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Seasonal/Final Battle

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These seasonal graphics and voice lines are special in that they are associated with the two events covering the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Fall 2017 and Winter 2018, instead of with actual seasonal occurrences.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf (October 1944) was in many ways the twilight of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Despite being the closest the IJN ever came to fulfilling its grand strategy for a decisive or "final" battle (kantai kessen) with the United States Navy, the Japanese failed at the tactical level in disrupting the American landing operations in Leyte Gulf and at the strategic level in stalling the American advance across the Pacific. Devastated by personnel and materiel losses and low on fuel, the Combined Fleet effectively ceased to exist as an effective fighting force after the battle. The only major naval operation to follow was Operation Ten-Gou (April 1945), the sacrifice of the Yamato.

As a result, these seasonals tend to reflect a strong desire by the shipgirls to overcome the demons of their pasts. Lines prior to the Fall 2017 event, which centered on the Battle of Surigao Strait, emphasize interactions with members of the Nishimura and Shima Fleets. Lines prior to the Winter 2018 event, which will cover more of the Battle of Leyte Gulf as a whole, emphasize preparation by members of the Kurita, Suzuki, and Ozawa Fleets.

They may refer to the battle as "Operation Sho-1" ("Operation Victory One"), because the Philippines was the first of four alternative defense plans the Japanese devised after the Battle of the Philippines Sea (the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, June 1944).


25 October 2017
10 November 2017
16 February 2018
Light Cruisers
Heavy Cruisers
Light Carriers
Standard Carriers


Eve of the Final Battle Part 1

25 October 2017

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yayoi Play 卯月。あの、この季節は、気をつけて。あの、怒こってなんかないけど。うん、気をつけてね。 Uzuki. Ummm, be careful during this season. Ummm, I'm not angry. Yeah, be careful, alright?
Uzuki Play 弥生?何を心配そうな顔してるぴょん?なんか怒こってるぴょん!?大丈夫ぴょん!卯月は不沈艦ぴょん。沈まないぴょん! Yayoi? Why are you frowning-pyon? Are you angry about something-pyon!? It's fine-pyon! I'm unsinkable-pyon. I won't sink-pyon!
Akebono Play ふん、泣いても、笑っても、決戦ってわけか。あたしも本気で行くから!クソ提督、行くよ! Hmph, so the final battle is inevitable, huh? I've gotta get serious, too! Let's go, you shitty Admiral!
Hatsuharu Play なんじゃその、妾もう貴様を信頼している・・・じゃ。ん、まぁ、そういうことじゃ! Well, I mean, I trust you.... Yeah, well, that's all!
Shigure Play この季節は・・・うぅん、提督、いい雨だね。 This season is... No, it's a nice rain, Admiral. Secretary 1
Play 満潮・・・そうか、よかったね。一緒に準備を使用。うん。 Michishio... I see, that's good. Let's get ready together. Yeah. Secretary 2
Yuudachi Play みんな戦いの準備をしてるっぽい?夜戦の準備っぽい? You're all getting ready for battle-poi? Night battle preparations-poi?
Shiranui Play いよいよ決戦。十八駆も全力でこと当たります。いえ、お構いなく。 It's almost time for the decisive battle. DesDiv18 will strike with all our might. No, don't mind me.
Hatsuzuki Play いや、あの戦いは最後あんまり覚えていないんだ。ただ、やれることを全力であった・・・そんな気持である、この胸の奥に。 Well, I don't remember much about the last moments of that battle. I'm just left with this feeling of... doing whatever it takes, deep in my heart.
Light Cruisers
Tama Play いよいよ決戦の時にゃ。艦隊は猫の手も借りたいはず。多摩も頑張るしかないにゃ。あぁ、もちろん猫じゃないにゃ。 It's almost time for the final battle-nya. The fleet is really busy. I have to work hard too-nya. Ah, but I'm definitely not a cat-nya. "猫の手も借りたい" is a phrase meaning "so busy that you'd even use a cat's help".
Abukuma Play よぉし〜!決戦の時です。一水戦旗艦の経験と自負は伊達じゃないです!旗艦戦闘!みんな、ついてきて! Alriiiight~! It's time for the final battle. My experience and pride as flagship of DesRon1 isn't just for show! Flagship starting battle! Follow me, everyone!
Heavy Cruisers
Nachi Play よし!いよいよこの那智型・・・って、違う。妙高型の真の力見る時が来たな。やるぞ! Alright! It's finally time for me to show you the Nachi-class'... No, wait, the Myoukou-class' true power. Let's do this!
Ashigara Play この飢えた狼っと言われた、足柄、大事な戦いの予感を感じるは!全力出撃、よい! As someone known as the "Hungry Wolf", I feel that this will be an important battle! Let's sortie with all our might!
Fusou Play 山城、いよいよ決戦よ。私たち扶桑型姉妹の大舞台が来たのよ。頑張りましょうね。 It's time for the decisive battle, Yamashiro. It's time for us Fusou-class sisters to step onto the grand stage. Let's do our best. Secretary 1
Yamashiro Play 扶桑型の活躍する時は、どうどう来たよね。姉さま、山城頑張ります。ふふふふふ。。。 The time for the Fusou-class to show their worth is finally here. I'll do my best, nee-sama. Fufufufu.... Secretary 1
I-26 Play あぁ、西村艦隊のみんなだ!やほぉ!ねぇねぇねぇ、どこ行くの?え?えぇ?ほんとに?ん、来年にしない? Ah, it's the Nishimura Fleet! Yoohoo! Hey hey hey, where are you going? Eh? Eeeeh? Seriously? Mmm, why not put it off till next year?
Commandant Teste Play 最上さん、作戦前の水上機の整備ですか?Oui、私もお手伝いさせてください。いい機体ですね。 Are you doing pre-operation maintenance on the seaplanes, Mogami-san? Yes, please let me help too. They're good planes.

