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Seasonal/End of Year 2016

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About O-Souji


O-souji(大掃除) or End of the Year Cleaning is a tradition in Japan that occurs near the end of the year in which family and friends will clean up the house or workplace. The reason they clean up their homes is so they begin the New Year on a "clean slate". The tradition used to be begin on the 13th of December, but nowadays is performed around the Christmas Holiday Season (23rd/24th) and will last till New Year's Eve.

For more information please view the following:
O-souji: The Big Year End Cleaning Ritual

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kamikaze Play 年末の大掃除でいつも時代も変わらないな。大正のころも。。。え、なんでも、なんでもない。 The New Year's cleaning doesn't change no matter the era. Even during the Taishou... Eh, no, it's nothing. Taishou ran from 1912/07/30~1926/12/25
Harukaze Play この季節は、私な進水した季節。師走の大掃除話題好きなんです。気持ちいですね? This was the season when I was launched. I like doing the end of year spring clean. It feels good right? She was launched on 1922/12/18.
Asakaze Play さあ、ごこの皆、今年も年末の大掃除の季節やってきたは。まず埃を叩いて、その後ほうきぶたい、最後に雑巾だけよ。三段構え!よし! Right, everyone here, the season for New Year's cleaning has come again. First we'll start off beating the dust, then we'll form a sweeping brigade, then finally wiping with a dust cloth. The three key steps! Let's go!
Mutsuki Play 早いにゃ。。。もう師走にゃし。。。如月ちゃんと一緒に大掃除しなきゃ。。。ふ。。。 Wow, it's already December... 'Gotta start the end-of-the-year cleaning with Kisaragi-chan... Fu... End of Year 2015 line.
Kisaragi Play そうか。。。もう師走なのね。大掃除の季節ね。あら、嫌だ。髪が傷んじゃう。 Right, it's already December. It's about that time for the big cleanup, isn't it. Oh dear. My hair's going to ge damaged. End of Year 2015 line.
Yayoi Play もち。。。望月。。。大掃除だから。。。そこは水拭きで。。。ち、ちがう。怒ってなんかないよ。 Mochi... Mochizuki... It's time to start cleaning so... could you wipe down with a damp cloth? N-No, I'm not angry... End of Year 2015 line.
Uzuki Play 年末の大掃除?ううちゃん掃除苦手だぴょん。弥生にやってもらうぴょん。 End of the year cleaning? I don't like cleaning, pyon. I'll just have Yayoi do it for me, pyon! End of Year 2015 line.
Mochizuki Play 師走って言うだけあって、皆忙しそうですな。あ、いて。三日月切るなよ! Seems like everyone's working their fingers to the bone just because it's December. O-Ow! Mikazuki, careful with that! End of Year 2015 line.
Mikazuki Play 大掃除です!ほらほら!もっち!ゴロゴロしない!長月、手が止まっている! It's time for the cleanup! Come on! Mochi! Stop rolling around! Nagatsuki, I don't see your hands moving! End of Year 2015 line.
Minazuki Play え、大掃除?あ、そっか。もうその季節なんだ。仕方ない、やりますか?さtっちん、ふみちゃん、ながなが、皆やるよ!箒持って、よし! Eh, End of the Year Cleaning? Ah, that's right. It's already that season. It can't be helped, shall we get stared? Satcchin, Fumi-chan, Naganaga, let's do this! Grab broom and go!
Fubuki Play え、司令官。新年の初詣ですか?ごめんなさい、このあと間宮さんのところに年越しそばの仕込みの手伝いに行くんです。よかったら食べに来てください!大盛りにします! Oh, Commander. Oh, Hatsumode on New Years? Apologies, but I've already promised Mamiya-san to help prepare the New Years soba! If it suits your fancy, please come drop by! I'll make sure to serve you extra! Hatsumode is an important cultural event referring to the first shrine visit of the year, usually done on the first three days of the year. End of Year 2015 line.
