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Seasonal/Valentine's Day 2015

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Via the February 6th, 2015 Update




Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mutsuki はい、提督。睦月からのチョコ、差し上げます! いひひ、どうぞです♪ Here, Admiral. Mutsuki offers you this chocolate! Ehehe, please do♪
Kisaragi はぁーい♡ 如月の気持ちを込めたチョコレート、ちゃんと最後まで、食べてね? He–re you go♡ Chocolates filled with my feelings, make sure you eat every last one, 'kay?
Yayoi 司令官、これ…あ、あげます。甘いです。お返しは、気にしなくていい…です。 Commander, here....t-these are for you. They're sweet. Don't worry about getting me....anything.
Uzuki しれいかぁ~ん! 卯月から、チョコあげるぴょ~ん! あー、これは嘘じゃないぴょん! A–dmiral! Here's some chocolate from me, pyon! Ah–, I'm not kidding this time, pyon!
Mochizuki え~、バレンタイン?めんどくせぇ~。一応あるけどさぁチョコ、食べる? Eh~, Valentine's? What a pain~. Well, I do have some chocolate, though. Wanna eat?
Fubuki Play あの、司令官、これ、受けとてください!ち、ちがいます!チョコレットです! Um, Commander, this, please accept it! N-no! It's chocolate!
Shirayuki 司令官…あの、こちらに甘いお菓子をご用意しました。良かったら、召し上がって? Commander.... Um, I have some sweets here for you. If you'd like, please have them.
Hatsuyuki チっ、チョっ、ン…チョコレート。いいちおう、買ってきた……あげる… W-well, I did buy some ch-cho....chocolate....for you....
Murakumo Play これっ、そこに落ちてたわよっ!あ"っ、私が買ってきたもんじゃないからっ!あんたのじゃないのっ? …はやく、持って行ってよ! I found this on the floor over there! Ah! It's not like I bought it or anything! It's yours, isn't it? Hurry up and take it already!
Isonami てーとく…提督さん! あ、あの、これをもらってくださいますか? ど、ど、どうぞ! Admiral....Admiral! Ah, um, please accept this! H-h-here!
Akebono は?チョコレート?クソ提督、何言ってんの? ……一応用意したけど、さっさと取ってってよね! っほら! Haa? Chocolate? The hell are you talking about, you shitty admiral? ....Well I do have some though. Hurry up and take it! Here!
Sazanami バレンタイン( ・∀・)キタコレ! 仕方ない…ご主人様にもチョコレート、はい❤ Valentine's, YESSS! Right....a chocolate for you too, Master. Here❤
Shiratsuyu 提督、はい。いっちばん美味しいチョコ、あげるね♪ 絶対食べるんだよ? Admiral, here. I'll give you the tastiest one. Make sure you eat it, 'kay?
Shigure Play 提督。一応これ、僕からも渡しておくね……邪魔、かな? Admiral. I'd like you to have this....should I not have?
Murasame 村雨の、ちょっと良いチョコ、食べてみる? 甘くて、すこーし苦いんです。うふふ♪ Would you like to try some of these nice chocolates? They're sweet and just a little bitter. Ufufu♪
Yuudachi えっと、このチョコレートあげるっぽい。夕立。結構頑張って作ったっぽい。 Um, this chocolate-ish thing's for you. I did my bestest making it!
Asagumo あ、チョコなんて用意してないわよ! 何いってんの? こ、これも別に違うんだからね! Eh? I didn't get any chocolate for you, you know! What do you mean? Th-these aren't what you think, okay!
Asashimo Valen....tine's? Jeez, this fleet has all sorts of weird holidays. Well, I do have some for you, though. Here!

Light Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ooi バ、バレンタイン…今年こそは決戦ね! うふふ、ふふ…うっ?! は、鼻血が? あははは… Va-Valentine's.... Surely this year will be the decisive battle! Ufufu, fufu....uu?! Ah, my nose is bleeding! Ahahaha....
Kitakami バレンタインねー?なんでアタシチョコ貰うんだろう?そうゆう日だっけ? Valentine's, huh? Why am I getting chocolate? Is this how it's supposed to go?
Yura 提督さん、チョコレートそんなに好き……なの? じゃあ、由良もチョコをあげる……ね? Admiral, do you really like chocolate that much? Then, I'll give you some too....'kay?
Katori Um.... Here, would you perhaps want to eat this? Yes, it is a chocolate cake. Please enjoy it. (Approximate) Kai only

Heavy Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Maya んだよぉ、バレンタイン?うっぜぇなぁ、もう!まぁでも、一応買ってあんぜ…ホラ What? Valentine's? Ugh, jeez! Ehh, but I did buy some for you anyways. Here!
Maya 甘いもんは苦手なんだよ! これでも食らいやがれぇー!! Attack line
Choukai 私の計算では、この甘さがベストなはず。あ、あの…このチョコレート、どうぞ。 According to my calculations, this level of sweetness should be best. Ah, um.... Here, these chocolates are for you.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kongou HEY、提督ぅー! Burning Love!! な、chocolate持ってきたヨ-! Hey Admiral! I've brought you some chocolates full of Burning Love!
Kongou バーニング...バレンタインラブ! Burning....Valentine Love! Attack line
Hiei 手作りチョコ、よし。気合十分、よし。この季節は、恋も戦いも、負けませんっ! Homemade chocolates: check. Spirit: pumped. At Valentine's, I won't lose in love or war!
Hiei ひえ~! 徹甲弾とチョコ、間違えて装填しそうに……っ! ひえっ、ひえ~! Hieee~! I mistook the choco for an AP shell & loaded it in...! Hiee~ hiee~! Attack line
Haruna 提督…もしよかったら…この榛名のチョコレート…もらっていただけますか? Admiral, if you'd like, would you have some of Haruna's chocolates?
Haruna 勝手と、チョコレートの食べ残しは榛名が許しません! Haruna will not forgive you if you have leftover chocolate! Attack line
Kirishima 甘さ良し、ほろ苦さ良し、包装良し! よーし、大丈夫! 司令官、こちらを! Sweetness: check. Bitterness: check. Wrapping: check! Alright, everything's good! Commander, please take these!
Kirishima この私、霧島はチョコのように甘くはないわよ~? 狙い、よーし! 全門斉射! Kirishima is not as sweet as those chocolates you know~? Aiming, done! All main cannons, volley! Attack line
Ise そうね、ヴァレンタインだもの。提督、日向。はい、チョコレート。ふふ♪ Oh, that's right, it's Valentine's, isn't it? Admiral, Hyuuga, here, chocolates! Fufu♪
Hyuuga そうか、ヴァレンタインというやつだな。仕方無い、特別な瑞雲をやろう。ほら。 Oh, yeah, it's that thing called Valentine's, isn't it? Alright then, I'll make a special Zuiun. Here.

Standard Carrier

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Soryuu はい、提督。私からもチョコあげる♪ あんまりいっぱいもらって食べ過ぎないでね? Here you go, Admiral. Some chocolates from me, too. Don't eat too much just because you got a lot, okay?
Hiryuu んっふ~♪ 提督、チョコあげる、チョコ♪ 一応手作りだよ? 大事に食べてね♪ Huhu~m♪ Admiral, I have some chocolates for you. Chocolates♪ They're homemade, you know? Make sure you enjoy them♪


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mamiya Involves adding chocolate into their cakes
Irako Involves adding chocolate into their cakes

Grouped by Seiyuu

Hayasaka Kozue

Hidaka Rina

Horie Yui

Kayano Ai

Ootsubo Yuka

Tanibe Yumi

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