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Game Updates/2018/August 1st

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July 12th, 2018 August 1st, 2018 August 15th, 2018

August 1st, 2018 Summer / Server Transfer Update

  1. Server Transfer Update
    • The following Servers transferred admiral who requested to transfer to the following servers:
      • Yokusuka Naval District
      • Kure Naval District
      • Sasebo Naval District
      • Maizuru Naval District
      • Ominato Guard District
      • Truk Anchorage
      • Lingga Anchorage
      • Rabaul Anchorage
  2. Max Ship Capacity Expansion
    • The Maximum Ship Capacity has now been expanded from 370 ships to 380 ships (purcase required for expansion)
    • Equipment capacity has also increased +40 with said purchased expansion.
  3. Swimsuit Mode CG
    • Along with the past Swimsuit CGs (Including Mamiya and Irako), the following new CG implemented to the following shipgirls:
  4. Summer Voice Lines
  5. Summer Furniture Update
    • The following new and returning furniture have been implemented:
      • Mystery Summer Operation Map (BGM "Shipgirls at the Beach" will play)
      • Large Floral Arrangement
      • Maya's Shield Hanging Scroll (BGM "Friendly Fleet, Commence Counter Attack" will play)
        • Maya's Shield Scroll can be obtained via a quest.
  6. Max Fleet Recording Capacity (Presets) increased
    • The maximum capacity of fleet records (Presets) one can keep now has been expanded from 12 slot to 13.
    • Purchasing a Slot Key required expand your Fleet record slots.
  7. Asashio Kai Ni Voice lines
    • Asashio now has new hourly voices lines for her Kai, Kai Ni and Kai Ni D variation.
  8. New Quests
    • The following new quests have been implemented:
      • B122 [Elite [4th Cruiser Division] 2nd platoon, Weigh Anchor!]
        • Completing this quest will ultimately reward you with "Maya's Sheild Hanging Scroll" as one of it's prizes.
      • F78 [Wartime modifications of destroyers' main guns (II)]
      • Large Scale Summer Exercise
        • This quest will now replace the Large Scale Spring Exercise
      • C25 [Asashio-class Assemble! Special Training Begins!]