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Seasonal/Rainy Season 2015

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ayanami Play 梅雨の季節、雨の音も、気持ちを切り替えれば、心地良いですね。司令官も、そう思われます If you think of the rainy season and the sound of the rain from a different perspective, it's a lot more pleasant. Wouldn't you agree, Commander?
Fubuki Play 今日も雨ですね。梅雨ですから、仕方ないですね、雨。そうだ!訓練しましょう、うん!あれ、白露型が元気、ですね It seems like it's rain again today. Well, it is the rainy season so I guess that's to be expected. Oh! How about we train? Huh, it seems like the Shiratsuyu-class girls are pretty energetic today. The "tsuyu" in Shiratsuyu is a homophone for the rainy season, also "tsuyu".
Hatsuyuki Play 梅雨の、雨。雨は、嫌い。引きこも This rain... I don't like it. I'm staying in.
Isonami Play 梅雨ですね。なんか、落ち着いた気持ちになって、これはこれでいいですね。え、深雪ちゃん?違うの!?ええ! I guess it's that time of the year again. Though it helps me feel relaxed, so that's good in its own regard. Wait, you aren't Miyuki-chan? What?!
Kisaragi Play あら、睦月ちゃんのてるてる坊主、かわいいわね。如月のもあるの?ありがとう Oh my, your teru teru bozu is quite cute, Mutsuki-chan. You made some for me too? Thank you.
Kuroshio Play 雨やね。雨の季節は、それはそれでええもんやね。 Rain, huh? The rainy season ain't that bad in its own way too, 'ya know?
Miyuki Play 梅雨はうっとうしいよなあ、なあ磯波よお。…おい、聞いてる Ain't the rainy season a pain, Isonami? ...Hey, you listening?
Mochizuki Play 眠い…梅雨かあ~。雨音って眠気を誘うよね~…司令官も一緒に寝よう、あふぅ Sleepy... Guess it's the rainy season. The sound of the rain puts me to sleep. Commander, let's take a nap.
Murakumo Play 梅雨か…ま、嫌いじゃないわ。少しゆっくりできるじゃない。アンタは嫌いなの Rainy season, huh? Well, I guess I can't say I dislike it. At least I can take it easy in this weather. Do you not like it?
Murasame Play あ、春雨…じゃなかった、提督?どなたかお探し?あ、違うの。なぁに?村雨でよかったら、お話聞くよ?なになに? Ah, Harusame... no it wasn't, Admiral? Are you looking for someone? Ah, I was wrong? What? If it's okay with you, Murasame will hear you out. What is it, what is it?
Mutsuki Play 如月ちゃん、最近雨が多いね。あ、そうだ!てるてる坊主作ろ!如月ちゃんと睦月の Kisaragi-chan, don't you think there's been a lot of rain recently? Oh, how about we put up teru teru bozu? Let's put one up for each of us!
Samidare Play 梅雨の季節、五月雨、結構好きなんです。なんかこう、雨の日って良くないですか?…ねっ You know, I like the rainy season quite a bit. How do I say this? It's just so... nice. Don't you think so too?
Satsuki Play 五月の、季節…ボクの季節だね!うふふっ The fifth month of the year... Hey, that's my month! Ufufu. 五月(Satsuki) is an alternate kanji for 皐月(Satsuki) where the first form means the fifth month. This is also when the rainy season starts.
Shigure Play 提督。……止まない雨は無いさ。……そう、心配しなくていいんだ。……僕も、いつでも一緒にいる。そばにいて……いいんだよ Admiral... There's no such thing as a rain that won't stop. You don't have to worry. I'll always be here by your side.
Shikinami Play 梅雨の季節は、あんま外出る気がしなくて少しやだな。まあ、いいんだけどさ、 I just can't quite make myself go outside during the rainy season; I'm not a huge fan. Well, I guess it could be worse.
Shimakaze Play この季節は雨が多くて、連装砲ちゃんたちがかわいそう。早く夏になれ~、はやくはやく~ There's too much rain during the rainy season. Think of my poor Rensouhou-chans! Hurry up and come, summer! Hurry! Hurry!
Shirayuki Play 雨には雨の戦い方がある、そう教えてくれたのは司令官です。大丈夫、雨の日もご一緒に参りましょ The rain has its own battle that its fighting; you taught me this, Commander. Even when it's raining, I'll be with you.
Suzukaze Play う~ん、梅雨だな。雨かあ、嫌いじゃねえけど…なっ五月雨、なあ Ugh, it's the rainy season. Rain, huh? I guess I don't mind it that much. Right, Samidare?
Takanami Play 雨の日が続く…かも…です。でも、雨の日は静かで良いですね。高波、好きかもで I think the rain will continue... maybe... Though I do enjoy the quietness that comes with rain. I like it quite a bit.
Tokitsukaze Play 雨の季節はやだね~、なんか嫌~。…そんな時はぁ、司令の頭にでも登るかぁ~っ!がーるる~っ♪ I don't like the rainy season~ I don't like it~ In times like these... I'll climb on Commander's head! Garuru♪
Uzuki Play 雨の日は苦手だぴょん…ぷっぷくぷぅ~ I don't like rainy days... puppuku~
Yayoi Play 梅雨……あ、このてるてる坊主、かわいい…あ、気にしないで…ください… Rain season....Ah, this teru teru bouzu, its cute...ah, please don't worry...about it...
Yukikaze Play しれぇ……最近雨の日がおおいです。制服や洗濯物が乾きにくくて困りますね。しれぇ Commander...It seems like it's been raining a lot. Laundry is going to be hard because it won't dry as quickly. Commander
Yuudachi Play うぅ、うぅ~んっ、気持ちいいっぽーい Uu, Uu~nn, it feels good po~i

