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Seasonal/Second Anniversary

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mutsuki Play およ?二周年でし?提督、如月ちゃん、二周年だよ、二周年! Oh? Two years already? Commander, Kisaragi-chan, it's been two years, two whole years!
Kisaragi Play 司令官、二周年ですって、本当に如月も驚いちゃう、今日は二人でお祝いしましょう Commander, Kisaragi was really surprised when they said today is the Second Year Anniversary! Today let's celebrate two whole years!
Yayoi Play 司令官、二周年おめでとうです。弥生も嬉しいです。はい。 Commander, congratulations on two years. Yayoi is happy too. Yes.
Uzuki Play 司令官、二周年だピョン。うーちゃんも嬉しいピョン!ビシッ Commander, it's been two years, pyon. U-chan is happy too, pyon! *surprised*
Satsuki Play 今日は特別な日なんだってさ。司令官がいれば、ボクにはいつも、特別な日なんだけどね Today's a special day, huh. Well any day where I'm with the Commander is special in my book.
Fumizuki Play 司令官、今日見たいな日は、あたしが傍になきゃね~だって、特別でしょ? Commander, on a day like this, I have to be at your side, y'know? After all, today's special.
Nagatsuki Play 司令官、今日は特別の日だな? Commander, today's special, isn't it?
Kikuzuki Play 司令官、今日は特別の日…らしいな。 菊月でいいなら、共に祝ってもいいか? Commander, today's a special day, so... if it's fine with you, could we celebrate together?
Mikazuki Play 司令官、今日は特別の日。この三日月がしっかりエスコートしてあげますね? Commander, today is an important day. Mikazuki will be sure to escort you properly, alright?
Mochizuki Play うわあ…二周年とかっでマジ?すげーありえねーま、とりあえず寝ようか~ Wow... has it really been two years? Unbelievable. Well, let's sleep for the time being.
Fubuki Play 司令官、今日は私たちにとって、特別の日ですね?ご一緒出って幸せです、はい! Commander, today's a special day for us, isn't it? I'm really glad that I could spend it with you!
Shirayuki Play 司令官、今日は特別の日ですね?白雪も、嬉しいです!! Commander, today's a special day, right? Shirayuki is happy too!!
Hatsuyuki Play 寝てて分からなかったけど、今日は記念日なんだね?悪くはない、ね。 I didn't realize when I went to bed, but today's the second anniversary, isn't it? Not bad, not bad.
Miyuki Play ああ~そうか!今日は特別な日じゃん!忘れてた!司令官!これからもよろしくな! Ah, so it is! Commander, it's a very special day! Don't forget it! Commander! Be sure to take care from now on, okay!
Murakumo Play そうか、今日は特別の日じゃない?よーし!あんたも付いてらっしゃい! Oh that's right, isn't today a special day? Alright then! Please continue being here!
Ayanami Play やりましたー。司令官、二周年本当におめでとうございます! We've accomplished it. Commander, my sincerest congratulations on two whole years!
Shikinami Play 司令官、二周年だってね。ちょっとだけ、マジ嬉しいね。いや、ちょっとだけだよ。うん。 Two years, huh, Commander? It's just a little, but I really am happy. No, it's really just a little bit. Yeah.
Hatsuharu Play うむ。めでたいの。今日という日を貴様と祝えて、妾も嬉しいいぞ!よく来たな。 My, what a celebratory occasion. I'm quite pleased that I can spend such a day with you. Well done!
Nenohi Play 今日は何の日?そ、子日…じゃないけど、特別の日、やったね~ What day is it? Yep, Nenohi—not really, it's a special day. Hooray!
Hatsushimo Play 今日は大切な日ですね、なんか輪形陣でお祝いしたくなりますね。えっ?ならない? Today's a special day, I guess. I want to celebrate with something like a ring formation. Eh? I shouldn't?
Shiratsuyu Play 提督、今日はいちばーん特別な日だよ?やったね!あたしも嬉しい!うん! Admiral, today's the number one most special day of all, you know! We did it! I'm happy too! Yep!
Shigure Play 提督、雨が上がったね。今日は、僕にも大切な日さ。 Admiral, seems like the rain's let up. Today is important to me too.
Murasame Play はいはい、今日は大事な日。提督、ちゃんと覚えてた?本当?よかった! Yes ye~s, today's a special day. Admiral, did you remember? Really? That's great!
Yuudachi Play 今日は大事な日っぽい。そんあ日は、みんなで素敵なパーチ、しましょう? Today's an important day-poi! Today, why don't we invite everyone for a wonderful party?
Samidare Play 提督、今日は記念日ですね!素敵ですね!五月雨、いつもよりがんばっちゃいます! Admiral, today's the Second Anniversary, you know! Isn't it wonderflu! Samidare will try especially hard today!
Suzukaze Play てやんでい!今日はすっげえ大切な日じゃねえか!提督、おめっとさん!なあっ!}} Hold on! Today's an incredibly precious day, isn't it? Admiral, congratulations! That's right!
Asagumo Play そっかー今日は特別な日なのね。司令よかったね。私もちょっと嬉しいわ。 Hey that's right, today's an extra special day isn't it? It's been great havin' ya, Commander. I'm a little happy too, y'know.
Yamagumo Play 司令さん、今日は特別な日ね~ご一緒できて、山雲嬉しいです~ Commander, today is special, right? Yamagumo is really happy we can work together.
Kagerou Play 今日は、大事な日じゃない?司令!みんな!おめでとうっ! Today's an important day, isn't it? Commander! Everyone! Congratulations!
Shiranui Play 司令、今日は大切の日ではないですか?そですか、それは喜ばしですね。 Commander, isn't today an important day? That's right, it's pretty exciting.
Kuroshio Play 司令はん、今日は記念日やね?うちも嬉しいわ!。 Commander, today's the ann'versary, right? I'm glad, too!
Hatsukaze Play 今日は特別な日よね。提督さんと一緒にすごせ、て嬉しいわ。 Today is very important, you know. To spend it with the Admiral, I'm quite glad.
Yukikaze Play 司令、記念日ですね?おめでとうございます!雪風も嬉しいです! Commander, it's the anniversary, right? Congratulations! Yukikaze's happy too!
Tokitsukaze Play しれぇ~二周年だって!早いね!私もびっくりだよ!よかったね~ Hey Commaaander~ It's been two years! That was fast! I was surprised too! I'm so glad, y'know~
Hamakaze Play 提督、今日は特別な日ですね。なんだか、少し、私も嬉しいです。 Admiral, today is special, isn't it? Somehow, just a little, I'm happy too.
Nowaki Play そうですか…今日は特別な日なんですね…司令よかったですね。そうですか… That's right... Today was important, wasn't it... I'm glad you're here, Commander... That's right...
Maikaze Play 提督、今日は素敵な、大切な日じゃない?舞風と踊ろうよ!ねー。それ、ワン、ツー! Admiral, today's an important, wonderful day, isn't it? Dance with Maikaze, won't you? Now - one, two!
Asashimo Play よっしゃああああ!今日は特別な日じゃんか!よし、司令、一緒に祝おうぜ!な! Aaaaalright then! Today's special, ain't that right? Now then, Commander, let's celebrate together! How 'bout it!
Akizuki Play 二周年おめでとうございます司令!これからも秋月、艦隊防空がんばります! Congratulations on two years, Commander! From here on, too, Akizuki will do her best for the fleet!

