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Seasonal/Christmas 2016

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Returning CG



Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kamikaze 司令官。ほら、あーんして...あーんしてって言ってるのに。私が作ったクリスマスケーキなのに。食べないの? Commander, come on and say 'aah'... I just asked you to say 'aah'. It's a Christmas cake I made. Won't you eat it?
Asakaze はぁぁ...これがクリスマス!いいわね、私こういうの好き!これがシャンパンなの?...ごく...やだー、お酒じゃない!あれ、松風!? Whoaaaa... So this is Christmas! This is great, I love these kinds of things! Is this champagne? ...*gulp*... ewww, this is booze! Oh, Matsukaze!?
Harukaze これが、クリスマスというものなのですね。わたくし、見慣れぬ料理ばかりです。この大きなお肉は…そう、鳥の肉なのですね。 This is what they call Christmas isn't it? There's all these dishes I don't know. This giant piece of meat is...ah yes it's chicken meat isn't it.
Mutsuki Play 如月ちゃん、クリスマスだよ!このケーキも甘くておいしいにゃ!ほらほら! Kirasagi-chan, it's Christmas! This cake's really sweet and tasty! Try it! 2015 Line
Kisaragi Play うふふ、睦月ちゃん、クリスマスケーキおいしいわね。このターキーも食べて。 Ufufu, Mutsuki-chan, this Christmas cake is quite delicious. Try this turkey, too. 2015 Line
Yayoi Play クリスマス。。。弥生、怒ってなんかないよ。ケーキ。。。いただきます。 Christmas... I'm not mad or anything. I'll... have some of the cake. 2015 Line
Uzuki Play うーちゃん、クリスマス!もぐもぐ。。。おいしいぴょん!もごもぐ。。。もぐもぐ! U-chan and Christmas! Munch munch... So tasty, pyon! Munch munch... Munch munch! 2015 Line
Satsuki Play 司令官、町はクリスマスだってさ!華やかだね!僕らはどうする?なんてね。 Commander, the town's all up in the Christmas spirit! It's quite the sight! What are we going to do? Just kidding. 2015 Line
Minazuki さっちん、さっちん!! これ美味しい♪ あっ、こっちも~♪ はぅ~、クリスマスって、これは罠だ~♪ バルジできちゃう、バルジ~♪ Sa-chin, Sa-chin!! This is delicious! oh this too! Mmm~ Christmas, it must be a trap~ I'm gonna get chubby, chubby~
Fumizuki Play メリークリスマス、司令官!帽子可愛いでしょ?プレゼントちょうだい! Merry Christmas, Admiral! Isn't this hat cute? I want a present! 2015 Line
Nagatsuki Play クリスマスか。。。何を燥いでいる。これ受け取ってくれ。じゃ、訓練してくるぞ。 Christmas, huh... What's with all the fuss? Anyway, take this. Now, I'll be off to training. 2015 Line
Kikuzuki Play クリスマスか。好きなものたちとやればいい。な、なんと?司令官、これくれるのか? Christmas, I see. You should go enjoy it with people you like. Wh-What? Commander, this is for me? 2015 Line
Mikazuki Play クリスマス、司令官も楽しんでいますか?これ、ささやかなものですが日ごろの感謝を込めて、三日月からです! Are you enjoying Christmas, Commander? This isn't much, but please take this gift as a token of my gratitude! 2015 Line
Mochizuki Play 司令官も飲んで食べて歌おうぜ!今日は楽しいクリスマスだよ。うひひ Admiral, you ought to drink, eat and sing, too! It's Christmas and worth celebrating! 2015 Line
Fubuki Play クリスマス? これが、クリスマス!? 司令官、素敵ですね! ツリーも綺麗です♪ Christmas...? So this is Christmas!? Commander, it's so beautiful! The trees are pretty too♪ 2014 Line
Shirayuki Play クリスマスというだけでこんなにはしゃいでいいものかしら?でも、いいのよね?きっと。だって…ほら! Ever wonder why it's only acceptable to be this festive during Christmas? But, I guess it's alright. I'm sure of it. Because... look! 2015 Line
Hatsuyuki Play クリスマス~? なにそれ、美味しいの? はっ?! ケーキは初雪にもください! Christ...mas...? What's that...? Is it delicious...? ... Ah! Please give Hatsuyuki a piece of cake too! 2014 Line
Miyuki Play いーねー、クリスマス! なんかいいよなぁ、この鶏肉も美味いぜ! で、プレゼントは? It's nice isn't it, Christmas! It's kinda nice, and this chicken is delicious too! So, where's the present? 2014 Line
Murakumo Play クリ…スマ、ス? 西洋のお祭りでしょ。私、そういうのは…? …! な、なにこれ? 美味しい! えぇっ?! Christ... mas...? That's a Western celebration, isn't it. I'm not interested with such... *om nom noms* Wh-what's this!? So delicious! ... Ehh...?! 2014 Line
Isonami 綺麗ぇ、クリスマスツリー。そうか…今年も、もうそんな時期なのですね The Christmas tree is beautiful. That's right... It's already that time of year. 2014 Line
Uranami おお、おいしい!このケーキというものとっても甘くておいしいです!司令官! Oh, this is delicious! This cake is really sweet and delicious! Commander!
