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Category:Combat Rations

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This category contains all equipment classified as Combat Rations.

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Selection of whether to use a ration or not, before a boss node.

Ration "Rations" are consumable items:

  • As "consumables", they do not take any equipment slot and appear in the Inventory and are equippable in RE.

When an equipped ship's morale drops below a certain level during a Sortie, a ration is consumed, greatly restoring the morale of the ship,

  • The ships directly above and below in the combat screen are also given a small morale boost.

They slightly increase TP gauge drain during Transport Operations.

When a Ration is equipped on a girl upon entering a Boss Node, a prompt will appear giving a choice to use the Ration or not.

Rations consumed by a girl give a Post-cap bonus against all Installation.

Listed by stats

No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes
Combat RationEquipment Card Combat Ration.png
Combat Provisions Icon.png 戦闘糧食
Combat Ration All ✔️

Canned SauryEquipment Card Canned Saury.png
Combat Provisions Icon.png 秋刀魚の缶詰

Combat Ration (Special Onigiri)Equipment Card Combat Ration (Special Onigiri).png
Combat Provisions Icon.png 戦闘糧食(特別なおにぎり)
No. Rarity Name Equipment Type Refittable Types Craftable Improvable Notes

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