Light Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kitakami Play ん~?今日って特別な日なんだ~。忘れてた…。うわあ!駆逐艦集まってくんなー! Huh? Oh, they said today was important. I forgot... Uwaa! All the destroyers are gathering!
Ooi Play 今日は大切な日。ここはやっぱり、北上さんと過ごさないと!北上さあーんッ! This is an important day. In any case, if I don't get to spend it with Kitakami-san...! Kitakami-saaaaaaan!
Yura Play 今日は由良達にも大切な日。提督さん、これからもよろしくね?ねっ Today is a special day for the Yuras too. Admiral, let's work together from here on, okay? Okaay?
Kinu Play いぃぃぃぃやったぁぁぁぁぁ!!!!二周年!!!鬼怒はねぇ!嬉しいよぉ!!艦隊と提督に乾杯! Weeeeeeeee diiiiid iiiiiiiit!!!! Second anniversary!!! Kinu is, you know! I'm very happy!! Here's to the fleet and the Admiral!
Abukuma Play 二周年です!二周年!あたし的に超オッケーです!提督!おめでとうございます! It's the second anniversary! The second anniversary! I'm so totally okay with this! Admiral, congratulations!
Yuubari Play おめでとう!提督と私達!今日は特別な記念日ね。後で感想、たっぷり聞かせてね! Congratulations! To the Admiral and us! Today is a special anniversary, you know. Later, tell me all your thoughts, okay?

