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Seasonal/Mid Autumn 2015 Seasonal Update

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ayanami Play 綾波、この季節、好きなんです。綾波が進水したのも、秋なんですよ。ウフフ~ I really like this season. After all, I was launched during autumn. Ufufu~
Harusame Play いつまでも、司令官と一緒に、第二駆逐隊で、頑張りたいです。はい。 The 2nd Destroyer Division will always be doing their best by your side commander. Yes.
Ikazuchi Play 雷、司令官のためにもっともっと働いちゃうね。えっ、嬉しいの? I'll keep working hard for your sake commander. Eh, are you happy?
Inazuma Play あっ…あの…っ、司令官、はい… Uh... umm... yes, commander...
Shigure Play 秋は、少しさみしいね……あっ…ううん、僕は元気だよ。 Autumn feels a little lonely... ah... Well, I'm fine.
Shikinami Play んぁ~ん、もう、夏終わっちゃたし。秋は何か少し寂しいんだ。いいんだけどさ、別に。 Hmmm~ summer has already ended. Autumn somehow feels a bit lonely. But, that's no problem.
Yuudachi Play 秋はなんだかお腹が空くっぽい。ごはんまだかな~。ごっはん~♪ごっはん~♫ Autumn, like, somehow makes me feel hungry. Where's the food~. Food~♪ Food~♫

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kuma Play クゥ~マ~、クマ、クマ? Ku~ma~, Kuma, Kuma?
Tama Play いい感じだにゃ。 That feels good nya.
Yura Play 秋、か。秋が深まってくると、なぜか、由良、少し寂しい気持ちになります、ね。 Autumn huh. For some reason, I start feeling a bit lonely as autumn progresses.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Fusou Play 秋。今年も、この季節が来たのね。山城、準備はいい?今年こそ、突破するのよ。 Autumn. This season has come again this year. Yamashiro, are you ready? We'll get through it this year too.
Yamashiro Play 姉様、秋ですね。っ!大丈夫です。山城、ずっと御傍にいます。離れませんから。 It's autumn ane-sama. I'll always be by your side. I'll never let you go.


The lines are arranged according to the flow of conversation.

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Chitose Play もう夏も終わり。いよいよ季節は秋ね。 Summer has already ended. It's finally autumn.
Chiyoda Play 千歳おねえ、焼芋しようよ。秋はなんと言っても焼芋よ。私、お芋調達してくる。 Chitose onee, let's make baked potatoes. Autumn is the time to bake some potatoes. I'll go find some potatoes.
Chiyoda Play はむっ。焼芋美味しい。 *nom*. The baked potatoes are delicious.
Chitose Play そうね。秋はお酒も食べ物も美味しいわ。 They sure are. Drinking sake while eating during autumn is delicious too.
Chiyoda Play うん、甘くって、この金時美味しい! 千歳お姉、食べないの? Mmm, these sweet potatoes are sweet and delicious! Chitose onee, do you want some?
Chitose Play 千代田、焼芋、美味しいからって食べ過ぎたら太るわよ。ほら、提督も見てる。 I know the sweet potatoes are delicious Chiyoda, but you'll get fat if you eat too much. Look, the admiral can see.