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Game Updates/2018/July 12th

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June 29th, 2018 July 12th, 2018 August 1st, 2018

July 12th 2018 Shiratsuyu / Tenryuu / Yuugumo Kai Ni Update

  1. Tenryuu-class light cruisers’ nameship, Tenryuu has received her Kai Ni remodel.
    • No Blueprint or Action Report are required.
    • Level 84 required.
  2. Shiratsuyu-class destroyers' nameship, Shiratsuyu has received her Kai Ni remodel.
    • Requires one Action Report.
    • New voice lines.
    • Level 77 required.
  3. Yuugumo-class destroyers' nameship, Yuugumo has received her Kai Ni remodel.
    • Requires one Blueprint and one Action Report.
    • Level 75 required.
    • Updated Summer Clothes mode - the current Kai Ni CG might actually be her Summer Clothes mode and may change in the future.
    • Planned Winter Clothes mode update.
  4. Other Shipgirl updates.
    • New time limited voice line for Shigure Kai Ni.
    • Shigure Kai received Shigure Kai Ni hourly lines. These were also slightly refreshed.
    • Stat upgrade for Verniy.
      • +3 FP, +6 AA, +3 max Luck, ASW.
    • Stat upgrade for Shigure Kai Ni.
      • ASW.
  5. Akashi's Arsenal updates.
    • It's now possible to improve and upgrade 12cm Single Gun Turret Mounts.
      • Helpers: a certain destroyer nameship and the 2nd ship of the same class (Mutsuki/Kisaragi?).
    • It's now possible to improve and upgrade 12.7cm Dual-purpose Twin Gun Turret Mounts (Late Model).
      • Helpers: a certain old type light cruiser Kai Ni remodel (Tenryuu) and Kai Ni remodel of the Fleet Idol (Naka).
  6. Equipment changes.
    • 12.7cm Twin Gun Turret Mounts, as well as 12.7cm Twin Gun Turret Mounts (Wartime Modification) will grant stat bonuses when used with Triple 61cm Oxygen Torpedo Mount (Late Model).
      • The bonus is only available to certain destroyer classes.
    • 12.7cm Twin Gun Turret Mount (Wartime Modification) is now available as a quest reward.
      • Requires New Gun Materials among others.
  7. New quests.
    • A89 [Reform the Elite 18th Cruiser Division!] - 精鋭「第十八戦隊」を再編成せよ!
    • B120 [Expand the Elite 18th Cruiser Division!] - 精鋭「第十八戦隊」、展開せよ!
    • Bq7 [New Mikawa Fleet, rush into the Iron Bottom Sound!] - 新編成「三川艦隊」、鉄底海峡に突入せよ!
    • B121 [First Platoon of the Elite 27th Destroyer Division, sortie!] - 精鋭「二七駆」第一小隊、出撃せよ!
    • F76 [Wartime modifications of destroyers' main guns] - 駆逐艦主砲兵装の戦時改修
    • F77 [Mass production of the wartime adjusted Type A dual-purpose guns.] - 戦時改修A型高角砲の量産 (Quaterly)
    • C23 [Remodelled Yuugumo-class, begin training!] - 改夕雲型、演習始め!
    • Some of these quests reward Medals, Action Reports and New Gun Materials.
  8. Rainy Season has come to an end.
    • Rainy Season voice lines and CGs have been deactivated.
    • Seasonal CGs can be browsed in the Shipgirl Library, as usual.
    • Houshou's Special Dinner Tickets have expired and were removed from players' inventories.
  9. Furniture changes and furniture shop update.
    • Changes to the existing furniture:
      • Anchorage counter bar is now in summer mode and will offer summer food and drinks.
      • Hinoki wood hot spring bath has returned to its usual state.
      • Hot spring bath is now in Summer Sunflower mode.
      • Rainy Season's umbrella stand will no longer adjust to the Secretary Ship.
    • New furniture:
      • "Mainstay of Mainstay" wallscroll added. NEW!
      • "Observation Type" wallscroll added. NEW!
      • "Green grass flooring" added. NEW!
      • Shiratsuyu's special custom wallpaper. NEW!
      • Custom order crafted furniture. Quest reward. NEW!
    • Returning furniture:
      • Naval district wind chime.
      • Ice shaver.
      • Kanmusu-grown Morning Glory flowerpot.
      • Watermelon breakfast set.
      • Fumizuki's wallpaper.
      • Fumizuki's window.
      • Firework watching window.
      • Paddling pool.
      • Sandy beach floor.
      • Beach teahouse (wallpaper).
      • Beach teahouse flooring.
      • Goldfish wallpaper.
  10. Time limited Summer CGs.
    • Shaved Ice mode for the light aircraft carrier, Gambier Bay.
    • Summer clothes and Shaved Ice mode for Etorofu-class Kaiboukan, Etorofu and Matsuwa.
    • Summer clothes mode for remodelled Yuugumo-class destroyer, Naganami Kai Ni.
  11. New BGM and updates for the Jukebox.
    • 梅雨明けの白露 - White Dew on Rainy Season Morning. NEW!