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Abukuma Play 雨の日が多い、梅雨の季節かあ…心なしか、白露型がはしゃいでる。…駆逐艦、うざい。…やだ、誰かさんの口癖が移っちゃった! It sure rains a lot, the rain season...I don't how I feel about it, Shiratsuyu-class are having fun...Destroyers, I hate them...Ah, I'm starting to say it cause of a certain someone.
Jintsuu Play 梅雨の季節、雨の音…落ち着いた気持ちになれますね。…提督、今日は静かです The rainy season, the sound of the rain...it soothes you, doesn't it? ...Admiral, you're awfully quiet today
Kinu Play 梅雨の季節、雨の日多いよね~。あっ、退屈だからしりとりしよっか!えっと、提督、く…駆逐艦!…あっ、終わりじゃん The rainy season, it sure does rain a lot~. Ah, I'm bored so let's play shiritori! Uh, Teitoku...Kuchikukan! Ah, I lose Shiritori is a Japanese word game in which ending the word with 'n' causes the player to lose as demonstrated by Kinu saying Kuchikuka'n'.
Kiso Play 雨の季節は、体の傷が疼く。早く早くとけしかけてくるようだ…いや、気にする The season of rain, my bodies wound is aching. It's telling me to hurry up...I'm going to care about it
Naka Play 梅雨の季節も、那珂ちゃんはもちろんセンター!那珂ちゃんてるてる坊主も、もちろんセンターでぇす Even in this rainy season, Naka-chan will always be in the center! Even my Naka-chan teru teru bouzu is in the center
Sendai Play 梅雨かぁ…艤装が傷むから嫌なんだよねー。でもいっか、夜戦は雨もなにもないしね Rain season...I don't like it because my equipment gets rusty~. Oh well, at least in night battle rain doesn't mean anything
Tama Play 雨の日は、お部屋の中で丸まっていたいにゃ。なんか眠いにゃ。おやすみにゃ On rainy days, I just want to curl up in a ball and stay in my room nyaa. I'm sleepy nyaa. Good night nyaa
Tatsuta Play もう、いつまで降り続けるのかしら。湿度が高いと、傷が痛むのよね…うふ I wonder how long this rain is going to last. If it gets too humid, my would aches you know...fufu
Tenryuu Play 提督、出掛けるのか?今日は傘持って出た方がいいぜ。と、オレの電探が言ってる Admiral, you're going out? You should bring an umbrella with you, says my radar

