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Seasonal/Summer 2019

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New CG

08/08/2019 Update

Returning CG

Returning CG
2015 CG
Early Summer
2016 CG
Early Summer
2017 CG
Early Summer
2018 CG
Ice Festival



New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Murasame Play はいはい!提督、見てみて…どう?えへへぇ。そんなに?そう? Hey hey! Admiral, take a look... What do you think? Ehehe. You like it that much? Really? Kai Ni Secretary 1
Play いい感じ、いい感じ。村雨、もちろんちゃんと戦います。 This feels great. Of course I'll still fight well. Kai Ni Secretary 2
Yuudachi Play 提督さんも焼きそば食べるっぽい?…これは夕立のっぽい! Admiral, do you want to have some fried noodles too-poi? ...This is mine-poi! Kai Ni Secretary 1
Play 夕立が買ってきて上げるね。大盛り?普通?わかったっぽい。買ってきて上げる。 I'll go buy some for you. Do you want large or regular? Got it. I'll go get some. Kai Ni Secretary 2
Minegumo Play もうすぐ夏。村雨さんは今年も水着着るのかな……私は…どうしよう?はぁ、悩む… It's almost summer. I wonder if Murasame will be wearing a swimsuit again this year... What should... I do? *sigh* I can't decide...
Yukikaze Play いいかも!司令、いいかも! This is great! Commander, it's great! Secretary 1
Play 司令、雪風は沈みません!ずっと、ずっと、司令の艦隊でがんばります!好きだもん! Commander, I will never sink! I'll be working hard in your fleet for ever and ever! I love it! Secretary 3
Fujinami Play そうだよ、梅雨が明ければ、夏。もち! That's right, once the rainy season is over, it's summer. Of course it is! Secretary 1
Play 夏といえば、夏祭りだよね?浴衣度さなきゃ。えっと…どこにしまったか……なぁ、ここか!?……ちがう…あれ?どこだ? When you think of summer, summer festivals come to mind right? I'll have to put on a yukata. Hmmm... where did I put it... Aha, here!? ...It wasn't there... Huh? Where is it? Secretary 2
Hayanami Play みんな水着と着るんだ…んー…お姉ちゃんは…!あぁ、着なさそう… Everyone is wearing swimsuts... Hmmm... Onee-chan is...! Ah, she isn't... Secretary 1.
Play お姉ちゃん…浴衣…いい!とっても似合ってます!さすが、私のお姉ちゃん! Onee-chan... that yukata... looks good! It looks really good on you! Just what I expect from my sister! Secretary 1. 08/08/2019 Update.
Play 何?佐世保?私、舞鶴生まれだもん。…えぇ、お姉ちゃん行くの?じゃあ、私も! What? Sasebo? I'm from Maizuru. ...Eh, you're going, onee-chan? Then, I'll come too! Secretary 2
Hamanami Play な、夏祭り…ふちゃん、はちゃん、はいくんの?……じ、じゃ、あたしも… A-are you... going to the summer festival, Fuu-chan, Ha-chan? ...Th-then, I'll come too... Secretary 1
Play ふちゃん、何探してるの?浴衣…あ、あの、この箪笥の中じゃ…あぁ、あった。ふちゃん、ここ…ここに……ふうちゃんの浴衣…すきかも。 Fuu-chan, what are you looking for? Your yukata... Uh-umm, I'm sure it was in these drawers... Ah, found it. Fuu-chan, it's... it's here... I kinda like... your yukata. Secretary 2
Kishinami Play 今年も暑くなってきましたね。おきねえ、あさちゃん、みんな夏は着替えるの。えぇ、本当に? It's getting hot again this year. Oki-nee, Asa-chan, all of you change clothes in summertime. Eh, really?
Samuel B. Roberts Play 今年も暑くなってきた。みんな…あぁ、なるほど。Swimsuits. It's getting hot again this year. Everyone... Ah, I see. Swimsuits. Secretary 2
Play 買っちゃえましたよ。Swimsuit!ど、どうかな?おかしくはない?そう!?No problem? I bought one. A swimsuit! H-how do I look? I don't look strange? Really!? No problems? Secretary 3
Johnston Play ここの夏は暑いわね…まあ、この格好ならいいか…あ、あなた、あんまりじろじろ見ないでよね。…ん? Summer here is hot... Well, I should be fine dressed like this... H-hey you, don't stare at me so much. ...Hmm?

