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Seasonal/Saury 2015

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From the October 9th 2015 update.


Voice Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Isokaze Play 司令、すまない。忘れてくれ。 Sorry, Commander. Please forget that.
Murasame Play ふんふん~秋は秋で嫌いじゃないのよね~春雨とかどうしてるかな? Funfun~ It's autumn and I don't dislike it;~ What's going on, Harusame?
Ushio Play 秋は焼き芋かおいいしですよね。提督、後でお庭で枯れ葉を集めて、お芋焼きませんか? Baked sweet potatoes in autumn are delicious. Admiral, shall we collect dead leaves in the back yard later to go bake some sweet potatoes?