10 November 2017

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shigure Play 扶桑、山城、気をつけて。大部隊だけど、油断は全然できないだ。ぼくも・・・ぼくも全力で守るから。 Fusou, Yamashiro, be careful. Don't let your guard down even though this is a large force. I'll... I'll protect you with all my strength. Secretary 3
Murasame Play 時雨ちゃん、どうしたの?なるほど。でも、きっと平気。私達の、佐世保の時雨なら、村雨は信じてます。 What's wrong, Shigure? I see. But, it'll be fine. I believe in our Shigure of Sasebo. Secretary 3
Heavy Cruisers
Mogami Play 決戦か。また突入だね。いよ、突破しよ! The final battle huh. We're heading to war again. Fine then, let's smash them!
Fusou Play 時雨、大丈夫よ。私たち第三部隊七隻、一緒にスリガオ海峡抜けましょう!今度こそ。 It's fine, Shigure. The 7 of us in the 3rd Section will pass through Surigao Strait together! For sure this time. Secretary 3
Yamashiro Play 姉様?ん、満潮?あぁ、そうね、小さいのは任せたわ。えぇ?うふん。生意気ね。姉様を守って。 Nee-sama? Hmm, Michishio? Ah, yeah, I'm leaving the little ones to you. Eh? Ufun. Cheeky. Protect nee-sama. Secretary 3

Final Battle Part 1

17 November 2017

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shigure Play 提督、みんな、うん、行こう。 Admiral, everyone, yeah, let’s go. Secretary 1
Play あの海峡は・・・うん、なんでもない、行こう。もちろん、僕も・・・行く。 That strait is... No, it’s nothing, let’s go. Of course, I’ll be... coming too. Secretary 2
Play 了解、満潮、みんな、油断しないで行こう。空襲が止んだら海峡までは警戒陣形で接近しよ。 Roger, Michishio, everyone, let's approach with caution. Once the air raid is over, we'll approach the strait in Vanguard Formation. Secretary 3
Play ありがと、準備は大事だね。 Thank you, preparations are important. Equipment 2
Play いよいよ僕たちの出番だね。扶桑、山城、みんな、行こう。必ず全員で戻るために。 It's our turn soon. Fusou, Yamashiro, everyone, let's go. I'll definitely bring everyone home. Joining a Fleet
Play とうしてもらう。 I got this. Attack
Michishio Play 今はやって上げるは、しかも全力で。第二十駆逐隊、出撃します! I'm ready to do this, and at full power too. 20th Destroyer Division, sortie! Joining a Fleet
Fujinami Play なに司令、呼んだ?藤波、何気には、もの凄く真剣に色々準備して忙しいんだけど。 What, did you call me, Commander? I've suddenly been caught up in doing all sorts of serious preparations. Secretary 1
Play あぁ、もう。今回は藤波、まじで忙しいんだから。もち! Aaah, jeez. I'm really busy right now. I am! Secretary 2
Play そうだよ、出撃準備だよ。捷一号作戦の準備。えぇ?福?だから今は準備中なんだって。もち! That's right, I'm getting ready to sortie. Getting ready for Operation Shou-1. Eh? Good luck? I said I wasn't done getting ready yet. For real! Secretary 3
Fusou Play 了解。二戦隊は、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、旗艦戦力として、夜のスリガオ海峡を抜け、レイテを突入を目指します。 Roger. As the flagship of BatDiv 2, the main strength of the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, I'll break through Surigao Strait and into Leyte. Secretary 3. The "3rd Section" (第三部隊) refers to the fleet under Vice-Admiral Nishimura, which formed the vanguard of what is known as the Southern Force by Japanese historians.
Play スリガオ海峡を抜けて、レイテに突入します!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、出撃! We'll break through Surigao Strait and charge into Leyte! 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, sortie! Joining a Fleet
Play 二戦隊突破します!って! BatDiv 2 will break through! Fire! Night Battle Attack
Play はあぁ!や、山城、突破するのよ。 Aaaaah! Y-you have to break through, Yamashiro. Minor Damage 1
Yamashiro Play 姉様、了解しました。二戦隊、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊として、スリガオを越え、レイテを突入します。行きます。 Roger, nee-sama. BatDiv 2, under the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section, will break through Surigao into Leyte. Let's go. Secretary 3
Play 姉さま、了解です。第二戦隊、旗艦山城、第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊・・・ふふふ・・・ふふふふ・・・抜錨です! Roger, nee-sama. Yamashiro, flagship of BatDiv 2, of the 1st Striking Force, 3rd Section... Fufufu... fufufufu... Setting sail! Joining a Fleet
Play 時雨、行ける?頼りにしてるから。私達、第三部隊、西村艦隊を出撃よ! Ready to go, Shigure? I'm counting on you. We, the 3rd Section, the Nishimura Fleet, are sortieing! Starting a Sortie
Play じゃまだ、どけー! Get out of my way! Night Battle Attack
Play 姉様!ち・・・進・・・進んだから! Nee-sama! Tch... I'll... I'll keep moving forwards! Minor Damage 1

