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Seasonal/Christmas Eve 2015

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Asashimo Play Ooyodo-san, are you going? Then, take me, Kasumi, and Kiyoshimo along with you. It's obvious, isn't it?
Yuudachi Play (munch munch) The cake is so sweet and delicious, poi! But if I eat too much, my displacement will increase, poi. Poi~

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Agano Play Kirari! Teitoku-san, today's a special day, isn't it? Agano is happy! Teeheehee~
Noshiro Play Agano-nee, quit lazing around in the kotatsu! You'll get fat! C'mon, stand up. Go on an exercise or something!
Sakawa Play Sakawa isn't cold at all! Maizuru was a bit colder than this. Eep!
Yahagi Play It's become a bit colder, hasn't it? Perfect for training! Tenth Squadron, assemble! It's time for an exercise! She's likely referring to the 10th Torpedo Squadron, which she became a part of much later down World War II.
Yura Play Teitoku-san, these dishes look good too, don't they? Here, say ah! This is fun, isn't it?

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Maya Play Christmas, huh? Well, this isn't bad. This alcohol, champagne, is actually pretty good. Isn' it, Teitoku?

Training Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kashima Play Teitoku-san, today is a special day, isn't it? I'm so happy I could spend it with you. Teeheehee~

Helping Out Mamiya with the Okazari Materials

Mamiya is looking to make produce an Okazari for the New Year. In order to do so, your fleet needs to go out of the way to locate Okazari Materials for her.


Okazari are a Japanese wreath decoration that are commonly put out on display during the Japanese New Year. They commonly symbolize a healthy, long life.[1]

To locate the Okazari Materials will need to sortie to various maps. Upon scoring an A or S rank (depending on the location) you might be rewarded with Okazari Materials.

To help increase your chances of finding them you may want to equip your fleet with Searchlights Searchlight.png and Skilled Lookouts Ssp c.png.

Drop Locations

You got okazari materials!

World 6


There are two quests that you'll be doing which will involve collecting the Okazari Materials. Upon completing the second one, you'll be rewarded with the "Fleet Safety Okazari" which serves as a decoration for your room.

ID Prereq. Quest Name (Original)
Quest Name (Translated)
Description Rewards Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Other
SB6 師走の「間宮」のお手伝い
Help Mamiya for New Years!
Admiral, I'm sorry to have to ask for help... but can you bring me 16 Okazari Materials?
  • Completion Condition: Collect a total of 16 Okazari Materials
550 550 0 120 Mamiya x1
Present box x1
One time only.

SB7 SB6 年越し準備!師走の「間宮」のお手伝い
New Year's Eve preparation! Help Mamiya for New Years!
Admiral... if you could... could you please bring me 32 Okazari Materials? Perhaps we could work on making the Okazari together?
  • Completion Condition: Collect a total of 32 Okazari Materials
880 880 0 200 Mamiya x1
Fleet Safety Okazari x1
One time only.

Exchange Rate

Leftover Okazari Materials can be exchanged for fuel, though the amount they return is small (about 30 fuel per Okazari Material). If you have completed the quests and are hunting for presents, it may be recommended to exchange them for fuel until the end of the event.

Okazari exchange.png

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes have returned from Gift Box 2014 Mini Event though this year the mini event is restricted to 5 days.

Most rules regarding the boxes from the previous mini-event should apply here.

How to Obtain


Present box can be obtained instead of the usual ship drop. Instead of the usual ship drop notification, a different one will appear "Box found & retrieved": This will notify you that you've received a Christmas gift "Present box obtained":

Present box.png

Known Drop conditions:

  • Boss Nodes (with some exceptions)
  • S-rank victory higher chance
  • A-rank victory still some chances
  • Can be drop even with Max ship

Obtainable in the following maps

Unless things have changed from last year, present drops should drop in the following locations from boss nodes unless otherwise specified.


The present box can be open through the item screen:

Present Box located on 1st row, 2nd column from the right.

You can choose 1 box, which contains one of the following: 

  • [Red Box] ===> [Resource] (Fuel✕ 550 and Ammunition ✕ 550)
  • [Green Box] => [Sweets] (Irako ✕ 1)
  • [Grey Box] ==> [Material] (Item Icon Development Material.png ✕ 3 and Item Icon Improvement Material.png ✕ 1)