Ayanami Play メリークリスマス、司令官!はい、綾波と敷波からのプレゼントです!ケーキもどうぞ! Merry Christmas, Admiral! Here! This is a present from me and Shikinami. Have a cake, too! 2015 Line
Shikinami Play クリスマスか。。。一応綾波とさ、プレゼント買ったのさ。もうもらった?あ、そう。 Christmas... Well, I did buy a present with Ayanami. Have you received it yet? I see. 2015 Line
Oboro Play 朧クリスマス好きです!いいと思います! I really like Christmas! I think it's great! 2014 Line
Akebono Play クリスマス?別にあたしには関係ないけど。ま、ケーキは食べるけど。ね? Christmas? That has nothing to do with me. Well, I guess I'll have some cake, though. 2014 Line
Sazanami Play クリスマス、(・∀・)キタコレ! ケーキ( ゚д゚)ウマー!! Christmas is here (・∀・)! Cake is delicious ( ゚д゚)!! 2014 Line
Ushio Play クリスマス素敵ですね!提督、ありがとうございます!素敵です! Isn't Christmas pretty? Admiral, thank you very much! It's beautiful! 2014 Line
Hatsuharu Play く、くりす…ます?じゃと!? けったいな祭りじゃな! これが…チキン?ほうほう… Ch, Christ...mas... thou sayeth?! Quite the queer feast! T-this is... chicken? I see... 2014 Line
Akatsuki 子供じゃないんだから、ケーキにそんなに興味があるわけじゃないのよ? もぐもぐ。 Because I'm not a child I have no interest in things like cake okay? *Munch, Munch*
Hibiki この鶏肉には、力を感じる…。ターキーというのか… хорошо。 This chicken meat feels so powerful.... you call it Turkey? Harasho.
Ikazuchi 司令官、メリークリスマス! 雷、もっと料理取ってくるわね。食べて食べて! Commander, Merry Christmas! Ikazuchi will take care of the cooking. Eat up, eat up!
Inazuma メリー・クリスマス、なのです! はわぁ……、楽しいのです! Merry Christmas nano desu! Hawa...this is fun nano desu!
Nenohi Play ひゃあ! クリスマスだよ、クリスマス! ねのひ、クリスマス大好き! …で、クリスマスって、何の日? だっけかー? Wah! It's Christmas, Christmas! Nenohi loves Christmas! ... So, what day does Christmas fall on, again...? 2014 Line
Wakaba Play クリスマスか… 大丈夫!!ターキーとケーキなら既に買ってある。 大丈夫だ!! Christmas huh... I'm fine!! I've already got the turkey and cake. It's all fine!! 2015 Line
Shiratsuyu Play メリークリスマス!なんだか楽しいよね、クリスマス!一年で一番好き! Merry Christmas! Isn't Christmas fun? It's definitely my number one favorite! 2015 Line
Shigure Play 提督、メリークリスマス。今日は僕がプレゼントを渡すよ。はい。 Admiral, Merry Christmas. I'll be giving you presents today. Here. 2015 Line
Play 提督、クリスマスシーズンだね。メリークリスマス。あ、僕少し早かったかな。 Admiral, it's the Christmas season. Merry Christmas. Oh, was I a bit early?
Play え?この格好かい?クリスマスはこうするものだって。。。提督、もしかしていやだった?ごめん。。。 Hm? This outfit, you say? I heard this is what you do during Christmas... Admiral, did this not suit your fancy? Sorry...
Murasame Play はいはい!メリークリスマスです、提督!ケーキもターキーもほら、ばっちり! Yes ye~s! Merry Christmas, Admiral! The turkey and cake are both prepared to perfection! 2015 Line
提督、村雨のちょっといいクリスマスプレゼント、開けてみる?まだ、な・い・しょ! Admiral, you want to open that special present from me? Not. Just. Yet!
Yuudachi Play メリークリスマスっぽい!これはもう素敵なパーティーするしかないっぽい! Merry Christmas, poi! I think this clearly calls for a beautiful party, poi!! 2015 Line
はむ、んにゃ…ケーキも甘くて、おいしいっぽーい。んむぅ…でも、あんまり食べ過ぎると、排水量が増えちゃうっぽい。ぽ~い…。 *nom*... The cake is sweet and delicious-poi. Mmmm... but I can't eat too much or my displacement will increase-poi...