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Chikuma Play 姉さん、カタツムリをいじめてはダメですよ。あ、愛でている? そ、そうですか Nee-san, don't bully the snail. Oh, you're just loving them? oh, ok then
Choukai Play 司令官さん。梅雨の季節は、少し落ち着きますね…え、違いますか!?す、すみません Commander. This rainy season soothes you, doesn't it...oh, not really!? I'm sorry
Myoukou Play 雨の季節、梅雨ですね。雨の音も、目を閉じて聞いていると…心が落ち着きます The season of rain. When you close your eyes, and listen to the rain...it calms me
Tone Play 塀の上にかたつむりがおるぞ!風流じゃなぁ。ぅえ!?これは塀を食しておるのか!?なんと! There's a snail on top of the fence! That's new...huh!? It's eating the fence!? Wow!


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Fusou Play 山城、梅雨の季節は、やっぱり雨が多いわね。時雨は元気にしているかしら It sure rains a lot during the rainy season doesn't it, Yamashiro? I wonder if Shigure is doing alright.
Kongou Play Oh、Rainyな梅雨のSeason、私苦手デース!うぅ~ Oh, this rainy season, I don't like it desu! Uuu~
Littorio Play 何か雨が多いですね最近。これが日本の、梅雨というものなんですね。勉強になります。 It rains alot recently. So this is the rainy season in Japan. I'm learning something.
Mutsu Play あっ長門、出掛けるの?この傘を持っていって。今日は降り続けるわよ、 Ah, Nagato. Going out? Take this umbrella with you. It's going be raining the entire day.
Nagato Play 陸奥。…なんだ、傘か?…ああ、有り難い。梅雨の雨か…ま、たまにはこんな落ち着いた日も、悪くはないな Mutsu, what is it? Umbrella? Ah, Thank you. Rain during the rainy season... I suppose it's good to have relaxing days like this, too.
Roma Play 梅雨…ふーん、これが梅雨か。雨が多いけど、空襲も少ないから、悪くは無いわ Rain...So this is the rainy season. There's a lot of rain, but fewer air raids. I think that makes up for it.
Yamashiro Play 姉様、梅雨の季節は艤装が傷みがちで困りますね。ほんっと、もう…不幸だ Nee-sama, This rainy season really ruins our equipment. Such misfortune...


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akagi Play 梅雨の季節ですね。また雨…こんな日は間宮で息抜きもいいですね、提督。…提督 Looks like it's the rainy season. Rain again...days like this, I just want to stay at Mamiya's, Admiral....Admiral
Kaga Play 雨?…この季節は、何かあまり好きではないわ。…え、赤城さんも?そう…いえ、何でもない Rain? I don't like this season. Eh, you too Akagi-san? Hmm...I see, no it's nothing
Shouhou Play 梅雨かあ…この季節は、私が進水した季節でもあり、私が……ああいえ、何でもないの。大丈夫です Rainy season..It was during this season I was launched, and was...Ah, no, nothing. Don't worry about it.
Shoukaku Play 梅雨の季節ですね。MO作戦の頃を思い出します。あのときのスコールは…ね、瑞 It's the rainy season. This reminds me of the MO Operation. The rain at that time was bad...right, Zuikaku?
Zuikaku Play この季節は嫌だな…何かやだ、苦手。翔鶴姉、大丈夫かな。なんか、心配 I don't like this season...I don't know, I just don't. I wonder if Shoukaku-nee is fine. I'm worried.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akitsushima Play 提督、梅雨はちょっと嫌ですね。大艇ちゃんも困ってるかも…てるてる坊主作ろっかな Admiral, I don't like the rainy season. Even Taitei-chan is troubled...let's make some teru teru bouzu!
Akashi Play 梅雨の季節ですね。工廠施設が傷んじゃうなあ…よく整備して、油差しておかない It's the rainy season. My factory equipment is going to be ruined...I guess it's time to upgrade, and put some oil on it