Previous Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Kisaragi Play もうすぐ夏ねぇ~。新しい水着、買っちゃおう……かな? ……ねぇ、どれがいいと思う? Looks like it's almost summer~. I should go buy a new swimsuit...I guess? ...Hey, which looks better on me?'
Fumizuki Play そろそろ夏ぅ~。気の早いセミが、もう鳴いてるぅ~ It's about time for summer~. The cicadas, they're already crying~
Shirayuki Play ん……この季節、飛び交う虫は苦手です。ぐるぐる型のお香を焚きましょう。白雪にお任せください、一網打尽です! Hmm...This season, I don't like when bugs are everywhere. We should get one of those mosquito coils. Leave it to Shirayuki, the bugs will be gone in a instant!
Oboro Play 提督、いよいよサマーシーズン到来ですね!第七駆逐隊、夏季演習準備ばっちりです! Admiral, the summer season's finally around the corner! The Seventh Destroyer Division is ready for the early-summer special training! Secretary 1
Play えっ、この蟹ですか? はいっ! 元気ですっ!! Hm? The crab? Oh! He's doing just fine! Secretary 2
Play 夏の戦い、いよいよですね!第七駆逐隊、夏は張り切って参ります! It's finally time for the summer battle! The Seventh Destroyer Division will go out all out! Joining the Fleet
Play くぅっ……せっかくの水着が……。だ、大丈夫っ。お風呂入れば直ります……た、多分。 Ugh, my swimsuit... I-It's fine. The bath will fix that up... p-probably. Docking Major
Akebono Play 暑くなってきたから、確かにこの格好は過ごしやすいけど……クソ提督!こっち見んな!! I guess this new outfit is nice considering the hot season... You shitty admiral, don't look at me! Secretary 1
Play だから、ジロジロ見んなって!このクソ提督!! I told you to stop looking at me like that, you shitty admiral! Secretary 2
Play 触ったらマジ怒るから! ありえないから!! I swear I'll get mad if you touch me! I can't believe it! Secretary 3
Play の、覗くなこのクソ提督! も、もぅっ! D-Don't peek at me, you shitty admiral! J-Jeez! Docking Major
Sazanami Play 夏キタコレ!!まだ早いって?いいのいいの♪ 早いくらいがいいんだって!うふっ♪ Summer's here! What, it's a bit early? Oh, never mind that. It's better if it's a bit early! Yeah! Secretary 1
Play えっ、漣のこの水着、いいっしょいいっしょ♪ フフー♪ もっと見てもいいよん♪ Hm? Don'cha like my swimsuit? Fufu~♪ You can look at it more, if you want♪ Secretary 3
Play あー、もうっ!せっかくの水着が台無しじゃん!萎え~……漣はお風呂入ってくるからっ! Oh, shoot! They ruined my swimsuit! This sucks! Well, I'll go ahead and get in the bath. Docking Major
Ushio Play 水着は、少し恥ずかしいです…あの、提督? もしダメだったら言って下さいね。 Swimsuits are a bit embarrassing... Oh, please let me know if this isn't okay! Secretary 1
Play ひゃあああ!あ、あの……びっくりしますから…… Hyaa! T-That took me by surprise! Secretary 2
Play あの……やはりいつもの格好に戻った方がよいですよね……あの、すいません! Maybe I should get back into my usual clothes... ah, I'm sorry! Secretary 3
Play すいません……あまり、こちらを見ないで…… I'm sorry... could you not stare so much? Docking Major
Shiratsuyu Play 梅雨が明ければ夏だよね!海開きではいっちばんに泳ぎたいな!ねっ!! Summer's right around the corner after the rainy season! I'm going to be the first person to swim! Yeah! Secretary 1
Play うん! 夏は夏で盛り上がらないと! 提督もいっしょに浜辺に行こうよぅ! いひひひひ……! Yeah! Gotta' get hyped up for summer! Admiral, come on down to the beach with me! Hehe Secretary 2
Play あっこれ? いやぁ浜辺での夏季特別演習に必要って長門さんが……ちょっと早いけど。 Oh, this? Nagato-san told us that this was required for the early-summer special training... though it's a bit early for that. Secretary 3
Play えっ! 肌焼けてる!? まじ? しまった~オイル塗るの忘れてた。やばい! Wait, am I sunburned?! Really? Crap, I forgot to put on lotion! Joining the Fleet
Play だー、お気に入りの水着なのに~! 許すまじ~、お風呂に直行だ~! Ah! I really liked this swimsuit! I won't forgive this! Time to go to the bath! Docking Major
Shigure Play もうすぐ今年も夏が来るね。水着? あぁ去年のがあるから僕は大丈夫。 It's about time for summer again, huh. Swimsuit? Oh, don't worry, I have last year's.
Murasame Play そろそろ夏が来ちゃうね。新しい水着、新調したいな~。いっしょに選んでくれる? It's almost time for summer. I kind of want a new swimsuit! Will you play with me? Secretary 1
Play 提督どう? 村雨の水着、似合ってる? そう……いい感じいい感じ♪ How is it, Admiral? Does this swimsuit fit me? Really? Good, good. Secretary 2
Play 村雨のちょっといい水着、見せてあげる。ちやん~提督、どうおがしら?ね? I'll show you my pretty nice swimsuit. Hey, Admiral. How is it? Joining a Fleet
Play やられてしまったわ。せっかくの水着だったのに……ま、いいわ。お風呂してきますね。 Darn, I took some damage. I really liked this swimsuit, too! Well, whatever. I'll go take a bath! Docking Major
Yuudachi Play 少しずつ暑くなってきたっぽーい。今年も夏が来るっぽい! It's starting to get pretty hot, poi! Summer's coming once again, poi!
Kagerou Play 不知火ぃ~。あんたも今年は、新しい水着買いなさい、よっ。……え? んぁ~、もうっ! 私が選んだげるっ! Shiranui~. Will you just buy a new swimsuit this year...eh? For the love of god! Fine, I'll choose for you!
Shiranui Play いや、不知火はそんな買い物には行か……いや、仕方ない。……あ、これはいいかも No, Shiranui will not go shoppi...no, never mind...Ah, this looks nice.
Hatsukaze Play ……はぁ、もうすぐ夏ね。え? 水着? 買ってないわ。なぁに、プレゼントしてくれるの? ...Haa, It's almost summer. Eh? Swimsuit? I didn't buy one. What, are you going to buy me one?
Maikaze Play もうすぐ夏ですねぇ提督。夏は、どんなステップで踊る? ん~、どうしようか? ねえ、提督? Looks like it's almost summer, admiral. For summer, what do you want to dance? Hmm~, what to do? Are you listening, Admiral?
Tokitsukaze Play しれぇ~、そろそろ夏だねぇ~。今年の夏はぁ~、雪風たちと泳ぎに行こ~よぉ~♪ ねぇ~ねぇ~ Commander~, It's almost summer~. For this summer~, let's go swimming with Yukikaze and the others~♪ Hey~hey~
Takanami Play 暑くなってきましたね。もうすぐ、夏かも。……司令官は暑くないかもですか? It sure has gotten hot. It's almost, summer...It seems that the commander is not bothered by this heat?
2016 Lines
Mutsuki Play およよ?今年ももうすぐ夏かにゃ?如月ちゃん、今年の夏のお休みはどうするにゃ?睦月はねぇ~♪睦月はねぇ~♪ Ohoho? It's almost summer again huh? What do you want to do for summer holidays Kisaragi-chan? I wanna~♪ I wanna~♪
Satsuki Play 少し暑くなってきたね、司令官。ボク、冷たいもの持ってくるよ! It's getting a little warm right commander? I'll go bring some cold stuff!
Fumizuki Play 司令官、喉渇かない?あたし、麦茶持ってくるね。飲むでしょう? Commander, are you thirsty? I'll go get some barley tea. You want some? Secretary 2
Nagatsuki Play すまん、司令官…この季節は苦手なんだ…。「どうして」って…。ぅ………どうしてだろうな Sorry, commander... I'm weak to this season... "Why?" you ask... mmm... I wonder why...
Kikuzuki Play 暑いな…もうすぐ夏か……また…夏が来るのだな It's hot... it's almost summer huh... summer... is coming again
Mikazuki Play 司令官、たいへん!夏が近づいてきてしまいました。三日月、用心してまいります! Commander, trouble! Summer is getting closer. I've come to be your guard!
Mochizuki Play ああ…なんかあっちくなってきたなぁ。かったりぃ…アイスなかったかなぁ…アイス… Aah... It's kinda getting a bit hot. So tired... I feel like a popsicle... a popsicle...