Shirayuki Play はい!大掃除もぬかりなく完了したと思います!司令官、一緒に年末の富くじを買いに行きませんか?実は私毎年買っているんです。 Alright! I'd say that the cleanup went without a hitch! Commander, would you like to join me for a shot at the New Years lottery? I actually do this every year. End of Year 2015 line.
Hatsuyuki Play 今年も大掃除大変だったな。。。でもそのあとは。。。毎年恒例の艦娘歌合戦!今年は何歌おうかな。結構得意だし、こういうの。あ・い・う・え・お・あ・お! Man, the big cleanup this year was rough. But now that that's done, it's time for the annual kanmusu singing contest! I wonder what I'll sing. I'd like to think I'm not half bad at these. Do, re, me, fa, so, la, si, do! What she actually says at the end is a common voice training exercise in Japanese but there isn't really an equivalent in English. End of Year 2015 line.
Uranami Play 司令官、年末の鎮守府大掃除ですね?第十九駆逐隊、頑張ります! Commander, it's time for the Naval Base's New Year's cleaning right? The 19th Destroyer Division will do our best!
Oboro Play 提督、早いものでもう師走です!たぶん、�第7駆逐隊も大掃除頑張ります! Admiral, time flies but it's already December! DesDiv7 will also do its part in the cleaning! Probably. End of Year 2015 line.
Akebono Play あ、もう忙しい、年末の大掃除!あ、クソ提督そこどいて。掃除の邪魔。邪魔! Ah, I'm so busy with the cleanup! Hey, you shitty admiral, move. You're in the way of my cleaning. Move it! End of Year 2015 line.
Sazanami Play え、今年も年末になってしまいましたが。。。ま、仕方ない!ご主人様も掃除、掃除っと! Well... I guess it's already the end of the year. Ah, whatever! Master, on with the cleaning! End of Year 2015 line.
Ushio Play 曙ちゃん、その格好は。。。そうか、もう師走の大掃除の季節ですね。潮もお手伝いします! Akebono-chan, what's with the outfit? Oh right, it's that time of the year isn't it. I'll help, too! End of Year 2015 line.
Shiratsuyu Play やあ!もう今年もこんな押し迫っていろいろやることもあって、どうしよう! Ahh! The end of the year's coming too quickly! There are too many things to do! What am I going to do! End of Year 2015 line.
Shigure Play もう年末か。。。艦隊の大掃除をしないと。角松も駄さないとね。どこだろ? It's already the end of the year... Better get started on the mass cleanup. Oh, I better put out the New Years decoration, too. End of Year 2015 line.
Murasame Play はいはい!年末です!大掃除です!提督もはい、箒とちり取り。で、大掃除! Yes yes! It's the end of the year! It's time to clean up! Admiral, this broom and dustpan are for you! Now, let's clean! End of Year 2015 line.
Yuudachi Play もう一年も終わりっぽい。なんだか、早いっぽい!来年も夕立頑張るっぽい! Is it the end of the year already, poi? Wow, time flew, poi. I'm going to do my best next year, too, poi! End of Year 2015 line.
Umikaze Play 提督、早いですね!もう師走です!鎮守府も大掃除を急がないといけませんね。大丈夫です!海風におまかせください! Admiral, it's already December! Everyone at the base needs to get started with the cleaning soon! Oh, don't worry! Leave it to me! End of Year 2015 line.
Kawakaze Play もう年末じゃんか!早いな。。。艦隊も大掃除だね。仕方ない。やりますか。提督もはい、箒もって! It's already the end of the year?! Boy, that was fast... Fleet's gotta get started on the cleaning. Oh well, I guess I'll join. Admiral, you too! Take this broom! End of Year 2015 line.
Yamakaze Play 年末、師走、大掃除。。。別にいいけど、何をすればいいの? The New Year's cleaning... I don't mind but, what should I be doing?
Asashio Play 司令官、年末大掃除ですか?了解です!荒潮と一緒に拭き掃除から始めます!いい、荒潮。まず司令官の机から始めましょう! Commander, is it time for the cleanup? Understood! I'll get started started on the scrubbing with Arashio! Arashio, we'll start with the Commander's desk! End of Year 2015 line.