Heavy Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Furutaka Play 提督、今日は素敵な日、ご一緒できて古鷹、光栄です!いつも感謝してます! Admiral, I'm honored that I can spend this special day with you! I'm always grateful to you!
Kako Play 今日は提督と過ごせて嬉しいよ! I'm really happy I can spend this day with you!
Myoukou Play 提督、おめでとうございます、二周年ですね!私達も本当に嬉しいです、はい! Admiral, congratulations! It's been two years! We're really happy too, yes!
Nachi Play 二週年か、貴様との付き合いも…いいだろう、今夜は飲もう!なーに、逃がさんぞ! Second anniversary, huh. Plus, I'm spending it with you. Alright, let's drink tonight! Huh, you're not getting away!
Ashigara Play 二周年じゃない二周年!これは凄いわ、漲ってきたわ!大量の勝をあげるわ! Two years, isn't it? Two years! This is amazing! My heart is overflowing with emotion! I'll give you lots of wins!
Haguro Play 司令官さん、二周年ですね、本当に…ありがとうございます!羽黒も、嬉しいです! Commander, it's the second anniversary, thank you very much! Haguro, is delighted too!
Maya Play ついにアタシ達も二周年ってわけか…提督!これまでありがとな!あぁ!嬉しいぜっ! Before we know it, it's already been two years...Admiral! Thanks for everything! Aah! I'm so happy!
Choukai Play 二周年ですね。本当におめでとうございます。そして、いつもありがとうございます。 It's been two years, you know. My sincere congratulations! And thank you for everything!
Suzuya Play チーーズ、提督、今日は記念日じゃ?鈴谷もちょち嬉しいかな、うん! Sup, Admiral, today's an anniversary, right? I'm kinda happy about this too, yep!
Kumano Play 提督?今日は素晴らしい記念日ではなくて?シャンパンでお祝いされるのかしら。 Admiral? Today is the marvelous anniversary day, isn't it? I wonder if we can celebrate with champagne?
Prinz Eugen Play 今日は素敵な日ですねアドミラールさん!いつもありがとう! Today is pretty awesome, right Admiral? Thanks for everything!


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kongou Play ヘイ、提督!セカンドアニバーサリーだよ!コングラチュレーション! Hey, Admiral! It's the second anniversary! Congratulations!
Hiei Play 比叡、恋も、二週年も、気合、入れて、行きます!ハァイイ! Hiei will fuel her fighting spirit with love for two more years! Yeeess!
Haruna Play 提督、榛名と一緒に二周年を向いで頂いて本当にありがとうございます、榛名、感激です! Admiral, Haruna is very thankful to be together with you for the second anniversary. Haruna is deeply moved!
Kirishima Play マイク音量大丈夫?チェック…ワン…ツー…よーし、二周年本当におめでとうございます!これからも…え?長い? Is the mic volume okay? Check...one...two... Alriight, I wish you congratulations on two years! From here on...eh? Was I too long?
Fusou Play 山城、二周年よ。私達、二周年を迎えたのよ。さぁ、提督にご挨拶にいきましょう。 It's been two years, Yamashiro. The two of us have managed to welcome the second anniversary. Now, why don't we go greet the admiral?
Yamashiro Play 姉さま、私達二週年見たいです。扶桑型姉妹は二週年です、ウフフ、ウフフ、ウフフフフフ… Big sis, we've made it to seeing the second anniversary. The Fusou-class sisters are in their second anniversary. Heh, eheheh, ahahahahaha!
Ise Play 今日はめでたい日か。日向いいね、楽しい気分だね!今日は飲んじゃおうか。 Is today a special occasion? That's good, right Hyuuga? It seems fun! Are we gonna drink today?
Hyuuga Play そうか…今日はおめでたい日なのだな。みんな嬉しそうだ。まあ…悪くないな。 That's right... Today is a special occasion, I guess. Everyone looks happy. Well...I guess it's not too bad.