Shiratsuyu Play 今年も一番最初に、水着で白浜に突撃だあ!白露型、私についてきて! I'll be first on the beach in a swimsuit this year too! Follow me Shiratsuyu-class! Secretary 2
Umikaze Play 少し暑くなってきましたね。提督、もうすぐ今年も夏が来るのですね。今年の水着、どうしよう? 新調しようかしら。 It's getting a bit hot. Summer is almost here again right Admiral. What should I do about swimsuits this year? I think I grew a bit.
Kawakaze Play うにゃ~、暑くなってきたねぇ~、こりゃ~たまらん。水着かなんかで涼しく行きたいね。ああ、いいんだっけ? 鎮守府、水着でも? Unya~ it's getting real hot~ I can't... take it. I feel like cooling off in a swimsuit. Ah, it's fine? A swimsuit in the Guardian Office?
Michishio Play 少しずつ暑くなってきた…今年ももうすぐ夏かあ…え?水着?はあ!?そんなのいらないでしょ!?何言ってんの!? It's slowly getting hotter... It's almost summer again huh... Eh? A swimsuit? Huh!? I don't need something like that!? What are you saying!?
Arashio Play うふふふふ!少しずーつ暑くなってきわねえ~…今年も夏が来るのね~夏よ~!うふふふ!楽しみねえ~! Ufufufufu! It's slowly getting hotter~... Summer is coming~ Summer~! Ufufufu! I'm looking forward to it~!
Arare Play うぅ…少し…暑い、です。もうすぐ…夏ですね…司令官…あ、なんでも…ない…です… Urgh... it's a bit... hot. It's almost... summer right... commander. Ah, it's... nothing.
Kasumi Play なに? 清霜、水着買うの? …ふーん。ま、いいんじゃない。着てみれば? …え? 私? 私はいいわよ、そんなの! …え! いらないってぇ! What? You're buying a swimsuit Kiyoshimo? ...Hmmm. Well I guess that's fine. Put it on? ...Eh? Me? I'm fine. That's! ...Eh! I said no!
Oyashio Play 黒潮さん……、それ、どうしたの? えっ、水着。 何のためですか? 海? 海には毎日行っていますが。 ……司令に、見せる。どうしてですか? えっ? ええっ!? Kuroshio-san... what's up? Eh, swimsuits. What for? The sea? But we go to sea everyday. ...For the commander to see. Why? Eh? Eeeeh!?
Amatsukaze Play う~ん、風がないと熱いわね。もうすぐ夏かー…え、水着? 着ないわよ! Yeah. It's really hot with no wind. It's almost summer... Eh, swimsuits? I won't wear one!
Arashi Play おう、舞なんか元気だな? え、のわっちと水着買いに行くの? ふ~ん… Oh, feeling fine Mai? Eh, going swimsuit shopping with Nowacchi? Hmmm~...
Hagikaze Play 舞風、新しい水着買いに行くんだ。 野分と? 私も嵐と…いや、興味ないかなぁ… Let's go shopping for new swimsuits Maikaze. With Nowaki? Me too with Arashi... No, not interested huh...
Akigumo Play ほほーぅ、夏がそろそろ来ますねぇ~♪ 何ですか皆さん、水着の準備などなさってるようでー♪ はかどりますねぇ~! 酒保で画材補充しなきゃ! ひひっ♪ Hoho~, summer is almost here already~♪ What's this everyone, you're all preparing swimsuits~♪ You've made lots of progress~! I need to get more art supplies from the PX! Hihi~♪
Kazagumo Play 暑くなってきたぁ……。十駆のみんな、今年は水着どうするんだろう? 私、どうしよう……? It's getting hotter... What do the rest of you in the 10 Des Div think we should do about swimsuits? What should I do...?
Play 買っちゃった……。ちょーっと恥ずかしいけど、夏だから、いいよね? ……あ、秋雲。何描いてんの? 見せて!? こらぁ! I bought it... It's a bit embarrassing, but it's fine since it's summer right? ...Ah, Akigumo. What are you drawing? Let me see!? Hey! Secretary 2
Okinami Play 少し、暑くなってきましたね、司令官。え?水着ですか?あ、そういうのは沖波は…え?そんな…そ、そうですか? It's getting hotter isn't it Commander? Eh? A swimsuit? Ah, that's something I... Eh? Is that... true?
Play 司令官があまりにも強くおっしゃるので、あの、買ってみたんです、水着。どうでしょう。あの、あ、あまり見ないでください。 Since you insisted so much I, ummm, went and bought a swimsuit Commander. How is it? Ummm, ah, please don't stare so much. Secretary 2
Teruzuki Play 秋月姉、もうすぐ夏だよ! 新しい水着買いに行こ? ……えっ、それ? それをまた着るのはどうかなぁ。流石に……。 Akizuki ane, it's almost summer! Do you want to go buy a new swimsuit? ...Eh, that? You really want to wear that again. That's a bit...
Hatsuzuki Play もうすぐ夏か。僕の名前の意味は知ってるか? ……うん、そうだ。だからどうという事もないが、な。 It's almost summer huh. Do you know the meaning of my name? ...Yup, that's right. That's why it's no big deal, ok.
2017 Lines
Kamikaze Play ええ?今年の夏は水着でって。。。いやよ、いや!そんなにやるわけないじゃない! 私はいやよ! Eh? I should wear a swimsuit this summer... Absolutely not! There's no way I can do that! I won't!
Harukaze Play そうですね、大正の頃はそんなに肌を…いえ、そうではなくて、最近の水着はその、何と申しますか…破廉恥ではないかと。 I see, in the Taishou Era showing that much skin would be...no it wouldn't be like that. These swimsuits today are... how should I put it... aren't they indecent?
Asakaze Play あ〜、今年ももうすぐ夏ね?夏の終わりはあんまり好きじゃない。なんか、寂しいじゃない? Ah~, it's almost summer again this year huh? I don't really like the end of summer. It somehow feels, a bit lonely?
Matsukaze Play よし、こういたな。 ああ、僕もちょっとナバスになっていたのだ。よし、進めろぞ、行こう。 Alright, it's here huh. Ah, I was a bit nervous too. Alright, let's go, heading out!
Kisaragi Play そうね、今年の夏はきれいや海の島にいって、バカンスはいいよね。 ええ、だめ?睦月ちゃん、ないちのしょうちがいいよ。 そう?じゃ、そうしましょうか。 Oh I know, a vacation to the sea on a beautiful island would be lovely this summer. Eh, no good? Mutsuki-chan, you prefer a resort in Japan? Is that so? Well let's do that then.
Yayoi Play 暑くなって来た。卯月その格好はなに? 夏のよそい?そうなんだ、んんん。 It's gotten hotter. Uzuki, what's with that look... Your summer best? Is that so, hmmm.
Uzuki Play 夏は夏らしい格好するぴょん。え、涼しくてかえてきてぴょん。ねえ、司令官? Summer sure has gotten summerlike-pyon. Eh, it sure would be nice if it got cooler-pyon. Right, Commander?
Minazuki Play うん、そう。昔はね、この季節は水無月言ったんだって。この名前、気にいてるんだ? Yeah, that's right. Back then, this season used to be known as 'Minazuki'. Isn't this name interesting?
Uranami Play 今年も夏が来ますようね?はあ。 Summer has come this year too hasn't it? *sigh*
Shigure Play 長波、それ、いいお握りだね?うん、僕も食べたいな。え、そ、そうなんだ?そう、僕も料理やってみようかな。 Naganami, those look like nice onigiri huh? Yup, I'd like to try some too. Eh, I-is that so? Yup, I'd like to try cooking too.
Yamakaze Play 水着?別にいいけど。着るだけなら。 A swimsuit? I don't really mind though. I'll just wear one.
Michishio Play ふん。おにぎりがどうしたって?皆新しい衣装や艤装気が緩んでじゃないの?そんなんで夏は越えられないだよ!私?私は別に興味ないけど。 Humph. What's with those onigiri? Aren't you all being too soft with all those new costumes and equipment? You'll never get through summer like that! Me? I'm not interested at all.
Arare Play このおにぎり、おっきくって、美味しい。お腹いっぱいになる。あ、霞姉さん、何を張り切ってるの? This onigiri is so big and delicious. I'm stuffed. Ah, what are you so fired up about Kasumi-neesan?
Kasumi Play はああ!?見せ強力で店内放送?なんで私が?別にやるけど、かしなさいマイク。このは簡単なんだから!えっと・・・はあ・・・霞よ、今・・・ Huuh!? Show my abilities at store broadcasts? Why me? I don't really mind doing it, give me that mic. This is easy! Ummm... *deep breath*... I'm Kasumi, now...