Ooshio Play 司令官!年末です!ど〜んと大掃除やらないといけないですね!大潮、拭き掃除の担当します!上げ上げで掃除しますよ! Commander, it's the end of the year! 'Gotta start the cleanup with a huge bang! I'll be in charge of the scrubbing! We'll raise the roof with our cleaning! End of Year 2015 line.
Michishio Play ようし、なんか乗り越えた気がする。気持ち切り替えて年末の大掃除よ!4駆、8駆、皆集合よ!大掃除全力で行くは! Alright, it feels like we're finally done with the rough part. It's time to switch gears and get cleaning! DesDiv4, DesDiv8, assemble! We're going to go all out with the cleaning! End of Year 2015 line.
Arashio Play あっははは!皆忙しそう!師走だからね。大変よね。え?私も大掃除任務しないとなの?うふふふ。そうよね。 Ahahaha, everyone looks so busy! It is December, I guess. Isn't it tough? What? I have to clean up too? Ufufu, I suppose so. End of Year 2015 line.
Arare Play �第18駆逐隊、年末大掃除任務ですか?分かりました。陽炎と不知火を呼んできます。 DesDiv18's cleaning up too? Got it. I'll go call Kagerou and Shiranui. End of Year 2015 line.
Kagerou Play もう大晦日。本当、早いはよね。大素地も早めに片付けないと。え?おせち?ん。。。 It's already New Years Eve? Time really does fly. Better get the cleanup tidied up quick! Huh? Osechi? Well... Osechi are traditional New Years foods. End of Year 2015 line.
Shiranui Play 大掃除か。師走。司令、なんですか?不知火の掃除に落ち度でも? Time for the big clean. December. Commander, what is it? Do you perhaps have an issue with my cleaning? End of Year 2015 line.
Kuroshio Play もう今年もおしまいってことや。大掃除せな!大掃除! Already done with the year, are we. 'Gotta clean! Time for the cleanup! End of Year 2015 line.
Yukikaze Play 司令!今年も年末になっちゃいました!雪風もお部屋を大掃除します!はい! Commander! It's already the end of the year! I'll get to cleaning the room! Yeah! End of Year 2015 line.
Tokitsukaze Play もう年末だよ!一年て早いよね!本当!え?大掃除?私も?なんで? It's already been a year! Time really does fly! What? Cleanup? Me? Why? End of Year 2015 line.
Urakaze Play もう師走になってしもた。大掃除終わったらおせちの準備も。。。うちに任せとき。あ、磯風?手伝って。 December already, is it? Need to prepare the Osechi after I'm done cleaning... Well, leave it to me! Oh, Isokaze? Could you lend a hand? End of Year 2015 line.
Isokaze Play 大鳳よ何をのんびりしている?時は師走。艦隊は全力上げて大掃除を展開中だ。さあ、ドックはほうきだけ頼むぞ。うむ、頼む。 Why are you daydreaming Taihou? It's December. The fleet is going all out with spring cleaning. Right, we'll leave sweeping the docks up to you. Yup, I'm counting on you.
Hamakaze Play 師走。。。鎮守府も年末大掃除ですね。第17駆逐隊、清掃任務了解いたしました。 December... The entire base is cleaning up, isn't it. DesDiv17, confirming order to start the cleanup. End of Year 2015 line.
Tanikaze Play かぁ!もう師走かい!早いもんだね!ほう、大晦日までに掃除もしとかなきゃ。年越しそばも楽しみだね!な! Kah! It's already December! That was fast. Oh, I need to get cleaned up by New Years Eve! Ah, I can't wait for the New Years soba! End of Year 2015 line.
Hagikaze Play えと、大掃除が終わったら年越しそばの準備しないと。てんぷらは冬野菜でいいかしら? Let's see, after cleaning up I'll have to prepare the New Years soba. Does tempura of winter vegetables sound good? End of Year 2015 line.
Arashi Play 時雨。。。皆何やっているの?大掃除?そかそか。え、俺もやるの?まじかよ。。。 Shigure... What is everyone doing? Mass cleaning? I see. What, I have to do it to? Well shit... End of Year 2015 line.
