。 Supporting the saury fishing? I'll do it then. Please allow me to be your pilot through the Northern seas. I'll do my best. She means being a maritime pilot.
Hachijou Play 秋刀魚祭り…きたぁー!聞いてたって、これ!大丈夫!北方の海道の案内を任せて!やるよ! The Saury Festival... is here! I've heard about this! Don't worry! I'll be your guide through the Northern seas! I can do it!
Mikura Play 秋刀魚漁支援と漁場保護、大切です。御蔵、出撃します。装備換装お待ち下さい。 Supporting saury fishing and protecting the fisheries is important. I'll sortie. Please wait a minute while I ready my equipment.

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2017 Lines
Shimushu Play よ~し!漁業保護、漁業支援っすね!超~任せるっすよ!海防艦の出番じゃないっすか!クナ、こうしちゃ居られないっす!抜錨っす! Alright~! It's time to support the fishing indsutry by protecting the fishing grounds-su! Leave it all up to me! It's time for the escorts to show their worth-su! I can't wait any longer-su, Kuna! Setting sail-su!
Kunashiri Play 姉さん、漁業関係は本当に張り切るなあ。あれは血かな、血。え、あたし? あたしもまぁ、嫌いじゃないけど… You're really excited about anything to do with the fishing industry, nee-san. Is it in your blood. Eh, me? I'm, well, I don't dislike it...
Etorofu Play 秋刀魚漁支援も択捉にお任ください!はい! Please give me the duty of supporting the saury fishing! Yes!
Matsuwa Play 秋刀魚、美味しい!磯風さん、ありがどう。少し苦いけど…美味しいです! Saury is delicious! Thank you, Isokaze-san. It's a bit bitter but... it's delicious!
2018 Lines
Sado Play 朝風さん、何しってるんすか?えぇ、秋刀魚漁支援の準備?はって。えぇ、佐渡も?いいすけど… What are you up to, Asakaze? Eh, preparing to support saury fishing? I see. Eh, you want me to do it too? Well ok...
Tsushima Play 秋刀魚の漁場ですか?はい、航路上でも、季節によってわ…あぁ、いまから?探照灯満載で? The saury fisheries? Yes, it's the season for them to appear along the route... Ah, now? I need to equip a searchlight?
Fukae Play 秋刀魚漁支援か?任せてくれ。大湊、そして北の海は、あたしのベースだからね。頑張るよ。まずは、灯だ! Saury fishing support? Leave it to me. After all, Oominato and the northen seas is my base. I'll work hard. First I'll need, a light!
Hiburi Play 鎮守府秋刀魚祭りですね?日振型にお任せください。大ちゃん、行くよ。って、その爆雷はなに?なにするき?! It's the Naval Base Saury Festival right? Leave it to the Hiburi-class. Let's get going, Dai-chan. What's with those depth charges? What are you going to do with them!?
Daitou Play 秋刀魚祭りか…あたいの出番だね!この自慢の爆雷が炸裂するぜ!はぁ、ひぶ、なんで止めんなよ?なんで!? The Saury Festival huh... It's my turn to shine! I'm going to use these depth charges I'm so proud of! Huuh, why are you stopping me, Hibu? Why!?

Light Cruisers

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Duca degli Abruzzi Play 秋刀魚?秋刀魚って?あぁ、お魚なのね。Pastaにも合うの?Wineにも?あぁ、素敵。じゃ、頑張らないといけないわ。Gari、頑張りましょう! Saury? What's that? Ah, so it's a fish. Does it go well with pasta? What about wine? Ah, that's wonderful. Then I'll have to work hard. Gari, let's give it our best!
Giuseppe Garibaldi Play 秋刀魚祭り!これが…な!?よし、あたしも一肌脱ぐよ。装備が大事なんだな。うわぁ、Zara、色々教えてくれ! It's the Saury Festival! This is it... right? Alright then, I'll help out too. So equipment is important. Aaah, Zara, teach me all about it!

