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Seasonal/Christmas Eve 2015

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Asashimo Play Ooyodo-san, are you going? Then, take me, Kasumi, and Kiyoshimo along with you. It's obvious, isn't it?
Yuudachi Play (munch munch) The cake is so sweet and delicious, poi! But if I eat too much, my displacement will increase, poi. Poi~

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Agano Play Kirari! Teitoku-san, today's a special day, isn't it? Agano is happy! Teeheehee~
Noshiro Play Agano-nee, quit lazing around in the kotatsu! You'll get fat! C'mon, stand up. Go on an exercise or something!
Sakawa Play Sakawa isn't cold at all! Maizuru was a bit colder than this. Eep!
Yahagi Play It's become a bit colder, hasn't it? Perfect for training! Tenth Squadron, assemble! It's time for an exercise! She's likely referring to the 10th Torpedo Squadron, which she became a part of much later down World War II.
Yura Play Teitoku-san, these dishes look good too, don't they? Here, say ah! This is fun, isn't it?

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Maya Play Christmas, huh? Well, this isn't bad. This alcohol, champagne, is actually pretty good. Isn' it, Teitoku?

Training Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kashima Play Teitoku-san, today is a special day, isn't it? I'm so happy I could spend it with you. Teeheehee~

Christmas Mini-Event

The Christmas Mini-Event is back, with a new mission: "Helping Out Mamiya with the Okazari Materials".

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