Oyashio Play 大掃除?もうその季節なのですね。あたしもがんばろう!あ、不知火姉さん。はい、親潮、提督室の雑巾だけたんとさせていただけいます。え、ご一緒に?はい! End of the Year cleaning? So it's already that time of year. I'll do my best! Ah, Shiranui-neesan. Yes, I'll go clean up the Admiral's room by myself. Eh, you'll come with me? Yes!
Akigumo Play え、何?なんで秋雲も夕雲型の大掃除に参加するの?え、何この雑巾?だ・か・ら。。。早く寝て有明に行けないだから! Eh, what? Why am I participating in the Yuugumo-class' spring cleaning? Eh, what's this dust cloth? Like.I.Said. I need to sleep early so I can go to Ariake! She's going to Comiket.
Yuugumo Play さあ、夕雲型の皆さん、大掃除の季節です。主力オブ主力の働き今こそ見せるときです。はい、雑巾を巻雲さんの受けと手ね。 Now, everyone from the Yuugumo-class, it's the season for spring cleaning. It's time to show what the main force can do. So, go get a dust cloth from Makigumo.
Makigumo Play わ〜、忙しいい。年末大掃除です。皆さん、雑巾わこちらにご良いしてます。一人一枚取っていってください!あ、あ、あ、あ。一人い姉妹です! Whaaaa, I'm busy. It's the New Year's cleaning. Everyone, get your dust cloths here. Please take only one each. Ah, ah, ah, ah. I said one each!
Naganami Play よし!なんか突破したかあるな!気合も充実したきたぜ!お、何だ巻雲姉?雑巾だけが?任せろ!やってよぜ!とりゃあ! Right! I feel like busting though something! I'm so pumped up now! Oh, what is it Makigumo-nee? Just a dust cloth? Leave it to me! Let's go! Raaaaah!
Takanami Play もうこんな時期。。。鎮守府の大掃除も高波一生懸命頑張ります!かも。。。です。はい! It's already this period... I'll do my best to help with the cleanup! Maybe... Ah, yes! End of Year 2015 line.
Kazagumo Play 10戦隊、大掃除任務ね!了解!私は掃き掃除戦隊を指揮するは!秋雲?あ、逃げた。 DesRon10, orders taken to clean up! Roger! I'll be in charge of the sweeping group! Akigumo? Oh, she ran. End of Year 2015 line.
Okinami Play 一年間をお世話になったどうぐのてりなおおそうじたのしですね?え、司令官は大掃除あまりを好きじゃないですか? Cleaning up after the year is over using sunshine is fun right? Eh, you don't like spring cleaning Commander? Talking about sunning things.
Teruzuki Play 年末だ!大掃除の季節。うう、一年の誇りって結構たまる。やだ、提督窓開けて!窓! It's the end of the year! Time to clean up. Wow, dust really does pile up over the year. Ah, Admiral open the windows! The windows! End of Year 2015 line.
Hatsuzuki Play うん、年末の大掃除か?それは必要のことだな。僕も手伝おう。いえ、何かふきれた気持ちで。体が動きしたいだ。 Yup, New Year's cleaning huh? That's something important. I'll help out. No, I just feel like it. I want to move about.
Shimakaze Play 大掃除とか面倒くさい!早くおせちとか食べたい!早く早く!おぅ! I don't want to clean! I want to eat Osechi already! Hurry up! Ou! End of Year 2015 line.
Libeccio Play なんで皆バタバタ忙しそうなの?し・わ・す?なんのイベント?え?何この布?雑巾?リベ、掃除イベント嫌い! Why is everyone so busy? The twelfth month? What's this event about? Huh? What's this piece of cloth? A cleaning rag? I don't like cleaning events!! End of Year 2015 line.

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Tenryuu Play 今年もいよいよ終わりだな。提督、今年は一緒に除夜の鐘にでも突くに行こうぜ! Year's already drawing to a close. Admiral, why don't we go strike the New Years Eve bell together? Joya no kane, or New Years Eve bell, is a temple bell that's rung 108 times on New Years Eve
Tatsuta Play 年の暮れ、提督はどう過ごすの?誰かさんと除夜の鐘?それとも私と? Admiral, how will you be spending your end of the year? Perhaps going to strike the New Years Eve bell with someone? Or with me? Spicy.