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Yura Play 提督さん、秋刀魚の塩焼きは美味しい季節ですね?ね?夜も焼いてみたいな。 Admiral-san, it's the season of delicious Shioyaki Saury isn't it? Isn't it? I wish we could fry some up tonight.
Yuubari Play さあ、来た!秋刀魚漁の季節!よーし、頑張ろう!明石、秋刀魚漁用のいい装備、がっつり持ってきて?よーし! Well come on! It's the season for saury fishing! Alright, I'll do my best! Akashi we'll need some good equipment to catch the saury, can you find some for us? Alright!
Play 秋刀魚漁用装備、あれは…よし、これも…よし、よーし、満載!ここは私が頑張るところ。今年もやるわ!夕張、出撃します! Saury fishing equipment...let's see...this one...yup, and this one too...yup...all set! With these I'll be sure to do my best! Let's head out this for this year too! Yuubari, setting sail!
Agano Play いよいよ秋刀魚祭りね。大丈夫、任せて!阿賀野がちゃ~んと秋刀魚を集めて、しっっかり獲ってみせるから!


It's finally the Saury festival isn't it? Don't worry, leave it to me! Agano will seriously gather up a bunch of saury, so just sit tight and watch me catch 'em all! Eh? Agano is going to be on lookout duty? But why~.... Looks like they just gave her 4 sonars.
Noshiro Play 秋刀魚漁支援任務ですね!能代、了解いたしました!探照灯、熟練見張員、っと………あと魚群探知機は…これでいいかしら。 It's a Saury Fishing Support Mission! Noshiro, ready for action! Spotlight, Skilled Lookouts, and.... I wonder if this is all I need...to be a fish finder.
Sakawa Play ぴゃっ! ちょっと涼しくなってきて、酒匂は嬉しい♪ 司令は何してるの? え、漁場警備と支援の準備? なにそれ? Pya! When it gets a little cooler like this Sakawa is happy! What are yo up to Commander? Eh, you're preparing to head for the fishing grounds to provide security? What's up with that?
Ooyodo Play 灯りよし!水中探信儀、よし!大淀、装備は万全です。北方海域及び近海秋刀魚漁支援艦隊抜錨準備完了しました。 Light check! Sonar, check! Ooyodo's equipment is all set! Ready to sortie to the Northern Waters in support of the Saury Fishing Fleet.
2017 Lines
Kuma Play 秋刀魚だクマ?鮭じゃないクマ?まあいいクマ...やってやるぜクマ!クーマ~ Saury-kuma? Not salmon-kuma? Oh well-kuma... Let's do this-kuma! Kuma~
Tama Play 秋刀魚は美味しいにゃ。多摩も働くにゃ。にゃ~! Saury is delicious-nya. I'll work hard too-nya. Nya~!
Kiso Play 秋刀魚漁?あ、北方の漁場なら、俺が守るぜ。第五艦隊の切込み隊長を信じろ!行くぜ! Saury fishing? Ah, I'll be sure to help defend the northern fishing grounds. Believe in the 5th fleet's raid leader! Let's go!
Sendai Play 秋刀魚漁ね。まあ、夜に明かり付けての仕事だから嫌いじゃないけど...夜はいいよね!やっぱ夜はさぁ! Saury fishing huh. Well, I don't mind the job of shining a light at night but... Nights are great right! It's definitely gotta be at night!
Jintsuu Play 漁場を守るのも...大事な任務...。了解しました。二水戦、全力でことにあたります。お任せを。 Protecting the fishing grounds... is an important mission too. ...Roger that. DesRon2 heading out at full force. Leave it to us.
Naka Play 秋刀魚漁も那珂ちゃん、もちろんセンター!漁場のアイドル那珂ちゃん、お仕事頑張りま~す! Of course I'll be the centre for saury fishing too! I'll do my best as the idol of the fishing grounds!
2018 Lines
Kitakami Play 来たかね。またこの季節が…しゃない、大井っち、私も魚雷を下ろして、頑張っちゃいましょうかね。 So it's here. It's this time of year again... Oh well, let's put down our torpedoes and work our hardest.
Ooi Play 秋刀魚。この大井、秋刀魚を三枚におろすくらい、造作も無いこと。どんどん持ってきなさい!えぇ、やってやるわ! Saury. Filleting saury is no big deal at all for me. Just bring it all on! Yes, I'll do it!
Yura Play 提督さん、やっぱり対潜は重要ですよね?ねぇ?由良、また先生、やってもいいですか?本当?やった! ASW is definitely important right, Admiral? Right? Is it alright if I be a teacher again? Really? Hooray! Referring to her game mechanic videos.
Gotland Play これが秋刀魚?塩焼き?Gott!提督、これ美味しい!私も手伝うはなきゃ! So this is saury? Salt-grilling? It's good! This is delicious, Admiral! I have to help out too!