Samidare Play 提督、メリークリスマス!五月雨、ケーキをお持ちし。。。うお、あ!うわー!!ああ!! Admiral, Merry Christmas! I prepared a cake for... Ah, aah! Waah! Aaah!! 2015 Line
Umikaze Play 提督、今日はお祭りなのですね。モミの木の飾りも綺麗です。海風…幸せです Admiral, today is a festival huh. The fir tree's decorations are pretty. I'm... happy. 2015 Line
Yamakaze メリ~...クリス...マス。わぁぁぁぁい... 何? Merry... Christ... Mas. Wheeeeee... What? 2016 Line
Kawakaze Play 提督!クリスマスじゃんか!クリスマス!ケーキどこよ?ケーキ!イエ~イ! Admiral! It's Christmas, I say. Christmas! So, where's the cake? Where is it?! Yeah! 2015 Line
Suzukaze Play ん?なんだって?メリクリだ?くあ!なんだその冬まつりは!あたいも混ぜろって! Huh? What's that? Merry Christmas? Agh! What is this winter festival? Let me in on it! 2015 Line
Kagerou Play クリスマスよ!楽しまないと!! 皆食べてる? 不知火は…… 意外と楽しそうね♪ It's Christmas! Time to have fun!! Are you eating well everyone? Shiranui is... surprisingly enjoying herself♪ 2015 Line
Shiranui Play まあまあ。まあまあですね。クリスマス、悪くはないかと思います。 So so. It's alright. I guess I can't complain about Christmas. 2015 Line
Kuroshio Play ん~クリスマスケーキおいしいわ!司令はん、あ~ん! Mm~ This Christmas cake is delish! Admir'y, say ah~n! 2015 Line
Oyashio 司令!ケーキはこちらに取り分けておきました。あの料理も取ってきますね!…七面鳥……立派な鶏肉ですね、美味しそう…はい!司令、こちらです! Commander! I've cut the cake. I'll also go get that dish! ...Turkey... That's some delicious looking poultry... yes! Commander, over here!
Hatsukaze Play メリー。。。クリスマス。何よ、その顔。クリスマスよ。楽しいわね。 Merry... Christmas. What's with that face? It's Christmas. I suppose this is fun, too. 2015 Line
Yukikaze Play 司令!クリスマスです!ケーキも料理もおいしいです!し・れ・い!食べて食べて! Admiral! It's Christmas! The cake and food are delicious! Ad-mi-ral! Eat more! Eat! 2015 Line
Amatsukaze そう…クリスマス…別に私は…あ、何?は、初風。私、ケーキはいらないから。だから!ダイエットしてるんだってば! Oh...Christmas...well I don't think anything of it...hmm, what? Ha..Hatsukaze. No, I don't want any cake. Because! I'm on a diet right now!
Tokitsukaze Play 指令!クリスマス!このケーキうまい!指令も食べる?ほら、あ~ん! Commander! It's Christmas! This cake is unbelievably good! 'Want some? Here! Ah~n! 2015 Line
Hamakaze Play クリス。。。マス?クリスマスです、提督!あ。。。これ17駆のみんなからのプレゼントです。 Christ... mas... It's Christmas, Admiral! Um... This is a present from DesDiv17. 2015 Line
Tanikaze Play お~!クリスマスかい!いいね、クリスマス!え~と。。。ターキーってやつ?食べてみたいね! Oh! It's Christmas! I like that, Christmas! Um... It's that thing with the turkeys, right? I want to eat one! 2015 Line
Urakaze Play クリスマス酒ね。うちもいろいろ作ってみたけれの。味はどうじゃ? Christmas sake? Could say I tried my hand at it, too. Hows' it taste? 2015 Line
Isokaze ふむ、これがクリスマスというやつか。賑やかだな、悪くない。谷風の奴も張り切っているな…どれ、ケーキとやらを頂くか。う…美味いな! Humph, so this is Christmas. It's really lively, it's not bad. Tanikaze appears to be in really high spirits... Let me try this thing called 'cake'. It... it's good!
Nowaki Play クリス、マス? これが…これが、ケーキ。はむっ! ん…甘くて、美味しい… Christmas? This is... this is cake. Whoa~! Mmm... It's sweet, and delicious... 2014 Line
Arashi Play メリークリスマス、指令。4駆のみんなからプレゼントがあるんだぜ。いいか、みんな?せいの。。。うわ!!あ。。。怒ってる。。。 Merry Christmas, Admiral. DesDiv4's got a present for you. Ready, everyone? Ready... Rawr!! Uh... I think we got him mad... 2015 Line
Hagikaze Play 指令、メリークリスマス!私、健康ケーキを作ってみたんです。お砂糖とバター控えめで。。。あ、いいですか?どうぞ!あ~ん Admiral, Merry Christmas! I tried making a healthy cake! I cut down on the sugar and butter... Oh, would you like to try some? Here! Say "Ahn"! 2015 Line
Maikaze Play 提督!クリスマスだよ、クリスマス!踊ろうよ!ね?ワンツー、ワンツー! Admiral! It's Christmas! Let's dance! One, two! One, two! 2015 Line
Akigumo はふっ提督、この七面鳥うまいわー! 美味すぎー! やべー、マジ七面鳥うまー! へ? 瑞鶴さん何? 直上!? う、うわあぁぁ回避ぃー! Hafuu, Admiral this turkey is tasty! It's delicious! This is bad, turkey is seriously good! Eh? What is it Zuikaku-san? Uwaa, evasive action! I'm not sure what 直上 means in this context.
