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Striking Force Fleet

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Example of a Striking Force Fleet, note that there are 7 ships in the fleet.

The Striking Force Fleet is an Event Exclusive fleet mechanic that was introduced on September 17th, 2017 in the Fall 2017 Event which centered on the Surigao Strait. The Fleet allows you to organize a fleet of 7 ships that can be used specific Single Fleet Operations.

The introduction of this mechanic allowed for a more creative way to assemble fleets by using 7 ships members to launch a single fleet assault. While this did not change much in terms of single fleet game mechanics, it did allow you to bring one extra member to do extra damage or provide additional support where needed.

Origins of the Striking Force Fleet

According to Kensuke Tanaka in the December 2017 Comptiq Interview, the main reason the Striking Force Fleet was introduced was to allow for people to assemble the Nishimura Fleet in the exact number it had (which was 7 ships consisting of Fusou, Yamashiro, Mogami, Shigure, Michishio, Asagumo and Yamagumo.) Since he was going to introduce the Battle at Leyte Gulf to serve as part of the final series of events in KanColle's Phase 1 of the browser game's cycle.

Organizing a Striking Force

Striking Force Icon (as shown right of combine) indicates you can set up a Striking Force Fleet on the 3rd Fleet.

Upon gaining access to a map which allows the usage of a Striking Force Fleet you can assemble a Striking Force Fleet in the 3rd Fleet. Which will show with a blue icon over the 3rd fleet noting that it's a Striking Force Fleet

Fleets are assembled in the same way a Single Fleet is assembled except you now have a 7th ships that you can now add into a slot located below the original 6 slots.

Special Mechanics

A Striking Force Fleet is unique as it can only be used in Event based waters and cannot be used anywhere else.

Meaning at as of this time Striking Force Fleet:

  • Can Participate in an Event-Based Operation Map (where permission is given to them).
  • Cannot Participate in Normal Sortie Maps
  • Cannot Participate in Exercises (PVP).
  • Cannot Participate in Expeditions

If you wish to participate in any normal map activities with this fleet over the time of the event, you will need to remove the 7th member from your Striking Force Fleet to be allowed to do so.

As of current, Striking Force Fleets function almost the same way as a Single Fleet in terms of gameplay mechanics outside of the fact that they will now have a 7th member which will attack along with the other six members allowing for additional support in battle.

Striking Force Fleet Command Facility

The Striking Force Fleet prompt screen translated for the player's convenience.

Along with the introduction of the Striking Force this event, the Striking Force Fleet Command Facility (SFFCF for short) was also introduced allowing you to be able to conduct Single Fleet Evacuations with a Striking Force Fleet if one ship becomes Heavily Damaged. Much like the Combined Fleet, this is useful if you need to pull out a heavily damaged ship from your fleet in the event you want to progress further.

While the Striking Force Fleet Command Facility shares similarity to the Fleet Command Facility, there are some unique exceptions:

  • SFFCF must be equipped with the flagship of your Striking Force Fleet (which is in the First ship composition slot of the 3rd Fleet)
  • If a ship takes heavy damage, after the battle you'll be given prompt to choose if you want to evacuate the damaged ship from the fleet for the remainder of the sortie.
  • In addition, the following details have been noted regarding the Striking Force Fleet Command Facility:
    • Unlike the Fleet Command Facility, this item will not require a destroyer to escort a ship back like in a Combined Fleet and only the damaged ship will be evacuated.
    • The evacuation consumes the damaged ship's entire fuel & ammo reserves.
    • Only one ship can be evacuated per battle.
    • The damage the ship suffered may become worse during the evacuation, but she will never sink.

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