Heavy Cruisers

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2016 Lines
Aoba Play 秋刀魚漁が本格化しましたっ! ここは秋刀魚漁支援艦隊に同行して、密着取材しなくてはっ! 青葉、出撃、いや、取材しま~すっ! Saury fishing is fully in progress! I'm here to cover the fleet's Saury Fishing Support Mission. Aoba, sortieing, no, covering!
Kinugasa Play 秋刀魚漁のシーズンね!よーし、この衣笠さん、ひと肌もふた肌も脱いじゃおっかな!探照灯と見張員さんもバッチリよ! It’s the season for saury fishing! Alright, shall I try to put my all into this? The searchlight and spotters are all ready!
Takao Play さあ愛宕、私達の漁場守るはよ!四戦隊、出撃!秋刀魚漁支援作戦を実施します! Okay, Atago, let's go to the fishing grounds. Fourth Squadron, setting sail! Starting the Saury Fishing Support Operation!
Atago Play あら高雄、秋刀魚漁のサポート張り切ってるのね?漁師の方も喜んでるは。 Ah, Takao, are you excited to support the Saury fishing? The fisherman will be so happy.
Mogami Play へぇ~、秋刀魚漁かぁ。いいねぇ、僕も手伝うよ!装備が肝心だね。まず、光り物は必須だよね! Ehh~ Saury fishing huh. Sounds good, I'll pitch in too! Let's see what equipment do I need? First I'll need something bright!
Mikuma Play 秋刀魚?高級魚ですの?ふーん…三隈、秋刀魚はあまり…あっ!…美味しい!秋刀魚、美味しいですわ! Saury? Is that a high class fish? Hmm...I'm not sure Mikuma is particularly fond of saury...oh! This is delicious! Saury, saury is delicious!
Suzuya Play 秋刀魚?うん、食べるのは好きだけど……えぇ~秋刀魚漁に出るの?なんかヌメヌメしそうでちょっとやだなぁ~… Saury? Yeah, I like to eat it...eh~ we're going Saury fishing? But then we'll get all slimy won't we~
Kumano Play 秋刀魚?なんですのそれは…?サンドイッチの具にも合いますの?えっ?やり方によってはいける?そう…なら、全力で行くしかないですわ!鈴谷、出かけますわよ! Saury? What is that? Are they ingredients for a sandwich? Eh? You can do use them that way? I see, then I'll contribute all my might! Suzuya, let's be off!
Zara Play サンマー!うん、いいわね。ピザやパスタにも合いそう!手伝うわ!何すればいい? Sanma! Yup, these are good! These would be good on Pizza or in pasta! I'll lend a hand! Where should I go?
Pola Play サンマーフェス?よくわからないけれど、ザラ姉様、ポーラもお手伝いしまーす! Sanma Fish? I don't get it at all but, Zara-nee-sama, Pola will come help too!
2017 Lines
Suzuya Play 秋刀魚漁?いいよ♪ 鈴谷、手伝ってあげる。ああ、バリィ!どの装備がいいの? Saury fishing? Fine♪ I'll lend you a hand! Ah, 'Bari! What equipment do I need? Referring to Yuubari
Kumano Play お任せ下さいませ! この熊野、実は秋刀魚漁を楽しみにしていたのですわ。とぉぉ↑おう↓!! Please leave it up to me! I'm really looking forward to saury fishing. Whoo↑aaaaaah↓!!


