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Seasonal/Mid Summer Season Update

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There are a lot of lines that rely on the fact that 海 (umi) means both "ocean/sea" and "beach", so that lines like "let's go to the sea" and "let's go to the beach" are indistinguishable.

This doesn't work quite as well in English, so just keep it in mind when reading translations.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akebono Play 夏本番か! 潮、アンタ少しダイエットした方がいいわ。あたし? あたしは別に…… It's the height of summer! Ushio... have you thought about going on a diet at all? Me? I'm fine, really. The kusoest.
Ayanami Play 夏は……やっぱり暑いですね……。司令官、敷波が持ってきてくれたスイカ、切りましょうか! Summer... really is hot, isn't it. Commander, why don't we split the watermelon that Shikinami brought?
Fubuki Play 特型駆逐艦集合! 夏の演習を始めます! 二隻一組になって! あ……あ、そうだ! 私と組もう? ね? Special-type destroyers, assemble! Summer practice, start! Two ships per group! Ah... ah, that's right! Would you like to pair up?
Hatsukaze Play いよいよ夏本番ね。なに?泳ぎに行く?いいわよ。あ、不知火とかも誘う?ああ...そう It's finally midsummer, huh. What? Go swimming? Sure. Ah, why don't we invite Shiranui, too? Oh, is that... so.
Kagerou Play ほーらっ、十八駆、海に行くわよ。ちゃんと服の下に水着着た? 不知火、あんたもよ Come on, 18th, to the beach! 'Everyone have your swimsuits on under your clothes? Shiranui, you too!
Kisaragi Play ほら、海に行きましょう。ああ、艤装や服や脱いで、ね?如月の水着、どう? Hey, why don't we go to the beach? Ah, we can take off our clothes and equipment, right? Hey, how do I look in my swimsuit?
Kuroshio Play 司令は~ん。一緒に、海行かへん? いんや、遠征とかやなくって、砂浜や Commander, won'cha come down to the sea with me? No, not another expedition, to the beach!
Maikaze Play 夏が来ました~! それ ワン~ツ~! あっ、香取~! また一緒に踊る~? Summer's heeeeere!! One, two! Ah, Katori! 'Wanna dance some more~?
Murasame Play はいはい~夏です夏!提督、一緒に海にいきましょう、出撃とかじゃなくて! Hai hai~ it's summer, summer! Admiral, let's go down to the sea - no, not for a sortie!
Mutsuki Play およ? 提督、一泳ぎに行くのかにゃ? 睦月もお付き合いするの、水着水着―! Oyo? Admiral, are you going for a swim? I'll come along too! Ah, swimsuit, swimsuit~!
Oboro Play 提督? 夏真っ盛りですね! 朧、この季節大好きなんです! カニさんも嬉しそう! ほら! Admiral? The height of summer's come! Oboro, really loves this season! And the crabs are living it up too - look!
Samidare Play 夏ですね夏!提督、一緒に海に行きましょう。て、あぁ、毎日行ってますね。 Summer's here, summer! Why don't we go down to the sea? Ah, I guess we do do that every day.
Sazanami Play 夏本番キタコレ!水着だヽノわっしょい! …でぇ!? ご主人様も早く水着に着替えるべし! Midsummer's heeeere! Swimsuits, yaaaay! Huh? Master, you change into your swimsuit too!
Shigure Play やっぱり夏は暑いね…提督、大丈夫かい?…そう、提督は立派だね。見習うよ! Summer really is hot, after all. Admiral, are you good with the heat? I see, you're really something. I'll follow your example!
Play どうだろう? やっぱり装甲が薄いのかな? How is it? I wonder if my armor is thin.
Play うん、ちょっぴりぼくも恥ずかしい……かな Yeah, I'm a little embarassed too..
Shikinami Play 夏だよ、司令官。スイカ食べる? あ、綾波にも持って行ってやろう。なんか……いいよね It's summer, commander. How about some watermelon? Ah, I'll give some to Ayanami, too. Don't you enjoy this kind of atmosphere?
Shimakaze Play 夏ー! 連装砲ちゃんと泳ぎにいこう。泳ぎ比べも負けませんよ! だって早いもん! Summertime! I'm going to take the Rensouhou-chans swimming. I won't lose at swimming competitions either. Cause I'm fast!
Shiranui Play いや、海にはいつも行っています……夏だからといって、水着で行く必要なぞ…… No, see here, we're always on the sea anyway... just because it's summer doesn't mean we need to wear swimsuits. Response to Kagerou's line.
Shiratsuyu Play やった、夏だ!水着に着替えて海に行こ?海に。あたし一番乗り~ Hooray, it's summer!!! Why don't we get changed and go down to the beach, the beach! I'm number one at getting into the mood! And carving into my summer furniture wall.
Suzukaze Play キタキタこの季節最高だぜ!やっぱあたいは夏が好きだな~いい感じだぜ! Finally, finally, summer's the best! In the end, I really love summer the most! Feels great!
Takanami Play 夏ですね、司令官。氷小豆食べたいかもですね。間宮さん…あ、私出します! It's summer, Commander! Doesn't it make you want shaved ice? Mamiya-san... ah, my treat! Specifically, shaved ice with red beans. The classic.
Tokitsukaze Play しれー、夏だよー、海に行こー?出撃じゃなくってさー ほーら、はやくはやくはーやーくー! Commander, it's summer~ Won't you come down to the sea~ No, not for a sortie~~ Come on, already~ Hurry up~ hurry up~ hurry up!
Ushio Play あ……やっぱり、潮少し太ったかも……。曙ちゃん、わたし少し痩せるように頑張るね。 Ah, I guess I might have put on some weight after all... Akebono-chan, I'll do my best to lose some weight. Response to Akebono's line.
Yuudachi Play ちょっと暑すぎっぽい~。艤装も服も脱いで、ひと泳ぎするしかないっぽい!
It's a bit too hot-poi~ At times like this, you've gotta ditch equipment and uniform and go swimming-poi!
I don't know but I feel like my armor is thin-poi!
This makes it easier to move-poi!
Play 気のせいか装甲が薄いっぽーい。ぽーい I don't know but I feel like my armor is thin-poi!
Play これはこれで動き易いっぽい。ぽーい♪ This makes it easier to move-poi!

