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Game Updates/2018/August 15th

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August 1st, 2018 August 15th, 2018 September 8th, 2018

August 15th-17th, 2018 The HTML 5 Block 1 Update

Notice: The upcoming maintenance will be a large scale maintenance that will start from August 15th, 2018 at 11:55 JST and last until August 17th, 2018 18:00 JST.

The following contents are planned to be implemented with this huge update:

  1. Full Data Base Transfer to HTML 5
    • All Kanmusu, equipment, plane expertise, equipment modifications, purchased items and so forth are to be transferred into the new HTML 5 format.
  2. Server Transfer for the Remaining 12 Servers
    • All remaining servers that did not were not part of the transfer from last update will be transferred over the duration of this update.
  3. All Kanmusu and other graphical assests will be featured in high resolution graphics
    • The Resolution display will be increase in its overall size by 50% making it 720x1200
  4. HTML 5 content
    • The following known additional content has been noted from the devs regarding the upcoming update:
      • HTML 5 update will be compatible with both PC and MAC based computers
      • Kanmusu data arrangement is also planned to be revised for this update
      • Other new features may be introduced as it has been noted that each block will introduce a new feature to the game.
  5. Server transfers are now complete.
  6. World 7 has finally been discovered and the Shipgirls are ready for its sacred conquest.
  7. Map changes
    • All maps except World 6, 1-6 and 3-5 were reworked.
    • Routing rules and enemy compositions are subject to further changes.
    • In addition to this, all maps from X-2 and upwards will be reset and will require you to replay them again.
  8. Shipgirls
    • Suzutsuki has received a swimsuit CG to commemorate the beginning of Phase 2.
    • Max level increased to 175.
  9. Equipment
    • All the equipment was transferred.
      • This includes Akashi improvements, aircraft proficiency etc.
    • CGs, names and bonuses of various equipment pieces were updated.
    • The amount of default equipment slot has been increased by 20.
      • This change applies to both new and existing players.
    • 12.7cm Twin Turret Mount has been implemented.
      • It can be obtained from Fubuki-class destroyers.
      • Not particularly strong.
  10. HQ experience changes
    • Players who have reached the experience cap will now be able to keep earning experience.
    • This will allow people with capped HQ experience to keep ranking.
  11. The starting screen voice lines were updated.
  12. UI changes
    • Players can now select UI skins for the Home Port screen.
    • There are three skins available.
    • Third one has some English elements.
    • Number of possessed equipment will now be visible.
    • They can be changed with the [OPTIONS] button in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Shipgirl sorting options were enhanced and updated.
    • Players will now be able to display hull codes in the ship list instead of full Japanese names.