Kuroshio Play ああ、新し水着こったんや。たまたま、たまたまやで。 Ah, I bought a new swimsuit. For no real reason, I just happened to buy it.
Isokaze Play 司令、なんだその目は?え、この夏は海に?海なら毎日出ているが・・・え?水着?なんだその兵装は?新型の電探が何かが? Commander, what's with that look? Eh, you want to go the sea for the summer? We go to the sea everyday though... Eh? A swimsuit? What sort of equipment is that? Is it some sort of new radar or something?
Yuugumo Play ふわあ〜少しながさでは暑く成って来たをね。え?夏季第四種軍装。そうね、その季節ね。 Uwaa, It's gotten a bitter hotter right? Eh? Change into Type 4 summer equipment? That's right, it's the season for that isn't it. A reference to the different types of uniforms worn by the IJN. There were only 3 types.
Makigumo Play 夕雲姉さん、夏季第四種って・・・それて申し化して水着じゃ・・・巻雲どうしよう?もう〜 Yuugumo-nee-chan, by "Type 4 Summer equipment"... do you mean swimsuits?... What should I do? Jeez.
Naganami Play ふうぇえ。夕雲ねえ何水着とかようしちゃってるの?へえ、やるね。お、何高波?あたしはいらないよ。いらないからね! Wheew~ What are you wearing a swimsuit for, Yuugumo-nee? Hmm, not bad. Oh, what's that Taknami? I don't need that. I really dont!
Fujinami Play お、夏祭りか?もち行きたい。浴衣、だそうきよう。ん、いよよいしょ・・・ん・・・えっと・・・こんな漢字で・・・あ、あさし、もち、き、きつけ手伝ってよう! Oh, a summer festival? I'll definitely go. Got to put on a yukata. Hmmm, let's see here... Hmmm... Ummm... Like this... A-Asashi, I-I definitely need your help!
2018 Lines
Hatakaze Play 司令、暑いですね。ちょっと待っててください。お茶を入れて、冷やしておいたんです。はい、美味しいでしょう?いいお茶いただいたんです。 It's quite hot now, Commander. Please wait a moment. I'll make some tea and chill it for you. Here, it's delicious right? I had some good tea on hand.
Amagiri Play おぉ、水着ねぇ。夏だからな、いいんじゃない?狭霧、一緒に買いに行くかい?いいよ。 Ooh, swimsuits. Isn't it fine since it's summer? Want to go out and buy swimsuits together, Sagiri? Alright.
Sagiri Play 夏。天霧さんは水着、どうするんでしょう?ん、私は…んー、どうしよう? It's summer. What are you going to do about a swimsuit, Amagiri? Hmmm, what am I... Hmmmm, going to do?
Hatsuharu Play 今年も夏が来たの。セミがないっておるは…ふむ、時が移変わったでも、これが変わらんの。 Summer is here again this year. There aren't any cicadas though... Yup, even though the times may change, this never changes.
Wakaba Play 夏が来たようだ。うむ、これはまぎれもなく、夏。暑い。ん、まあ、そういうものだは。 Looks like summer is here. Yup, it's definitely summer. It's hot. Ngh, well, that's how it is.
Hatsushimo Play 大和さん、水着、素敵!えぇ、提督、私ですか?いえ、私は…私はそういうのは…はい! Your swimsuit is lovely, Yamato! Eh, me, Admiral? No, some... something like that is... Yes!
Shiratsuyu Play 今年も一番最初に、水着で砂浜に突撃だー!白露型、ついてきて! I'll be the first one to charge onto the beach in a swimsuit this year tooo! Shiratsuyu-class, follow me! Secretary 2
Play あぁ、水着?ふふふん、大丈夫大丈夫。夏は来年もまた来るから、ねぇ? Ah, a swimsuit? Fufufun, don't worry about that. Summer will come again next year, right? Kai Ni Secretary 3
Murasame Play そうね、この夏わ、ちゃんと戦えます。でも、来年は…提督、いいでしょう?そう?やった。 That's right, I'll fight properly this summer. But next year... is fine right, Admiral? Really? Hooray. Kai Ni Secretary 3
Asashio Play 霞?あの、その艤装は?…えぇ、それで司令官と、その、任務を?えぇ?えぇー? Kasumi? Ummm, what's with that rigging? ...Eh, so you can do that mission with the Commander? Eh? Eeeeh? Secretary 3
Ooshio Play 霞ちゃん、この夏いい感じです!大潮も、負けすにアゲアゲです! You look great this summer, Kasumi! Even I can't match your high spirits! Secretary 3
Michishio Play 鎮守府氷祭り...楽しかったわね。…今度は私も一緒に踊っても…んー、な、なんでもないわ!ふん! The Naval Base Ice Festival... was fun. ...Next time I'd like to dance with... Ngh, i-it's nothing! Humph! Secretary 3
Arashio Play あら、あら、霞ちゃん、いい感じねぇ。素敵だわぁ。私も、来年あたり、かわいいの買いたいわねぇ。うふふふふぅ。 Oh my my, you're looking great, Kasumi. Very lovely. I want to buy something cute next year too. Ufufufufu. Secretary 3
Kasumi Play 何?清霜、水着買うの?ん、まあ、いいんじゃない。来て見れば?…えぇ、私?私はいいわよ、そんなの。えぇ、いらないって! What? Did you buy a swimsuit, Kiyoshimo? Mmmm, well isn't that nice. Can I have a look? ...Eh, me? I don't need anything like that. Eh, I said I don't want to! Secretary 1
Play なんなの?なんなのよ!?暑いからよ!それだけなんだから!ふん、バカじゃないの? What? What's your problem? It's just hot! That's all this is about! Humph, are you an idiot? Kai Ni Secretary 1
Play だから、なんなのよその目は!?じゃあ、着替える。もう着替えるから! Seriously what are you looking at!? That's it, I'm changing. I'm going to change already! Kai Ni Secretary 2
Play いいわよ、もう着ないから。今年だなんだから!…えぇ、そ、そんな顔しないでよ。ん、わかったわよ。まったく… Fine, I'm not going to change. I'm only wearing this for this year! ...Eh, d-don't make a face like that. Ngh, fine then. Goodness... Kai Ni Secretary 3
Play 覗くな!バカ! DON'T PEEK! YOU IDIOT! Kai Ni Docking (Minor Damage)
Play 覗くな!バカ!…ったく、いつまで経っても… DON'T PEEK! YOU IDIOT! ...Really, no matter how much time passes... Kai Ni Docking (Major Damage)
Play あぁ、もう、夏は本当にばかばっかり! Ah, jeez, summer is really full of idiots! Kai Ni Construction
Play こんな格好動きにくいったら。 I can't move well dressed like this. Kai Ni Attack
Arare Play 霞ちゃん、いいな。でも、風邪…引かない? You look nice, Kasumi. But... won't you catch a cold? Secretary 3
Tanikaze Play なんだって!?鎮守府・氷・祭り・だって!?ON ICE!くぁー、こいつは、意味はわかねけど、いきらねぇ。よっしゃ!ん?"Ice skater"? できねよ。 What was that!? The. Naval. Base. Ice. Festival!? ON ICE! Gaaah, I don't know what that means but I don't care. Alright! Hmm? Ice skater? I can't do that.
Fujinami Play なぁ、司令、藤浪の浴衣、どうだろう?あり…かな?そう?まあ、当然。ねぇ、あれ美味しいそう。司令、買ってよ。はまっちにのぶんっと、ふたつね。もち! Hey, how does my yukata look, Commander? Do I... look good? Really? Well, of course it does. Hey, that looks delicious. Buy it for me, Commander. And Hamacchi's share too, so make it two. Of course! Secretary 2
Hamanami Play あぁ、ふーちゃんかわいい。うん。…あ、あたしも…ん、いや、どうしようかな… Ah, you look cute, Fuu-chan. Yep. ...M-me too... Hmmm, well, should I...
Play ん、あの、ふーちゃん…あたし…そんなに食べないから…うん…あり…ありがとう… Ngh, Umm, Fuu-chan... I... Can't eat so much... Yeah... Tha... Thank you.. Secretary 2
Suzutsuki Play お冬さん、もうすぐまた夏がきますね。えぇ?…あぁ、水着ですか?そっち?えぇ? Summer is almost here again, Fuyu. Eh? ...Ah, swimsuits? That one? Eh?
Jervis Play この国の夏は暑いのね。ん?…あの、あたしなんか装甲薄そうな艤装はなに?なんなの? Summer in this country sure is hot. Hmmm? ...What's this lightly armoured rigging? What's it for?
Samuel B. Roberts Play えぇ、何が「On Ice」なの?氷がどうしたって?えぇ、何?この艦隊運動どういうこと? Eh, what's "On Ice"? What's this about ice? Eh, what? What kind of fleet mobilisation is this?