Asashio Play クリスマス。。。司令官、これがクリスマスなのですね!朝潮勉強になりました! Christmas... Commander, so this is Christmas! I've learned a lot! 2015 Line
Ooshio Play 司令官、クリスマスも大塩と全力疾走で参りましょう!メリクリ、あげあげです! Commander, shall we go at a full sprint this Christmas? Merry Christmas! Let's bring some spirit into this base! 2015 Line
Michishio Play クリスマスケーキ持ってきたって。。。あたしそんなに甘いものは。。。食べるけど。うん。。。 You brought a Christmas cake? I don't like sweets that much... Well, I'll still have some but... Yeah... 2015 Line
Kasumi Play クリスマスぅ?何浮かれてるの、バカみたい!…え?ケーキ?いらないわよ、そんな……うん。あ、美味しい。あ、えーっと… Christmas? Why are you so festive, you look stupid! ...Eh? Cake? I don't need something like... Ummm, ah... It's delicious. Ah, uhhh~ 2015 Line
Asagumo Play クリスマス…か。なるほど、これがぁ。悪くは…無いわね。これがケーキねっ はむっ♪ Christmas, huh...? I see, this is... not bad at all. So this is (Christmas) cake... *noms* 2014 Line
Yamagumo Play クリスマスですね!指令さん、クリスマスプレゼント何がいいですか? It's Christmas! Commander, what would you like for a present? 2015 Line
Yuugumo 提督、どうぞ飲んで下さい。今日はクリスマス。今日くらいは少し羽目をはずしたって、夕雲は怒りませんよ? ふふ、仕方ない子♪ Admiral, please have a drink. It's Christmas. It's alright to relax a bit today, I won't get mad OK? Fufu, it can't be helped♪
Makigumo 司令官様ぁ~、メリークリスマスで~す! 巻雲ぉ、こちらにケーキを取り分けておきましたぁ。……あ、朝雲~、これ美味しいよ! 食べてみて、ね! Commander-sama~ Merry Christmas! Makigumo left you a piece of cake here. Ah, Asagumo~, this is delicious! You have to have some, come on!
Kazagumo Play メリークリスマス、提督!楽しいねぇ。今日は少しお酒飲んじゃおっかなぁ。あ…ダメ? Merry Christmas Admiral! It's fun right~? Can I drink a little bit of sake today? Ah... no? 2015 Line
Takanami Play メリークリスマスかも、です!司令官、これ高波からのプレゼントかも、です! Merry Christmas, maybe! Commander, this is a present from me! 2015 Line
Naganami お、おー、メリクリってやつかこれが?いいな、飯もうまいじゃん! Oh, oooh~, so this is Merry Christmas? It's nice, the food is good too!
Asashimo Play クリ。。。スマス?また面妖な祭りやってんな、この艦隊は!飯はうまいからいいか。 Christ...mas? I swear, this fleet's always celebrating some strange festival or another! Well, the food's good so whatever. 2015 Line
Akizuki Play メリー・クリスマスです、指令!秋月、七面鳥を焼いたんですよ。あっ!だめっ!何で?! Merry Christmas, Commander! I roasted a turkey...oh! I shouldn't have? Why?! 2014 Line
Teruzuki Play これがクリスマス!提督、いいですね!クリスマス!秋月ねえもどんどん食べなよ!ほらほら、これとか! So this is Christmas! Admiral, I love it! I love Christmas! Akizuki-nee, you should eat your fill! Try this! 2015 Line
Hatsuzuki クリスマス? そうか、これが! 食事も豪華だな! Christmas? I see, so it's this! This meal is so extravagant!
Libeccio Play Buon Natale!提督さん、Panettone一緒に食べよう! Merry Christmas! Admiral, let's eat a Panettone together! A type of bread loaf usually prepared during Christmas in Italy and surrounding countries. 2015 Line

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kiso Play クリスマスだと?ま、悪くはないな。 Christmas? Well, this isn't bad either. 2013 Christmas Line
Play クリスマスケーキ。。。こんなに甘くていいのか?甘すぎる! Christmas cake... Are you sure it's supposed to be this sweet? Isn't this too sweet!? 2014 Christmas Line
Naka Play 那珂ちゃんとメリークリスマスだよ!きゃは! A Merry Christmas from Naka! Kyaha! 2013 Christmas Line
Play 七面鳥もクリスマスケーキもおいしいね! Both the turkey and Christmas cake are delicious! 2014 Christmas Line.
Nagara ん~、このチキンおいし~♪ あ、そっか、ターキーか……。あ、比叡さん何? え? クリスマススペシャルカレー? ……え? ええ!? えーーーーーーーっ!!? Hmmm~ This chicken is delicious~! Ah, right, this is turkey.... Oh, what is t Hiei-san? Eh? Your Special Christmas Curry? Eh? Eh!? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!!?
Natori ほんとにケーキ、美味しい。あ、五十鈴姉。これ、食べてみた? って、ああ…結構食べてるのね。え、ふぇぇ?! 大丈夫? The cake is really delicious. Ah, Isuzu-ane, have you had some? Oh, ah... you're sure eating lots. Eh, eeeeh?! Are you alright?
Yura Play 提督さん、メリークリスマス。由良と過ごすクリスマスもいいでしょ?ほら、あ~ん! Admiral, Merry Christmas! A Christmas with me isn't so bad either, is it? Say ahn! 2015 Christmas Line.
Kinu Play え。。。ここで一句、クリスマス・提督と一緒に・暮らします。なんちゃって!面白くない?ない?? Now, I'll be reciting a haiku. Christmas seasons come. With my dear precious Admiral, I shall reside with. Was that not good? No?? Note: The original Japanese is 5-8-5 and not 5-7-5. 2015 Christmas Line.
