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Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34

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No.186 一式陸攻 三四型
Land-based Attack Aircraft Icon.png Land-based Attack Aircraft
Effects: Bombing+12 Torpedo+11 AA+4 ASW+2 Accuracy+1 LoS+4
Combat Radius: 8 (Deployment Cost: Bauxite 12)
Scrap value: Fuel 8 Ammo 6 Bauxite 15 (Unbuildable)

Equipment Card Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34.png

Equipment Character Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34.png

Equipment Item Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34.png

Equipment Full Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34.png

Refittable Class
Coastal Defense Ship Destroyer
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Training Cruiser
Aviation Cruiser Fast Battleship
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Light Carrier Standard Aircraft Carrier
Armored Carrier Seaplane Tender
Submarine Aircraft Carrying Submarine
Submarine Tender Fleet Oiler
Repair Ship Amphibious Assault Ship



An improved version of the Navy's premier ground attack plane "Type 1 Land Attacker"; launched from land-based air bases for anti-ship operations against enemy vessels and air-raids against enemy airfields.
This is a late remodel of the Type 1 Land Attacker that has undergone changes to the shape of the tail and a redesign to fix the vulnerability of the fuel tank.


Land-Based AttackersLand Based Attack AircraftLand-based FighterbomberLand Based Assault AircraftLand-based Patrol Aircraft are the main type of bomber used on LBAS. Their most important stats are "torpedo" Torpedo Attack against regular ship, and "dive bombing" Dive Bomber Attack against Installations, as well as their "combat radius" Operation Radius.


How To Obtain

Upgradeable from: Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22AType 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 22A

From quest: B154 (★+2, choice)

From limited-time quest: SB55 (★+4, choice)

Event reward for:

Updates History

  • 2016-08-12: Implemented
  • 2021-12-10: Became improvable


Type Name Resource Day 2nd Ship Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Item Icon Development Material.png Item Icon Improvement Material.png # of equipment needed for that upgrade. An asterisk following the number indicates a different equipment is required. Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Land Based Attack Aircraft Type 1 Land-based Attack Aircraft Model 34 0 480 490 0 580 7/9 5/5 2xGreenPlane.png X X X X Haruna
6 9/10 6/7 2xBluePlane.png
10 - - -
Improvement Improved effects
Land Based Attack Aircraft 1★ 2★ 3★ 4★ 5★ 6★ 7★ 8★ 9★ Max★
Torpedo Attack 0.70 0.98 1.21 1.40 1.56 1.71 1.85 1.97 2.10 2.21
Anti-Air 0.50 0.70 0.86 1.00 1.11 1.22 1.32 1.41 1.50 1.58

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