Destroyer Escorts

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2017 Lines
Shimushu Play くな、夏の準備はバッチリっす?え、まだ悩んでるっすか?海防艦は思いっきりが大事っすよ!そうっす!それでいいっす! Are you done with your summer preparations yet Kuna-su? Eh, you're still worrying about it-su? Coastal defense boats must be resolute-su! That's right-su! Just like that-su!
Kunashiri Play え、あたしはそういうのはいいかな・・・姉さん、それ思いっきりの問題と違うと思う・・・いえ、いいって、私は! Eh, is it fine for me to do something like that... I'm definitely sure that isn't a problem of resolution right now nee-san... No, I said I'm fine!
Etorofu Play また今年も夏近づいてくるんですね?・・・色々思い出します。でも、今はまた皆と一層、頑張ります! Summer is getting closer again this year huh? ...Lots of memories are coming back to me. But, this time I'll work hard together with everyone!
2018 Lines
Matsuwa Play 松輪は…夏は…夏は…いやです。こわい。…すみません。 I don't... I don't... like... summer. I'm scared. ...Sorry.
Tsushima Play 大東ちゃん?あぁ、良かった。えぇ、水着?そんなの持ってないけど…えぇ? Daitou? Ah, that's good. Eh, a swimsuit? I don't have anything like that though... Eh?
Fukae Play 択捉姉さん、対馬姉さんがちょっと…なんだ…その…えぇ、いいのか?本当に?…ここではそうなのか? Etorofu-neesan, Tsushima-neesan is being a bit... well... you know... Eh, it's fine? Really? ...Is that how things are here?
Hiburi Play さっちゃん、まっちゃん、なんか今年も暑いくなった来たね。夏の夜や朝は、用心しないと…さっちゃん? Sacchan, Macchan; it's gotten kinda hot this year too. We'll need to take care on summer nights or mornings... Sacchan?
Daitou Play えへぇ、今年を暑くなってきたね!そうなると、やっぱ、水着じゃん!ひぶ、こんなんどうかな?あぁ、なんだよその顔わ? Ehe, it's gotten hot this year too! This is definitely the time for swimsuits! What do you think of this, Hibu? Ah, what's with that look?

Light Cruisers

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yura Play 由良、今年こそ水着着たかったんですけど…提督さん、ねぇ?……ねぇ? I wanted to wear a swimsuit this year but... Admiral, what do you think? ...Hey? Secretary 1
Play 提督さん、由良も夏は…って…いいえ、なんでもないです。由良、業務に励みますね。ねぇ? Admiral, in summer I... Eh... No, nevermind. I'll work hard. Got it? Kai Ni Secretary 3
Play 提督さん、夏祭り、ご一緒に…由良と…あの、どうでしょうか?…だめ? Admiral, would you... like to go... to the summer festival with me? ...Well? Secretary 1. 08/08/2019 Update.
Gotland Play あはぁー、もう暑くなってきたね。ここの夏はあつすぎ。えぇ、何?…瑞穂?夏季防暑兵装?ほぉ、ほぉ… Aaaaaaah, it's gotten so hot. Summer here is too hot. Eh, what was that? ...Mizuho? Summertime heat-resistant equipment? I see, I see...