Abukuma Play メリークリスマスです!今晩はパーティーするって足柄さんたちから招待状が。。。提督、どうしましょう?あ、あたしてきには。。。 Merry Christmas! I got an invitation from Ashigara and co. about a party tonight but... Admiral, what do you want to do? W-Well if it were up to me... 2015 Christmas Line.
Agano Play 提督さん!キラリ~ン!メリークリスマス!阿賀野へのプレゼントは?え?後で?本当?待ってるからね。 Admiral! Super Merry Christmas! Do you have a present for me? What? Later? Really? I'll be waiting! 2015 Christmas Line.
Noshiro Play クリスマス。。。ですか。能代、なれない行事ではありますが。。。すこし楽しいですね!あ、提督。この鶏肉料理おいしいです! So it's Christmas... I can't say I'm used to this event yet but... It is fun! Oh, Admiral! This chicken dish is really tasty! 2015 Christmas Line.
Sakawa Play 指令、メリークリスマスぴゅ~!ツリーがきれいで。。。酒匂この雰囲気が好き!あの泡の飲み物は。。。お、これはまだ駄目? Admniral, Merry Christmas pyu~! The tree's so pretty... I really love this atmosphere! About that bubbly drink... I still can't drink it? Read: Champagne. 2015 Christmas Line.
Yahagi Play クリスマス。悪くはないわね、こういうの。提督、私は好きよ。少し。。。酔いそう Christmas... This isn't bad. Admiral, I'm not opposed to these. I might... get a bit tipsy. 2015 Christmas Line.
Yuubari Play メリークリスマス、提督!提督、これ私からのプレゼント!え?テイトクも? Merry Christmas, Admiral! This is my present to you, Admiral! What? A present for me? 2015 Christmas Line.
Ooyodo Play 提督、クリスマスですね?メリークリスマス! Admiral, it's Christmas isn't it? Merry Christmas! 2014 Christmas Line

Training Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kashima Play 提督さん、メリークリスマス!この季節はなんだか少し幸せな気持になりますね!今日だけは。。。少し飲んじゃおうかな。えへへ Admiral, Merry Christmas! Doesn't this season just fill you with joy? Maybe just for today... I'll let myself have a few drinks. Ehehe.
Katori Play クリスマスですね、提督。少しロマンチック。イルミネーションつけたくなります。 It's Christmas, Admiral. Isn't it a bit romantic? It almost makes me want to put up some lights.

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Furutaka Play 提督、メリークリスマス!この季節を一緒に過ごせて古高、うれしいです! Admiral, Merry Christmas! I'm so glad I'm able to spend this time with you! Christmas 2014 Line
Aoba おおお~、確かに! このターキーというのは美味しいですね、司令官っ! え、「タイクウカンシ、ゲンニセヨ」? わわっ、なんだよ、何で味方機がぁ!? Ooooh~ definitely! This turkey is delicious Commander! Eh, "Anti-air radar, alert"? Whaaa, what's going on, what are the friendly planes doing!?
Kinugasa メリークリスマス! 提督、楽しんでる? …大丈夫? 食べ疲れてない? 衣笠さん、胃薬持ってきてあげようか? 待ってて! Merry Christmas! Are you enjoying yourself Admiral? ...Are you alright? Did you eat too much? I'll go get you some stomach medicine alright? Please wait!
Myoukou Play 提督、メリークリスマス!私ケーキを焼いてみました。よかったら召し上がって。 Admiral, Merry Christmas! I tried baking a cake. If you'd like, please try some! Christmas 2015 Line
Ashigara Play メリークリスマス!もちろん今夜のメインディッシュはかつよ!聖夜にかつ!これよ! Merry Christmas! Of course, tonight's main dish is katsu! A holy night's gotta' be katsu! Katsu, a type of dish, is a homonym with the word for "to win". Christmas 2015 Line.
Haguro Play 司令官さん、メリークリスマス!あ、あの。。。プレゼントもしよかったら。。。あの。。。 Commander, Merry Christmas! U-Um... If it's okay with you, please take this gift! Um... Christmas 2015 Line
Nachi Play クリスマスか。悪くはないな。今日は朝まで飲むぞ!あ、そうだ。悪くない! Christmas, is it? Not bad. We'll be drinking till sunrise! That's right! Not bad! Christmas 2015 Line
Takao Play メリークリスマス!提督、今日だけは司令官のお仕事を忘れてパーティーを楽しましょ!あ。。。愛宕、邪魔しないで! Merry Christmas! Admiral, how about you forget about your work just for today and enjoy the part? Ah... Atago, don't interrupt! Christmas 2015 Line
Atago Play 提督、パンパカパ~ンからのメリークリスマス!は~い、愛宕からのプレゼント!あ、今、開けてね。ほら、よく似合う!よかった! Admiral, a merry pan-paka-pan Christmas to you! All right! Here's your present from me! Oh, open it now! See, it suits you well! I'm so relieved! Christmas 2015 Line
Maya クリスマスねぇ~… まっ、いっか。このしゃんぱんの*1って酒も、まぁアリだしな!なっ、提督! Christmas huh, well whatever. This Champagne is the number one alcohol, thanks a bunch! Right Admiral! Christmas 2015 Line
Choukai Play メリークリスマス!西洋のお祭りですけれど素敵ですよね!はい!ケーキです! Merry Christmas! While this is a Western celebration, it's still beautiful! Here! Have a cake! Christmas 2015 Line
Tone Play 筑摩、西洋のお祭りじゃな!料理もケーキも見事なものじゃ!吾輩も楽しいぞ! Chikuma, this is what you call a Western celebration! The food and cake are a sight to behold! I'm definitely having my share of fun! Christmas 2015 Line
Chikuma Play 提督、メリークリスマス。提督も楽しまれていますか?今夜は聖なる夜ですよ。うふふ Admiral, Merry Christmas. Are you having fun? You know they say that tonight's a holy night. Christmas 2015 Line
Mogami 提督メリクリスマス!いや、いいね、この言うの。僕も好きだよ。楽しいね。 Admiral, Merry Christmas. Naw, it's fine, I like this sort of thing. In fact, I love it. It's fun, isn't it?