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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Richelieu Play Mon Amiral?秋刀魚が不漁だっと言うの?秋刀魚がだめなら、鰯を楽しめばいいんじゃない。たしか、Richelieuの国の昔の本にそんなことわざが…うん、少し違ったかしら… My Admiral? The saury catch is bad this year you say? Well if there's no saury then let them have sardines. I believe that was a saying in an old book from my country... No wait, I think that was a bit off... She is referring to the famous "Let them eat cake" quote.
Colorado Play 噂のサンマフェス。何か、思ってた以上に大掛かりなのね?せっかくだから、私もその「シオヤキ」試してみたい!いい? So this is the Saury Festival I've heard about. It's a lot larger than I imagined. Since I'm here, I'd like to try one of those "salt grilled saury"! Can I?

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2016 Lines
Kongou Play サンマ・・・?Oh、秋刀魚デスネー! 探照灯を満載して、ギョチョーに向かうデース! こういうのも、楽しいネー! Sanma....? Oh the Pacific Saury DESS! Let's turn the searchlights on full blast and point them toward the fisheries DESS! I'm sure this will be really fun!
Hiei Play 金剛お姉さま、サンマ漁です!秋刀魚です!旬の秋刀魚は脂がのっていて美味しいですよねぇ。…そうだ、今度カレーに入れてみるのはどうでしょう!?…よぉ~し、試してみよっ♪ Kongou-onee-sama, it's time for sanma fishing! Saury! When saury is in season the fat on them is so delicious isn't it? Oh, that's right, this time what do you think about making them into a curry? Alright, let's give it a shot! Run.
Haruna Play 漁場での勝手は!榛名が!許しません!…はいっ提督。榛名、サンマ漁支援に出撃します!お任せください! Selfishness as the fishing grounds! Haruna will! Not forgive it! Okay Admiral, Haruna will deploy in support of Sanma fishing! Leave it to me!
Kirishima Play …お姉さま、如何なサンマ漁支援とはいえ、その装備は…。…探照灯だけをそんなに積んでも…。


Onee-sama, you say this is how we'll be hunting saury, but this equipment is....I'm not sure we'll catch a lot of them loaded out with only searchlights. Oh that's right, what if we had a sentry from one of the torpedo squadrons as an escort, we could ask them to be our dedicated fishfinder. Looks like Kongou wants to sortie with the legendary Sharp and Masochistic Admiral 4 Searchlight loadout.
Yamato Play 秋刀魚?秋刀魚漁支援ですか?了解しました。この戦艦大和、北方海域に向かいましょう! Saury? Saury fishing support is it? Roger that! Battleship Yamato, heading for the Northern Waters! No Teitoku don't do it, your resources!
Musashi Play 秋刀魚漁支援だと?この武蔵が、か?ハハ、よかろう!存分にこの力を貸すぞ! Saury fishing support, huh? You want Musashi? Haha, very well! I'll lend you all of my power! And Musashi? But the event is in two weeks!
Iowa Play Sanma? What? なんでsanma?… Fishing… support? Grand fleetって、大変なのね。 Sanma? What? What is sanma? Fishing..support? It's pretty rough being in this Grand Fleet huh?
Warspite Play 秋刀魚?Fishの?戦艦が漁業のsupportをするなんて、日本の艦隊はいいところ、あるわね!私も手伝うわ! Saury? Is that a fish? The battleships are gathering to support the fisheries, Nihon's fleet is such a nice place to be! I'll help out too!
2017 Lines
Nagato Play ふ、秋刀魚漁か。任せておけ。なぜか漁業支援には身体が動くんだ。うん、この長門の力、見せてやるぞ! Humph, saury fishing huh. Leave it to me. Somehow my body feels like supporting the fishing industry. Yup, I'll show you my power!
Mutsu Play 秋刀魚漁支援任務、了解よ。あらあら♪ 長門、あなた張り切ってるわね。漁、やりたかったの? そう♪ Saury Fishing Support Operation, roger that. Oh my♪ You're sparkling, Nagato. You want to go fishing? I see♪
Gangut / Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Play なにぃ、秋刀魚?! ああ、あの細長いサーベルのような魚か。いいだろう。秋刀魚漁も私に任せておけ。って、装備はなんだ? …なんだとぉっ?! What, saury?! Ah, that long saber-like fish. Alright then. Leave the saury fishing to me. Hey, what equipment do I need? ...Whaaaat?!
Richelieu Play ごめんなさい、mon amiral. 言っている意味がよく分からないわ。秋刀魚がどうしたって? 魚の? もう一度説明して。 I'm sorry, my Admiral. I don't understand what you mean. What is saury? A fish? Explain it again.
2018 Lines
Fusou Play 山城、一緒に頑張りましょうね? Yamashiro, let's work hard together alright?
Yamashiro Play 姉様、さすがです! Just what I'd expect from you, Nee-sama!
Warspite Play 鎮守府秋刀魚Festival、今年はこんな風に開くですね。はぁ、何か懐かしい! So this is how the Naval Base Saury Festival is opening this year. Aah, it kind of takes me back! Secretary 2
Play 私もお手伝いします。させてください。Please!あぁ、いい大根さん。卸しますね。 I'll help out too. Let me help. Please! Ah, this is a nice radish. I'll grate it. Secretary 3
Richelieu Play Mon Amiral,Richelieuがあなたのために作って上げた、あれ、ちゃんと食べたの?ん?そう、食べったの。ん… Did you eat that thing that I made specially for you, My Admiral? Hmmm? I see, you ate it. I see...
Nelson Play 何だっと!?この騒ぎはなんだ!?おい、Ark、何事だ?なに?秋刀魚?秋刀魚っとは、あの魚の?その装備はいったい…? What!? What's all this racket!? Oi, what's going on, Ark? What? Saury? By "Saury" you mean that fish? What's with that equipment...?