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Tatsuta Play 今年も暑くなるわねぇ~。執務室にクーラーですって?何をふざけているのかしら?その服を……涼しくしてあげましょうね Seems like it'll be quite a hot summer again. A cooler in the office? Please cut the crap. Shall I make your clothes... cooler?
Ooi Play もうすぐ夏ねぇ♪ 北上さんとお揃いの水着、買わなくちゃ♪ ふふ、ふふふ♪ It's almost summer♪ I'll have to go buy matching swimsuits with Kitakami-san♪ Fufu, fufufu♪
Yura Play 提督さん。梅雨が終わると夏の気配、感じますね。ね?由良も水着、欲しいなぁ… You really start to feel the summer feeling once the rainy season is over. Man, I wish I had a swimsuit...
Kinu Play ……あっついなあ。もう夏かあ……初夏(しょっかぁ)……みーんみんみーん……あ、ダメ? ...So hot. Is it really summer already? 'tso hot, I can hear the cicadas crying.
Abukuma Play 日の入りがずいぶんと長くなりましたねぇ。もうすぐ夏ですねぇ。……ふぅ。そうなるとどこかの三水戦のがうるさくなるなぁ…… Feels like the days last longer now. It's almost summer...Fuu. That means that one of the members from the "Third torpedo squadron" is going to get loud. Referring to Sendai.
Yuubari Play ふあ~、少し暑くなってきたわねえ。今年も夏が来るのかぁ、はっやいな~ Fua~ It's gotten a bit hotter. I guess it's time for summer already. Jeez, that was fast.
Sendai Play 夏だぁ!!やったぁ!!夜戦の季節だぁ!!提督、夜戦だよ夜戦!!はやく!!や・せ・ん!! Summer!! Yeah!! It's the season for night battles! Admiral, night battles! Night battles! Come on, hurry up! Night battles!!
Naka Play 夏だよ、夏!那珂ちゃんサマーライブの夏だよぉ!よーし歌うよ~!衣装衣装♪ It's summer! It's time for Naka's Summer Live! Alright, let's sing! 'Gotta get my outfit together.
2017 Lines
Yura Play 提督さん、梅雨が終わると夏の気配、感じますね。ね?由良も水着・・・ん、もう少しあとにしようかな?そうしよう?ん〜 It starts to feel like summer after the rainy season is over right, Admrial-san. Right? I guess I should... Hmmm, wait to get a swimsuit right? What should I do? Hmmm...
Jintsuu Play そうですね、この季節になると、あの戦いを思い出します。あの夜を・・・あ、いえ、ごめんなさい。 That's right, when this season comes the memories of that battle return. That night... Ah, sorry it's nothing.
Agano Play 少しずつ熱くなったきたね〜能代、どうする?この夏の最新鋭水着、買いに行っちゃう?・・・え、去年とにいいって?ぶうう〜 It's getting a bit hotter huh~ What should we do Noshiro? Shall we go and buy this summer's latest swimsuits? ...Eh, last year's is fine? Boo~
Noshiro Play え、阿賀野姉、新しい水着買いに行くの?去年ので良くない?請託はだめです!そもそも、私達には提督のために・・・ Eh, you're going to buy a new swimsuit Agano-nee? Isn't last year's fine? You can't go soliciting! In the first place, we're here for the sake of the Admiral...*nagging fades out*
Yahagi Play 磯風、何を練習してるの?うん、うん、秋にそのえて夏から練習を・・・大変ね? What practicing Isokaze? I see, training from fall to summer... must be hard huh?
Sakawa Play ふう〜なんかこの季節、酒和あんまり好きじゃない!っていうか、嫌い、嫌い! Whew~ Somehow I don't really like this season! I mean, I really hate it!
Ooyodo Play 明石、何?水着?いえ、私は鎮守府での任務がありますから・・・え、明石もそれあるって?感けないって?あの、いやだからね。 What is it Akashi? A swimsuit? Eh, I have duties to do around the Naval Base so... Eh, you have them too? They don't matter? Ummm, that's not right.
2018 Lines
Kitakami Play 今年も夏かぁ。まあ、なんだよ、この季節は少ーしおセンチになるね、私も。あぁ、大井っち!元気、元気! It's summer again. Well, you know, this season makes me feel a bit sentimental too. Ah, Ooicchi! I'm feeling great!
Ooi Play もうすぐ夏ね。北上さんとお揃いの水着、買わなっちゃ!えへぇ、えへへぇ。 It's almost summer. I need to go buy matching swimsuits for Kitakami and I! Ehe, ehehe.

Heavy Cruisers

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Furutaka Play 今年も夏がやってきますね……。新しい水着、加古と買いに行こうかな? Summer's almost here! I suppose I'll go out with Kako to buy some new swimwear.
Kako Play い~よいよ暑くなってきましたねえ!夏が来るねえ……ふひひ。いいねぇ夏!いいよ! It's finally starting to pick up on the heat! Summer's coming... Hehe. I like it! Come at me, summer!
Nachi Play 夏だな。……暑いがまあ、気になる程でもないな。さあ、暑気払いで一杯やるか! It's summer... It's pretty hot, but nothing to really get worked up over. Now, how about grabbing a few drinks to help us through the heat?
Ashigara Play 今年も夏が近づいてきたわね。……何だか、みなぎってきたわ!イケる!今年はイケるわ! Guess the summer's coming in fast. I... feel invigorated! I've got this! I can do it this year!
Choukai Play 夏、ですね。……え? 水着ですか? ……あぁ、い、いえ、私はそのような……。あ……はい、では今度 It's summer...eh? A swimsuit? ...Ah, n-no, I don't ne...Ah...okay, next time
Suzuya Play ……ん~、ちょっち暑くなってきた、かな~?ん~、何か蒸し蒸しするぅ~。……熊野は平気? ...Hm~, feels like it's gotten hot around he~re? Mm~, its soo humid~...Kumano are you alright?
Kumano Play 夏の足音を感じますわ。鈴谷、わたくし、最新の水着を買いに行きたいですわ! ...I hear the summer footsteps. Suzuya, I would like to go buy this year's new swimsuit!
Tone Play あ~~暑くなってきたのじゃ~~~。暑いのは苦手じゃ……筑摩ぁ~ちくまぁ~~~! ……アイス……ラムネぇ…… Ah~ It's gotten so hot~ I dislike this heat. Chikuma... Chi-ku-ma~~! Icecream... Ramune...
Chikuma Play 陽射しが強くなってきたわ。お肌がピンチね……利根姉さんにも日焼け止めを塗ってあげなきゃ……あっ、利根姉さん? The sun's starting to beat down quite mercilessly. I'll have to look after my skin more. Oh, I'll have to get Tone-neesan some sunscreen. Hm? Tone-neesan?
2016 Lines
Aoba Play 段々暑くなってきましたねぇ。今年も夏が来るんですねぇ。この季節は、少ぉし、呉の最後の夏を、思い出しますね……。 It's slowly getting hotter. Summer is almost here again huh. This season, kind of reminds me about the last summer in Kure...
Kinugasa Play 青葉、少し暑くなってきたね。もうすぐ夏がくるのかー…え、水着? う~ん、どうしよっかぁ…う~ん… It's getting a bit hot right Aoba. Summer is almost here huh... Eh, swimsuits? Yeah, what should we do... yeah...
Takao Play うぅ…ぅぅ…もうすぐ、夏がくるのね。え、そうね、少しダイエットしようかしら? …ぅぅ。 Urgh... Uuuu... It's almost summer. Eh, that's right, should I go on a bit of a diet? ...urgh.
Atago Play あら、高雄。夏に向けてダイエット始めたの? 大変ねぇ♪ 私? 私は必要ないわぁ♪ Oh Takao. Have you started the summer diet? That's troublesome♪ Me? I don't need to do that♪
Mikuma Play もがみんは、今年の夏は水着、どうするのかしら? おニューのお揃い、着たいなー♪ What should we do about swimsuits this summer Mogamin? I want us to get matching ones~♪
Zara Play 水着? …ううん、持ってきてないけど。どうせなら買っちゃおうかな。うーん……。 A swimsuit? ...Yeah, I didn't bring one. I was going to buy one anyway. Yeah~...
Pola Play ザラ姉さま、今年は水着どうするの? ポーラは、お酒に使っちゃったから、今年は新しい水着はパスですぅ。 Zara ane-sama, what should we do about swimsuits this year? Since I just want to drink, I'll pass on a new swimsuit~
2018 Lines
Furutaka Play ねぇ、加古…これ、おかしいくない?本当に?うん、よし!じゃあ、提督のとこに行ってくる!よし! Hey, Kako... Does this look weird? Really? Yeah, alright! Then I'm going to where the Admiral is! Alright!
Kako Play あぁ、古鷹、いいんじゃね?あぁ、似合うてるよ…多分。あぁ、適当じゃねって。ん、めんどくせな。かわいい言って! Ah, isn't that nice, Furutaka? Ah, it suits you... I think. Ah, that wasn't vague. Ngh, what a pain. I said you're cute!