Eve of the Final Battle Part 2

23 January 2018

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Standard Carriers
Shoukaku Play あのあとの戦い...そうなのね。私達の機動部隊、そして、瑞鶴の最後の戦い... The next battle will... That's right. It's the Mobile Force's, and Zuikaku's, last battle... Secretary 3
Zuikaku Play 提督さん...うん、分かってる。 Admiral... Yes, I understand. Secretary 3

5 February 2018

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Hatsuharu Play 我が二十一駆は艦隊主力とは別に、輸送作戦を担当かや。苦しゅうないぞ、輸送も大切の作戦じゃ。心得た! We of DesDiv 21 are not the main force of the fleet, but are charged with transport operations. I don't mind - transports serve an important operational role. I'm well aware! Secretary 3
Wakaba Play 捷一号作戦、決戦だな。何?我が二十一駆は輸送作戦を?分かった。任せておけ。 Operation Sho-1 is the final battle. What? DesDiv 21 is doing transport operations? Understood. Leave it to me. Secretary 3
Hatsushimo Play いよいよレイテ決戦。二十一駆は輸送作戦に遂行、その後、艦隊決戦に合流ですか?初霜、了解です! The final battle at Leyte has come. DesDiv 21 needs to complete a transport operation, then regroup for the decisive fleet battle? Roger that! Secretary 3
Shigure Play ありがとう、受け取ってくれて。そうだね、僕たち、次こそ決戦だ。主力艦隊も突入するね。 Thank you for taking this. That's right, our next battle will be the decisive one. And the main fleet will be leading the charge. Secretary 2
Urakaze Play 浜風、艦隊の塩梅は、どがいなね? How's the condition of the fleet, Hamakaze? Secretary 2
Hamakaze Play 私は問題ありません。浦風?顔色が少し悪いようです。 Everything is in order. Urakaze? You're looking unwell. Secretary 2
Tanikaze Play ちょいと艦隊が騒がしいね。こいつは、あれだな? The fleet is a bit noisy now. Means it's time for that, right? Secretary 2
Light Cruisers
Agano Play 艦隊がいろいろ慌ただしい。能代、どしたの?えぇ、捷一号作戦?能代いくの? The fleet looks very busy. What's going on, Noshiro? Eh, Operation Sho-1? You're going, Noshiro? Secretary 2. Agano sank before Operation Sho had been planned.
Noshiro Play 第一遊撃部隊、第一部隊、ふぅ、第二水雷戦隊、出撃準備、始めてください。 1st Striking Force, 1st Section, sigh, 2nd Torpedo Squadron, please begin preparations for sortie. Secretary 2
Yahagi Play 捷一号作戦・・・ここで私達が敵の進行、防ぐ。十戦隊、作戦準備。・・・ふぅ、能代ねえ・・・ Operation Sho-1... We'll halt the enemy advance here. DesRon 10, prepare for operations... *sigh* Noshiro-nee... Secretary 2
Sakawa Play なんかみんな慌ただし。お仕事かな? Everyone looks so busy. Is there a job to do? Secretary 2. Sakawa was completed a month after the battle.
Heavy Cruisers
Takao Play 艦隊が泊地に集結中ね。いよいよ、作戦発動。 The fleet is gathering in port. It's almost time to start the operation. Secretary 3
Atago Play そろそろね、高雄。 It's almost time, Takao. Secretary 1
