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Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B Kai (Night Recon)

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No.469 零式水上偵察機11型乙改(夜偵)
Seaplane Night Icon.png Reconnaissance Seaplane
Effects: Firepower+1 AA+1 ASW+6 Accuracy+2 LoS+5
Combat Radius: 7 (Deployment Cost: Bauxite 5)
Scrap value: Fuel 1 Ammo 2 Bauxite 4 (Unbuildable)

Equipment Card Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B Kai (Night Recon).png

Equipment Character Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B Kai (Night Recon).png

Equipment Item Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B Kai (Night Recon).png

Equipment Full Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11B Kai (Night Recon).png

Refittable Ship Types
Fast Battleship Battleship
Aviation Battleship Standard Aircraft Carrier
Armored Carrier Light Carrier
Heavy Cruiser Aviation Cruiser
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Training Cruiser Destroyer
Coastal Defense Ship Submarine
Aircraft Carrying Submarine Seaplane Tender
Fleet Oiler Submarine Tender
Repair Ship Amphibious Assault Ship
LBAS Plane



The "Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane" was the leading reconnaissance seaplane of the fleet and was widely used during the first half of the war.
It was equipped on every ship in the fleet. The crew of three would undertake reconnaissance missions and act as the "eyes" of the fleet.
This unit is a new three-seater night reconnaissance seaplane that has been upgraded for night operations with the addition of a surface RADAR.


Seaplane Seaplanes are the main aircraft type used by non-carrier ships (mainly battleships, cruisers, and auxiliaries).

Reconnaissance AircraftReconnaissance AircraftLarge Reconnaissance AircraftSpLand-based Reconnaissance AircraftLBReconnaissance SeaplaneReconNight Reconnaissance Seaplane are planes that:

Night Reconnaissance Seaplane Night Recons have the ability to trigger Night Contact.

  • The scouting phase animation will not show up like day battles; instead, the night recon plane's animation is played in the enemy fleet's radar.
  • Acts as an Reconnaissance Seaplane too in day battle (with activation rates proportionally lower with the Line of Sight stat).
  • [Bug] In a Combined Fleet situation, if a ship in the fleet equipped with a night scout is evacuated from the combined fleet using the Fleet Command Facility, the night recon can still trigger and activate as the fleet proceeds onward and enters a night battle.


Not to be confused with other "Type 0 Recons".

How To Obtain

From quest: F111

Ranking reward for:

  • May 2022: 1-5, 6-20, 21-100, 101-500

Updates History

  • 2022-06-30: Implemented

Fit Bonuses

Seaplane Recon Type Equipment Bonuses
Ship Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Line of Sight Armor Accuracy Evasion Note
Noshiro Kai NiNoshiro Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni /BYahagi Kai Ni
Yahagi Kai Ni B
(1st equipped) +2 +3 +1 One-time[1]
Mogami Kai Ni /TokuMogami Kai Ni
Mogami Kai Ni Toku

Mikuma Kai Ni /TokuMikuma Kai Ni
Mikuma Kai Ni Toku
(1st equipped) +2 One-time[1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Shared with all SeaplaneSeaplane Recon


The depicted plane is allegedly the E13A1b-S variant.

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