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Vought XF5U Flying Flapjack
No.375 XF5U
GreenPlane.png Carrier-based Fighter Aircraft
Effects: AA+12 Evasion+2 LoS+1
Combat Radius: 4 (Deployment Cost: Bauxite 12)
Scrap value: Fuel 3 Ammo 4 Steel 1 Bauxite 14 (Unbuildable)

Equipment Card XF5U.png

Equipment Character XF5U.png

Equipment Item XF5U.png

Equipment Full XF5U.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense Ship Destroyer
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Training Cruiser
Aviation Cruiser Fast Battleship
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Light Carrier Standard Aircraft Carrier
Armored Carrier Seaplane Tender
Submarine Aircraft Carrying Submarine
Submarine Tender Fleet Oiler
Repair Ship Amphibious Assault Ship


「Flying Pancake」とも呼ばれた革新的な機体は、STOL性と高い運動性能、そして頑丈な機体強度を持っています。

A prototype carrier-based fighter with a unique disc wing ordered by the USN from the maker of the famous F4U.
Known as the "Flying Pancake", this innovative plane has STOL[1] capabilities, high maneuverability, and a sturdy airframe.
Go on and equip them on US carriers and deploy the dream team!

  1. Short Take-Off and Landing


FightersFighterNight Fighter/Night Fighter are one of the main types of plane used by CV(B/L). Their main role is to bring Air Power during the 1st Aerial Stage, with their "Fighter Power" Anti-Air stat being the most important factor in this regard. Fighters are additionally needed for Aircraft Carrier Cut-Ins (CVCI) during the day Shelling.


Is informally known as the "Flying Pancake"

How To Obtain

Ranking reward for:

  • Mar 2020: 1-5, 6-20, 21-100, 101-500

Event reward for:

Updates History

  • 2020-04-30: Implemented as ranking reward

Fit Bonuses

Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Evasion Note
Gambier BayGambier Bay
+3 +3 +3 +3
KagaKaga +1 +1 +1 +1

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