Kuma Play 大掃除だ,くま。くまも頑張る、くま。でももう飽きたくま。逃げるくま! Time for cleaning up, kuma! I'm going to try my best, kuma! But I'm bored already, kuma. Time to run, kuma!
Tama Play 年末かにゃ?この季節はバタバタしているにゃ。仕方ないので隅っこで寝るにゃ。にゃ。。。 Is it the end of the year already? Everyone's so busy, nya. I guess I'll sleep in the corner, nya. Nya...
Ooi Play もぉ、なんだって年末年始はこう忙しいのかしら…あ、大掃除、頑張ります! Man, why is the new year's holiday always so busy... ah, I'll do my best with spring cleaning! End of Year 2014 line.
Kitakami Play うひー、もう年末だよー。鎮守府の大掃除とかぜんぜんまだじゃーん…うひー… Whoa, it's already the end of the year. The naval base spring clean hasn't even started... whoa... End of Year 2014 line.
Kiso Play 艦娘対抗歌合戦だと。。。え、いや。そんなもの俺は出ないぞ。で、出ないといっている!おい! Kanmusu singing showdown...? Wh-What, no. I'm not going to enter that! H-Hey I said I'm not... Hey!!
Kinu Play 今年もいろいろあったよね。今年の提督もよかったよ!来年もいい提督でいてね! Well quite a few things happened this year. You were a good admiral this year! Here's to hoping that continues on to next year!
Abukuma Play あああ、忙しい!ほら、提督も手伝ってください!鎮守府のすす払い!あ、右舷にすす発見です! Aa, it's too busy! Come on Admiral, help out! Get to dusting the base! Ah, dust spotted starboard! Right side.
Agano Play え?能代?何が忙しいの?大掃除?大掃除か。大掃除は阿賀野少しだけ苦手かな。。。え、阿賀野もやるの?嘘でしょ。。。 Noshiro, what's everyone busy with? Mass cleaning? Cleaning, huh. Hm, I can't say I'm too fond of cleaning... Eh, I have to help too?! Seriously...
Noshiro Play は。。。提督の机も綺麗にしなきゃ。倉庫も整理したいし。あ、阿賀野ねえ。「何しているの」って、もちろん大掃除です。大掃除! Ha... 'Gotta clean the Admiral's desk, too. Need to get around to sorting out the warehouse, too. Oh, Agano-nee. What do you mean "What are we doing"? Of course we're cleaning! Mass cleaning!
Yahagi Play 酒匂、どうしたの?あのカンをとりたいのね。はい!そっか。大掃除か。手伝うわ。 Sakawa, what's the matter? Oh, you want to get that can? Here! Right, it's that time for cleaning up. I'll help out.
Sakawa Play 大掃除!お部屋の整理もしなくちゃ!箪笥の上にてが届かないよ。。。 Time for the mass cleaning! Better get started organizing the room! I-I can't reach the top of the cabinets!
Ooyodo Play 提督、そろそろ礼号作戦ですね。私もがんばります! Admiral, it's almost the end of the year. I'll do my best! End of Year 2014 line.

Heavy Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Furutaka Play 今年ももう年末ですね。提督、古鷹がお部屋の大掃除、済ませておきますね! The year has already reached its close. Admiral, I'll take care of spring cleaning the room! End of Year 2014 line.
Kako Play っかぁー、もう年末かぁ…早いよねえ。 大掃除、は…来年でいっかなぁー? …ねえ? Gah, it's already the end of the year... that was quick. Can we... leave the spring clean till next year? ...Hey? End of Year 2014 line.
Aoba Play がさ、その表情いいね。ミニと箒、いや意外とマッチするよ。もういちまいちょうだい!あ、司令官、いや、これから雑巾かけです。 Gasa, that expression is great. Mini skirts and brooms go surprisingly well together. Just give me a minute! Ah, Commander, no, we're about to start wiping the dust.
