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Ship Card Intrepid.png
Ship Card Intrepid Damaged.png
Ship Banner Intrepid.png
Ship Banner Intrepid Damaged.png
Intrepid (イントレピッド) Intrepid
Essex Class Standard Aircraft Carrier

HP HP6572FP Firepower0→55
ARM Armor43→80TORPTorpedo0
EVA Evasion40→64AA Anti-Air50→90
PLA Aircraft96ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare0
SPD SpeedFastLOS Line of Sight50→80
RGE RangeMediumLUK Luck45→90
ModernizationFirepower 2 Torpedo 0 Anti-Air 4 Armor 5
Build Time5:30 (Unbuildable)Remodel Req
ConsumptionFuel 75 Ammo 80DismantleFuel 9 Ammo 16 Steel 43 Bauxite 10
IllustratorShibafuSeiyuuKubota Hikari
Ship Card Intrepid Kai.png
Ship Card Intrepid Kai Damaged.png
Ship Banner Intrepid Kai.png
Ship Banner Intrepid Kai Damaged.png
Intrepid (イントレピッドかい) Intrepid Kai
Essex Class Standard Aircraft Carrier

HP HP6976FP Firepower0→58
ARM Armor52→90TORPTorpedo0
EVA Evasion44→68AA Anti-Air55→95
PLA Aircraft112ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare0
SPD SpeedFastLOS Line of Sight52→90
RGE RangeMediumLUK Luck50→100
ModernizationFirepower 2 Torpedo 0 Anti-Air 5 Armor 5
Remodel Level50Remodel ReqAmmo 3200 Steel 4000
ConsumptionFuel 90 Ammo 105DismantleFuel 12 Ammo 20 Steel 48 Bauxite 22
IllustratorShibafuSeiyuuKubota Hikari

Gameplay Notes

Standard Aircraft Carriers (CV) notably utilize Dive Bomber Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bomber Torpedo Bombers, Fighter Fighters, required to take part in both Aerial Combat and regular Combat, with their "plane slot" Aircraft stat being the most important. They:

  • Must equip Dive Bomber/Torpedo Bomber bombers to be able to carry any attack.
  • Cannot attack during Night Battle without the right equipment.

Special Mechanics

  • None

Stats Exceptions

  • Is Medium Range.

Equipability Exceptions

CV Default equipment compatibility
✔️ Can Equip ❌ Cannot Equip
Fighter Dive Bomber Torpedo Bomber Reconnaissance Aircraft Aviation Personnel TransportationMaterial.png JetFighterBomber2.png Large Reconnaissance AircraftSp Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon Seaplane BomberBomber Seaplane Fighter Large Flying Boat Rotorcraft Liaison Aircraft
Secondary Gun Large Secondary High-Angle GunSp_Sec Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Large SONARLarge Small RADARSmall Large RADARLarge Small Caliber Main Gun Medium Caliber Main Gun Large Caliber Main Gun Very Large Caliber Main GunSp Torpedoes Submarine TorpedoesSub Midget SubmarineMinisub Depth Charges Small SONARSmall Very Large RADARSp Submarine Equipment
Engine Improvement Large ArmorLarge Emergency Repair Personnel Command Facility Ration Anti-Aircraft Shell Armor-Piercing Shell Medium ArmorMedium FlareIcon.png Searchlight Large SearchlightLarge Lookout Drum Canister Landing Craft Amphibious Vehicle Landing Forces Anti-Ground Rocket Facility.png Smoke Generator Supplies
RE: Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Aircraft Fire Director Large ArmorLarge Emergency Repair Personnel Ration Equipment Card Improved Kanhon Type Turbine.png Equipment Card Skilled Deck Personnel.png Equipment Card Skilled Deck Personnel + Aviation Maintenance Hands.png
Equipability notes: Night Fighter=Fighter ; Night Torpedo Bomber=Torpedo Bomber ; JetFighterBomber1.png=JetFighterBomber2.png ; Night Reconnaissance Seaplane =Reconnaissance SeaplaneRecon ; Night Seaplane Bomber =Seaplane BomberBomber ; Small Caliber Main High-Angle GunSmall=Small Caliber Main Gun ; Medium Main High-Angle GunMedium=Medium Caliber Main Gun ; Secondary High-Angle GunSec=Secondary Gun ; Barrage Balloon=Smoke Generator
  • Default CV equipment compatibility