Maya Play なぁ、鳥海、わあってる。この日のために改修したんだ。無駄死にはしない。そのために、今ここにいる。 C'mon, Choukai, I know. We got our remodels for this day. We won't die in vain. This is why we're here. Secretary 2
Choukai Play いよいよ捷一号作戦。四戦隊全力出撃ね。摩耶、準備はいい? It's almost time for Operation Sho-1. CruDiv 4, sortie at full force. Are you ready, Maya? Secretary 1
Play 藤波さん、どうしたの? What's wrong, Fujinami-san? Secretary 2
Kongou Play 提督、私達三戦隊も、準備を始めるネ。 BatDiv 3 has begun preparations too, Admiral. Secretary 2
Hiei Play 霧島、お姉さまと榛名が・・・あぁ、行くんだね、決戦に。 Kirishima, onee-sama and Haruna are... Ah, they're heading out, for the final battle. Secretary 2. Hiei and Kirishima sank early in the war during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (1942).
Haruna Play 守りたい。榛名は、そう...思っています。 "I want to protect", that's... what I feel. Secretary 2
Kirishima Play 泊地の艦隊に緊張感が・・・作戦前の雰囲気ですね。 The fleet in port looks so tense... This is the feeling before an operation. Secretary 2
Musashi Play そろそろか。よし、いうことするか。なぁ、相棒? It's almost time. Alright, time to do what we said. Right, partner? Secretary 1
Play 何だ、清霜よ?そんな顔するな。あはは、ばかなやつだ。だが、ありがとうな。 What is it, Kiyoshimo? Don't make that face. Ahaha, don't be silly. But, thank you. Secretary 3
Light Carriers
Zuihou Play いよいよ捷一号作戦。瑞鳳も行ってきます。 Operation Sho-1 is almost here. I'll be going too. Secretary 1
Standard Carriers
Shoukaku Play 瑞鶴、心配しないで。私がいる、そしてみんなも。 Don't worry, Zuikaku. I'm here, and so is everyone else. Secretary 3
Zuikaku Play 大丈夫、今度は艦載機が有る。熟練部隊も。そして・・・ I'm fine, I have planes this time. Skilled squadrons too. And also... Secretary 2
Play そう、翔鶴姉がいるんだ。負けない!絶対に! That's right, Shoukaku-nee will be there. I won't lose! Count on it! Secretary 3
I-8 Play どうも艦隊が慌ただしです。これは、あれですね。 The fleet is so busy now. This must mean that's happening. Secretary 3. I-8 was undergoing refitting in Yokosuka during the battle.
I-19 Play 艦隊が、作戦準備に入ってるなの。緊張するの! The fleet is preparing for the operation. I'm so nervous! Secretary 3. I-19 sank during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.
Hayasui Play いよいよ捷一号作戦ですね。いよいよ、この速吸も決戦幇助航空戦力として、頑張ります!艦隊随伴航空給油艦の本領、発揮したいと思います! Operation Sho-1 is almost here. That means it's almost time for me to do my best to support the final battle with air power. I'd like to demonstrate what a auxiliary fleet oiler with aviation support can really do! Secretary 3

Final Battle Part 2

15 February 2018

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Light Cruisers
Kitakami Play 九三式食ってる場合じゃねぇなぁ!やっちゃいますか! No time to eat a Type 93! Let's do this! Night Battle Attack
Ooi Play 九三式酸素ラブアターック!食らえ! Eat my Type 93 Oxygen Love Attaaaaaaack! Night Battle Attack