Kinugasa Play 大掃除よ!大掃除!もう、青葉も写真撮ってないで手伝えなさいよ。提督も青葉に一言いてやってください! It's the End of the Year cleaning! End of the Year cleaning! Hey, Aoba stop taking pictures and help me. Admiral, please say something to her too!
Takao Play 大掃除にとり関りましょう。鳥海、摩耶にも言っておいてね。愛宕は。。。あれ、いない?? Shall we get started with the cleaning? Could you relay that to Choukai and Maya? Atago... Where is she?! End of Year 2015 line.
Atago Play 私、お掃除とかあまり得意じゃないの。高雄、よろしくお願いいたしますね! I'm not that good at cleaning. Takao, I'll leave it to you! End of Year 2015 line.
Mogami Play 年末の大掃除、三隈のやつ、はりきってるな。掃除家も好きっているな?まあ、いいことだよね。 Mikuma is really into the New Year's cleaning. I wonder if she really likes cleaning? Well, that's fine.
Mikuma Play 大掃除ですね!くまりんこ大掃除、始めましょう!最上、鈴谷、熊野。さあ、まず掃く掃除ですは。 It's time for spring cleaning! Let's start the Kumarinko Year End Clean! Mogami, Suzuya, Kumano. Come, first we should sweep the place up.
Tone Play 筑摩、もう掃除は終わったのじゃ。大の字が付いているだけで面倒くさいのじゃ。我輩は早くそばを食いたいのじゃ。 Chikuma, I'm done with the cleaning already. It's such a pain since it's the "mass" cleaning. End of Year 2015 line.
Chikuma Play 姉さん、年末の掃除は大掃除。大切何です。終わったら美味しいおそばをご用意しますね。提督と一緒にいただきましょう。 Nee-san, New Years cleaning is quite a big event. It's important, you know. Here, I'll prepare a nice dish of soba once we're done. Shall we eat with the Admiral? End of Year 2015 line.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Nagato Play もう師走か。一年はあっという間だな。ん?なんだ、陸奥?え、大掃除?私もやるのか?あ、仕方ないな。どうだ、雑巾がけだ! December already? The year sure is fast. Hm? What is it, Mutsu? Oh, cleaning? I'm helping out? Ah, I guess I should. Alright, time to clean the floors! End of Year 2015 line.
Mutsu Play さ、年末は何かと忙しいわね。大掃除は早めにすませてしまいましょう。長門、この辺りはあなたにお願いしてもいいかしら The New Years period sure does get busy. Let's get the cleaning out of the way quickly, shall we? Nagato, can I ask you to take care of this area? End of Year 2015 line.
Ise Play 早いわねー。もう今年も終わりか。ねえ、日向。大掃除とか、しとく? That was fast. The year has already ended. Hey Hyuuga. Should we start preparing to spring clean? End of Year 2014 line.
Hyuuga Play うん、そろそろ大掃除をしないとな。格納庫の瑞雲も…よく磨いてやらんとな。 Hmmm, it's almost time to start spring cleaning. I'll be sure to polish up... the Zuiuns in my hangar. End of Year 2014 line.
Kongou Play おう!今年ももうディセンバーです!早いものですね、提督。鎮守府も大掃除ですか?私に任せるデス! Oh, it's already December! The year flew past in a flash, Admiral! Are we all getting started with the cleaning? I'll help out! End of Year 2015 line.
Hiei Play はい、司令。大掃除ですね。お任せください!比叡、雑巾がけも気合、入れて、行きます!とりゃ!!それ、反転。とりゃ!!!よし。綺麗。 Yes, Admiral. It's time to clean! Leave this to me! I'll pour in all of my spirit to wipe this floor! Off I go! Now the other way. And again! Alright, it's clean. End of Year 2015 line.
Haruna Play 提督、大掃除の季節ですね。提督のお机、榛名がお掃除します。あ、はい。引き出しの中もきちんと整理しておきますのでお任せください。提督?あ、あの。ひきだし。。。提督? Admiral, it's about that time of the year for cleaning up, isn't it. I'll clean up your desk so leave it to me! Oh, yes. I'll clean up the insides of your drawers too so it's okay! A-Admiral? U-Um... the drawer... Admiral? End of Year 2015 line.