Fit Bonuses

[edit]Intrepid Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Accuracy Evasion Note
High-Angle Gun5inch Single High-angle Gun Mount Battery5inch Single High-angle Gun Mount Battery +1 +1 +1
High-Angle Gun5inch Twin Gun Mount (Secondary Armament) Concentrated Deployment5inch Twin Gun Mount (Secondary Armament) Concentrated Deployment +1 +1 +2
+ SK RadarSK Radar OR SK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar +2 +2 One-time
+ SK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar OR GFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 OR SG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) OR SG Radar (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) +1 +1 +2 +1 One-time
FighterXF5UXF5U +3 +3 +3 +3
FighterFR-1 FireballFR-1 Fireball +2 +1 +1
FighterCorsair Mk.IICorsair Mk.II
OR FighterCorsair Mk.II (Ace)Corsair Mk.II (Ace)
+1 +1 +2
Night FighterF4U-2 Night CorsairF4U-2 Night Corsair +1 +1 +1
Dive BomberSBDSBD +1
Dive BomberFM-2FM-2 +1 +1
Dive BomberSBD-5SBD-5 (★0-1) +2
(★2-6) +3
(★7-MAX) +4
Dive BomberSB2C-3SB2C-3 (★0-2) +2
(★3-6) +3
(★7) +3 +1
(★8) +4 +1
(★9) +4 +2
(★MAX) +5 +2
Dive BomberSB2C-5SB2C-5 (★0-4) +3
(★5) +4
(★6) +4 +1
(★7) +5 +1
(★8) +5 +2
(★9) +6 +2
(★MAX) +6 +3
Dive BomberF4U-4F4U-4 +2 +1 +1
Night Torpedo BomberTBM-3W+3STBM-3W+3S +2 +3 +1
Reconnaissance AircraftFulmar (Reconnaissance Fighter/Skilled)Fulmar (Reconnaissance Fighter/Skilled) +1 +1 +1 +1
RADARGFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 +1 +1 +1
RADARSG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) +2 +4 +3
RADARSG Radar (Late Model)SG Radar (Late Model) +3 +4 +4
(1st equipped) +3 One-time
RADARSK RadarSK Radar (1st equipped) +1 +1 +3 One-time
RADARSK + SG RadarSK + SG Radar (1st equipped) +2 +2 +2 +3 One-time
Ship-Type Bonuses
FighterType 0 Fighter Model 64 (Air Superiority Fighter Specification)Type 0 Fighter Model 64 (Air Superiority Fighter Specification) (★6-7) +1 +1
(★8-9) +1 +1 +2
(★MAX) +1 +1 +2 +2
Dive BomberType 0 Fighter Model 64 (Two-seat w/ KMX)Type 0 Fighter Model 64 (Two-seat w/ KMX) (★2-3) +1
(★4-5) +1 +1
(★6-7) +1 +1 +1
(★8-9) +1 +1 +1 +1
(★MAX) +1 +1 +2 +1
Dive BomberType 0 Fighter Model 64 (Skilled Fighter-bomber)Type 0 Fighter Model 64 (Skilled Fighter-bomber) (★6-7) +1 +1
(★8-9) +1 +1 +1 +1
(★MAX) +2 +1 +2 +1
Torpedo BomberBarracuda Mk.IIBarracuda Mk.II (★MAX) +1
Torpedo BomberBarracuda Mk.IIIBarracuda Mk.III (★7) +1
(★8) +1 +1
(★9) +1 +1 +1
(★MAX) +1 +1 +2
Reconnaissance AircraftAny Carrier Recon (1st equipped) (★2-3) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★4-5) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★6-9) +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +2 +3 One-time
RADARPassive Radiolocator (E27) + Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model)Passive Radiolocator (E27) + Type 22 Surface Radar Kai 4 (Calibrated Late Model) (1st equipped) (★7) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★9) +1 +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +1 +2 +1 One-time
+ ★4+ Type 13 Air Radar Kai (Late Model)Type 13 Air Radar Kai (Late Model) +1 +4 +1 +3 One-time
Anti-Aircraft Gun2cm Flakvierling 382cm Flakvierling 38 (★4-6) +1 +1
(★7-9) +1 +2 +1
(★MAX) +1 +3 +2
(★4-MAX) + Air Radar +1 One-time
Anti-Aircraft Gun3.7cm FlaK M423.7cm FlaK M42 (★6-7) +1 +1
(★8-9) +1 +1 +1
(★MAX) +1 +1 +1 +2
(★6-MAX) + Air Radar +2 One-time
Command FacilityFleet Communication AntennaFleet Communication Antenna (★4) +1
(★5) +1 +1
(★6) +1 +1 +1
(★7) +1 +2 +1
(★8) +2 +2 +1
(★9) +2 +2 +2
(★MAX) +2 +3 +2
Aviation PersonnelSkilled Deck Personnel + Aviation Maintenance HandsSkilled Deck Personnel + Aviation Maintenance Hands (1st equipped) (★1) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★2) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★3) +1 +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★4) +1 +1 +1 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★5) +1 +1 +1 +1 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★6) +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★7) +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +2 +1 +1 +2 +1 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★9) +2 +1 +1 +2 +2 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +3 +1 +1 +2 +2 Dive Bomber Attack+1, One-time
SONARType 0 Passive SonarType 0 Passive Sonar (1st equipped) (★3-4) +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★5-6) +1 +1 One-time
(1st equipped) (★7) +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★8) +2 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★9) +2 +1 +2 One-time
(1st equipped) (★MAX) +3 +1 +2 One-time