16 February 2018

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Urakaze Play いよいよ、うちらも、いくんじゃねぇ? It's almost time for us to go too, right? Secretary 2
Play 浜風、うちより先に沈んだら、あかんよ。聞いてるけ? You can't sink before I do, Hamakaze. Are you listening? Secretary 3
Play 矢矧さん了解じゃ!十戦隊、一七駆、好機を捉え突撃します!磯風、浜風、雪姉、いい? Roger that, Yahagi! DesRon 10, DesDiv 17, seizing the opportunity to charge in! Isokaze, Hamakaze, Yuki-nee, ready? Joining a Fleet
Play あぁぁぁ、ぐっ、沈むわけ... Aaaaah, urgh, I won't sink... Minor Damage 1
Hamakaze Play そうですね、出撃準備を...あぁ、大丈夫ですか? That's right, the sortie preparations... Ah, are you alright? Secretary 2
Play 聞いていますが…あなたは自分の心配をしてください!浦風、また…先に行ったら、許しません!いいですか? I hear you but... Please worry about yourself! If you... go first again, I won't forgive you, Urakaze! Got it? Secretary 3
Play 今がその時です。届いてください!ってー! Now is the time. Please hit! Fire! Night Attack
Play あぁぁ…あぁ…あぁ…浜風はっ…浜風は…ここでは…沈まないっ! Aaaah... Ah... Ah... I won't... I won't... sink... here! Minor Damage 1
Tanikaze Play まぁ、決まるじゃないね~そういうことさ! Well, it's not written in stone! All there is to it! Secretary 2
Play まぁ、何だ?敵の空襲を甘く見ちゃだめさ!なんだかんだっとごついからな、畜生め! Well, what can I say? Don't underestimate the enemy air raids! Those bastards aren't gonna go easy on us! Secretary 3
Fujinami Play 藤波、絶対に亡くさない!もち、戻ってくるんだ! I won't die! I'll return, definitely! Secretary 1
Play 浜っち、大丈夫だよ。この海は...でも今は皆がいるから! It's alright, Hamacchi. This sea is... but everyone is here now! Secretary 2
Play 三十二駆、藤波、出撃します。生きて帰るから、もーち! DesDiv32, Fujinami, sortieing. I'll come back alive, definitely! Joining a Fleet
Light Cruisers
Kitakami Play あぁ~何かあれな感じだなあ~この感じ、うひぃ! Ah~ this gives me that feeling~ you know~ yikes! Secretary 1
Play まぁ、何ですかね?気楽に行きますかね~私はね~ Well, you know what? I just want to take it easy~ Secretary 2
Play まぁ、ここは本気でやっときましょうかね……うりゃあっ! Well, time for me to fight seriously... Take this! Attack
Play あぁぁ、こう見えて、決戦兵力だからね。沈みませんよ! Aaah, I might not look like it, but I'm part of the decisive battle's forces. I won't sink! Minor Damage 1
Ooi Play 北上さん、艦隊の様子が...これは、もしかして、あれですか?艦隊決戦ってやつ...提督、どうなの? Kitakami, the fleet's looking... Could it be, that? The "Decisive Battle"... What are you gonna do about this, Admiral? Secretary 1
Play 北上さん、気を付けて!今回は少し...ん! Be careful, Kitakami! This time is a little... Ngh! Secretary 2
Play 私と北上さんの前を遮る愚か者、沈みなさい! All those fools who dare stand in the way of Kitakami and I, SINK! Attack
Play ん、やろう、上等じゃない! Ngh, bring it, you bastards! Minor Damage 1
Agano Play あぁ、もう、能代気負い過ぎたって。阿賀野ちょっと心配。えぇ?私?えっと、私は.... Ah, jeez, you're being too enthusiastic, Noshiro. It's worrying me. Eh? Me? Ummm, I'm... Secretary 1
Noshiro Play さぁ、行きましょうか。矢矧、あとはお願いね。 Now, let's get going. I'll leave the rest to you, Yahagi. Secretary 2
Play いよいよ決戦。ここからは戻る所はありません!進むのみ!皆さん、前へ!参りましょう! It's finally the Decisive Battle. There is no turning back from here! Only forward! Forwards, everyone! Let's go! Joining a Fleet
Yahagi Play 第一遊撃部隊、第二部隊、十戰隊、矢矧、出撃します。提督、ご命令を。 1st Striking Force, 2nd Section, DesRon 10, Yahagi, sortieing. Your orders, Admiral? Secretary 1
Play 金剛さん、私たちの全力で敵に喰らえつきます。でも、あと少し、あと少し及ばない時は...いいえ、大丈夫! Let's give the enemy all we have, Kongou. But, when, when things seem just out of each... No, never mind! Secretary 2
