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Seasonal/Autumn Wine 2016

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mutsuki およ? これは、この季節だけの特別なワインなのかにゃあ。睦月も少しだけ飲んでみたいかも! ぅぁ、如月ちゃん、そんなに!? ……はっ、ポーラさんにゃ……。 Oho? This is, the special wine that is only available during this season-nya. I'd like to try a little! Whoa, Kisaragi-chan, so much!? ...Haa, Pola-san nya...
Kisaragi あら~、これは素敵な旬のワインね。いいの? こんなところで。あらポーラさん、素敵な飲みっぷり。如月も負けないわよ。はい、乾杯。司令官も一緒にどう? Oh my~, this is the lovely season of wine. Is this alright? In this kind of place. Oh my Pola-san, that's a magnificent scull. I won't lose. Yes, cheers. Commander, do you want to join us?
Yayoi これが…この季節に味わうという…特別な、ワイン。そうなの? 大人の人は…色々なお祭りが…好きね。 This is... the taste of this season... the special wine. Is that so? Adults sure... like having... all sorts of festivals.
Uzuki ほぉ~? これが噂のワインぴょん? うーちゃんも、ちょこっと飲んでみたいぴょん♪ ごくごく…ぷはぁーっ! ぷっぷくぷ~! うーちゃんにはまだ早かったぴょ~ん Hooh~? Is this the wine I've heard so much about pyon? I want to try a little bit too pyon♪ *gulg* *gulg*... Whooo! Puppukupu~! It was too soon for me pyon.
Minazuki え、特別なワイン? そうなの? 世界的に? ふわぁ、これが…あふっ、酒臭っ! って、ポーラさん?! Eh, a special wine? Is that so? World famous? Whoa, this is... ah, that reeks! Wha, Pola-san?! Reeking of alcohol
Uranami ふぅ…浦波、苦手な季節を乗り越えた気がします。もう、大丈夫。心配かけて、すみません… Whew... I'll manage to get through this season I dislike. I'm still fine. Sorry for making you worry...
Shiratsuyu ぅぅ、なんか寒くなってきたよね? 半袖だとちょっときついよねー…くっしゅんっ! Uu, it's getting kind of cold right? It's a bit hard to wear short sleeves now... *hachoo*!
Shigure 提督、少し寒くなってきたね? 僕は大丈夫。提督、風邪ひかないように僕、マフラー作ろうか? あ、ごめん。余計だったかな? Admiral, it's gotten a bit colder huh? I'm fine. Admiral, how about wearing a muffler so you don't catch a cold? Ah, sorry. Was that too much meddling?
Murasame はいはーい♪ 提督ちょっと寒そうね? 村雨が、ちょっといいマフラー、編んであげましょうか? うふふふっ♪ Yessir♪ Admiral it's a kind of cold huh? Should I knit a nice little muffler for you Admiral? Ufufufu~♪
Yuudachi マフラーがぴったりの季節に成ったっぽい。今年も残り少なくなったけど、夕立、まだまだ頑張るっぽい! ぽいっ!! It's the perfect season for mufflers poi. I'm running low on energy this year but, I'll keep doing my best poi! Poi~!!
Isokaze …来年こそは秋刀魚もしっかり焼けるよう、鍛錬を積んでおこう…。戦闘は誰にも遅れをとるつもりはないが、食の技術も、…大切だ。 ... I'll be sure to grill the saury properly next year, I'll keep practising... I won't lose to anyone in battle, but cooking technique is also... important.
Amatsukaze あら、いいワインじゃない。私、少しだけなら頂いてもいいわよ?少しだけなら…少しだけよっ! Oh, this is good wine. Is it ok for me have a little bit? Just a little... only a little!
Arashi へっくしょんっ! ぅぅ、いきなり寒くなってきたなぁ。司令、風邪移したろ? へっくしょんっ! *Hachoo*! Ugh, it's suddenly gotten cold. Commander, did you catch a cold? *Hachoo*!
Hatsuzuki いや、あの戦いは、最後あまり覚えていないんだ。ただ、やれることを全力でやった……そんな気持ちは、ある。この胸の奥に。 Well, I don't remember much about the closing moments of that battle. But, I feel that... I did my best with what I had. I feel that deep in my heart. Refers to Hatsuzuki's last stand at the Battle off Cape Engaño.

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yura 提督さん。今年の秋も、もうそろそろ終わりですね。寒くなってきます。風邪を引かないように、夜はあったかくしてくださいね? Admiral-san. This year's autumn will be ending soon too. It's getting kind of cold. So that you don't catch a cold make sure to stay warm at night okay? Yura's right. Don't go out drinking late a night in New Hampshire in October like me.
Sakawa 酒匂ぜんぜん寒くない。舞鶴はもうちょっと寒かったかな。…ぴゃ! Sakawa isn't cold at all. I wonder if Maizuru is a bit colder than this. Pya! As of this writing Maizuru 54F/12C, Yokosuka 48F/9C

Training Cruiser

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kashima 提督さん、寒くなってきましたね。熱い珈琲淹れますね? 待ってて下さい。 Admiral, it's getting colder isn't it? Would you like some coffee to warm you up? Hold on just a minute please.

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Tone ちくま、ちくまぁ~! なんじゃ、居ないのか? せっかく吾輩がたまには料理の腕を発揮してやろうかと…あ、ちくまぁ! お腹すいた~♪ Chikuma, Chikuma~! What, she's not here? It's troublesome but I suppose every now and then I have to show off my culinary skill...ah Chikuma! I'm hungry~
Chikuma はいはい、なんですか? ここに居ますよ。え、お腹がすいたんですか? さっき食べたのに…仕方がないですね。少し待っていて下さい。私が… Okay okay, what's the matter? I'm here now. Eh, you were hungry? But you just ate a little while ago...well I guess it can't be helped. Just wait a minute okay. I'll....
Kinugasa ふぁ~。この衣笠さん、今年もなにか乗り越えた気がする。ふぅ…よーっし、気持ち切り替え! 年末に向け、両舷前進っ! Fa~ Kinugasa-san feels like she was about to overcome this year as well. Fu...okay, feeling change! To the end of the year full advance!
Pola うわぁ~、寒くなってきたぁ。こんな時はお酒を飲んで体を温めないとぉ~…那智さん、それは? Uwaa~ It's getting cold. You can't even warm up by drinking at this time of year~ Nachi-san what should we do?


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Musashi 提督よ、寒くなってきたな。もっと近くに来てもいいんだぞ? ん? あっはは、冗談だ。 Admiral, it's getting a bit colder isn't it? It's it okay if I get a bit closer? Hmm? Ahaha,just kidding. She probably shouldn't be kidding the way she dresses...

Light Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ryuujou ふ~ん、これがインポートもんの有名なワインってやつかいな? ちくっと飲んだろ。ングングング…とぅ~、いけるやんかー! って、そこの新入り重巡、ここで脱いだらあかんでっ?! Fuun, This is the famous imported wine innit? I'll drink some of it. Gulp Gulp Gulp...All done! Hey that new Heavy Cruiser, why is she stripping?


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akitsumaru 提督殿。自分、この季節は体が少し疼くのであります。何なのでありましょうな? いえ、きっとなんでもないのであります。 Admiral-dono. My body aches a bit in this season. What should I do? Ah, no it's surely nothing.