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2015 Lines
Fusou Play 山城、もうすぐ夏ね。扶桑型姉妹で、たまにはどこかへ行く? どこがいいかしら…… Yamashiro, it's almost summer. Shall we head somewhere together? I wonder where we might want to go...
Yamashiro Play 姉さま、旅行の計画ですか? いいと思います! 山城、姉さまといっしょならどこへでも…! Nee-sama, planning for a trip? I like the idea! If it's with you, I'll go anywhere!
Hyuuga Play この季節は嫌いではないな……。伊勢……伊勢? なんだ、寝てるのか? I don't dislike this season...Ise...Ise? Oh, still sleeping?
Nagato Play よし、夏だなッ! 艦隊、水着で浜辺に集合だッ! 演習……“びーちばれー”というのをやるぞッ! チーム分けはこの長門が考えておいたッ! Yes, It's summer! Fleet, let us meet at the beach with our swimsuits! For our exercise...let's do a thing called "Beach Volleyball!" Let I, Nagato, divide the teams up!
Mutsu Play なぁに長門ったら……ビーチバレー? いいけど、貴女ルール知ってるの? ……(苦笑)あらあら、仕方ないわね……任せて Oh Nagato...Beach Volleyball? It's fine, but do you understand the rules? ...(smiles bitterly) Ara ara, I guess I'll have to...teach you
Littorio Play もうすぐ夏ですね……提督。新しい水着を試してみたいですね。ふふふ、楽しみです♪ Looks like it's almost summer...Admiral. I want to try out new swimsuits. Fufufu, I can't wait♪
Roma Play 大分暑くなってきたけれど、もうすぐ夏か。……姉さん、水着新調したんだ……ふぅん It sure has gotten hot, it's almost summer...Nee-san, you put on your new swimsuit...hmm
2016 Lines
Musashi Play ん?夏の海か?いいぞ、いくらでも出撃に付き合うぞ。あん?何?水着で?なぜだ? Hmm? The summer sea? Sure, I'll sortie anytime. Huh? What? In a swimsuit? Why?
2017 Lines
Mutsu Play 長門、この浴衣どう?おかしくない?そう、良かった。提督、おまたせ。うふふ〜ありがとう。 How does this yukata look Nagato? Does it look strange? That's fine then. Thanks for waiting Admiral. Ufufu~ Thank you.
Yamato Play 提督、少し厚くなってきましたね?今年も夏がくるですね。え?水着ですか?あ、はい。一応武蔵と一緒に買ってあって。 It's gotten a bit hotter right Admiral? Summer is here again this year huh. Eh? A swimsuit? Ah, yes. I went and bought one with Musashi just in case.
Iowa Play 日本の夏は暑いわね~大和、どうしたの?・・・Summer holiday?水着?へ〜 Japanese summers sure are hot~ What are you doing Yamato? ...Having a summer holiday? In a swimsuit? Heee~
Warspite Play 水着か?なるほど。一考の価値なりそうね。ん・・・どうしようか? A swimsuit? I see. I shall take it into consideration. Hmmm... What should I do?
Gangut Play ほ~日本でわもこんな季節に薄着になって行くというのか?そうか、夏よ買うか・・・ Hoh~ So in Japan they dress lightly for summer too huh? Alright then, I'll buy some in summer...
2018 Lines
Haruna Play 提督?…うぇ、パーカですか?あぁ、あの、その…えへへぇ。 Admiral? ...Huh, the parka? Ah, umm, it's... Ehehe.
Yamashiro Play 扶桑姉さま、たしかに少し暑いですね。私、氷小豆もらってきます、間宮さんから。 It certainly has gotten a bit hotter, Fusou-neesama. I'll go get some red beans with shaved ice from Mamiya. Secretary 2
Ise Play そうね、あの夏か…もう結構前になるのよね。 Ah yes, that summer... Well it's a long time ago now.
Hyuuga Play 暑いな。あの呉の夏を思い出すな。まあ、いい。 It's hot. This brings back memories of that summer in Kure. Well, that's fine.
Mutsu Play 何長門ったら?ビーチバレー?いいけど、あなたあルールしてるの?…あぁ、あらあら。しかたないわね。任せて。 What is it Nagato? Beach volleyball? That's fine but do you know the rules? ...Ah, oh my. That can't be helped then. Leave it to me. Secretary 2
Richelieu Play そうか。みんな水着のよいを。Mon Amiral、Richelieuも買いに行きます。付き合いいなさい。 I see. Everyone has swimsuits. I'm going to buy one too, my Admiral. Accompany me.
Play ふん、大したものがないのね。いいは、無理に買わなくても。Mon Amiral,また、買い物に付きいなさい。そうね、よろし。 Humph, it's not a problem. It's fine, we don't have to buy one. Come shopping with me again sometime, my Admiral. Yes, please. Secretary 2

Light Carriers

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Shouhou Play 夏はこの格好だと丁度いいんです、提督。冬は寒くないのかって?……そ、そうですね。い、いえ!大丈夫です!! This outfit works quite nicely with the summer, Admiral. What? Does it not get cold during the winter? Well... N-No! It's perfectly fine!
2016 Lines
Ryuujou Play さーあ、そろそろ今年も夏が来るで~! うちもいつか、イケてる水着で砂浜ブイブイ言わせちゃるでぇ! みとけよー?…あー…いつかなー…。 Yup, summer is almost here again~! I'd like to put on a swimsuit and head to the beach soon~! It's not thawed yet? ...Ah... Someday...
Zuihou Play 提督、少し暑くなってきましたね? 夏が来ちゃうのかぁー。はぁ…水着、どうしよう… Admiral, it's getting a little bit hotter huh? I wonder if summer is here~. Sigh... what should I do about a swimsuit...
Chitose Play 千代田ぁー、少しずつ暑くなってきたわね。今年も夏がくるのね。 Chiyoda~, it's getting hotter right. Summer coming again.
Chiyoda Play 千歳お姉、暑くなってきたぁ。もうすぐ夏かぁ。お姉は、水着とか買わないの? It's getting hotter Chitose ane. It's almost summer huh. Aren't you going to buy a swimsuit onee?
2017 Lines
Kasuga Maru


Play 夏が近づいてくると、私・・・いえ、提督、大丈夫です。今は平気です。そのはずです。 When summer gets closer I... No, I'm fine Admiral. I'm fine now. I'm sure.
2018 Lines
Hiyou Play 隼鷹、だめだから!あぁ、こら!本ー当にもう!もう、あなた、禁酒しなさい!禁酒!だめだ、もう! Stop that, Junyou! Ah, jeez! You really are just! Jeez, you need to stop drinking! Just stop! Stop, jeez!
Junyou Play 夏だ!やーほぉ!浜辺で酒盛りはいいねぇ。 It's summer! Yahooo! Having a drink on the beach is great.
Zuihou Play 提督、少し暑くなって来ましたね。夏が来ちゃうのかぁ。あぁ、水着どうしよう? It's gotten a bit hotter, Admiral. I guess summer is coming. Ah, what should I do about a swimsuit?
Gambier Bay Play 日本の夏も暑いですね。はわわ。これは、たしかに水着が欲しくなります。あ、あれ、いいなぁ。 Japanese summers are hot too. Hawawa. This makes me want to wear a swimsuit. H-huh, that's nice.