Play 能代姉、気負い過ぎないで。そう、いつもの、いつもの演習の通りで行きましょう。大丈夫! Don't be too energetic, Noshiro-nee. Yes, just, just do it like the exercises. We'll be fine! Secretary 3
Play 艦隊、単縦陣、行くぞ。矢矧、水雷戦隊、推して参る! Fleet, line ahead formation, move out. Yahagi's torpedo squadron, setting forth! Night Battle
Sakawa Play 矢矧ちゃん、ちゃんと戻ってきてね。皆も帰ってこないと...ダメだから... Make sure you return, Yahagi. All of you... have to come back... Secretary 1
Heavy Cruisers
Takao Play 愛宕、対潜警戒も厳として!必ず来るわ。 Be on ASW high alert, Atago! They'll definitely be coming. Secretary 2
Play 第四戦隊、必ず戦場で輝いて見せる! …必ず!! Cruiser Division 4 will definitely show you how we shine on the battlefield! ...We will!! Joining a Fleet
Atago Play もう!分かってるわよ~今回は、対潜航空支援もあるし。 Jeez! I know~ We even have airborne ASW support this time. Secretary 2
Play 決戦海域にたどり着いて見せるわ。そこからが、本番よ。 I'll show you we can make it to the operation area. That's where the real show starts. Joining a Fleet. Atago and Takao never made it past Palawan Passage.
Play ぱんぱかぱん〜!食らいなさい〜! Panpakapan~! Take this~! Night Battle Attack
Maya Play 先に行くのよ、鳥海。あたしより...先に。 Go on ahead, Choukai. Go on... ahead of me. Secretary 2
Play やったるぜ~!四戦隊、摩耶、出番が!!! Let's do this! CruDiv 4, Maya, taking the stage!!! Joining a Fleet
Play そこだろう?分かってんだよ、食らえぇぇぇ!! Over there right? I got it. Take thiiiiis!! Night Battle Attack
Play はぁ!?効くかよ、そんな攻撃!? Huh!? As if an attack like that would work! Minor Damage 1
Choukai Play そうね、摩耶。油断はしていない!全力で行くわ。 Yes, Maya. I won't be careless! I'll do this with all my might. Secretary 2
Play 私が、仕留める! I'll take them down! Attack
Kongou Play この戦いの後も、また提督と紅茶を飲みたいネ! I want to drink tea with the Admiral again after this battle! Secretary 2
Play 届いて、もう少しだから! Hit, just a little bit more! Attack
Play 食らいついたら離さないって、言ったデース! I told you, I won't let go once I've gotten my hands on you! Night Battle Attack
Hiei Play お姉様、皆、無事に帰って来て! Onee-sama, everyone, come back safely! Secretary 2
Haruna Play はい、榛名は出撃致します。提督、あなたと... Yes, I'll be sortieing. With you, Admiral... Secretary 2
Play ここでの勝手は、榛名が、許しません! I won't allow any selfishness here! Attack
Play 嫌だ、被弾?でも、榛名は、進みます! Oh no, I'm hit? But, I'll continue on! Minor Damage 1
Kirishima Play 艦隊に勝利を...司令... Bring victory to the fleet... Commander... Secretary 2
Ise Play そうね、日向。結構大変そう。準備万端で挑みたいね。 That's right, Hyuuga. It looks tough. I want to take it on with the proper preparations. Secretary 1
Play ん、回避運動はよしっと…噴進砲も…よし!いいかな。 Ngh, evasive maneuvers; OK... Rockets; OK! I think this'll work. Secretary 2
Play さあ、行っちゃいますか! Now, let's go get them! Attack
Play やるじゃない、当ててきたか。でも、かすり傷よ。 Not bad, you scored a hit. But, this is just a scratch. Minor Damage 1
Hyuuga Play 伊勢、次の戦いは厳しいことになりそうだ。 The next battle looks like it will be hard, Ise. Secretary 1
Play 航空戦艦日向、防空戦闘の抜かりは...ない! Aviation Battleship Hyuuga, I won't... mess up in the fight for air superiority! Secretary 2
Play お返しだ、行くぞ。 I'm going to pay you back for that. Here it comes! Attack
Play あぁ、やるな、だが戦闘航行に支障はない。 Ah, not bad. But I can still do battle manoeuvres. Minor Damage 1
Musashi Play よし、いよいよ我が第一遊撃部隊の突入だな。この武蔵に任せておけ。必ずや、レイテに突入するぞ!相棒よ、準備はいいな。よし、いい面構えだ。 Alright, it's finally time for our 1st Striking Force to break through. Leave it to me. I'll definitely break through to Leyte! Are you ready, partner? Great, that's a good expression. Secretary 1