Important Information

  • Helper for the following equipment:

Drop Locations

ShipRarityTypeNo.World 1World 2World 3World 7World 4World 5World 6Remarks
IntrepidS HoloCV349Unbuildable

Voice Lines


Event Japanese/English
Hi! I'm the 5th ship of the Essex-class carriers, Intrepid! So you're the Admiral then? Wonderful! Now then, let's get going! That's fine, right?
Hi! Essex-class航空母艦、五番艦、Intrepidよ!貴方がAdmiralなのね?素敵ね!さぁ、一緒に行きましょう!いいかな?
Hi! Essex-class Intrepid's doors are open today too[1]! What a wonderful day, and a wonderful admiral! Now then, let's do our best!
Hi! Essex-class Intrepid、今日も開場です!Admiralも今日も素敵ね!さぁ、頑張っていきましょう!
I'm the 5th ship of the Essex-class carriers, Intrepid! That's right, I'm one of the strongest carrier sisters of that war, mass-produced to serve as fleet carriers![2] Even after the war ended, I was modernized, becoming one of the pioneers of modern carriers with an angled deck[3] and more. After I was decommissioned, I became a Sea, Air, and Space Museum on the Hudson River.
Essex-class航空母艦、五番艦、Intrepidよ!そう、艦隊型正規空母として量産されたあの戦い最強の空母姉妹の一隻です!あの大戦が終わった後も、近代化改修され、angled deckや備えた現代空母の魁としても運用されました。そして、退役後はハドソン川で海上航空宇宙博物館として、建造しているの。
Secretary 1
How's it going?
How's it going?
Secretary 1
Honey! How's it going?
Honey! How's it going?
Secretary 2
Hey! I'm good, thanks! How are you? Mmm, wonderful!
Hey! I'm good, thanks! How are you? ん、よかった!
Secretary 3
Yep! Please try it - did you think I'd say that? Come on! Sheesh, what a silly person.
Yep! Please try it, な訳ないでしょ、こら!もう、いたずらな人ね。
Secretary 3
Yep! Please try it - did you think I'd say that? Come on! Sheesh, you're so silly, honey. Eh? An inspection of the Sea, Air & Space Museum? Oh, you!
Yep! Please try it, な訳ないでしょ、こら!もう、いたずらなhoney。え?海上航空宇宙博物館の見学に?こ~ら!
Secretary Idle
Hmm, I wonder if I can put this on display...? What am I going to do about this one? Ahh, this one's pretttty big. Oh well, it might fit on board. Hi! Ah, these? I was just thinking how I'd exhibit these kids to everyone when peace comes.
ん、これは後で展示できるかな~?これはどうしよう?ああぁ、これは大きいなぁ。まあ、いいか。乗っかるかな?Hi! Ah, これですか?平和になったらこの子達、皆に見てもらうのもいいかなって、なんてね。
Secretary (Married)
Honey, what are you doing? Preparations for tomorrow's operations? Jeez, isn't that enough for now! Come on, look, look! Don't I look wonderful like this? Peace is great, isn't it?
Honey, 何してるの?明日の作戦の準備?もう、いいじゃない、今は!ほら、見て、見て!私、こんなのも素敵じゃない!平和っていいよね、ね?
Secretary (Married)
"How good would it be if this were all a game?" It was in this wonderful comic I read once - what was the title again? I really liked it too! Uhm... ah, forget it.[4]
これが全て遊びなら、どんなにいいかって。昔読んだ素敵なcomicで、あのtitle, なんだったけかな?すっごい好きだったんだけど。えっと・・・もう、放って。
How's being a Sea, Air & Space Museum? Well, I've been used for films[5], for anti-terrorism[6]... Eh? That's not what you're here to talk about? Is this, for me? I'm opening it! Ah! Eh? Is this, for real? No way! Thank you for everything, honey!
海上航空宇宙博物館ですか?まぁ、映画撮影とかも使われましたし、テロ対策にも・・・えっ?そういう話じゃなくて?これを、私に?開けますよ!えっ!へっ!これって、本気で?嘘!Thank you for everything, honey!