Light Carriers

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2016 Lines
Houshou Play 確かに、旬の秋刀魚は大変美味しい物です。塩焼きもお刺身もいいですね。準備しますね。 Of course when they're in season saury are very delicious. Shioyaki and Sashimi both sound good. I'll prepare some.
Ryuujou Play ほっほ~う、秋刀魚漁の支援やな?上空直掩は、ウチにまかしとき!秋刀魚かぁ…アイツも好きそうだなぁ…せや!今度焼いて持ってったろ!うん! HoHooo, Saury fishing support, huh? Leave keeping the skies clear to me! Saury huh...those guys sure do like them don't they...hey! This time why don't we take some and fry em up! Yeah!
Ryuuhou Play 艦隊全力で秋刀魚漁支援ですか?龍鳳、了解しました!磯風さん、浜風さんも、準備万端ですね? The fleet will be totally committed to supporting the saury fishing huh? Taigei, Roger that! Isokaze-san, Hamakaze-san are you both ready?
2017 Lines
Chiyoda Play うん、焼き芋美味しい。甘くって、この金時美味しい!千歳お姉、食べないの? Yup, baked sweet potato is delicious. This sweet potato is sweet and delicious! Aren't you having any Chiotse-onee?
2018 Lines
Shinyou Play 秋刀魚ですか?お魚の?…分かりました、私も頑張ります。まずは、装備と航空機材の準備、ですね? Saury? Is it a fish? ...I understand, I'll work hard too. First I'll need to prepare my equipment and planes right?
Gambier Bay Play Sammy, what are you doing? ...Sanma Operation? 何それ? えぇ?えぇ? Sammy, what are you doing? ...A Sanma Operation? What's that? Eh? Eeh? Secretary 1
Play 鎮守府秋刀魚祭り。ほぉあぁー、今年はこんな感じになるですね。 The Naval Base Saury Festival. Whoaaa, so this is how it's like this year. Secretary 2
Play Samも食べている?あぁ、そんなに?あまり急いで食べたら…あぁ、はい、water! Would you like some too, Sam? Ah, so much? If you eat that fast you'll... Ah, yes, I'll get some water! Secretary 3

