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Morale and Fatigue

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Morale is used to measure the current morale status of a ship girl. Low morale is referred to as "Fatigue". The actual stat ranges from 0-100 and is hidden in game. The values can only be viewed by using a viewer. Ship girls recieve bonuses or penalites depending on her level of morale.

Morale naturally regenerates by 3 points every 3 minutes up to a soft cap of 49. Exceeding this cap requires sorties, exercises or gifting. Please see Sparkling for more information on how to sparkle your ship girls.


  • Morale still naturally regenerates while a ship girl with 49 or less morale is on sortie or expedition.
    • This means that sorties which take 15 minutes or more can be done consecutively with a single fleet.
  • Repairing ship girls below 40 morale will reset their morale to 40.
    • Using an Instant Repair Instant repair can help bring damaged and fatigued ships back up to normal morale quickly.
  • Remodeling a ship girl will reset her morale to 40.
  • Newly obtained ship girls have 40 morale.
  • The time it takes to recover to soft cap from various fatigue states is:
    • Heavy Fatigue: 30-48 minutes
    • Moderate Fatigue: 21-30 minutes
    • Slight Fatigue: 0-9 minutes
  • Morale will update after every battle.
    • This means that ship girls can recieve morale bonuses mid-sortie.
  • Although morale has a maximum value of 100, it is impossible to hit that value with sorties. It is only possible through repeated exercises and using gifts.

Morale Effects

Visual Indicator Status Value Effects Notes
Sparkled.png High Morale
  • No effect on combat.
  • Same effect on expeditions and support expeditions as 53+ morale.
Regular morale.png Normal Morale 40-49
  • No bonuses or penalties to combat or expeditions.
Slightly Fatigued 30-39
  • No bonuses or penalties to combat or expeditions.
Although the ship girl banner indication does not change, the Gift button will begin flashing Icon Mamiya.gif if there are any ship girls in the fleet with this state.
Fatigue.png Moderate Fatigue 20-29
  • Decreased accuracy and evasion in combat.
  • Expeditions will fail if the fleet returns in this state.
  • Increases the morale loss from sorties.
Heavy Fatigue.png Heavily Fatigued 0-19
  • Decreased accuracy and evasion in combat.
  • Expeditions will fail if the fleet returns in this state.
  • The Overkill Protection mechanic changes for ship girls in this state.
    • She will have her HP reduced to 1 instead of losing a percentage of her remaining HP.

Gaining/Losing Morale

Action Morale Change Notes
Sortie/Exercise Day Battle -3
Day Battle
(≤30 Morale)
-6 This stacks with the base -3 for a total of -9.
Night Battle -2 Same for both normal morale and fatigued ship girls.
Applies to night battle only nodes and stacks with day battle morale cost when night battle pursuit is selected.
MVP +10
Flagship +3 Requires the result to be at least C-rank.
Perfect S/S Rank +4
A Rank +3
B Rank +2
C Rank +1
D/E Rank 0
Sortie Returning from Sortie -15
Returning from Sortie
(≤30 Morale)
-100 Morale is set to 0.
Combat Ration
(For equipped ship girl)
+10~14 See Combat Ration for details.
Combat Ration
(Adjacent ship girls)
+6~8 See Combat Ration for details.
Exercise Completing Exercise 0
Expedition Normal Expedition -3
Node Support -1~5 See Support Expedition for details.
Boss Support -1~10 See Support Expedition for details.
Combat Expedition
(Damaged ship girls)
-10 See Expeditions for details.
Other Natural Regeneration +3 every 3 minutes Stops at 49 morale.
(0-39 morale)
Set to 40 See below for details.
(40-49 morale)
Set to 50 See below for details.
Irako +25 See below for details.
Evacuated Reduces morale to 0. See Combined Fleet for more details.


Item Card Food Supply Ship Irako.png Item Card Food Supply Ship Mamiya.png

Gifting is the option to gift your ship girls tasty sweets to raise their morale. You can choose what gifts you'd like to give your girls by clicking on the Gift (給) button in the Composition menu.

Mamiya blinking icon.png
  • The amount displayed beside the button is the total amount of Mamiya and Irako you possess.
  • You can choose to give your girls either, Mamiya only, Irako only, or Both.
    • If the Gift button is flashing, you can pick all 3 options.
    • If the Gift button isn't flashing, you can only pick the latter 2 options.
  • Both Mamiya and Irako can either be obtained through quests, events or the cash shop.


Using Mamiya sets the morale of all ships in the fleet to a fixed value.

  • 0-39 Morale: Set to 40.
  • 40-49 Morale: Set to 50.

Mamiya can either be obtained through:


Using Irako increases the flagship's morale by +25 with an additonal bonus of +25 morale to 0-3 other ship girls in the fleet.

Irako can be obtained through:

Mamiya and Irako

Using both Mamiya and Irako together increases the flagship's morale by +30 and the morale of the rest of the ship girls in the fleet by +20-31

  • Ship girls that are below 39 morale get their morale set to 40 before the bonus morale is applied.
  • If the ship girls are already sparkled, the bonus morale is added on top of their current morale values.
  • A single use is roughly equal to 1 Mamiya and 5 Irako used individually.
  • Using this on a Striking Force Fleet applies the bonus to all 7 members.
  • You will need to use this two separate times to sparkle a Combined Fleet.

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