Mikuma メリクリスマスですわ。三隈、クリスマスケーキ大好きです。提督はどうですか?はい、あ~ん。 Merry Christmas to you. Mikuma just loves Christmas Cake. What about you Admiral? Okay, say ahh.
Suzuya Play メリクリ、メリクリ!提督、メリクリだよ!はい!鈴冶にプレゼントちょうだい!ふうん? Happy happy holidays! Admiral, merry Christmas! Alright, so where's my present? Hm? Christmas 2015 Line
Kumano Play 。。。なんですのこの七面鳥のグリルとやらは。。。なかなかいけます! ... Why is this grilled turkey so delicious? It's so good! Christmas 2015 Line
Prinz Eugen Play あ!クリスマスはやっぱりシュトーレンやレープクーヘンが楽しみ!美味しいよね~ Ah! If we're talking Christmas, you can't forget the Stollen and Lebkuchen! They're so tasty! Christmas 2014 Line;
Both are traditional German baked goods
Zara Buone Feste!提督、はい!プレゼント!提督からのプレゼントは...えっと、ザラ、あれがいいな! Happy holidays! Here Admiral! A present! A present from the admiral... Um, I'd like that!
Pola Buone Feste!提督、クリスマスは楽しいですね。今日はいくら飲んででも大丈夫ですよね。えへふふふふふ。。。 Boune Feste! Admiral, Christmas is so fun isn't it? I'm not sure how much I drank but I'm fine aren't I? Ehehuhuhuhu....


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Nagato Play これが、クリスマスか。ふうん……そうか。 Ohhhh Christmas? Mmmm....I see. Christmas 2013 Line
Hyuuga Play お。これがクリスマスなのか。ふむ。赤と緑。。。そして白か。悪くないな。 Hm. So this is Christmas. Hm. Red, green... and white. Not bad. Christmas 2013 Line
Fusou Play 山城、このお料理おいしいわ。あなたもたべてみて。ね?ふつうの鶏肉とは違うのね。 Yamashiro, these dishes are delicious. Why don't you try some too? See? It's a bit different from regular chicken. Christmas 2015 Line
Yamashiro Play ねえ様、このターキーおいしいですね。え?空母が一隻なんか。。。関係ないですね。 Nee-sama, this turkey is great! Hm? That carrier over there... Whatever. Christmas 2015 Line
Kongou Play ヘ~イ、テイトク!メリークリスマスだよ!さ、私へのプレゼントを早く出すのデス!さ!さあ!あ、逃げたデス!待て!! Hey, teitoku! Merry Christmas! Now, hurry up and bring out my present! Come on! Come on!! Ah, he ran! Wait!! Christmas 2015 Line
Hiei Play はい。指令、艦隊クリスマスを迎える用意官僚です!クリスマスケーキも今年この比叡が気合…入れて…作りました!楽しみしててくださいね!はい! All right. Admiral, preparations for the fleet to enjoy Christmas are complete! I've once again done my best to prepare a Christmas cake! Look forward to it! Yeah! Christmas 2015 Line
Haruna Play メリークリスマス、提督!春名、提督とまたクリスマスご一緒できて幸せです!提督、シャンパンをお開けしますね。はい、どうぞ。春名もいただきます! Merry Christmas, Admiral! I'm so glad that I'm able to spend yet another Christmas with you. Allow me to open up the champagne. Here you go! I... think I'll have some myself. Christmas 2015 Line
Kirishima Play さ、クリスマスパーティーの季節よ!パーティーの司会ではマイクが大事!もちろんマイクチェックしっかりお願いね。そう、大切です。よろしく頼みますね。 It's that time of the year for Christmas parties! Of course at a party, the mic is most important! I'll leave the mic check to you! It's important, you know! I'm counting on you! Christmas 2015 Line
Yamato メリクリスマス!提督、大和放水じゃフールポワーでクリスマススペシャルデーナーをごよいしました!七恋情を焼きあいましたよ。あ?あれ?瑞鶴さん? Merry Christmas! Admiral, Yamato used her full power to make a special Christmas dinner! I've roasted us a turkey. Oh? Huh? Zuikaku-san? TRIGGERED
Musashi Play あう。。。ん。。。うむ。うまい。うまいぞ、クリスマス!悪くないな!提督ももっと食え! Au... Mmf... Yes... So good. Christmas is so good! I like this! Admiral, eat more! Christmas 2015 Line
Bismarck Play 今年もクリスマスの季節なのね。早いわね!さ、プレゼント渡していいのよ! Is it already that time of year for Christmas? How time flies! Now, you're welcome to give me my gift at your leisure! 2014 Christmas Line
Littorio Play ボネフェステ。テイトク、メリークリスマス! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas, Admiral! Christmas 2015 Line
Italia Play ボネフェステ。テイトク、メリークリスマス!はい、私からのプレゼントです!ちゅっ! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas, Admiral! This is my present! *kiss* Christmas 2015 Line
Roma Play ボネフェステ。テイトク、メリークリスマス!だけど、ねえさん。。。少しやりすぎ。もう。。。 Happy holidays! Merry Christmas, Admiral. Though Nee-san... she's going too hard. Jeez... It probably means that her sister is in a Christmas CG while she isn't
Warspite Admiral!Happy Christmas!今日は飲みましょう、乾杯!いいわね、こんな日も。 Admiral! Happy Christmas! Let's have drink today, cheers! Isn't today just lovely.