Light Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Abukuma Play この焼けつくような太陽…夏ですね~。お肌が荒れて、ちょっと困ります。…あのー、提督、聞いてます? This blistering heat... it's a sure sign of summer. This really isn't good for my skin. Um, Admiral, are you listening?
Jintsuu Play 提督、浴衣…ですか?あ…はい、持ってはいますが。一緒に、花火に…?あっ……喜んで My yukata, Admiral? Oh, well I do have a set. Would you like to see some fireworks...? Oh, it'd be my pleasure!
Kinu Play 夏はやっぱりお祭りだよねー、鎮守府夏祭り!早く仕事終わらせて、準備しよ! Festivals are definitely the best during the summer. Let's have a naval base summer festival! Let's hurry up and finish work and get to it!
Kiso Play 夏か。この季節、悪くはない。お前も海に行くか? なぁ? Summer, huh. This season isn't bad either. You coming to the shore, too?
Kuma Play 夏だー!!泳ぎに行くクマー。球磨の河泳ぎのテクニックを見るクマ!シャケも捕るクマ。…あ、冗談だクマよ? Summer's here~! Let's go swimming-kuma. I'll show you my river-swimmming technique-kuma! I can even catch salmon-kuma. Ah. That last one was a joke.
Tama Play 夏にゃぁ~…ちょっと暑いにゃ…暑くてひっくり返って寝たくなるにゃ……にゃぁぁ… Summer-nya... it's kind of hot, nya. When it's this hot I just want to roll over and sleep, nyaaaaaa...
Tenryuu Play よっしゃーーー!夏だぜ!全員水着で浜辺に集合だ! ボールを使った特訓をするぜ!ネットの高さは駆逐に合わせてやれ! Alriiiight, it's summer! Everyone to the beach in your swimsuits! Let's get a ball and do some special training! Set up the height of the net to the destroyers!!
Yura Play 提督さん、夏ですね、ねっ。 ……あ、夕立ちゃん。水着かわいい……由良も来年こそ Admiral, summer's come, hasn't it? Ah, Yuudachi-chan, your swimsuit's really cute... Yura, next year, will also...
Yuubari Play う~、夏は、暑いですね…。提督! 折角ですから、ここは夏っぽい兵装で行きたいかな? Ugh, it's hot during the summer... Admiral! Since it's summer, I kind of want to go with summer like equipment.