Player's Score
Strategy? Information? OK! Please wait.
Strategy? Information? OK! 待ってて。
Joining the Fleet
Essex-class, CV-11, Intrepid! Weighing anchor!
Essex-class, CV-11, Intrepid! 抜錨します!
Equipment 1
I am grateful for your support! A-ri-ga-to!
I am grateful for your support! あ・り・が・と!
Equipment 2
Good! Wonderful! It's great!
Good! 素敵ね!いいじゃない!
Equipment 2
Wonderful! Honey, there's no problems, right?
素敵! Honey, 問題ないよね?
Equipment 3[7]
Wonderful. I wish everyone could see~
Thank you for everything!
Thank you for everything!
Docking (Minor)
I will take a bath! No peeking, you silly kid!
I will take a bath! 覗いたらダメよ、いたずらっ子さん!
Docking (Major)
Ahh, jeez, they got me. Oh well. I will enter the dock!
はぁ、もう、やられちゃった。まぁ、いいわ。I will enter the dock!
Docking (Major)
Ahhhh, jeez, they got me. I will enter the dock! Oh, but this isn't a decommissioning or anything! The Sea Museum comes - la - ter!
はあぁ、もう、やられちゃった。I will enter the dock! あっ、退役じゃないからね!海上博物館は、あ・と・で!
A new ship coming! What's she like? Hey, what's she like?
A new ship coming! どんな子?ねぇ、どんな子?
Return from Sortie
Operation complete! Isn't this great? Everyone's well! Good!
Operation complete! いいじゃない?皆元気!Good!
Starting a Sortie
I, Intrepid, will be leading the Task Force! Everyone ready? Are you okay? Then let's go! Weigh anchor!
任務部隊、私、Intrepidが指揮します。皆、準備はいい?Are you okay? じゃ、行きましょう!Weigh anchor!
Starting a Battle
Right, we've found them! Then shall we get started? Intrepid Air Group, all squadrons, take off!
Intrepid squadron, attack!
Intrepid squadron, attack!
Night Battle Attack
Have you forgotten? I'm an Essex-class. This sorta thing's a piece of cake!
Night Battle
Even at night, with the right equipment and squadrons, I can go on! Well, I do prefer when the sun's up though!
Oh! Me? My work was the best? Wow! I musta worked really hard, huh?
Oh! 私?Intrepidの働きがbestなの?Wow! 私、頑張っちゃったかな?ね?
Minor Damage 1
Ahhhh! J-Jeez!
Minor Damage 2
Oh, jeez! Damage control!
やだ、もう!Damage control!
Major Damage
Ahhhhh! Damage control? Don't worry, I won't sink.
ああああぁ、Damage control? 大丈夫、私は沈まないわ。
Eh? No way! Really? I'm... sinking? So this is what sinking is like. This... oh...
え?嘘!Really? 私、沈んでいくの?これが、沈むということ。これが・・・oh...
  1. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is open seven days a week.
  2. America built 24 Essex-class carriers and had 8 more planned when the war ended.
  3. An angled landing deck increases the safety and throughput of carrier operations, allowing simultaneous takeoff and landing as well.
  4. She's referring to either "Phantom Burai" or "Area 88", both illustrated by Shintani. In an interview, Kensuke Tanaka cites this line as a possible inspiration for KanColle.
  5. Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999), National Treasure (2004), I Am Legend (2007), etc.
  6. Intrepid served as a field HQ for the FBI during its investigation of the September 11 attacks.
  7. This line is shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development.


