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Action Report

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Action Report.png

Action Reports are items primarily used for remodeling ship girls or upgrading equipment. They can be obtained through quests or events. There are currently enough Action Reports from one-time quests to obtain all girl remodels requiring some.

How to Obtain





Most Events will reward AR. Due to uncertainty in whether an event will award AR, please check the current event page for more up-to-date details.



One Time:

Ship Girl Remodels

Some remodels may require more than just Action Reports. Please refer to the Remodel page or individual ship girl pages for more details.

Ship Type Name
Battleship (F/BB) Kongou Kai Ni C · Hiei Kai Ni C · Yamato Kai Ni · Musashi Kai Ni
Aviation Battleship (BBV) Ise Kai Ni · Hyuuga Kai Ni
Carrier (CV) Akagi Kai Ni  · Kaga Kai Ni
Aviation Cruiser (CAV) Mogami Kai Ni
Light Cruiser (CL) Yuubari Kai Ni · Noshiro Kai Ni · Yahagi Kai Ni
Destroyer (DD) Shiratsuyu Kai Ni · Murasame Kai Ni · Umikaze Kai Ni · Yamakaze Kai Ni · Yuugumo Kai Ni · Makigumo Kai Ni · Kazagumo Kai Ni · Naganami Kai Ni · Takanami Kai Ni · Asashimo Kai Ni · Okinami Kai Ni

Equipment Upgrades

Some of these upgrades may require more than just Action Reports. All of them also require additional fodder equipment. Please refer to Akashi-List for the exact requirements.

Equipment Type Name
Main Gun Small Caliber 12.7cm Twin Mount Type-D Kai 2
Large Caliber 41cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 2 · 41cm Triple Gun Mount Kai 2 · 51cm Twin Gun Mount
Anti-Air Gun 12cm 30 Tube Rocket Launcher Kai 2
Midget Submarine Type C Kouhyouteki
Depth Charge Type 2 12cm Mortar Kai (Concentrated Deployment)
Shell Type 1 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell Kai

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