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Sequential AACI

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The Sequential AACIs were the AACI introduced with the implementation of Johnston onwards.

Since the 26/05/2023 update, this mechanic is defunct, every ship having access to this AACI behavior.


Those AACI were exclusive to the Fletcher-class and AtlantaAtlanta. Different from Original AACIs, each eligible AACI would be rolled independently if the previous roll did failed. If all Sequential rolls fail, an additional Original Type roll is performed. This granted the specific ships with access to Sequential AACIs extremely high combined trigger rates.

  • Example: Atlanta with 5inch Twin CD5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment) + 5inch Twin CD5inch Twin Dual-purpose Gun Mount (Concentrated Deployment) + GFCSGFCS Mk.37 fulfils 39, 40, 41, and 5. Rolled independently, this gives 57% for 39, ~24% for 40, ~10.4% for 41, ~4.7% for 5, for a total of ~96% chance of some AACI occurring.

Sequential AACIs are, in order of priority: (34 > 35 > 37 > 36, 38 > 39 > 40 > 41) > (Original AACI) [1]

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