Standard Carriers

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Akagi Play あら、加賀さん。もうすぐ夏ね。えっ、新しい水着ですか?特に用意してないけれど…… Oh, Kaga-san. It's almost summer. A new swimsuit? I don't particularly have any plans at the moment...
Kaga Play 夏は余り好きではないわ…海?行ってらっしゃい。 I'm not too fond of the summer... The beach? Enjoy.
Shoukaku Play 瑞鶴、新しい水着を買ったの? あら♪いいわねぇ。とても可愛いわ…。 えっ、私? 私は去年のでいいわ…。 えっ?そう…? そうかしら…。 Zuikaku, did you buy a new swimsuit? Oh♪ I think it looks nice! It's very cute. Hm? Me? I'm fine with last year's... What? Do you think so...?
Zuikaku Play 翔鶴姉、見てみて! 今年のおニューの水着だよ♪ 買っちゃった! だってもうすぐ夏だよ、夏! 翔鶴姉も買いに行こうよ、ね? Shoukaku-nee, look look! This is this year's new swimsuit♪ I bought it! I mean it's summer. Summer! Shoukaku-nee, let's get you a new swimsuit too, okay?
2017 Lines
Kaga Play だから、夏はあんまり好きはないっと・・・え、赤城さんが?そう、仕方でありません。買い物で行きましょう。 I told you I'm not fond of summer... Eh, Akagi-san is? Is that so, it can't be helped then. Let's go shopping. Secretary 2
Taihou Play なんでしょう?なにか今年も乗り越えた気がします。提督、私、どこか変ですか?そう、気のせいかな・・・心配かけて、すみません。 What's this? I feel like I've managed to overcome something again this year. Am I odd anywhere Admiral? I see, it must have been my imagination... Sorry for worrying you.
Aquila Play 少しずつ熱くなってきましたね~夏がくるのですね?日本の四季楽しいです! It's gotten a bit hotter huh~ Summer is coming right? Japan's four seasons are fun!
Saratoga Play 水着ですか?どうしよう?Iowaはall seasonでもあの格好だし・・・Saraは・・・ん・・・考えておきますな? A swimsuit? What should I do? Iowa looks like that year round though... I'll... Hmmm... Think about it alright?
2018 Lines
Ark Royal Play ここの夏は暑くなりそうだ。防水余計装備か?考えてみよう。しかし防御力が…ん。 Summer here gets quite hot. Supplementary waterproof equipment? I'll think about it. But the defensive capabilities are... Ngh.
Intrepid Play 暑くなってきたね。私も薄着しちゃうかな。どうかな?そう?よーし!じゃあ、お言葉に甘えて。 It's gotten hotter. I wonder if I should dress down too. What do you think? Really? Alright! I'll hold you to those words.


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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
RO-500 Play 暑くなってきたぁ~提督!提督も水着になるって。見たいって! The weather's getting hot, Admiral~. You'll be in a swimsuit too right? I want to see!
2016 Lines
I-8 Play え? 水着…ですか? はっちゃんは、別にこの水着が気に入っているので…強いて言えば…眼鏡。眼鏡は、新しいの…欲しい、かな? Eh? Swimsuits... you say? I'm fine with this swimsuit... but I got to choose... glasses. Could I get a pair... of new glasses?
I-19 Play そろそろまた夏がくるのね! え、提督? この水着以外が見たいの? イク、これが良いんだけど…う~ん、どうしようかな~? Summer is almost here! Eh, Admiral? You'd like to see something other than this swimsuit? I like this one though... Hmmm, what should I do?
2018 Lines
Luigi Torelli Play はぁ、なるる。夏だけの特別艤装って?考えとく。ふにゃにゃ。 Hmmm, I see. Is this ths special summer rigging? I'll think about it. Funyanya.


New Lines

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Nisshin Play 段々とあつなってきたの…今年も夏が来るの… It's getting hotter and hotter... Summer is here again...

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
2015 Lines
Akashi Play 夏ですねえ……。私もおしゃれな水着欲しいなあ。……提督、買ってくれてもいいのよ? キラキラ(ひひ) Looks like it's summer...I want a new swimsuit... Admiral, you know you can buy one for me you know? *Sparkling eyes* hehe キラキラ is an onomatopoeia for sparkling
Akitsushima Play わーい♪ もうすぐ夏がくるかも! 大艇ちゃんと一緒に泳ぎに行かなきゃ。提督も行くでしょ? 楽しみかもー♪ Whoo~♪ The summer might be coming soon! 'Got to go swimming with Taitei-chan. Admiral, you'll be joining us, right? I might be excited!
Katori Play また……夏がやってきましたね。駆逐艦たちがはしゃいでる。提督も一泳ぎされます? Summer... has come once again. The destroyers look like they're having a lot of fun. Admiral, do you want to swim together?
2016 Lines
Kashima Play もうすぐ夏。香取姉、水着はどうするんだろ? 私、一応準備しようかな? どうしよう… It's almost summer. Katori ane, what should we do about swimsuits? I'm more or less ready I think? What to do...
Mizuho Play だいぶ暑くなってきましたね。今年も…今年も夏がくるのですね。あの瑞穂、夏はあまり… It's gotten really hot right. Summer has... finally arrived this year. I'm not good at handling summer...
Taigei Play て・い・と・く♪ え、何ですか? 水着ですか? 一応用意してあるのですが…え、今ですか?! 夏まで待っててくださいね? Ad~ mi~ ra~ l~♪ Eh, what is it? Swimsuits? I'm more or less ready but... eh, right now?! Please wait for summer to come alright?
2017 Lines
Commandant Teste Play 提督、艦隊の皆さんに合わせて・・・私も夏はこのような・・・おかしいですか?・・・うん、merci。 Is it strange... that I'm dressed like this in summer... like the rest of the fleet? ...Yup, thanks.
Hayasui Play 今年も夏が来てしました。毎年この既設になると、少しお腹がいたくなるんです。えへへ、なんでしょうね? It's summer again this year. I get a bit hungry when this season comes around every year. Ehehe, I wonder why?
2018 Lines
Commandant Teste Play こちらの夏は本当にあついですね。でも、crème glacéeが美味しいい。提督も、食べますか?はい、どぞ。 This summer is really hot. But, this ice cream is delicious. Would you like some too, Admiral? Here you go. Secretary 2
Kamoi Play 水着ですか?神威はあんまりそういったものは…えぇ、瑞穂さんも?ん、考えてみます。 A swimsuit? I don't really like things like that... Eh, Mizuho is? Mmm, I'll think about it.