Standard Carriers

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2016 Lines
Souryuu Play 秋刀魚って、あの秋刀魚?ほぇ~、いいけど、確かに塩焼き、おいしいよね! Saury, umm those Saury? Oh~, that's good, surely if we make some Shioyaki it'll be delicious won't it!
Hiryuu Play くんくん、秋刀魚の塩焼きのいい匂い!そっか、鎮守府秋刀魚祭りの季節!いいねぇ! Heheh, Shioyaki Saury has a good smell! That's right, it's the season for the Naval District's Saury festival! Great!
Taihou Play み、皆さんどうしたんですか? その編成、装備は一体……。え? 北方秋刀魚漁支援……ですか? そ、そうですか。そう…… E...everyone what happened to you? This equipment, these loadouts...what the heck? Huh? It's to support the Northern Saury Fishing Expedition you say? Oh that makes sense I guess...yeah....
Unryuu Play やだ、秋刀魚って、こんなにおいしいのね。旬の食べ物って、本当に素敵ね。そうだ、今度、時雨にも食べさせよ。うふふ No way, it's saury, those are so delicious. When they're in season they're really nice. Oh that's right, this time I should have some with Shigure. Ufufu.
Graf Zeppelin Play 何? サンマ? ……どういうことだ。貴官の言う作戦任務が、全く理解できない。漁場保護……と、支援……だと? なるほど。……あ、いや、待て待て待て。 What? Sanma? Could you explain this operation I don't quite understand. The fisheries need protection and we're heading out to support them? Now I get it. Wait...nope I still don't get it...hold on, hold on, hold on....
Aquila Play Sanma?  知らないお魚ですね…。 日本のお祭りですか? ふむ ふむ… 漁師さん達の支援なのですね! りょう・かい・です♪ Sanma? That's a fish I don't know. It's for a Japanese Festival? Hmm, Hmm....Alright Mr. Fishermen, I'll be along soon to support you! Ro-ger-That!
2017 Lines
Ark Royal Play サンマ…だと…っ?! どういうことだ…「Hunterkiller」ということか?ある意味そうだと?しかし、その艤装では…え、それがベストなのか?解らんな。 Saury... you... say?! What do you... mean by "hunter-killer"? So that's what it means? But, this equipment is... Eh, it's the best? I don't know about that.
2018 Lines
Akagi Play いいですね、秋刀魚。ここは、私たち一航戦も、一肌脱がないといけませんね。加賀さん、用意はいいですか?提督、秋刀魚漁場の上空直援は 一航戦にお任せください。 Sanma is good. We in CarDiv1 can't be slacking either. Are you ready, Kaga? Leave maintaining air superiority over the saury fisheries to CarDiv1, Admiral.
Shoukaku Play なるほど、秋刀魚漁には光が大事なんですね。了解です。じゃあ、これもつかえるかしら。あぁ、いけそうです! I see, lights are important for saury fishing. Roger that. Then, I wonder if I can use this. Ah, it works!
Zuikaku Play はぁ?秋刀魚?いいけど、なに?なにをどうするの?ほぉ、ほぉ、なるほどね。分かった。やったあげる。 Huuh? Saury? They're good but why? What are you going to do with them? Hmm, hmm, I see. I get it. I'll do it.
Ark Royal Play ほぉ、鎮守府秋刀魚Festival、か…ところで、Swordfish Festivalはどなった? Hmmm, so it's the Naval Base Saury Festival... By the way, what about a Swordfish Festival? Secretary 2
Play おぉ、Warspite, お前も食べてみろ。あぁ、この串をな…こうやって持って、こうやって食べる。はむ。んー、美味い! Oooh, you have to try this too, Warspite. Yeah, hold this skewer like this... then eat it like this. *Nom* Mmmm, it's delicious! Secretary 3
Intrepid Play Iowaなに張り切ってる?えぇ、日本の伝統?それはsearchlightとっては?えぇ、サンマOperation?どんなoperationだって言うの? What are you so excited about, Iowa? Eh, a Japanese tradition? Is that why you're loaded with searchlights? Eh, Sanma Operation? What sort of operation are you talking about?