Time Japanese/English
Hey, I'll help you out with things today! Wonderful, isn't it! Reporting, the time? Leave it to me! I learned how they do it here!
It is 1 o'clock! Z- 01, 00! How's that? OK?
It is 1 o'clock! ま、マルヒト、マルマル!どう?OK?
2 o'clock! 02, 00! How's that? Perfect, right? Yep, good!
2 o'clock! マルフタ、マルマル!どう?完璧でしょう?うん、good!
03, 00! Hah, this is easy! You'd better not underestimate an Essex-class!
04, 00. Yes, perfect! Wait, it's almost morning! I think breakfast can just be the usual. Right?
マルヨン、マルマル!よし、perfect! って、そろそろ朝!Breakfastは定番でいいかな。いいよね?
05, 00! Good morning! It's a great morning, isn't it, Admiral? Yeaaaah!
マルゴー、マルマル!Good morning! いい朝ですね、Admiral? う~ん!
06, 00! All fleet, wake up! Yes! Fleet, out of your beds!
マルロク、マルマル!All fleet, wake up! Yes! 艦隊起床!
07, 00! Here's your breakfast! Would you like coffee for your drink? Got it! Careful, it's hot.
08, 00! Hi, Gambier Bay! Morning! How are you? Good! Let's both do our best!
マルハチ、マルマル!Hi, Gambier Bay! Morning! How are you? Good! お互い頑張りましょう!
09, 00! Come on, let's give it a go! To the sea now! Weigh Anchor! Nnnngh! The sea really is great. Wonderful!
マルキュ、マルマル!さあ、行ってみましょう!いざ、海へ!Weigh anchor!う~ん!海はやっぱりいいわね。素敵!
10, 00! Who's that? Akagi? Kaga? Hey! Hey! How you doing?
ヒトマル、マルマル!あれは?アカギ?カガ?Hey! Hey! How you doing?
11, 00! I'm not too familiar with them, but they're wonderful Japanese aircraft carriers! Mhm, they seem great, good![1]
ヒトヒト、マルマル!少し詳しくだけど、素敵なJapanese aircraft carrier! うん、いい感じじゃない、good!
12, 00! Lunchtime! Don't worry, I got some sandwiches from Sara! Oh my, wonderful, turkey sandwiches? Thanks - for - the meal!
ヒトフタ、マルマル!Lunchtime! 大丈夫、サラにもらってきたの。Sandwich! あら、素敵、ターキーサンドね?い・ただ・きます!
13... Ah, Zuikaku! How are you? Hm? Why the glare? Angry? Why are you always in a huff, Zuikaku? You're so cute, don't let that go to waste.[2]
ヒトサン・・・あっ、瑞鶴!How are you? ん?その三角眼は何?Angry? なんで瑞鶴はいつも怒っているの?せっかく可愛いのに、もったいないよ。
140- Shoukaku!? About your younger sister... A-ah, there's no need to be so polite - ah, no, that's not what I meant! No, I just want...I just want to get along with her!
15, 00! Phantom? Skyhawk? Indeed, they're good planes. They're multirole fighters, you see. [3] Yes! Ah, right, they're called "funshiki" here, right? "Funshiki", huh.[4]