Kirishima Play さあ、師走の大掃除も張り切って行きましょう!箒ようし!ちり取りようし!霧島、まずは掃き掃除から回ります!掃き掃除戦、ようい!始め! Okay, it's time to hit the ground running with the mass cleaning! Broom, check! Dustpan, check! Kirishima, starting off with the sweeping! Sweeping brigade, ready! Let's go! End of Year 2015 line.
Fusou Play 山城、年末よ。大掃除の季節。私たちの主砲もしっかり磨いて新年を迎えましょう。 Yamashiro, it's almost the new year. It's time to clean stuff up. Let's make sure to polish our cannons and look forward to the new year! End of Year 2015 line.
Yamashiro Play 姉様。分かりました!大掃除ですね。うわ、こんなに砲塔に埃が。。。不幸だは。 Nee-sama, I understand. It's time for the mass cleanup. Ugh, the turrets have this much dust in them... The misfortune... End of Year 2015 line.
Yamato Play 鳳翔さん、これわどこしまえば。。。あ、そこですね?了解です。はあ、大掃除は大変。提督は大和に任せて、ゆっくりしてくださいね? Houshou-san, where does this go... Ah, over there right? Roger that. Haa, spring cleaning is hard work. Admiral, just leave everything to me and don't worry alright?
Musashi Play 早いものだ。もう師走か。そうだな。大掃除に取り掛かるか。そして一杯やろう! That came around quick. Is it really December already? Guess I'll get started on cleaning. Once that's over, shall we grab a drink? End of Year 2015 line.
Littorio Play もう年末なんですね。ローマ、ちゃんとお掃除をしないとよ!え?私の方が散らかっている?あら、そ、そうね。あら。 End of the year already? Roma, make sure you clean up properly! What? I'm messier? Huh, I-I guess you're right. Oh dear. End of Year 2015 line.
Roma Play 年末の大掃除か。必要かもね。姉さんの部屋ひどいから。手伝いに行こうかな。 End of the year cleanup, is it? That might be in order. Nee-san's room is a disaster zone. I guess I'll go help out. End of Year 2015 line.

Light Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Houshou Play さあ、師走大掃除頑張りましょう。赤城さん、そちらを。加賀さんはその窓をお願いします。 Now, let's do our best for the End of Year cleaning. Akagi-san, you do that part. Kaga-san, I'll leave the windows to you.
Ryuujou Play 年末や!あれこれせんとな!忙しゅうってかなわんわ!とりあえず大掃除やで! It's the end of the year! Too much crap to do! I 'aint got no time to do all this! Whatever, let's start with the cleanup! End of Year 2015 line.
Zuihou Play 提督、あっという間に今年も年末です。一緒に大掃除かんばりましょ!私箒持ってきますね! Admiral, time sure does fly! It's already the end of the year. Shall we do the mass cleanup together? I'll bring the broom! End of Year 2015 line.
Chitose Play もう年末。一年は早いわね。年越しとおせちの準備をしなくちゃ。千代田、手伝って。 It's already the end of the year. The year goes by fast. Better prepare the New Years soba and Osechi. Chiyoda, can you give me a hand? End of Year 2015 line.
Chiyoda Play はぁ。年末のお掃除か…艤装や鎮守府、提督の執務室…掃除するとこいっばいあり過ぎ! Hah. End-of-the-year cleaning, huh... Armaments, naval base, and admiral's office... Way too many things to clean! End of Year 2015 line.

Standard Carriers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akagi Play さ、一航戦も年末の大掃除をしましょう!格納庫も甲板も磨いて。。。ふん。上々ね。 Alright, it's time for Ikkousen to start our cleanup. Need to clean up the hangars and our flight decks. Hm, not bad. End of Year 2015 line.
Kaga Play 師走。早いものね。お、赤城さん。え?年越しそば作り?分かりました。お手伝いします。 December. Is it that time already? Oh, Akagi-san. Hm? New Years soba-making? Of course, I'll help out. End of Year 2015 line.
