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Server Transfer

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For the preparation of Kancolle Phase 2, players had the possibility to ask for a game Server transfer.

  • This mechanic was held only once, and is not planned to reappear anytime soon.


When available, players who wanted to could ask to change the server there were currently in, to one they looked after.

  • A new button was added to access the server transfer menu (located on the current Friendly Fleet button position).
    • The button said 【サーバ転属異動願い】("Request for server transfer").
  • The menu had the list of the game's servers to be selected for the transfer,
    • The servers eligible for transfer depended on the player's HQ level,
    • Only one server could be chosen for transfer.
  • The server transfer request was processed by lottery,
    • There was a survey about Kantai Collection merged with the transfer, but the answer did not affect the lottery results.

Once in the server transfer menu, the request can be formulated by clicking on the middle button (「異動願い」記入, "Fill in 'Request for transfer' ").

  • The right lever will stay down (解除, "cancellation") until the request is completed,
  • Upon completion of the following steps, click on the lever to the upper position (申請, "application"), to activate the application.
Server Transfer A.png

To request to be transferred to a server, the server has to be selected on the left. There is an additional survey, asking questions about Kantai Collection (for developer feedback only)

Server Transfer B.png

Once the server selected and the survey answered, click on the "異動願いを更新" button ("Update request for transfer") to submit the request, and then go back to the previous menu. If the submit button is greyed out, it may mean one of the following:

  • The player is ineligible to transfer to the selected server,
  • The player is ineligible for server transfer,
  • There was an error with the request.
If the request and survey are already submitted, the stamp "書類提出" ("Document Submitted") is added to signify that it can no longer be modified.
Server Transfer C.png

The translated UI of the survey:

Server Transfer D.png


The server transfer happened as follows:


The server transfer request form has been added to the main menu UI for all players.

  • All servers can be requested for.


Requests for transfer to the following servers have ended:

  • Yokosuka Naval District,
  • Kure Naval District,
  • Sasebo Naval District,
  • Maizuru Naval District,
  • Ominato Guard District.

It is still possible to request for transfer to the other servers.


Requests for transfer to all servers have ended.

Lotteries will be held to transfer players to new servers.


The following servers received players who have been successfully selected:

  • Yokosuka Naval District,
  • Kure Naval District,
  • Sasebo Naval District,
  • Maizuru Naval District,
  • Ominato Guard District,
  • Truk Anchorage,
  • Lingga Anchorage,
  • Rabaul Naval Base.

2018-08-15 (Phase 2)

All remaining servers received players who have been successfully selected:

Server transfers are now complete.

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