ヒトゴー、マルマル!Phantom? Skyhawk? そうですね、いい機体です。ある種万能ですよ。はい!あ、こちらでは噴式というのね?噴式か。
16, 00! Ahh, Kongou sisters! Hey, how you doing? Good! Fine, thank you!
ヒトロク、マルマル!あぁ、Kongou sisters! Hey, how you doing? Good! Fine, thank you!
17, 00! The sunset is... beautiful. Hm? That silhouette is... the Yamato-class? So... so beautiful!
ヒトナナ、マルマル!夕日が・・・beautiful. ん?あの艦影は・・・Yamato-class? So... so beautiful!
18, 00! Alright, how 'bout I make dinner tonight? Don't worry, sit, sit! Leave it to me!
19, 00! Thanks for waiting! How's this? An authentic New York cut steak! Made Manhattan-style, you see! Go ahead, eat up![5]
ヒトキュウ、マルマル!どうだ、お待たせ!本場のNew York cut steakよ!マンハッタン仕込みなんだから!どうぞ召し上がれ!
20, 00! How was it? Delicious? Mm, good! We're proud of our steaks in Manhattan, you see. And definitely our Tomcats and Phantoms too![6]
フタマル、マルマル!どう?美味しかった?ん、good! Steakは自慢なのよ、マンハッタンではね。TomcatやPhantomへもちろん!
Harrier and MiG, and even a Kfir![7] It's like Area 8- *cough cough* right?[8] Feel free to stop by! Ah, sorry, the current time in Japan is 21, 00!
Harrier and MiG, 後Kfirまで!まるで、エリア8…ゴホゴホ、みたいでしょう?ぜひ会いに来て!あ、ごめん、日本現在時間はね、フタヒト、マルマル!
22, 00! Pretty tired from all that happened today, but I'll still work hard tomorrow! Good night!
フタフタ、マルマル!今日は色々あって疲れちゃったね。でも明日も頑張ろう!Good night!
23, 00! Hm? Admiral? Can't fall asleep? Me too, actually! Wanna get up and get a drink? Aha, sounds great, let's go! I'll get changed!
フタサン、マルマル!あれ?Admiral? 眠れないの?実は私も!起きて一杯行きます?あは、いいですね、行っちゃいましょう!着替えてきます!
  1. Akagi and Kaga sank at Midway roughly a year before Intrepid was commissioned.
  2. "三角眼" literally triangle eyes, are narrowed eyes.
  3. Referring to the F-4 Phantom II and A-4 Skyhawk which were part of her Vietnam-era loadout. Modern fighter jets are much more flexible than their WW2 fighter counterparts in mission roles.
  4. The term used for jets in KanColle.
  5. A New York cut is a strip steak.
  6. Referring to one of the test F-14 Tomcat airframes that is on display at the Intrepid Museum.
  7. Referring to the Hawker-Siddeley Harrier, MiG-17, MiG-21, and IAI Kfir; all aircraft actually on display at the Intrepid Museum.
  8. Referring to Area 88.