Light Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Houshou 提督、クリスマスの料理、和風アレンジでいくつかで挑戦してみたんです。よかったら,どうですか?お口に合えばいいのですが Admiral I attempted to make a Japanese style arrangement for the Christmas meal. If it's alright would you take a look? I hope it suits your tastes.
Ryuujou Play 司令官、メリクリや!クリスマス衣装、可愛いやろ!そうやろ、そうやろ!飴ちゃんあげるで! Admiral, Merry Christmas! How 'you like the outfit? Ain't it cute? Ain't that right? Here, have 'ere some candy!
Shouhou Play メリークリスマスです、提督!あの、私提督にプレゼントがあるんです。よかったらどうか受け取ってください! Merry Christmas, Admiral! Um, I actually have a gift for you. If it's okay with you, please accept it! Christmas 2015 line
Zuihou Play クリスマスですね!私もクリスマスっぽい卵焼き焼いてみたの。どう? It's Christmas! I tried making some Christmas-like tamagoyaki! How are they? Tamagoyaki Christmas 2014 line
Hiyou Play ク、クリスマスか。。。ドレスまだとっておいたかな。。。着てもいいかな。。。 Ch-Christmas? I wonder if I still have my dress... I wonder if it's appropriate to wear. Christmas 2014 line
Chiyoda Play クリスマスか!あ、この鳥料理おねえ好きそう!提督、千歳ねえ見なかった? Christmas, huh! Oh, I bet Onee would like this chicken dish! Admiral, have you seen Chitose-nee? Christmas 2015 line
Chitose Play 提督、クリスマス楽しいですね!こら、千代田。食べすぎはだめよ。うふふ Admiral, Christmas is quite a lot of fun! Hey, Chiyoda. Don't eat too much, now. Ufufu. Christmas 2015 line
Ryuuhou て・い・と・く♪ クリスマスですね。 私、腕を奮っちゃいます! お料理のリクエスがあったら、言ってくださいね? Ad-mi-ra-l♪ It's Christmas. I'm going to give it my all! If you'd like me to cook anything let me know alright?

Standard Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akagi Play これは。。。おいしい!これもクリスマス!いいですね。あ、加賀さんも食べてます? This... is delicious! This is a part of Christmas, too! I like it! Oh, Kaga-san, are you also having your share? 2015 Christmas Line
Kaga Play メリークリスマスか。いいけれど。提督、赤城さん見かけませんでしたか?そう。 Merry Christmas, is it? Well, that's fine. Admiral, have you seen Akagi-san around? I see. 2015 Christmas Line
Souryuu Play わーい!クリスマス!いいよね、ツリーやチキン!この雰囲気が好き! Yay! Christmas! Isn't it great with all the trees and chicken? I love this atmosphere! 2014 Christmas Line
Hiryuu Play おう、うん。クリスマスね。ケーキ、七面鳥も。。。んん、おいしいは!あれ、瑞鶴?なんで怒っているの?え? Wow, it's Christmas. Cake, turkey... they're all delicious! Huh? Zuikaku? What are you upset about? What? 2014 Christmas Line
Shoukaku Play 瑞鶴?どうしたの?何をそんなにイライラしているの?せっかくのクリスマス。。。これを食べて落ち着いて。え?え~?? Zuikaku? What's wrong? Why do you look so bothered? Enjoy the Christmas air! Here, eat this and get in the feel! What? What?! 2015 Christmas Line
Zuikaku Play ん。。。クリスマスか。。。あ、翔鶴ねえ、その料理は食べない!私絶対食べない!いらないってば! Mm... Christmas... Ah, Shoukaku-nee, I don't need any of that food! I'm definitely not eating any of it! I don't want it! 2015 Christmas Line
Unryuu 提督、あーん。ほら、甘くて美味しいでしょ?クリスマスは、このケーキというのが、何とも魅力的ですね。この炭酸のお酒も、いい感じ。 Admiral, say 'aah'. See, it's sweet and delicious right? This thing called cake during Christmas is quite charming. This carbonated alcohol feels good too.