Shoukaku Play 師走はやはりいろいろと忙しいわね。瑞鶴、その布巾は食器用よ!あ、違うの!こっちを。。。!きゃ!いったた。。。あ、いやだ! December's a hectic month, isn't it. Zuikaku, that rag is for the dishes! No, not that! It's this- Kya! Ow... D-Don't look! End of Year 2015 line.
Zuikaku Play もう年末って本当あっという間!大掃除も面倒くさいな、もう。ん?翔鶴ねえ、なに?あ、そこ危ないよ!だ、大丈夫、翔鶴ねえ? Wow, time flies too quickly! It's already December? Cleaning is such a pain, ugh. Hm? Shoukaku-nee, what is it? Ah, be careful! A-Are you okay, Shoukaku-nee? End of Year 2015 line.
Katsuragi Play そろそろ年の瀬ね。格納庫も大掃除しなきゃって。。。こら!手を突っ込むな、ばか! It's almost New Year's Eve. Better clean out the hangars... Ah! Idiot, don't stick your hand in there! End of Year 2015 line.
Taihou Play あら磯風さん、どうしたの?その格好。大掃除?そうか、もうそんな季節ね、私も参加しなくちゃ。え~と、箒箒… Oh Isokaze-san, what's wrong? Those clothes. End of the Year cleaning? That's right, it's that season again, I guess I have to get cleaning. Hrm... broom... broom...
Graf Zeppelin Play 12月か。私が進水したのも12月だ。懐かしいな。なに?大掃除?え、私がか? December, is it? I was laid down on this month. It brings back memories. What? Mass cleanup? Me? End of Year 2015 line.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
I-8 Play 提督、ハッちゃんも大掃除参加します!まず提督の机の引き出しから。。。え?そこは自分でやるの?そうですか。 Admiral, I'll help out with the mass cleanup! I'll start with your desk's drawers... Huh? You'll do that yourself? I see. End of Year 2015 line.

Training Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Katori Play さあ、年の瀬ですね。艦隊も鎮守府も一年の汚れをとりましょう!大掃除ですね。 It's New Years Eve already. Shall we wash off a year's worth of filth? Time to start cleaning! End of Year 2015 line.
Kashima Play あっという間に師走ですね。艦隊も大掃除で大忙しですね。私も頑張らなきゃ! December sure did roll around quickly! Seems like everyone's busy with cleaning up. I'll need to do my part, too! End of Year 2015 line.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akitsushima Play うわ!大掃除かも!年末の秋津洲、大掃除!クレーンとかもしっかり磨かなきゃ!大艇ちゃん、心配しないで! What, it's already time to clean, maybe? I guess I'll get started on the cleanup. Need to make sure to polish up my cranes! Taitei-chan, don't you worry! End of Year 2015 line.
Mizuho Play もう年末。。。提督、一年間本当に早いですね。瑞穂も大掃除に加わりますね。 Is it already the end of the year? Admiral, the year sure does go by quickly. I'll do my part to help with the cleaning! End of Year 2015 line.
Commandant Teste Play こちらの冬は冷えますね…。瑞穂?これは?ホウ、キ…竹箒、ですか?大掃除なのですね。わかりましたわ。 This winter is getting quite cold... Mizuho? This is? A bamboo... broom? End of the Year cleaning you say. I understand.
Taigei Play 鳳翔さんどうされたんですか?そうか、鎮守府の大掃除ですね。私も手伝えいたします。あ、はい!まず、掃き掃除ですね? Houshou-san, what are you doing? Oh right, it's time for the Naval Base End of the Year cleaning. I'll help too. Ah, yes! Sweeping comes first right?
Hayasui Play もう年末です、提督さん!大掃除!大掃除しないと!伊良子ちゃんたちも忙しそう!ようし、速吸も頑張ります!はい! It's already the end of the year, Admiral! It's time to clean! The mass cleanup! Irako-chan and the gang seem pretty busy! Alright, I'll need to do my part and help out, too! End of Year 2015 line.