Heavy Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Haguro Play 夏ですね。…え? 泳がないのか、って? だって、水着とかないし…あ、あの…え、えええっ!? Summer's already upon us. Huh? Am I going to swim? Well, I don't have a swimsuit and... Oh, um... Uh...
Kako Play ぃやったああ! 夏が来たあああ! よぉし、たっぷり昼寝だああ!! えっ、ダメ? Yahoo! Summer's finally here! Alright, it's time for a nap! What, is that not allowed?
Kumano Play 夏!ですわ~!! 今年もリゾートに行きたいですわ~ ん…トラック島? それは、リゾートですの? It's the summer! It'd be most pleasant if we could stay at a resort~ Hm... Truk island? Is that a resort? Kumano was based in the Truk islands for a considerable amount of time.
Maya Play よーし、夏だ!夏ぅ! 気持ちがいいなぁ! な、提督。服なんざ脱いで、泳ぎに行こうぜ! Alright, summer! Summer!! Damn, it feels good. Yo, Admiral. Just take take off your clothes and come swim with me!
Myoukou Play 随分と暑くなりましたね。夏、ですものね。あぁ高雄。いつも元気ね。え?水着ですか? It's gotten quite hot in the recent days. Well, I suppose it is summer. Ah, Takao. You're always full of energy. Hm? A swimsuit?
Suzuya Play 夏じゃん!夏!! 熊野、おニューの水着で泳ぎに行こうよ~! ん? フフッ… 提督も、イく? Summer time! Summer!! Kumano, why don't we take a swim with our new swimsuits? Hm? Fufu... Admiral, would you care to join us?


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kongou Play Summer Season到来デース! 比叡? 私のSwimming Wearは? え、Nothing? The summer season's finally here! Hiei? Where's my swimsuit? What? Nothing?
Littorio Play 提督、夏ですね ご一緒に、海に行きましょ? あっ、そうじゃなくて、泳ぎに…です 新しい 水着も 用意、したのです フフッ… Admiral, it's already summer, isn't it. Shall we take a visit to the beach? Oh, I mean... Would you like to swim? I even bought a new swimsuit.... Fufu.
Roma Play 姉さん、提督と泳ぎに行くの? …仕方ない、自分も付き合うか 一応…水着も買ってあるし… Nee-san, you're going swimming with the admiral? Ah, whatever. I'll come along, too. I did buy a swimsuit, after all.

Light Carrier

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ryuujou Play めっちゃ夏や…じりじりしとる…。ウチの甲板で目玉焼きが焼けそうやでぇ… Ain't no denying it's summer... Ick, this is irritating. I swear you'd be able to make a sunny-side up on my flight deck with this heat.... Which flight deck might you be talking about? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
RO-500 Play 夏が来たって~、泳ぐって~、どぼ~ん!どぼ~ん!しおいが言ってたって! Summer's here! I'm gonna' go swim! Splash! Splash!! Shioi was saying something like that!
Akitsushima Play ぅわーーい! 夏が来たかも~! 提督!ほらほら!早く水着に着替えて、泳ぎに行きましょ~! 特別に、大艇ちゃんに捕まってもいいよ~! Wow! I think summer might be here! Admiral! Hey, hey! Hurry up and get changed! Let's go swimming! Here, I'll even let you hold onto Taitei-chan!