Amagi Play メリークリスマスです、提督!函館や呉の夜景もきれいですよ、きっと! Merry Christmas, Admiral! I'm sure Kure and Hakodate are both quite the sight! Hakodate Dock was where Amagi was scrapped. Amagi was capsized by American airstrikes in Kure. 2015 Christmas Line
Katsuragi Play クリスマス。。。か。悪くないわね、この雰囲気。これがシャンパン?そ、そう。 So this... is Christmas. Can't say I dislike the atmosphere. Is this champagne? I-I see. 2015 Christmas Line
Taihou 提督、メリークリスマス! 翔鶴さんも瑞鶴さんも、ほら楽しそう。……え? ……た……たた、楽しそう? ……ね、提督! はい、乾杯! Admiral, Merry Christmas! Shoukaku-san and Zuikaku-san look like they're having fun ...Eh? ...Are... they? ...Hey Admiral! Yes, cheers!
Graf Zeppelin Play アドミラール、この艦隊もクリスマスは祝うのだな。このシュトーレンも悪くないぞ。この国の潜水艦が作ったのか?ふむ。やるな。 Admiral, I see that this fleet also celebrates Christmas. This Stollen isn't half bad either. Did this country's submarines make it? I see. Not bad. Stollen is a traditional German baked good. 2015 Christmas Line
Aquila Buone Feste! 提督、アクィラのクリスマスプレゼントです♪ はい!よかった! 似合います♪ Happy Holidays! Admiral, here's a present from me♪ Yes! Thank goodness! It suits you♪
Saratoga Merry Christmas!提督。サラ特製の大きな大きなターキーサラダサンドイッチ作ってみたんです。どうぞ、召し上がれ Merry Christmas! Admiral. I've made you an extra extra large special turkey salad sandwich. Please, dig in.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
I-8 Play 提督、クリスマスです!シュトーレン焼かないといけません。なのではっちゃんこの期間出撃を。。。え?駄目? Admiral, it's Christmas! I have to go bake Stollen. As such, I don't think I'll be able to sortie... What? Denied? Christmas 2015 lines
でも、クリスマスはやっぱりシュト… え?提督が焼いてくれる?本当に?Danke!ハッチャン、楽しみ! But, for Christmas you really need Sto... Eh? You'll bake one Admiral? Really? Thanks! I'm looking forward to it!
I-19 Play 提督、このケーキおいしいの!もっともっとほしいの!イク、クリスマスはとってもご機嫌なの! Admiral, this cake is delicious! I want more! I'm always in a good mood during Christmas! Christmas 2015 lines
I-26 はぁ~、これがクリスマスってもんか。ねぇねぇ、サラっち。あんたんとこ、本場はもっとすごいの? あ、そう。へぇー! Haa~ so this is Christmas. Hey, hey Saracchi. Is Chistmas at your place, your homeland, grander? Ah, is that so. Heee~!
Maruyu 隊長、この鶏肉、おいしいです。カレーにしてもおいしそうです。あ、さすがにクリスマスにカレーはダメですよね? …え、いい!? じゃあまるゆカレー、作ってきます! Captain, this chicken is delicious. I think it would be good in curry too. Oh, as I expected, is my Christmas Curry idea no good? Huh, you like it? Okay, then I'll make some Maruyu Curry.
U-511 Play ユーも今日は楽しい。ビスマルク姉さんも楽しそう!でも。。。食べすぎかも。 Yu's having fun today. Bismarck-neesan seems to be having fun, too... Though she does seem to be eating quite a lot. Christmas 2015 lines
Ro-500 Play Frohe Weihnachten! 提督、この七面鳥おいしいって! Merry Christmas! Apparently this turkey is really good, Admiral! Christmas 2015 lines

Auxilliary ships

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akitsushima Play やった!クリスマスだ!秋津洲も料理いっぱい作るかも!ん?瑞鶴?何、どうしたの? Hurray! It's Christmas! I'm maybe going to make a lot of food! Hm? Zuikaku? What, is something the matter? Christmas 2015 lines
Mizuho Play クリスマス。。。楽しいですね!瑞穂もライスコロッケ作ってみました!お味どうでしょう? Christmas... quite a fun season! I tried making some rice croquettes. How's the taste? Christmas 2015 lines
Commandant Teste Joyeux noël. さ、私の作ったGâteau de Noëllも召し上がれ♪ Merry Christmas. Now, please eat this Christmas cake I just baked♪
Akashi Play メリークリスマス、提督!クレーンにイルミネーション飾っちゃいましょうか! Merry Christmas, Admiral! How about I decorate my crane with some lights? Christmas 2015 lines
Hayasui Play 提督さん、メリークリスマス!速吸もケーキ作ったんですよ!はい、お口開けて!あ~ん! Merry Christmas, Admiral! I tried making a cake, too! Here, open your mouth! Ahn~ Christmas 2015 lines
Akitsumaru クリスマスというものでありますな。や、異国の祭りも興味深いものであります。自分は、嫌いではないのであります。 You say that it's Christmas time now huh? This foreigners festival does sound pretty interesting. I think I rather like it myself.
Mamiya Play クリスマスですね!ケーキはもちろんおいしい七面鳥も準備しておきますね! It's Christmas! I've of course taken the liberty of preparing cake and turkey!
Irako Play ケーキもお飲み物もご用意しました!だってクリスマスですもの!クリスマス! I've prepared both cake and drinks! It is Christmas, after all!