Play 来るなあ、空襲が。基地航空隊が上空援護してくれるとありがたいが...戦闘機部隊は健在か? An air raid is coming. I'm grateful that we have cover from land-based aircraft, but... will the fighter squadrons be alright? Secretary 2
Play うむ、この装備塗装でゆく。何だ、相棒、その顔は?大丈夫だ。今度は、帰って来る! Yup, this paint on my equipment will do. What's with that look, partner? It'll be fine. This time, I'll return! Secretary 3
Play 第一遊撃部隊、第一部隊、戦艦武蔵、抜錨準備完了。行こうか、相棒。 1st Striking Force, 1st Section, battleship Musashi, preparations to sail complete. Shall we go, partner? Joining a Fleet
Play 今は遠慮はなしだ。そうだろう、相棒よ。 I'm not holding back this time. Right, partner? Attack
Play はははぁ!痛快だ!主砲、一斉射だ。薙ぎ払えぇ! Hahaha! What a thrill! Main guns, full broadside. Bring them down! Night Battle Attack
Play そうゆう事だ、この武蔵について来い。追撃開始だ! That's right, follow me. Begin pursuit! Night Battle
Light Carriers
Zuihou Play 瑞鳳、出撃準備、完了です。瑞鶴さん、いつでも! I've completed my sortie preparations. I'm ready anytime, Zuikaku! Secretary 2
Play 機動部隊本隊所属、瑞鳳、参ります! Member of the Main Body of the Mobile Force, Zuihou, setting off! Joining a Fleet
Play はい、瑞鳳もご一緒します、もちろん! Yes, I'm coming along too, of course! Starting a Sortie
Play 瑞鳳の艦爆隊、お願い! I'm counting on you, my dive bomber squadrons! Attack
Play ぎゃあぁぁぁ、まだ、まだ沈まなったら! Kyaaah, I won't, I won't sink yet! Minor Damage 1
Chitose Play 捷一号作戦…千代田、用意はいい?…行きますよ。 Are you ready... for Operation Sho 1, Chiyoda? ...Let's go. Secretary 1
Play この戦いは、負けられない! We must not lose this battle! Secretary 2
Chiyoda Play 千歳お姉、わかってる。必ず戻るから、一緒に! I know that, Chitose-onee. We'll definitely return together! Secretary 1
Play 千歳お姉、あたしだって、帰るんだから! I'll come back too, Chitose-onee! Secretary 2
Standard Carriers
Shoukaku Play 第三艦隊、小沢機動部隊、旗艦翔鶴、出撃します! 3rd Fleet, Ozawa Mobile Force flagship, Shoukaku, sortieing! Joining a Fleet
Play 瑞鶴を、皆を守って。翔鶴航空隊、発艦! I'll protect Zuikaku and everyone else. Air wing, take off! Attack
Play 瑞鶴、私が前に出ます! Zuikaku, I'll be going ahead! Minor Damage 1
Zuikaku Play いよいよ捷一号作戦、私たち、大沢艦隊の出撃か。来たんだね、この時が。 Operation Sho 1, the sortie of our Ozawa Fleet, is finally here? So the time has come. Secretary 1
Play 翔鶴姉、何?て、提督さんじゃん?何やってんの?作戦中だよ?まじで爆撃されたいの!? What is it, Shoukaku? I-it's you, Admiral? What are you doing? We're in the middle of an operation, you know? Do you seriously want to be bombed? Secretary 2
Play 全機爆装、準備でき次第発艦!目標、母港執務室の提督!やっちゃって!...って、発艦中止!作戦の後でね。覚えといてよ! All bombers, take off when ready! Target, the Admiral's office! Go for it! ...Wait, belay that order! I'll wait till after the operation. I'll remember this! Secretary 3
Play てーとくー!ぼーっとしてる時間ないよ!ほら、機動部隊の出撃準備!この戦いは負けられないんだから! Admiral! This isn't the time to be daydreaming! Come on, we need to prepare to sortie the Mobile Force! We can't lose this battle! Secretary Idle
Play 補充できる艦載機があるって、本当ありがたい! I'm so grateful there are planes for replacement! Supply
Play 第三艦隊、小沢機動部隊、旗艦瑞鶴、出撃する! 3rd Fleet, Ozawa Mobile Force flagship, Zuikaku, sortieing! Joining a Fleet
Play 小沢艦隊、旗艦瑞鶴、出撃する! Ozawa Fleet flagship, Zuikaku, sortieing! Starting a Sortie
Play これが私の決戦だからっ! This is my Decisive Battle! Attack
Play 肉迫する!くたばれ!瑞鶴航空隊、発艦! Press the attack! Drop dead! Air wing, take off! Air Battle
Play こんなの、全然かすり傷なんだから! This isn't even a scratch! Minor Damage 1
Play やるじゃない!でも、今度は沈まないよ、私! Not bad! But this time, I won't sink! Minor Damage 2