Light Carrier

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ryuujou Play 偉いこっちゃ、二周年やで!偉いこっちゃで! Jeez', it's already been two years! Jeezus, hot damn!
Hiyou Play そうね、今日は特別の日なのね。隼鷹、もうまかだし。。。どんだけなんだろうの? Oh right, today is a special day, isn' it? Jun'you, cut it out already....just what the hell do you think you're doing?
Junyou Play おお。。。今日は大切の日じゃ。よし。いい酒をあげて、ヤハしをぜ Oh...today is an important day. Right. I'll get some good sake and live it up!
Zuihou Play 提督、今日は素敵な一日ですね。そんな日に、一緒に玉子焼き食べれて、よかったです! Admiral, today is a special day. I'm glad we're able to eat eggrolls together on such a day!
Shouhou Play 提督。私達、遂に二周年を迎えることとなりました!これまで支えてくれて、本当にありがとう!感謝致します! Admiral, we've finally hit the second anniversary, haven't we? Thank you so much for having supported me! I'm truly grateful!

Standard Carrier

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akagi Play 提督、加賀さん、私達二周年を迎えました。本当に嬉しいですね!感謝です。 Admiral, Kaga-san, we've spent two years together. I'm truly happy! My deepest thanks.
Souryuu Play おめでとう提督、そして私達!今日はお祝いですね?酒保空けちゃいましょ♪ Congratulations Admiral, and to all of us! Today's a celebration, right? Let's open the bottles!
Hiryuu Play そうか今日はお祝いなんだね?やったぁ~♪来年も、提督と一緒にお祝いしたい、ね? Oh, so today we're celebrating? We diiid it~ I want to celebrate with the Admiral next year too, okay?
Shoukaku Play 二周年……私も、とても嬉しく思います。……瑞鶴、瑞鶴?あら?……瑞鶴!?いないの!? Two whole years... I, too, feel very happy. ...Zuikaku, Zuikaku? Huh? ...Zuikaku!? You're not here!?
Zuikaku Play 提督さん、翔鶴姉ぇ、おめでとう!二周年だね!なんか信じられないね!……来年も翔鶴姉ぇ達とこの日を迎えられるといいな。 Admiral, Big Sis Shoukaku, congratulations! It's been two years, hasn't it? I can hardly believe it! ...It'd be great, you know, if the Shoukaku sisters could welcome this day together next year too.
Amagi Play 提督!今日は、特別な日ですね!天城、ご一緒できて、光栄です!うふふ~嬉しい。 Admiral, today is a special day! For Amagi to be together with you, it's an honour! Ufufu~ I'm happy.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
U-511 Play おめでとう、アドミラル、ユウもお祝いします Congratulations, Admiral. I'll celebrate too.
Ro-500 Play 提督、やったね!今日はお祭りだね!ろーちゃんも嬉しいって、はい! Admiral, we did it! Today is a celebration! Ro-chan is happy too, yes!

Auxiliary Ships

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akashi Play 二周年ですって!おめでとうございます、提督!よく二年間戦い抜きました。えらいっ! They said it's been two years! Congratulations, Admiral! You've fought so well for the past two years. You're amazing!
Katori Play 提督、今日はとても大切の日ですね。その日にご一緒出って、香取はとても幸せです Admiral, today is a very important day, you know. Being together with you on this day makes Katori very happy.