Ship Japanese/English Notes
White Day 2018
Eh, what’s this? I didn’t even give you anything though. I see, I see. Oh, that’s wonderful. Next year then.
Coming of Spring 2018
Hey, how about we get the others and try that thing the Japanese call “Ohanami”, Iowa? It sounds kinda lovely. What about you, Sister Sara? Well?
Iowa、ねぇ、他のみんなもさっそって、日本のお花見ってやつをやってみない?なんか素敵じゃない。Sister Saraもどうかな?ねぇ?
5th Anniversary
Hey, congratulations! It’s the fleet’s 5th Anniversary. Celebrations are wonderful. Congratulations, everyone!
Hey, congratulations! 5th Fleet Anniversary。お祝いって素敵ね。おめでとうみんなさん!
Rainy Season 2018
What are you talking about, Iowa? I’m sure that’s not the right meaning. “Two you”. It probably means “Futari no Anata”. Eh, that’s totally wrong? Why?
Iowa、何言っての?それ、意味違うよ、絶対。「Two you」。たぶん「二人のあなた」、そんな意味じゃないの。えぇ、全然違う?Why?
Summer 2018
It's gotten hotter. I wonder if I should dress down too. What do you think? Really? Alright! I'll hold you to those words.
Saury 2018
What are you so excited about, Iowa? Eh, a Japanese tradition? Is that why you're loaded with searchlights? Eh, Sanma Operation? What sort of operation are you talking about?
Late Autumn 2018
No way! I don't think that's right, Bunker Hill. I don't think that's the right way to... enjoy a festival. Right, Zuikaku? Ah, she's angry again!
やだ!Bunker Hill、それどうかな。正しい縁日の楽しみ方…違うと思うな。ねぇ、瑞鶴?あぁ、また怒ってるし!
Christmas 2018
Come on, drink up! You stop being grumpy and eat some cake too, Zuikaku. Here, it's delicious, right? Right? Now, that's a nice look. Wonderful. Christmas is always fun, right?
New Years 2019
Admiral, Happy New Year! Please look after us so we have a wonderful new year! Yeah!
Admiral, Happy New Year!私達もよろしくおねがい、素敵な一年に!Yeah!
Setsubun 2019
Ah, so this is the Settsubuun you've all told me about? I just have to throw these seeds? Isn't this interesting? Zuikaku, here I come. Attack! Hit! Hmm? Eh?
あぁ、これがみんなが言ってたセッツブウンか?シード投げるのね?面白じゃない?瑞鶴行くよ。Attack! Hit!ん?えぇ?
Valentine's Day 2019
Want some chocolate? Really? Then, I'll give you some! Here, it's delicious!
White Day 2019
In return for the chocolates? Wonderful! I'm opening it. ...Oh my, it looks delicious! *Nom*... Mmmm, thank you!
Chocolateのお返し?素敵!開けるよ。…あら、美味しいそう!はむ…んー、thank you!
6th Anniversary
Hey, congratulations! It's the 6th Fleet Anniversary! The celebrations are lovely. Congratulations to us and everyone else. Secretary 2
Hey, congratulations! 6th Fleet Anniversary! お祝いは素敵。おめでとう皆さん、そして私達。
7th Anniversary 2020
Hey you, congratulations! It's the 7th Fleet Anniversary! Congratulations to everyone, especially to honey and me!
Hey you, congratulations! 7th Fleet Anniversary! おめでとう、みんなさん、そしてわたしとHoney!
8th Anniversary
Hey, you! Congratulations! It's the fleet's 8th Anniversary? That's wonderful, honey. Congrats! Yeah!
Hey, you! Congratulations! ついに8th Fleet Anniversary? 素敵ね、honey. おめでとう!Yeah!

Misc Lines

Ship Japanese/English Notes
Early Fall 2018 Event
Shall we attack at full force? Friend Fleet Line
Spring 2019 Event
Intrepid, all squadron, attack! Friend Fleet Line
Intrepid, all squadron, attack!




Her abyssal form is assumed to be the Aircraft Carrier Princess B.

General Information
  • She is named after the USS Intrepid.
  • She was launched on the 26th of April 1943.
  • Is a museum ship. She exhibits this aspect in her hourlies showing her taking care of and being proud of her vast exhibits. She also thinks of things that will engage younger visitors coming to the museum.
Update History
  • Kensuke Tanaka has noted in his Famitsu 2018 Interview that he traveled to the United States back during his days as a University Student and got to visit the actual museum ship Intrepid. He noted that his visit with the Intrepid was one of the few things the help play a role in his inspiration with his plans to work on Kantai Collection.
  • Kensuke Tanaka also notes that Intrepid's marriage line inspired by a quote from one of Shintani's works which may have come from either Area 88 or Phantom Burai which he quotes was "How good would it be if this were all a game?" which also served as part of his inspiration.
    • The above mentioned quote was likely slipped in by Kensuke Tanaka as a shout-out reference to his past when he went onboard the Intrepid.
  • Survived World War II.

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