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2016 Lines
I-168 Play 秋刀魚漁の支援ね!私達潜水艦はあんまりどうかと思うけど……うん!やってみようか!気持ちで応援!とか出来るし! Saury fishing support huh! I wonder if there's any thing us subs can do...Oh yeah! Let's try that! I'll cheer them on! I can do that!
I-26 Play くん、くん、くん…この匂いは、もしかして秋刀魚?秋刀魚焼いてるの?食べたい、食べたい、食べたーい! Kun, Kun, Kun, this smell, could it be saury? Is it a saury fry? I want some, I want some, I want some!
Maruyu Play なにやら艦隊は忙しそ。明かりがいっぱいつけて、ホッポウの海域 出ていく。 木曾さん、あれって?。。。うん、うん。。。あ、なるほどそうだったですね! This sure is one busy fleet. They're completely bathed in light heading off to the northern sea. Kiso-san, whats that? ....Oh...Oh...I get it now!
I-58 Play 秋刀魚祭りでち!秋刀魚は光に集まる習性があるから、漁にはぴかーっと光るもの、持って行くといいでち! It's the saury festival dechi! Since the saury like to gather where there's lots of light it'd be a good idea to bring lots of shiny lights dechi!
2017 Lines
Luigi Torelli / UIT-25 / I-504 Play ん、サンマ? サンマって? まあいっか、お手伝いは好き。がんばるよー! Hmmm, saury? What's "saury"? Oh well, I'd love to help. I'll do my best!


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Nisshin Play 秋刀魚の季節じゃね。旬の秋刀魚はうまいけの。ん?わしは食べる専門じゃが…なんじゃ?そんな大量の探照灯は?えぇ?わしも漁に出るけ? It's the season for saury. Fresh saury is delicious. Hmm? I'm more suited to eating... What's that? What's with all those searchlights? Eh? I'm going fishing too?
Commandant Teste Play Oui?提督、今年のこの鰯航空漁業支援、水上機運用のある、私にお任せください。 Yes? Admiral, please allow me to provide aviation support for sardine fishing with my seaplanes this year. Secretary 3

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2016 Lines
Akitsumaru Play これがサンマ漁支援任務でありますか。自分も参加してみたくはありますが…。提督殿、装備によっては可能でありましょうか? There's going to be a saury fishing expedition? I'd like to join as well but...Admiral-dono is it even possible for me to use the equipment? Akitsumaru can't equip Searchlights, Skilled Lookouts, or ASW equips. Sadly she's not much help with fishing.
Kashima Play 秋刀魚…ですか……わかりました、私、漁場警備も頑張ります!え?取るんですか!? Saury...you say...I understand, I'll do my best to provide security for the fishing grounds! Eh? Take this!?
Taigei Play 艦隊で秋刀魚漁支援ですか?了解しました!あ、磯風さんも準備万端ですね~よし! The fleet will supporting Saury Fishing? Roger that! Ah, Isokaze-san is ready too~ Alright!
2017 Lines
Kamoi Play 秋刀魚漁の支援ですね?神威にお任せください。こう見えて、捜索任務では経験豊富です。はい♪ You need help with saury fishing? Just leave it to me. I might not look like it, but I'm very experienced in search missions. Yep♪
2018 Lines
Commandant Teste Play Oui、サンマFestival、私も参ります。探信儀、見張員んさん、探照灯…爆雷は…お魚さんがびっくりしてしまいましから。 Yes, I'll take part in the Saury Festival too. A sonar, lookouts, searchlight... Depth charges will... just scare the fishes away. Secretary 1
Play これがサンマの塩焼き?C'est bon 、美味しいです。 Is this salt-grilled saury? It's good, it's delicious. Secretary 2
Play ここがrestaurant vaisseau amiral…とっても素敵ね。どんなcuisine du poissonをいただけるかしら。 So this is the flagship restaurant... It's so lovely. I wonder what seafood I should have. Secretary 3
Hayasui Play うん、うん、、秋刀魚漁支援ですね?速吸、了解しました!漁の支援に特化した装備が大切なんですね?えっと… Yup, yup, saury fishing support right? Roger that! Bringing the proper equipment is important right? Let's see...