23 March 2018

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Urakaze Play 金剛さん、みんな、警戒を厳に…夜の海は危なっけ。帰り道も気っつけんっと。 Kongou, everyone, be on your guard... The night sea is dangerous. We need to be careful on our way home too. Reference to Kongou's and Urakaze's sinking. They were returning to Japan with Yamato, Nagato, Yahagi and a bunch of destroyers, when US submarine torpedoed the group. Urakaze literally disappeared on impact, Kongou was redirected to different port few hours later, but due to underestimation of damage, she soon started heavily listing, and soon afterwards her magazine exploded leaving only a melt down, burning floatplane.
Isokaze Play 寒いな…あぁ、雪か。よし、こんなときは北方海域、寒冷地での作戦訓練に最適だな。第十七駆逐隊、集合だ。なぜ誰も来ない? It's cold... Ah, it's snowing. Alright, this is the perfect time for training operations in the North. Destroyer Division 17, assemble. Why isn't anyone coming? Secretary 3
Hamakaze Play そうですね、私達十七駆が立てに、うん、守りにつきます。誰も失わせない。無事に港に戻りましょう。いいですね? That's right, we DesDiv17 have just, yes, protected everyone. We won't lose anyone again. Let's return to port safely. Alright?
Fujinami Play あぁ、まってたよはまっち。うん、本当まったよ。まぁ、いいや。おきちんたちにも挨拶に行こう。三十二駆、頑張っていくぞ。もち! Ah, I've been waiting for you Hamacchi. Yep, I've waited a long time. Well, that's fine. Let's go greet Okichin and the rest. Let's give it our all as DesDiv32. For sure!
Light Cruisers
Kinu Play ここで一句「鬼怒と提督、捷号決戦、やり遂げましたまじぱない」。あれ、オチがなかったよ。でも、気分爽快だ! A poem: "Admiral and I; The Final Battle; Have totally finished it". Huh, there's no punch line. But, I feel so refreshed!
Abukuma Play みんなさん、ありがとう…ございました!提督…提督…あたし…あたし…頑張ったよね!? Thank you... so much, everyone! Admiral... Admiral... I... I... did my best right!?
Heavy Cruisers
Takao Play 愛宕、良かった。提督、捷一号作戦、全作戦完了!我が第一遊撃部隊は、敵艦隊の撃滅に成功せり! Thank goodness, Atago. All objectives for Operation Sho-1 have been achieved, Admiral! Our 1st Striking Force has succeeded in crushing the enemy fleet!
Atago Play 第四戦隊、旗艦愛宕、作戦完了を、ご報告します!えへ、提督、私達、みんな無事よ!ありがとう!えへへ〜 CruDiv4 Flagship, Atago, reporting that the operation is complete! Ehe, we're all safe and sound, Admiral! Thank you! Ehehe~
Takao/Atago Play 提督、ありがとう。 Thank you, Admiral. Secretary 3
Choukai Play 四戦隊、鳥海、作戦完了!司令官さん、私達、近藤は一緒に帰れるはね…うぇ…ありがとう。 CruDiv4, Choukai, operation complete! We can go home together this time, Commander... *sob*... Thank you.
Mogami Play 何ってね〜、冗談だよ。寂しがりや甘えん坊さんは提督のほだも。えへ、これも冗談さ。 Just kidding~, I was just joking. The lonely and spoiled one is you, Admiral. Ehe, that was a joke too. Secretary 2
Kongou Play 提督、私達勝ったよ。レイテ沖の決戦、捷一号作戦、私達、みんなで港に戻れるよ。提督?えへ、疲れたの? We've won, Admiral. We've all returned to port from the Final Battle of Leyte Gulf, Operation Sho-1. Admiral? Heh, are you tired?
Haruna Play はぁい、提督、榛名は、捷一号作戦は、大丈夫です。私達の、連合艦隊の、勝利です! Y-yes, I'm fine and the operation is done, Admiral. It's our Combined Fleet's victory!
Ise Play お疲れ、日向!まぁ、まずはお風呂で汗を流そうっか。ねぇ? Good work, Hyuuga! Well, let's go take a bath to wash away the sweat first. Alright?
Hyuuga Play 伊勢、まぁ、お互い無事に帰れて何よりだ。 Ise, well, the most important thing is we got back safely.
Light Carriers
Zuihou Play 提督、ありがとうございます。瑞鳳も、帰ります。ありがとう。 Thank you very much, Admiral. I've come home too. Thanks.
Standard Carriers
Zuikaku Play 提督さん、ただいま。ありがとう。 I'm home, Admiral. Thank you.