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Equipment Bonuses

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One additional Firepower gained from equipping a 12.7cm Type C Gun Mount

Equipment Bonuses refer to specific ship + equipment combos that trigger special effects, modifying specific stats with values referred to as "Fit Bonuses". These are displayed in the game by a ↑+ symbol in front of each applicable stat.

These bonuses should not be confused with the hidden Accuracy or Firepower Fit Bonuses, generally exclusive to gun mounts. To differentiate with hidden Fit Bonuses, they are also referred to as "Visible Fit Bonuses".

Fit Bonus Specifics

Although displayed in the game, some Fit Bonuses have an erroneous effect or outright don't work.

As of 28 April 2022, the following Fit Bonuses present issues:

Completely functional

These Fit Bonuses work in every scenario:

  • Evasion Evasion.
  • Armor Armor.
  • Range Range.
    • "Longest Range" is only displayed as "Very Long Range", but still work as intended.


  • Firepower Day Surface Shelling - All Firepower Firepower fits work as intended.
  • FirepowerTorpedo Attack Night Surface Shelling - All fits work as intended.
  • FirepowerTorpedo AttackDive Bomber Attack Carrier Shelling - All fit sources work as intended. The Torpedo Attack Torpedo fit will now be included for shelling power calculation (NEW) 04/08/2021
  • Torpedo AttackDive Bomber Attack Airstrike - All fits work but not as intended. The Torpedo Attack Torpedo fit will be added to airstrike power to either Dive Bomber Attack Dive Bombing stat or Torpedo Attack Torpedo depending on the type of the plane. (NEW) 04/08/2021
  • Torpedo Attack Torpedo Attacks - All Torpedo Attack Torpedo fits work as intended.
    • This includes fits provided by sources that are not torpedoes, such as seaplanes and lookouts.

Partially functional

These Fit Bonuses have at least one situation in which they don't work as intended:


  • Anti-Submarine Anti-Submarine Shelling: All Anti-Submarine ASW fits work as intended, both towards damage and OASW ship stat thresholds. (NEW) 28/09/2021 [3]
    • This includes fits provided by sources that don't count towards ASW damage, such as Reconnaissance Seaplanes & Carrier-Based Fighter Aircraft.
    • Does not count as equipment ASW for equipment stat OASW thresholds. E.g. A plane with 6 base ASW & a 1 ASW fit does not count as a 7asw plane.

Completely broken

These fits have no effect:

  • Anti-Air Anti-Air: Does not work under any circumstances[4][5][6]. Bonus granted to aircraft does not contribute to Air Power[7]
  • Accuracy Accuracy: Does not work under any circumstances, as Accuracy is a derived stat.[8]


  • FirepowerTorpedo AttackDive Bomber AttackAnti-Submarine Night Carrier Cut-in Attack: None of the fit stats works under any circumstances[9][10].
    • Additionally, the firepower granted by Night Operations equipment such as Night Operations Personnel + Skilled Deckhands provide no damage increase for this formula[11].


Fit Bonuses are not considered a part of an equipment's stat, and are instead added to the ship's actual stat directly. This is what leads to inconsistencies in the formulas.

The displayed value in a given stat is given by:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Final Value} = \text{Base Stat} + \text{Equipment Stat} + \text{Fit Bonus} }[/math]


  • Final Value is the the displayed Value in the ship card.
  • Base Stat is the stat without any equipment.
  • Equipment Stat is the equipments displayed stat.
  • Fit Bonus is the added value to the stat by fits.

Some formulas, such as Firepower Surface Shelling, Torpedo AttackOpening/Closing Torpedo Salvos and Firepower Carrier Shelling use the Final Value. In those cases, the fit bonuses work as intended.

However, other formulas break down the stats for various reasons (mainly for applying different weighting to equipment, as in Anti-SubmarineASW and Anti-AirAnti-Air formulas, or using other parameters like the AccuracyAccuracy formula), and instead use Base Stat and the sum of Equipment Stats instead. In those cases, Fit Bonus is not used anywhere in the formula, and therefore does not work.


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